Cases Calm, Mortality Up, Markets May Rally

Reader Note:  Posting in segments today due to heavy precip taking down satcoms.  CenturyLate DSL up and down.  Patience, please….

Daily Data Check

These will change around noon as new data comes out and adds:

Our back-of-the-envelope – unofficial – numbers forward:  Cases ahead first:

Then, projected death toll globally based on current rates of increase:

As of earlier this morning (7 AM) market futures were indicating a decline in the decline today:  You see Dow futures were up 200, remember they dropped 2997 points on Monday.  Calling dead cats….can you bounce?

That said, we could be in position for something of a rally in here.  For one, there’s talk of a national shut-in which would slow the spread.

And the Happy-Talk is back in stories like CNBC’s Hopes of a coronavirus vaccine mount as three key biotech players make progress.  We won’t be trying to play it, yet, though.  A little lunch money off the table Monday and that’s fine.

We will, I fear, get to the point as we may only be 50% of the way into a long-term market decline, perhaps visit ETF No-No land.  We covered this a year (maybe four?) back on the Peoplenomics side.

The problem for Triple-levered ETFs is how far down can they go before the fund blows up?  Remember, most ETF operators have offset funds (a bull fund against a bear), but in  terms of underlying assets it’s an interesting area for speculation.

One reader had asked in the comments section about how “Ure’s 3X ETFs were doing?”

There are a number of answers:  1) I don’t disclose my specific trading positions because some litigious sonofabitch might wrong-headedly claim I was giving market advice.  I don’t.  2) How much Ure makes, or loses is NOYFB.  And 3) the most important thing in a major decline is not “How much do you make on Ure money – but how much you end up with when all’s said and done…”

30-acres and a double-wide, guns and a greenhouse is worth…uh…how much?  Through most of 1997-2019 people thought I was an idiot.  Think Grand Master….and the End Game.

To Our Critics in NYC

A couple of people jumped on my sk*t for the post Sunday  morning about what idiots in New York were doing – still planning – to keep schools open.

That was walked-back by Bill de Blasio Sunday  night.  When I get time, I will figure out how to turn the time display of posts back on, but no, I’m not an idiot – and if someone wants to think so, piss off…the web’s a big place.  Be gone.

If you don’t know Crazy Bill walked it back because aware people noticed the odor of his policy gaffe, this site is not 4 U!

If everyone wants me to turn on posting times (which will slow page load speed) let me know.  Otherwise, the Midtown whiners can sit on it and Twirl.

De Blasio was off base – we called it.  He walked it back.  I mean WTF?  Don’t just drop by an immediately start bitching…God…no wonder we’re in a heap-o-shit, huh?

Data people – not beliefs.

Gold Dropping

Yeah, we’re into the “Can the Fed out-print Gravity” part of the thrill ride now.  As you may have noticed, the Fed is buying out government’s paper to keep the whole house of cards from blowing up.  And, we’re just marking time until a German bank blows up and the banks come looking for handouts of tax money.

No doubte, governments globally will wrongly agree – because they will put on airs about “saving the economy” but it’s about bailing out the rich.   Bondholders demand money ahead of depositors and that’s a crock.  All though taste the pain of financial excess.  The bank didn’t get all its money from bondholders…us regular checking and savings people make the whole party (appear to) work.

Anyway, gold’s going down because when market players get upside down they see ALL KINDS of assets – including Gold and Silver.

Federal Reserve Industrial Production and Utilization due out today.  Click here about 9:15 Eastern for the latest.  Last month’s data is up until then.

Why This Decline May be Only Half Done

It’s simple, really:  We just laid off over half the U.S. Economy.  The lost paychecks and bills from this will catch up down the road.  And will you be the first person to go out for dinner when the all-clear is sounded?

Not I said the old geezer.  “Nor I,” echoes Elaine the geezer-pleezer..

Manufacturing is Our Achilles

If you were a data jock, you’d know the US hasn’t increased manufacturing since about 2005, or so.

And now, we up – check this – about 4% above where we were in 2000!

Where did the real jobs go?  Wuhan and environs and all the while the clown posse in Washington increased our taxes in another round of Federal “screw the pooch and sell the pups.”  It’s really appalling.

Service industry?  Making up stuff like apps and so on?  That’s the US nowadays.  Industrially incapable.  No other country need ever fight us.  They just wait for us to self-destruct which we are doing a splendid job of.

Your do realize that there are more than 131-million people doing “service” jobs in America and only 12.9-million making things?

Here’s some YUGE economic insights for the lefty’s and the free-luncher’s:  For a country to be wealthy, it needs to make it’s own shit.  Otherwise, we will sell off our innards in order to buy crap from somewhere else.

What thinking people around here know is that MAGA really means is?


Unless, you’re part of the commies on the hill trying to sell-us out so they can be the new Soviet power-brokers to run the mess in the aftermath, during which they’ll claim “We were elected….”

Why I Hate Mitt Romney, II

As long as the spleen is venting…

I don’t like self-righteous people at ALL.    So you can imagine how I felt to read how ol’ Mitt was pandering to the people again as CNN reported “Romney proposes giving $1,000 to every American adult as coronavirus response measure.”

Where TF was Mitt when we were selling off industrial assets from America to build up China?  ,No, this is that same (GD)_ free-lunch crowd making up problems and then self-righteously offer carefully pandered options that will feather their political nests.  Watch the Dems and Romney make another run at screwing the sitting and duly elected president.  Traitors in all but legal details, near as I can figure it.  Takers, not builders.

Has NOTHING to do with Mitt’s religious beliefs, either.  I know a number of LDS families up in Utah who have had it “up to here” with Mitt’s Globalist panderings.

Besides…if America’s going to give a trillion to save “banks and critical industry” (oh, and the Fed), you do know that $1-trillion divided by 160-million real working people is how much?


Anyone who would let Peloser and Mitt come in with a low-freaking-ball number like that is a(yet another) insult to the American working class….  Frigging Elitists.

OK, enough for now.  I have to call NASA now so they can turn the Hubble around and search for my blood pressure which left the atmosphere when the NYC whiners lit up.  Maybe a primal scream at the cats would help?

Where my high cholesterol breakfast…stat!

Write when you get rich,

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117 thoughts on “Cases Calm, Mortality Up, Markets May Rally”

  1. A vision for Small Business America is a dismal lot. Small Business requires constant liguidity. Their business generating liquidity is being cut off to them & many won’t survive. The Fed, thanks to Trump, has made sure there will be plenty of liquidy available, but most Small Businesses do not have the hoardes of cash in their coffers like Apple & Big Corporate America to sustain this downturn.

    Small Business is a base of Republican voters. Who wants to eliminate them? The Democrats. Many are being squeezed out of business by Democrat leaders. Thank God Trump is prepared to guard our Small Businesses. That is why Nancy & her cohorts are opposing Trumps efforts. Your freedom is at stake.

    • The average Mormon my well be fed up with Romney, and I don’t doubt it, but you may be assured he is the darling of the Mormon hierarchy. They have a slightly different view of Mutt since he is fulfilling their agenda (open borders and such). He was not elected without their blessing, you may be very sure of that. I notice with amusement that over a week ago the average plebe Mormon was banned from the meetings of the hierarchy.

