California Quake Jitters + Housing Data

California has become a “land of woes” here lately – moreso than  usual.  

First, there are record weather extremes and that’s led to rolling blackouts.  Though today, it looks like the power will be semi-stable.  Even as its reported that California narrowly avoids more rolling blackouts; governor orders investigation.

Secondly, California is eyeing a Wealth Tax that would potentially drive a few billionaires to leave the state.  As  Forbes reported, California Legislators Propose 0.4% Wealth Tax, Plus 16.8% Income Tax Rate.

Which, in itself, is nothing new.  Wealth Taxes have been around for  long time both here and in places like the European Union.  France tried it, with their  Solidarity Tax on Wealth which hit people with a worth of 1.3 million Euros since 2011.

Discussion: An Interstate Tax Grab

What makes California’s proposed Wealth Tax so interesting is the State over-reach planned.  Basically, the proposed Assembly Bill would not only tax the ultra-rich now, but the Franchise Tax Board would be empowered (by the State) to tax the rich for 10-years, even if they move out of state.

So, for example – if we’re reading the draft of the bill correctly – say you’re a South Bay Billionaire.  You move out of state and take all of your assets with you.  The language seems to outline how California could cross state lines to  prosecute its “Wealth Tax” claims.  Which, as a fan of the Constitution, would elevate the Franchise Tax Board to nearly the same status as IRS which has interstate tax reach.  Then, again, it’s a federal agency.

Moreover, the legal showdown would be interesting based on a defense of “No taxation without representation.”  And if you don’t live in a state, non-resident, you can’t vote there, so logically (like this matters in California?) no ability to tax out of state former California residents.

What the liberals are banking on is that initially, this would only impact one-fifteenth of one percent.  Yes…the very very rich. But, like all progressive taxes, this one will start small and then eat its way up the food chain.

Since Commufornia “law maker-uppers” have no shame, we fully anticipate that an “emergency” will be declared.  And thus, empower the state to apply the tax retroactively.  Which is what power-mad, revenue-crazed, power-seekers at the front of the mob rather predictably tend to do.  Popcorn and Accountants, please.

California Quake Watch

Maniacal tax over-reach may not be an issue, however.  Since we are still seeing signs of a possible major quake to come in California.  Mind you, I’m no geologist, but there are three quake swarm areas apparent when you visit the USGS website today:

Activity in these areas is nothing particularly “new.”  But, what IS new today is a swarm of 20 quakes – the largest of which was a 5.1 – in that swarm on the Mexico side of the border just south of L.A.

You can get a full rundown on the USGS site, with a map and detailed list here.  But, we’re sort of surprised that the MainStream Media isn’t paying more attention to this.  Well, except it’s only a potential news event.  Not an actual event like the pseudo-conventions.

Just had a 6.8 in the Philippines this morning which will allow things to move west which could be with a jolt.

Digital Mob Rule:  Online Politicking

That America has become digitally deluded was laid out in my book Broken Web back in 2012.  We mistake retweets as “consensus” and view digital scams as representing “public opinion.”

So we were totally unsurprised when the NY Times syndicate pushed out the story “Democrats Begin Virtual Convention, Hailing Biden and Denouncing Trump’s Presidency.”  The messaging – from Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders was short – and predictable.

The speeches were only a few minutes in length.  And that, to us, is a huge problem.  The shorter the statements, the easier it is to lie-by-ommission, or present half-truths.  As an example, the brother of George Floyd was on hand as the dems spin-up the election as a vote on racism.

While it’s not, Donald Trump has given them plenty of opportunities for criticism...not the least of which was injecting his out-sized ego into medicine.  Arguably, a bad move.

Still, as long as dems can run a “sound-bite” campaign of no substance, they are likely to unseat Trump, though his numbers in polls have improved slightly.  We still have 77-days.  And we fully expect Trump will “stick his foot in it” again.

Politics Over Relief

If “sound-bite politics” isn’t a sufficient affront, we repeat as we have been saying for almost two months:  Democrats won’t give Trump a dime until after the election.

The MainStream Media failing to call out the clown posse – formerly known as the House of Representatives- for working the Post Office Problem yet not passing continuing Aid to the Unemployed, is an insult to thinking people.  (It’s why the MSM is shuttering newsrooms, too.  Partisan lires and greedy corporatist owners will only get you just so far.)

