Can the Recovery Recover?

While the “happy-talk crowd” continues to crow about how well the economy is doing, the reality as shown by multiple indicators paints a different picture.

We’ll brush off a little of the optimism this morning, but not without being mindful that a herd of lemmings is a difficult thing to turn, even if their thinking is quite wrong-headed.

We’ll saddle up and ride into some hard data after headlines and coffee.  One needs a bit of reinforcing before taking on a full herd of lemmings.

Reader Note: We will be filing a formal complaint today about site caching by a certain California group which insists on serving up outdated UrbanSurvival content.  Problem is not on our end – it’s in how caching is being operated by those who apparently don’t appreciate our candid views on things.

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3 thoughts on “Can the Recovery Recover?”

  1. For at least a week, whenever I pull up ure site, it is at least a day behind. Refreshing does the trick, but I thought my computer was having the problem! Now that you mention this, I remember this happening with the Drudge website some time back. Glad you are on it!

    • this is how censorship of independent-minded (sites you can depend on) works out in practice.

      Censorship at the IP level – my, ain’t that special?

  2. I thought you were taking a break. Then about 3 days ago I hit refresh on your site and wala the missing content was there all this time. I do have to hit refresh daily to get the new content. Glad its not on my end, glad its not on your end. Dang internet hampster’s need more feed I guess. (I seem to be spelling hampster wrong, its not even a word, well whats going on in the world)

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