      • Hey Quatermain,
        you are so out of line and without any knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.
        First, if you knew anyone that was LDS or read anything about what is going on in Utah, I am in Idaho, you would know Mitt (or Mutt either one) is a one term Senator for his vote against Trump. Second, the majority that voted for Mitt was looking to recall him. Third, unlike your religious experience, the “hierarchy” didn’t and doesn’t appove of; endorse or select those for office in the state of Utah.
        One of our “Articles of Faith”: We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. That they help people in need is not a determining factor in the opne boarders crowd. The majority of “Mormons” are conservative.

        I mean really, get a brain, do your home work, or just shut the hell up!!!!

      • “he is the darling of the Mormon hierarchy.”

        I am sorry quartermain .
        That maybe true for the stuffy self righteous, self important members. But for the vast .majority of regular working man members that smiles at him.. they know what he truly represents.

      • It is a mistake to view the Church of Jesus Christ of the Laterday Saints as one big block. There are several sects. If my mind serves correctly Mitts roots are in a sect that parted ways with the main church and moved to mexico. IMHO his views are not shared by the leadership in SLC. As George said loose the paranoia. I grew up in SLC. We were protestants but Mom kept a Mormon pantry. The Mormons took care of there own and are know for quietly helping others in natural disasters. Prepping is part of their religion. They are socially conservative (men are men and women are women) Family values really mean something. The second amendment is honored. Their way of life should be respected. Still it is a little remembered fact that the biggest civilian massacre in U.S. history occurred in Utah territory.

        I have many fond memories of SLC.

    • Strange but on the lay-off list I see tons of small business’s going under every day, I guess they haven’t received the information that there another ton of free money waiting for them like there is for the big boys,but then again 74% of the GDP is generated from the service sector I wonder why that is,perhaps its because we don’t create anything anymore with babies being the only thing made in America these days, if she can take time off from flipping burgers that is.!!!!!

      • “I guess they haven’t received the information that there another ton of free money waiting for them ”

        Unfortunately bg there isnt any free money unless your in the cannot fail group. those funds are only meant for the big money that cannot fail.. not to keep the velocity of money and the economy moving.

  2. Dow Futures up 149 after a 3000 point drop??? Looks the shorts are in. Hahahahahahah

    Watchung the fed trying to stop this decline by throwing a baseball at a freight train. Bwhaahahhahaha

    Its rediculous.

    No rest for the wicked!

    I’m gonna take a nap. Lol

    • Now let’s say, a man put a million dollar bet on the market going down 3000 points yesterday about 3 month ago. Wonder how much money that would be?

      • Yes, but most folks were waiting for a signal from YOU?!
        Never happened like the EQ you’ve predicted previously.
        I had kept a record of your previous predictions ;-(. Folks had great expectations in your abilities. What happened?

        P.s. No hard feelings, just saying!

      • I dont give trading advice. I dont remember getting paid for this. I have a life and I gave ya a heads up 4 years in advance. FREE!

        I have never charged one dime for my stuff and I have never got paid one dime.

        Just sayin.

        That’s good you have “no hard feelings”. My posts are about your feelings. Lol.

        Every now and then I’m wrong. Most of the time I’m not. Take it for what it’s worth.

      • Who are these Folks who have expectations of my abilities???? I need gas money and a few other things. Sure would be nice if they helped a brother out as easy as they placed expectations on him.

        See what I’m saying George. This is exactly my point.

        It’s a heavy thing knowing the future and its lonely.

      • Besides the day I showed back up on this site??? I said “besides what if the US goes Tits up?” The next day the market started crashing.

        It’s not like I didnt tell ya.

      • I already feel the weight of the world on me. Imagine knowing the Japan EQ, Tsunami and “Chernobyl part 2” 6 months before it happens. To the Day. And you cant do ANYTHING to stop it from happening.

        Imagine it you will, knowing the Stock Market is gonna collaps 4 years in advance.

        Imagine knowing that there is gonna be Civil War in the US after a bunch of people die from disease and not getting their meds 4 years in advance and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!!!!!!

        That’s what it’s like to be me. I’m tired. I could shout it from the roof tops and nobody would listen anyway.

        The earthquake and the Pakistan attack on India were pushed back a year. Because for the first time, I asked for something for me. I hardly ever pray for me. I pray for eveyone else.

        I am just a man. I’m not God. I dont know why I or how I know what I know. Often times I hope I’m wrong. I dont know why I know what I know.

        I dont know why I dont stay dead. I just dont.

        So, I’m sorry about your feelings. I’m living in my fricken car 1700 miles from home, staying with a friend on an air mattress. Because I know that’s where I’m supposed to be at this moment. My mother just called me an idiot for leaving town without saying good bye. I just knew at that moment, you got 10 minutes to pack what ya can, dont bring any guns, quit your job. Cash your paycheck and drive south.

        Count your lucky stars you dont know!

  3. In regard to your comments on the NYC posters, bitch first, think later has made many a person look like a fool. Here’s your sign!!

    • That’s the other Bill but George knows that.

      Thinking about the gub’mint checks headed our way, they wouldn’t pay it off totally but if it means $2K with the wife and I getting a check each then putting a good dent in the car loan would be a great way of getting it down to paying it off entirely. It’s the one big bill we have left and I worry about that one loan in a banking disaster – even though we can pay it off now if the bank gave us a call. Just don’t want to take the cash level down that far unless it becomes necessary. With that one out of the way then all the credit cards will be even easier to pay off every month!

      Anyone out there having problems using their credit or debit cards? It hasn’t hit here yet.

  4. When those $1,000 checks hit, food prices are going up. Nothing else to buy with the loot.

    I have extra space and can store food.

    Should I be going form store to store and fill this house with food? Thoughts on hoarding?

    • OOWS…. a thousand dollars would be consumed so fast..Steve just on bare necessities.. what bugs me.. Quick lets give a trillion dollars to big bankster they cannot fail so they can keep loaning money.. while a hundred and thirty million consumers that are the borrowers that won’t be able to make their payments.. squander another bailout to those that don’t really need it can do like they did in 08 give themselves all bonuses.. the banks still want the payments and the money that the one hundred and thirty million laborers owe to them.. excuse me.. giving money to the banks is not the way you still have the velocity of cash that will faulter besides it faultering it slaps the laborers basically saying F Y and your labor.. we have to give it to those that truly know how to use it.. that will anger the working class just like it did during the weimer depression.. to keep the people and the banks solvent you still have to have the velocity of cash.. a thousand dollars won’t pay any insurance it won’t make the payments to the banks.. it might get a couple their food and maybe pay for part of their electric bill.. or it might make most of their rent.. but that is it and yes a little releif would be welcomed… a months wages will still be gone.. a small companies business may never be able to recoup that lost income from the velocity of money.. the mall that sits idle still has its electric bill its taxes everything about it.the whole idea of bailing out the banks again and not the just the stupidest thing I have heard yet…. and it took some hair brained ding bat to suggest it.. it is visually and mentally a slap in the face to the citizens of the country to even think that.. obviously he hasn’t a clue what the laborers of the USA deal with on a daily basis or he truly hasn’t had to budget the daily living from what the daily laborer receives in wages.. GRR.. just had my BP spike with George’s…..
      What really gets it going is those dingbats in Congress.. MY GOD .. are they that stupid or is it just that they are that corrupted.. I don’t know which I would like to think that the whole bunch isn’t just a bunch of drooling idiots.. but it dam sure looks that way most of the time.. at the weakest moment in our nations history.. BUT ITS RECESS TIME WE CAN’T WORK THROUGH THE DARK DAYS we are federal workers and we require that time off.. when they haven’t done a thing in decades the way it is….from my perspective it is sickening the whole bunch of them and they should all be fired during the elections…….