Notwithstanding Pelosi et al  totally ignoring the Working People (and formerly so), the Trump cock-up by his Postmaster General (disassembling sorting machines? FMTT)  is about to go front-page next week. As USPS Pressure Grows, Postmaster General To Appear For House Hearing Next Week.

As a source in a post office mail facility told us last week “George, we’ve NEVER delayed the mail before…EVER.”

As we explained to Peoplenomics subscribers last weekend, there’s a gap between adequate customer service in private industry (say 97%).  But in government services, the standard is higher (100%) and no exceptions.  You don’t want police and fire services coming 90% of the time, or a day late, do you?

Greedy capitalists operate by one metric (revenue) while government operates by another metric (on-time performance).  If the dems can STFU long-enough to listen to the witness – instead of campaign grand-standing (while we’re  still waiting for benefits)  they might give their witness a chance to talk himself out of a job – and rope Trump in, too.

Alas, IQ90 America is represented by IQ85 Congress.

Housing Data

Scene-setter here:  Five days ago, a story from the Bay area caught our eye “S.F. office vacancy rate doubles as some downtown rents dip to new lows.”  And while the California Clown Home over in Sacramento tries to cobble up decade-long tax over-reach, we were not surprised to see the Bay Area newspapers running things like this “Editorial: San Francisco needs to show results with a bigger homelessness budget.”

West Coast Canaries

Three cities on the left coast are viewed around here are  canaries in the coal mine for what they tell of America’s future.

In Seattle, the police chief quit – due to the communist socialist uprising encouraged by city hall.  Seattle riots continued again this weekend: At least 18 arrested in Seattle after a protest is declared a riot.  And to make matters worse?  Here comes another liberal attempt to subvert law and order by adding heaping spoonful’s of bureaucracy to prevent effective law enforcement: “Seattle, King County bills would require legal advice for youth before questioning by police.”  Favorite tactic of revolutionaries over time:  Turn the rules of their adversaries into weapons of mass confusion.  Time and time again.

The Portland Canary? Dead

Those (dare we say it? lying sacks of shit) “peaceful protesters” are now attempting to  permanently blind police in Portland.  So goes the  Reuters story about how “Portland Police says officers targeted with “powerful green laser” in protest.

Which is all according to the script:  National media are covering-up and down-playing the multiple local/regional violent and well-orchestrated uprisings.  And this, in turn, the plan seems to be, will prevent the presidential election from becoming a “law and order” vote.

So far, the crooked national media – and the militarty-style street-level  coup leaders, are being quite successful.

Both right and left-wing media are so busy blaming one-another that the guts of the uprising – and the military small unit tactics of  antifa are being glossed-over.  And when not, censorship of social(ist) media finishes the con.  Which is why we don’t play in the middle of  that freeway.  Jackbooted thugs are always the same.

Yes, even in Beer Hall Uprising, Oregon.

Now…About that Housing Data

Don’t mean to get off into the weeds, but revolutions are of interest when you’re in one.  So click here for a little music as a mood-music for housing.

Building Permits Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,495,000.  This is 18.8 percent (±1.1 percent) above the revised June rate of 1,258,000 and is 9.4 percent (±1.5 percent) above the July 2019 rate of 1,366,000.  Single-family authorizations in July were at a rate of 983,000; this is 17.0 percent (±1.2 percent) above the revised June figure of 840,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 467,000 in July.

Housing Starts Privately-owned housing starts in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,496,000.  This is 22.6 percent (±14.7 percent) above the revised June estimate of 1,220,000 and is 23.4 percent (±12.4 percent) above the July 2019 rate of 1,212,000.  Single-family housing starts in July were at a rate of 940,000; this is 8.2 percent (±10.3 percent)* above the revised June figure of 869,000. The July rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 547,000.

Housing Completions Privately-owned housing completions in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,280,000.  This is 3.6 percent (±14.9 percent)* above the revised June estimate of 1,236,000 and is 1.7 percent (±12.8 percent)* above the July 2019 rate of 1,258,000.  Single-family housing completions in July were at a rate of 909,000; this is 1.8 percent (±16.8 percent)* below the revised June rate of 926,000. The July rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 364,000.

We don’t have another real drill-down until next Tuesday when price data will come in from Case-Shiller.

But, no question:  Best investment for average people is their home and with low rates – bound to end sometime – why not, while you can?