      • I meant go from store to store right now…. and fill the house before we’re locked down at the end of the week.

        The service jobs won’t be coming back any time soon. You already know I expect to see full UBI.

        It’s part of our new, Star Trek future.

        Along with telemedicine.

        Trump is going to send everyone an Internet enabled tablet. That’s the only piece that’s missing.

      • the people making the $$$ recommendations are Goldman sachs and j p morgan ex employees…muti millionaires themselves….and they want to give the BIG business $ 50 billion plus as they are giving the Banks…TRILLIONS via the repo market….and many are advising trump to only give $1ooo to some of the people…but do not eliminate taxes or reduce insurance premiums…..soo the elites get millions and some get ‘peanuts’….while CONgress keeps spending $$$$ that soon will be USELESS…..except when that day comes you will not need to but any more ‘toilet paper’…as you will have some in your wallet already to wipe your ass with….since no one will take it in exchange for anything….coming soon to an empty store near you

      • Federal workers don’t get a recess, only Congresspersons. They are two completely different classes of government workers.

  5. ” So you can imagine how I felt to read how ol’ Mitt was pandering to the people again as CNN reported “Romney proposes giving $1,000 to every American adult as coronavirus response measure.”

    W.T.F.. would that do…
    that would only take care of a couple of the minor expenses.. or about half of the healthcare insurance for the wife alone..

    I have a household of five.. during normal times.. we spent almost eighteen hundred a month on groceries.. the average is 12.50 per person.. give or take…. not mentioning fuel to get the stuff.. average rent is about 3.80 per square foot and that is in a low income apartment.. to get a decent place your looking to five dollars a foot.. so really the guy is living in a fantasy world that doesn’t have any realistic view from the bottom laborers.. those of us that live in the work a day world know this.. not even counting on daycare or utilities car insurance car expenses.. granted he has concerns I will never know about he lives on a different planet than I do.. his world is constructed and his worries lie in another form..

    • Now Six grand per household could get everyone through a month or two of being housed.. the bills are still coming.. and obligations still have to be met.. at the end even if they keep the lights on and the water etc.. the companies will still want their money and a loss of a months income would put a financial spin that would make Hell look like a more pleasant option..

  6. “I have to call NASA now so they can turn the Hubble around and search for my blood pressure which left the atmosphere when the NYC whiners lit up.”

    OTFLMAO…..Phew at least you could find that.. I was afraid you were going to see if there was anyone in DC with any…. CLUE…. LOL LOL LOL

  7. Over supper last night the Mrs and I wargamed where we thought things may be in 6 to 9 months. All these people locked in their homes for an extended period with the boob tube is problematic in itself. Taking all the thoughts on the list, the financial wreckage is obviously at the top. By now if anyone cannot see the historical Hoover/Roosevelt rhyme with our current situation never mind, soup line forms over there. The big issue now vs then is it is doubtful if we will still be America when, or if, this ends. Remember though, there are still many of us out here not willing to go down quietly.

    Take care of yourself and family, help your neighbors where you can, and most importantly turn off the F#$%ING TV and try to do something constructive instead.

    Stay safe.


    • ” soup line forms over there”

      The soup lines are at the schools:

      I googled “free school meals” – results from Connecticut to California.

  8. You know the economy is getting worse and worse by the day and when you have low IQ people calling 911 asking the police to bring him some toilet paper because they run out while sitting on the toilet somethings definitely wrong with society. 911 what’s your call.. I got the mud butt And it’s getting crusty please send a squad car with some TP.

    Yes we are doomed I fear

    • “people calling 911 asking the police to bring him some toilet paper because they run out while sitting on the toilet somethings definitely wrong with society. 911 what’s your call.. I got the mud butt And it’s getting crusty please send a squad car with some TP.”

      OTFLMAO… ( I know for a fact that something similar to that actually happened around here LOL)

      With the vast reduction of peopel reading the paper and the lowering subscriptions.. our local paper is planning on people going old school.. you know the days before the billionaires wanted to make more and started the campaign to make Hemp illegal.. so the paper to increase subscriptions is planning to add an additional seven pages to the morning paper…so the readers will not only have the morning duty read.. but have the paper to do the paperwork.. LOL LOL LOL…
      the delivery driver for the soft drink company.. had to go.. only to discover when it came to the paper work.. that someone jacked all the tp from the walmart restroom and all the paper towels LOL LOL LOL… I always wondered why he was scratching LOL LOL LOL I will razz him another day on that when its funny it wasn’t funny that day
      when I grew up.. we had an outhouse.. on one side there was a hole for the adults and one for the children on the other.. on the wall my father had a magazine paper rack.. in it was the sears catalogue.. on the childs side was another one and it had the toy catalogue.. of course the readers digest and the daily news.. LOL LOL LOL… of course we had tp to..

  9. George is never shy about telling it like it is (or how it will be). I’m in total lockstep with his coronavirus assumptions and presumptions. I’m personally more than a bit concerned about the supply chain during this pandemic. Warehousing has essentially scaled down to dock shipping containers, rail cars and over the road trucking already in transit or at district centers. Most readers are already experiencing bare shelves and more than a few essential product shortages. With less traditional brick and mortar warehouses left to satisfy the CoVID-19 surge demand, the supply chain is quickly showing signs of stress, particularly for daily essentials and medical provisions. Most areas have just entered their mandatory ‘2-week’ (minimum) shutdown periods. Hopefully critical goods supply centers can restock in that time, but with airline cuts and similar supply interruptions happening all over the globe, the real problems may not start for several more weeks when Amazon and Walmart run out of online goods to ship. George has noted how a great many things (particularly medical & technical) come from China and East Asia. Much of our consumables originate in CA, AZ, Oregon and Mexico. I think chances are rapidly growing that many U.S. consumers may shortly begin to understand the meaning of the phrase “between a rock and a hard spot.” But for now, good health and a good day to all!
    ~ “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!” Lloyd Bridges, (as Steven McCroskey), Airplane (the movie)

    • Haha! Spot on WH! Spot on!

      It’s starting to look like this at the grocery stores around here now.

      My all time Favorite Chris LeDoux song. Probably the best country song ever written IMHO. Perfect for times like these.

      “Hello, we are from the Government and we are here to help.”


  10. George,
    Not get all this poor lil Trump stuff, when doing a competent job…
    [REDACTED – We are not going to tolerate useless bullshit political flame throwing. Grow the f*ck up and be and Americans first and leftist second (though never would be better). We got a country to save and both parties share equal responsibility for failing to prepare for this eventuality.]

  11. Wow!

    How soon the critical thinkers/Geniuses forget – so let me take U all back to 1976 when Ford was still POTUS.

    We had a Pig Flu scare- 1 soldier, just 1 died from this Virus.

    Ford Administration instituted the largest nationwide Immunization campaign in US history in response.

    After all Spanish flu (a corona virus) was initiated at Fort Riley..

    They jumped the gun and never tested the Vaccine for side effects ect.

    45 Million people were inoculated -a quarter of the population – before it was Halted.

    The vaccine itself killed more Critical Thinkers than the Virus itself.

    450 people developed Guillian-Barre Syndrome.

    This is the SCANDAL that forever sowed the seeds of Public (sheep) Distrust of Inoculations/Vaccines.

    So yeah Coot looks forward to seeing U and your fellow critical thinkers Volunteering to try a new Monoclonal Antibody containing Vaccine – good luck.

    BTC’s look cheap – as does GBTC- Bullish, Silver looks very cheap and coot is accumulating – Bullish.
    Very careful – selective stock picking time for the coot – Proven Barrels Oil in Reserve? Proven Ounces in the Ground Reserves ? Proven massive Cash positions/Cash Flows like JNJ ect. This type research is strictly Accounting – crunching the numbers on Financial Statements – feel like a Vulture eyeballing some tastey carcasses.

    Now who is FBI agent Kara Spice – U know the Agent who apprehended Boston researcher Zheng Zaosong – his roomates got away(with samples). Spice recovered 21 Vials of a “brown liquid substance”. What do U suppose post mortem lung tissue from COVID patients looks like..Brown liquid.

    If U R of Asian Persuasion/Iranan or Italian, Compromised Immune System, or have Weakened Organs – heart/lungs/kidneys – This Virus is 4 U

    Put on your “ARMOUR” and get ready to fight..


    See Cold Case Hammarkgold – if U dare.

    • I don’t need a vaccine. I’ve got chemical immunity. It’s called selenium. Works for Ebola, too!

  12. Dear Mr Narrator –

    In reference to The Economist magazine issue January 1988 – cover art depicts all the world currencies on FIRE with the flames licking up the front of a giant Phoenix bird.

    This Phoenix is shown with a new One WORLD CURRENCY on its breast and symbolizing year ZERO.

    The issue predicts Year ZERO was coming in 2018 did TRUMPS presidency DELAY implementation of the PLAN?

    Are we in Year ZERO – TBN says YES! smoke em if U got em – Scheisse Getting Real!

    Got Bitcoin ? its cool – neither does Mr Narrator..

      • C’mon George – U know I don’t prepare my own taxes.

        I have life long Jewish friend – who also happens to be a Accountant!

        Its called Plausible Deniability –

        U do mean digital mob..?

  13. Give Romney a break. I don’t see any one else coming to the table with a solution. The House ( with assists from Mnuchin and Pelosi) did pass a bill worth $850 billion that includes a payroll tax holiday…something Trump wanted but Senate Republicans oppose. That said, McConnell said he would pass it anyway. The bill also includes free testing, paid leave, bolstering unemployment insurance benefits, expand food stamps and increase federal funding. Romney’s suggestion is on top of all of that…so added up…it’s a good package.

      • “No low-ball BS from the Deep Staters, pleeze”

        Exactly.. I was fired up earlier.. it just bugs me that they would consider a bailout for a business that’s to big to fail that would cost each and every man woman and child six grand and change. To a business that is well known to give out multi million dollar bonuses so that they can loan that money back at double digit inflation after they are forced to not go to work for an extended period of time. Destroy small mom and pop companies etc.
        So if your going to do it.. then go big or forget it let everyone fend for themselves.
        An extended work vacation will be a life altering experience for everyone. I think it will destroy the whole structure of every facet of life.
        If they only cater to the one and leave the rest swimming like fish out of water then that’s kind of like being double tagged without the astro glide. Pay to bail someone out to screw you later.
        It gets my dander up thinking these recess going idiots dont get it..
        Just to deep in the bubble to get a clue

    • Yes but I was reading there are a lot if if’s and maybe’s in that package out of house,paid leave is a sticker for not all can or will get it, depends on the business and the number employed in a business and of course the ones who need it the most will never see it..Just saying that cloud may not have a silver lining for many only the selected as always will receive it.!!!!

  14. Unfortunatley, I think we have lost the war. As has been noted here in the Ure site and others, there has been and are more dangerous and deadly viruses, diseases and issues killing people in the world. And we do virtually nothing. I think the funniest I saw was that heart desease kills 600k a year and yet we still allow fried chicken between two doughnuts as a meal.
    This entire Chinese Virus has been over reacted, over played, and over sold. When everything is said and done, only then will everyone understand how much this was the most poignant example of “Calling wolf”!!!
    Then as in the past the socialist and communists will want to use this as an example of what the government has to do to help it’s people and that only government can get us out of this mess. This goose is cooked. We are screwed and it will take years, if ever, for us to get back to the real normal.

    • Lol we have been going down this path ever since the election of 1980 with the cry “come to Washington and let us show you how to move your jobs out of the country and fatten your bottom line”,we will even create off-shore accounts so all that wealth will never ever see the taxman.Come call it neofascism and that’s probably as good as term as any as they raided and looted the country,the virus only exposed just how rotten the system really was,but buckle up we the useless eaters will get to pay the bill and so will the next three or four generations.!!!

  15. Not so sure about blood pressures having grown an abdominal aortic aneurysm bypass from the epigastric artery and mammary arteries andclotted over the aorta at and of illiacs with memory of my mother dying of surgury to repair an infrarenal aneurysm of the same location as it seems force and pressure is cause of arteriogenesis and angiogenesis..

  16. Everything is a business model. I now am sell my home made cologne for fifty bucks a bottle.
    It ‘s called Ode D Crap. Garenteed to keep people at least ten feet away.Call 555-5555.

    Having fun, crusing to the end

    • “I now am sell my home made cologne for fifty bucks a bottle.
      It ‘s called Ode D Crap. ”

      If you have alcohol in it you could sell it for seventy five bucks for a two ounce bottle an alcohol hand sanitizer lotion

  17. George

    “If everyone wants me to turn on posting times”

    Quoting Tuco from The Good The Bad and The Ugly:

    “When you have to shoot…Shoot! Don’t talk”

    And to George: When it’s time to post – Post!

  18. One of the most interesting parts of the ‘market plays’ in the past two weeks has been the metals prices, particularly gold and silver. As the smart people on this forum know, these are strictly paper prices (or perhaps more specifically, paper contracts) that ultimately will have NOTHING to do with the price of the physical metals. I did see silver at like $14 something (paper price) in the last day. Now, we all know that there is no way a dealer is going to give you a silver eagle for $14 (Eagles are less than an oz of silver, but close enough for comparison). The ticker price on MarketWatch is indeed going to be increasingly useless in coming weeks. What we will have is true Price Discovery (imagine that!) as physical precious metals are cast into the market with other goods and services. I certainly don’t know where the price of a silver eagle may go, but I would not look for MarketWatch to provide it!!

  19. “And the Happy-Talk is back in stories like CNBC’s Hopes of a coronavirus vaccine mount as three key biotech players make progress.”

    This is just hearsay……nothing has been written up about it and there isn’t any information except what I heard third hand..

    But I just had a conversation with someone that has insider information (they know someone that did this) on some of the things they have been trying……. and.. …
    they thought why not… and tried the Ebola vaccine they had came up with that was non effective for ebola..and it was administered to one patient with the virus in a serious way.. and it seemed to help.. in two days after taking it.. he seemed considerably better…
    Of course until they know for sure.. it won’t be openly publicized..

    • That’s the way it always is — An inventor or lab NEVER posts anything regarding a new product or process until it’s vetted, unless they are forced to, to establish a legal trail to guarantee their right to create or patent.

      When the (currently dozens, but sure to expand daily) tests locate something which is effective against COVID-19, news will show up in The Lancet or NEJM, before it hits either the news or the President’s Daily Briefing (and you quite fully know this…)

  20. Is it surprising that the 3 Commie states…NY, CA, WA, are the Coronavirus hub, bringing down the rest of the nation. They are paying the price for their sins of greed & hatred of all that oppose them. Now they need Trump to save them & all of a sudden they are quiet. Trump, unlike them, is putting aside his well deserved dislike of them to save the nation. He is willing to do this even with the fake news still trying to derail him. He is a Rock.

    • Lol well you really overdid it but then again what can one expect for N.Y. has very few cases of the virus, but then again they are probably right as the entire country was so unprepared that they can only test a minute part of the population,China gave them a heads up and a couple of weeks to get ready but we didn’t heed it and now for the next 3 to 4 months will pay the price.As far as that ole worn out fake news fake news all that fake news comes out of Washington and fed in doses to the media and then the people receive their daily dose of propaganda which in reality is that fake news you cry about !!

    • Taiwan got their military busy making plenty of masks that were not allowed to go capitalistic (low price enforced by govt, or big fines to pay, unlike U.S. Big Pharma, prices unchecked by govt)

      It’s still all skin off the individual taxpayer, compared to the nearly free ride of the corporate taxpayer:

      CA & NY are the top payers of federal taxes:

    • NC, your ignorance is blazing hotter than a blue hypergiant star. New York, California and Washington are the hotbeds of this virus because we have 20% of the population of this nation but a triple that in transient population due to business travelers and Visiting scholars and engineers.

      We are the biggest contributor to the economy in this country and are the crossroads of the world. California alone is the worlds 5th largest economy if it was a country. Add New York and Washington and those three jump ahead of Japan as the third largest economy in the world at over $5.4 trillion. We have more touches with the world than anyone else. So, it stands to reason that we would have the most exposure. And Commies? Hahahah. Commies don’t create jobs that pay millions, and have the largest number of millionaires anywhere on on planet earth like we do. Your brain couldn’t handle a trip to New York or San Francisco. Once you see the Physical growth, energy and the robust nature of our Economy…your head would seizure from all those years Of lies you have been fed from conservative talk shows.

      • Jesus Mark! Simmer down. Hahahhahahahahhahhhaa!

        All but invite him out to the fight next to the Jungke gym at recess because he passed a note to Darla.


        Everyone is trying to grasp an understanding if the depth of this thing we are all going through. If he is here on this site?? Then he is atleast pointed in the right direction. And sometimes I’m wrong too.


    • LOL. Sure it’s all about state borders, because the virus knows where commie state are and where real true American states are. Good call, I didn’t even make that connection.

  21. Inconvenient truths: Things like licenses and passports expire and need to be renewed by mail. That means you’re without requisite documents for weeks until the bureaucrats get done with whatever they’re doing and the mail successfully returns them. A nuisance in good times and a real question right now. Do we trust the mail and those people with a singular and very critical document while we’re in crisis, or do we figure it’s better to be sure and keep only the expired document? During 911, I passed many checkpoints in NYC and had to have my documents in order. I can see such things coming to a highway near you. While I have no immediate desire to leave for a foreign country(where?), a valid passport is the best identifier.

    We will get past this thing, but probably not for another two years IF we don’t get another hit. Rumor is that there’s a more virulent virus on the way – I have no way to know if there’s any truth to that. Since this current virus shows indications of weaponization, it could well be an opening move in something much bigger. As of today, we have no idea who “the enemy” might be or the intentions thereof. At least I have some toilet paper – for now.

    Regarding timestamps – your call. They might be interesting but not critical. I’d rather see a few seconds extra loading time so I can read the small print on the graphs and charts, but that’s just me.

    • “We will get past this thing, but probably not for another two years IF we don’t get another hit. Rumor is that there’s a more virulent virus on the way”

      Not happy seein’ this, Mike.

      I was contemplating last night, and wondered if this (probably engineered) virus could be a test, to gauge response from the World, in general, and particularly the United States.

      When an army attacks, it is prudent to test the opposition’s line and defenses, so the attacking General can map a battle strategy which makes more efficient use of his forces, by exploiting his enemy’s weaknesses.

      Suppose this is only the first, in a series of renegade bugs to “escape from China…?”

  22. So after you blasted Romney…Trump and Mnuchin are doing this..

    “We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Mnuchin told reporters. CNN asked President Donald Trump and Mnuchin about the logistics of an economic stimulus idea that could give $1,000 checks to Americans, which is gaining some bipartisan support. Trump chimed in, saying, “I think we’re going to do something that gets money to them as quickly as possible. That may not be an accurate way of doing it because obviously some people shouldn’t be getting checks for $1,000. But we’ll have a pretty good idea by the end of the day what we’re going to be doing.”

    So it is $1,000 still a horrible idea. Is that your man crush is suggesting it?

    • “is $1,000 still a horrible idea. Is that your man crush is suggesting it?”


      It isnt the thousand per say.. its the trillion stimulus for the banks..
      Seriously now in sanfran where a dump costs more than a million. People living on the streets and food stamp income ratio just shy a quarter million… what can you get for a thousand dollars? A big mac meal..
      With how many service connected jobs In the USA with the loss of income.. are you willing to forgive a months rent how about two or three..etc. you cannot and neither can the laboring class..
      Any stimulus money would be welcomed it just isnt realistic..instead of giving some block heads a trillion dollars as 2020 bonuses and their winter homes on the islands or chunked away..why not use that money to keep the velocity of money moving. It’s all about the noodle on the table..put a cooked noodle on a table and pour water on it you can push that noodle across the table. Dry the water up by dumping the water on the floor and the noodle crumbles..
      The drooling idiots are looking at the floor not the noodle on the table.
      So give some idiot enough money for future loans to the point that every man woman and child has to pay six grand and leave them to pay it out in the cold during the darkest moments in our lifetime.
      Consider this… pizza in one hand wish in another which fills quicker. If a hundred and thirty million workers cant pay their car insurance they will quit having insurance.If they dont have rent money rent still is are the costs of everything else.. if a million people quit buying that four dollar cup of jo .. coffee shop still has to pay. Your expenses continue as will mine and everyone else.
      So a thousand dollars seriously that’s but a drop in the bucket do you feel slapped yet considering you could loose all. The rent money for how long a month or a year maybe more…. I do.. it wouldn’t pay but half of health insurance for one person for one month..or it would pay for one visit to the doctor in the ER..

      What we need is the Class to get called back in from recess and sit down and give this situation some serious considerations. without any special friends visiting and dropping off gifts..

    • Yes, it is a bad idea, but in the short-term it is necessary, because it mutes Mittens and the other Lefties, and takes the wind out of their air-time.

      They will reload, and tomorrow they’ll be claiming the blanket welfare check is not sufficient, so expect Trump to do this more than once.

      Right now, we need to be “One Nation, under God,” not a nation divided by losers who can’t put their politics aside for even a second, to work toward a common Good. Trump is trying to both unite, and eliminate the problem. What are the Establishment politicians (of both parties) doing? Hint: It ain’t uniting.

      We didn’t get Welfare during WW-II. We got food ration coupons and MV fuel stamps. It was not a good option then, it’s not a good option now, but it was the best, of a bunch of bad options for those times, and unfortunately, is again…

      • “the blanket welfare check is not sufficient, so expect Trump to do this more than once.”

        It would probably be better than sending out checks to citizens. To Do what they do for illegal refugees.
        Considering the seriousness of the ongoing crises. Until further notice all rent, utilities will be on hold and interest on loans and payments will also be put on hold until we get this situation under control.
        Food subsidies will be distributed x dollars per household person with varying hours of shopping time and people.
        A local chain is doing that elderly these hours then time to disinfect etc. With only so many at a time to shop.
        All insurances payments to cease and medical services and expenses waived..

        Doesn’t sound appealing but it would halt what’s coming.. and still leave our system in tact.

      • I know rationing things is a bad choice Ray..
        As it sits now no one will be able to recoup from this financially.
        Even the federal reserve.. as it sits if it isn’t put on won’t take long for the whole system to implode.
        Society crumbling changes.. their already jokes going around about black market toilet paper sales and casino’s only letting you use toilet paper as chips to bet..

        Not to mention the farm community. Farmers will have to buy seeds and other necessities to put in a crop..

        I see Three basic choices.. step up or step back.. or release everyone and leg the chips land where they fall .

      • In a very short time if this all continues.. there will be a drastically changed United States of America..

        If it continues globally then in the world

      • Ray, you are not paying attention. Trump is not doing anything having to do with uniting. He was forced by the people surrounding him to be more Presidential. Here is. Timeline…

        When asked by Joe Kernan in January 22nd about the Corona virus…The president responded: “No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

        On Jan. 24, he tweeted, “It will all work out well.” On Jan. 28, he retweeted a headline from One America News, an outlet with a history of spreading false conspiracy theories: “Johnson & Johnson to create coronavirus vaccine.” On Jan. 30, during a speech in Michigan, he said: “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five. And those people are all recuperating successfully.”

        That same day, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus to be a “public-health emergency of international concern.” It announced 7,818 confirmed cases around the world.

        On January 31…
        Coronavirus,” Hannity said. “How concerned are you?”
        Trump replied: “Well, we pretty much shut it down coming in from China. We have a tremendous relationship with China, which is a very positive thing. Getting along with China, getting along with Russia, getting along with these countries.” (WTF?)

        On Feb. 10, he repeatedly said — in a speech to governors, at a campaign rally and in an interview with Trish Regan of Fox Business — that warm spring weather could kill the virus. “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away,” he told the rally.

        On Feb. 19, he told a Phoenix television station, “I think the numbers are going to get progressively better as we go along.” Four days later, he pronounced the situation “very much under control,” and added: “We had 12, at one point. And now they’ve gotten very much better. Many of them are fully recovered.”

        A week later…He criticized CNN and MSNBC for “panicking markets.” He said at a South Carolina rally — falsely — that “the Democrat policy of open borders” had brought the virus into the country. He lashed out at “Do Nothing Democrat comrades.” He tweeted about “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,” mocking Schumer for arguing that Trump should be more aggressive in fighting the virus. The next week, Trump would blame an Obama administration regulation for slowing the production of test kits. There was no truth to the charge.

        Throughout late February, Trump also continued to claim the situation was improving. On Feb. 26, he said: “We’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On Feb. 27, he predicted: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.” On Feb. 29, he said a vaccine would be available “very quickly” and “very rapidly” and praised his administration’s actions as “the most aggressive taken by any country.” None of these claims were true.

        In early March, despite worldwide stats to the contrary, he suggested on multiple occasions that the virus was less serious than the flu. “We’re talking about a much smaller range” of deaths than from the flu, he said on March 2. “It’s very mild,” he told Hannity on March 4. On March 7, he said, “I’m not concerned at all.” On March 10, he promised: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

        Just sad….

      • “Until further notice all rent, utilities will be on hold and interest on loans and payments will also be put on hold until we get this situation under control…. {much deleted for brevity}”

        Loob: The vast majority of that stuff is neither the President’s, nor Congress’ job.

        During a military emergency, Presidential and Congressional power and ability to do stuff goes ‘way up. However, despite HEW, HHS, HUD, FDA, and about a dozen other Federal alphabet agencies, during a HEALTH emergency, their power and ability only goes up slightly. The person whose power and legal jurisdiction goes through the roof is the Governor. Governors who’ve read the Constitution and understand it (that’d be about — none, in today’s America) realize that during such an emergency, they become domestically, more powerful than the President, within their own State’s borders. Even so, I don’t believe a Governor can nationalize (“Stateize?”) rentals or privately-owned utilities. However, they can put a huge amount of pressure on landlords and utilities (which today include cellphones and Internet) to get them to _choose_ to offer relief.

      • Mark, I’m paying far more attention than most:

        31-Dec-2019 — First reported case of an unknown novel coronavirus, in Wuhan, China.

        06-Jan-2020 President Trump talks to a staffer regarding COVID-19. The advise to him at that time was that it was probably of no consequence. His advise to the staffer was along the lines of “Okay, but keep an eye on it, anyway.”

        15-Jan-2020 Trump creates a working group to develop a plan for the (rapidly getting out of hand in China) virus.

        16-Jan-2020 The working group’s briefing becomes part of The President’s Daily Briefing

        20-Jan-2020 Someone mentions to the NYT that there’s a brand-new, flu-like virus in China that’s beginning to kill people.

        21-Jan-2020 The Times and WaPo run with the first published story of COVID-19 in the Western Press.

        Etc., etc.

        I won’t dispute your “timeline” because frankly I don’t care to fact-check it, and aside from the author of that list cherry-picking Trump’s tweets, will accept your word (‘cuz a lot of it sounds about right.) That said, is it just possible that Mr. Trump was trying to downplay the virus (and play politics, of course — ’tis the season) until he had some salient information, to attempt to avoid crashing the Markets?

        What’s sad is you have such an ax to grind, you can’t even give the guy as much credit as your Governor gave him. C’mon Mark, you don’t have to like the coach, or even the sport, but how ’bout trying, just a little, to support the team during just this one game…?

  23. I don’t normally do anything with Twitter or the blogosphere except read it, but thought Jason Yanowitz’ Twitter thread on COVID-19 from Italy, interesting enough to share.

    From the Bored Panda blog (UK):

    “To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What’s Coming”: Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through

    or if you prefer the original Twitter feed:

    If you’re still hanging with friends, going to restaurants/bars, and acting like this isn’t a big deal, get your sh!t together.

  24. George you are doing just fine – don’t let those that don’t have enough brains to realize that there are many things that have and are going to hell and they are part of it especially when you have given them your time and advance notice of things to come.They are not worth your time to respond!

  25. This is all about control.It has very little to do with health.

    If supermarkets filled with hundreds of people in varying health conditions can remain open,why are gyms closed with a few dozen healthy people?

  26. yep . spot on George . vitamin c megadose and olive leaf keeping the grim reaper away .. yep survival brother .. that’s what George has been about for 25 years and yep hes the best .

  27. When I was about 15 (68 now) my Dad told me I would live through a depression that would make the one he lived through look like a walk in the park. He always said – and Remember this the Government won’t do a damn thing for you …….. on the canyon edge at the moment – and remember you are no longer a depositor at your local bank – you are a counter party to risk ……

  28. I sense a hidden ulterior motive by the powers that be with the this operation has unfolded. If anyone has an idea on the subject, speak up.

    • I think the PTB tipped their true intentions this morning with the law making vax mandatory in Denmark. Psychic driving (fear) = total compliance for we the people. Lets see how we the people react to total medical quarantine. Lots of moving parts, still trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle. I come to this site because it is inhabited by the “smartest people in the room”.

    • That one is profoundly easy. It has been on the front burner for about a dozen years, and somebody finally dropped the catalyst. Merry Christmas (2019)

      The top level goal is to install a one-world government with a global banking system and cashless (electronic) money. Ditto for the religious & economic components – all ruled by the same entity.

      To get a dollar replacement, the dollar has to become worthless. Consequently, the USA has to be taken down economically, simply because they can’t find another country that can accomplish that through military engagements.

      Obama Care, Open Borders, Social Welfare, Sanctuary cities/states, QE, TARP, etc., are all designed to put a staggering load on the US economic and political system. All we need is a catalyst, nick-named Corona Virus.

      Bingo! Fear & Panic to ramp up government control & authority. The same juice is used to crash the markets and disable the very people and (small) businesses that could create solutions and thrive.

      Chain reaction crash in the banks, banking system, Supply Chain Distribution, Justin-in-Time Delivery, Travel, School, Sports, Entertainment, and so on. Famine comes next (month), and war a month or two after than. Four Horsemen, in sequence.

      Wait…Wait…Wait until the fatality rates are through the roof and fear has triggered anarchy & chaos, then dangle a magic vaccine that will Cure the beast. More control and authority by the government required. Sigh… No vaccine 4 U!

      Then place trucks loaded with FOOD, Water, Ice, Medicine, (LoL – Toilet Paper), Supplies, and so on at the Walmarts and strategic locations in every city. Line up, line up, line up and take the VACCINE (with nano or RFID), and the floodgates are open for you. Bring a truck or trailer and pile the food high & deep.

      Refuse the vaccine? LoL – step over there. Click (handcuffs). What’s your blood type and DNA? You are now a living, breathing, organ donor. Your government and the elite thank you very much.

      About that cashless currency? Well, Corona Virus sticks to paper money, and darn the luck it can survive for a couple of weeks on green ink. Cash re-rolled to toilet paper, and you get a 1:10 exchange of electronic credit for your illegal and immoral cash.

      Own or try to subvert the electronic controls by paying with precious metals. Click. Echo of previous Click.

      That particular plot has been hanging in plain sight since I was a tadpole 60 years ago.

      No need to thank me. I do this as a public service .

      • Yup, I. Said the same thing about 4 years ago and its happening. I’m gonna try buy a couple of them IBM made crypto’s. ***thst not trading advice.

        I imagine that Bitcoin will be come illegal soon.

        IBM perfected Antiferromagnetical coding. Coding at the molecular level. They can code DNA. Been able to for a while. That means they can put an identifier on ya and it doesnt even have to be an RFID chip. It would be waaaay smaller. A couple atoms is all they need for a number identity. wouldn’t even notice.

        There is an article in the New York Times about coding at the atomic level. When they release information about something to the public its usually 10-20 year old info.

        From January 17, 2012

        At the link

    • I’m looking at that right now. To see if I missed anything. Its definitely about placing the population under the umbrella of fear and control while the markets reset. Maybe the Virus is real? Maybe it’s not. A few things we know forsure is.

      #1. The markets were crashing before the Virus. They continue to crash.
      #2. VUE (Virus UnEmployment) is about 75% in the world.
      #3. The Just in time delivery system has broke down.

      I’m wondering if even the market melt down may be a distraction. Hmmmmmm..

  29. “Otherwise, the Midtown whiners can sit on it and Twirl.”

    I hope you don’t consider me a whiner since I do live Midtown? ;-(

    I have the greatest respect for your thinking and your writimgs. We both may have an issue with timing the market — but if we had this pat, neither one of us would have heard of each other, imho.

    I did go for my walk after the rain today. More “deadsville” than yesterday or Sunday, except the magnolias are in fuul bloom overnight. Yes there are magnolias in the asphalt jungle if one knows where to look. Apparently they care as little about viri as I.

    Also think that there is something else besides this virus. If govnmts were indeed so concerned about our wellbeing there would certainly be NO wars; That is NOT the case!!

      • Thank you George, you have a way with words – they hit the spot! I was concerned I might have posted something offensive since I harbor unconventional thoughts about life, death, and politicians, ect.. Therefore, why does government interfere with the works of God almighty who is the creator of everything? Is our conventional belief just another hoax? I realize we live in a schizoid world – but there should be boundaries IMHO. You are so lucky to enjoy Elaine’s companionship ;-). There seems to be something fishy when governments are so concerned about our wellbeing while they cannot abolish nuclear weapons from our globe. Think!

  30. Hi, George,

    This is a report from my neck of the woods. A week ago on Monday, I was shopping in our east side of Albuquerque Costco. The place was busy with the usual crowd, but I got in and out quickly. However, mid-morning today, the line into that Costco was so long that I bailed and went home. Trader Joe’s was also busy and had their usual crowd. Workers were stocking shelves quickly as possible. And, at my local East Mountain grocery store, Cedar Crest to be specific, it also had the usual crowd. Workers there were stocking shelves as quickly as they could. Boxes full of items to be shelved sat in every aisle of the store, and the meat selection was high quality as usual. Everyone in line to pay were all talking to each other and smiling, as stories were told about shortages in other places nearby. One lady was making a significant beer run for her elderly neighbors. Another man was relating that the Walmart in Edgewood was closed, and the grocery store in Edgewood was all out of meat. The shoppers at Trader Joe’s were polite as usual, but the shoppers at my local grocery store seemed less harried and more friendly.
    Events that were scheduled on the state fairground and state property were all canceled, including two significant gem, mineral, and jewelry shows. Schools are closed. Some businesses are also closed but only for a week or so. Restaurants remain open but will take orders curbside, while some still offer take out orders. Casinos are closing for a few weeks. Some retailers are placing limits on certain items for sale, like paper products. I found it interesting that some of the first food items to go was frozen pizzas, then bread and milk. Good selections of vegetables and fruit remain.

  31. I’ve had about all the negative news media crap I can handle for one day. I have decided to enjoy the rest of my day. I just scheduled myself in for a root canal later this afternoon. No pain meds. (I think Mitt will be doing the drilling.) Speaking of which how did a blithering liberal from
    Mass-a-shoo-sh!t$ get elected to the Senate from Utah????????
    Dont answer that. It was a rhetorical question.

  32. George, long time member, two quick points.

    * My son and his wife have three retail stores in San Diego — I just spoke to him, had to let 50 percent of his workforce go today that around 35 people. Does not think their business will last another two weeks.

    * My wife and I have been spending the winter in south FL, we live outside of Prescott, Az (2300 miles from here) we drove. We are cutting our stay two weeks short and trying to decide either to stay with her brother in Cape Coral or drive none stop home. House in AZ has everything one needs to live for a long time. Any thoughts?

    • Cape Coral – in event of systemic failure, more resources, cooler, fresh water in FL. Prescott, OK, but not enough farming to survive there. Nor water IMHO

    • Cape Coral, FL. I used to live there. Lighting Capitol of the world! More than 17,000 lighting strikes in an hour. Also more canals than Venice. I think it has the most Canals in the world.

      Right across from Ft. Myers, Fl.

  33. ‘Getting tired of the conspiracy tripe regarding lockdowns and abridgment of our Right to Assemble.

    Surely, some of you are old enough to remember other such instances. He11, I was only a nipper, but I can still remember the polio lockdown, sitting in the window of my parents’ bedroom and watching the pickup trucks drive up & down every street and path with their foggers blasting away. AFAIR, no one panicked at this, in the 1950s. They were more concerned with their kids not becoming paralyzed than they were, being inconvenienced for a few days…

  34. this Virus will bring down the ..Economy via ‘smart political leadership at the state and federal level…the Presidency….where the next president will be this countries LAST….and it will NOT be trump…..many can see the politicians in every state and dc forcing guidelines and rules upon the masses…as the DEATH rate increases…from 0 too 100 in the past 2 months , among the 320 million citizens…….at this rate…those in the ‘extreme at risk class’…above 80 yrs old….will be dead in 5 to 7 years… ALL must ‘shelter -in-place’…to slow the spread of this ‘halfasst virus’….social distancing….which most under 40 yrs old do now anyway via there cell phones….will slow and stop the threat….till this counties next flu season…..the WHO and CDC partnered with google and bill gates thank you for your cooperation…and remember to get your vaccine shot and your package of ‘toilet paper’….as soon as they become available….we approve of this message..Biden /clinton 2020…….

    • You ever watch that old movie “Logans Run”? They whacked everyone over the age of 55 if I rememeber.

      The economy was tanking before the Virus. They are using the Virus as a scapegoat for fiscal irresponsibility.

      We were in a bubble long before the flue.

      • …At age 30.

        Farrah Fawcett’s first major role.

        I had a crush on Jenny Agutter in the ’70s. ;-)

        I don’t think they’re using it to excuse fiscal irresponsibility, as much as they are fiscal inevitability.

        We are GOING TO have the crash which should have happened in 2000. Although circumstances are perfect (with a perfect scapegoat), this may, or may not be it, but I’ll tell you what: Every year it doesn’t happen, makes it so the crash will be that much worse when it does arrive.

    • P.S. i respectfully disagree. Clinton will never take office. Trust me on that. It will never be allowed. IF Chimo Joe picks the wicked witch of the east as his running mate??? He will doom his presidential campaign to the sh!tter just like Bloomberg did.

  35. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While most bars and restaurants hereabouts are drowning in tears rather than green with cash customers, one must take hold of small mercies that liquor stores remain open for sales.

    Tomorrow the media advises that our Canadian Prime Minister-in-self-isolation, the Right Honourable Mr. Justin Trudeau, will be announcing a stimulus package the other side of cad$20 billion to resuscitate a flat-lining economy. One imagines the comatose patient will not be leaving the ICU anytime soon.

    It stands out in my mind that the political opposition parties have simply disappeared from sight. There’s not been any whisper of constructive criticism from them. We could be living in a one party state although there hasn’t been any coup announced.

    Another element growing in a curious fashion is two, possibly three, provinces have declared health emergencies. With that in hand the provincial ministries of health can leverage far reaching powers beyond their usual scope without necessarily singing from the same songbook as their federal counterparts or their provincial neighbors. So for instance while the federal government has left the Canadian border open to US citizen entry, the province of British Columbia wants it shutdown to all but Canadians. Of course monarchists will be outraged that British passport holders do not have right of abode in the Dominion at this time of crisis; Harry formerly known as Prince excepted!

    Well, ho hum, let’s see how many more weeks of urban or wider lockdowns around the Western world are tolerated by citizenry before social unrest breaks out.

    • ” two, possibly three, provinces have declared health emergencies. With that in hand the provincial ministries of health can leverage far reaching powers beyond their usual scope without necessarily singing from the same songbook as their federal counterparts or their provincial neighbors. ”

      We have the same system — but are so unedjikated in Civics these days that no one in the States knows it…

  36. There is so much going on. Dow futures down 821 at 1215am.

    I notice a while back they stopped spraying chemtrails. About 2 months ago, they were back hard at it. Hmmmmm.

    Wonder if they could arisol the masses with this Virus??

    Got to be something, I’m missing.

    • One things forsure. People are getting testie. Alot of short fuses out there. I’ve almost thrown down like 4 times in the last month. Ugh. I’m usually pretty laid back. Lol

      • Lol lol lol talk about testie…. I was at the clinic today.. I have allergies…the place was eerily quiet… the fust you could see in the air and i got a coughing bout.. oh my god.. i thought everyone in the waiting room was going to come unglued..
        Later i was visiting with someone and they said a guy pulled a knife on another customer this morning because he wanted the toilet paper in the other guys cart..

        I wonder could this whole thing be a ruse just for the puppeteers to gain control over everything..
        Companies closing their doors right and left..
        It will collapse everything if they dont stand tall..

      • Yeah it’s getting nuts. I was at the dollar store and 2 women were arguing because one lady had all the bottles of “wink” wine in her cart. Hahahahahhahahahhahhah!

        First off I did NOT know there was a wine called “Wink” that you could buy for a dollar! We dont have wine in our dollar stores in Seattle. secondly, if you are about to throw down with another woman over a one dollar bottle of “wink” wine?????!! You may be an alcoholic. *shrugs. Maybe. I could be wrong. But maybe you are an alcoholic.

        What ever happend to MD 20/20 or Ripple or Thunderbird?????


  37. HAWAII CASE COUNT NOW 14… including one on my Big Island. This likely because they just opened three medical testing sites on this island yesterday. Cruise ship passengers debarking are now temperature checked and must fill out a location history and health questionaire. Not a good vacation experience here now. Governor ‘strongly recomments’ bars and restaurants close… take out food only. Public gatherings limited to 10 or less. School is out to the end of the month or possibly longer.

  38. Everyone is going for the $1,000 checks Trump offered. A second check in May.. UBI is coming for sure.

    Unpaid utilities will be forgiven.

    The best strategy now is to stop paying all your bills. There’s going to be a “New” “New Deal”.

    The Jubilee could be at and. Stop paying!

  39. The stores are starting to close. The channels are de-compressing/unstuffing.

    We are to the point, if you don’t have it by this weekend, you won’t have it for possibly years.

    We’ve been Venezuela’d, folks. George was right.

    What’s the last minute list – in collapsing Russia, what would have been the first item wanted, the day after, other than TP.

    • You mean “collapsing Soviet Union?” — Potable water.

      It’s not that “We’ve been Venezueled.” Only Bernie supporters are trying to do this to us via politics. The issue is the entire world has been “black plagued.” It may hurt more here, because we’re spoiled and soft, and no longer have even a concept of “what’s important,” but we’z all in de same boat, worldwide, and it’s gonna suck, bigtime, when those Chinese freighters stop rolling into ‘Pedro…

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