Short Economics Reality Check

Real-Life Economics in just a few bullet points:

  • The stock market is not going up.  Only looks that way because the purchasing power of the dollar has been in free-fall since March.
  • The metals are not going up. Only looks that ways because the purchasing power of the dollar has been  in free-fall sinces March.
  • And Bitcoin is not going up.  Wait for it...Only looks that ways because the purchasing power of the dollar has been  in free-fall sinces March.

Study the chart over here.  Learn to think like Soros and Rogers.  Outside the country, there’s a lot of money to be made.  It juse helps not to be locked into nationalistic manias (and national currency delusions) to see it.

A Couple of Personal Health Notes

Keep an eye on my buddy Gaye’s site – she has a great article coming up with a useful health planning note.  Website is here – sometime in the next week, or so.  Will remind.

Second Point

Been meaning to mention the article on Science Daily recently “Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light.”

If you are using IRIS or f.Lux to help protect your eyes from too much screen-time and over-exposure to blue/UV light, take a look at settings and considering having a go at something deep red.

In f.lux, I use the Himalayan Salt Lamp setting, and push things down (brightness) and off to red from there.

One of these days, one of these outfits will implement a 40-Hz frame rate/refresh setting because of the recent research into 40-flicking light as a way to address some aspects of early Alzheimer’s.  Much as I love my 55 UHD desktop, I’m not above a 65 UHD with a 120 Hz fresh rate if there’s software to declare a 40 Hz refresh rate.

We’ve been on this 40 Hz flicking light trail since mid 2019 when MIT came out with a news release on it.  And Science Daily picked it up earlier this year.

Normally Peoplenomics Content

but in the interest of public health (THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!) some snips of an email to a doc friend who is right out at the front of the

“In addition to the red light therapy device we have been using, I’m working up several additional hardware ideas that may be useful for people trying to get ahead of the Alzheimer’s risk curve.

This is loosely  based on the following articles:

Short-Term Effects of Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation in Alzheimer’s 

Abstract: This study assessed the effect of stimulating the somatosensory system of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients at three stages of their illness with 40 Hz sound.

Results are promising in terms of a potential new treatment for persons with AD, and further research is needed.


Multi-sensory Gamma Stimulation Ameliorates Alzheimer’s-Associated Pathology and Improves Cognition

We previously reported that inducing gamma oscillations with a non-invasive light flicker (gamma entrainment using sensory stimulus or GENUS) impacted pathology in the visual cortex of Alzheimer’s disease mouse models. Here, we designed auditory tone stimulation that drove gamma frequency neural activity in auditory cortex (AC) and hippocampal CA1.  combined auditory and visual GENUS, but not either alone, produced microglial-clustering responses, and decreased amyloid in medial prefrontal cortex. Whole brain analysis using SHIELD revealed widespread reduction of amyloid plaques throughout neocortex after multi-sensory GENUS. Thus, GENUS can be achieved through multiple sensory modalities with wide-ranging effects across multiple brain areas to improve cognitive function.


Physical exercise during exposure to 40-Hz light flicker improves cognitive functions in the 3xTg mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Exercise promotes brain health and improves cognitive functioning in the elderly, while 40-Hz light flickering through the visual cortex reduces amyloid beta (A?) by stabilizing gamma oscillation.


Our results show that exercising in a 40-Hz light flickering environment may improve cognitive functioning by reducing A? and tau levels, thereby enhancing mitochondrial function and neuroplasticity.”

(my email resumes)

“The simplest way to accomplish the audio portion is to take a small audio signal generator and hook it up to a good speaker with clean audio response down to the 36-40 HZ range.  We’ve been using (Bose) Inter-Audio bookshelf’s for the project.  And driving them with the signal generators with just enough low-level audio that the sound can be heard if you really focus on it.  This way, entrainment would take place at audio levels that would not distract from everyday activities.

A further iteration would be using an audio generator to trigger a small FET transistor to flash the head-mounted LED unit at 40 HZ.

Hence the question:  Any ideas of whether the duty cycles used in pulsed LLLT have been studied anywhere?

The idea being if we’re using systems that deliver 4.6J over 7-10 minutes with a CW power source, would the pulse rate be proportionate (e.g. 7 min/0.5 pulse = 14 minute optimal exposure, or would you anticipate non-linearity out toward shorter pulse durations?  Know of any papers on point?

Reason for asking is intuitively, if the 40 Hz pulses were very short (like <3 %) could the light be applied continuous for extended periods?

Second point is how frequency-dependent would you estimate these effects might be?  In other words, if someone said “Great results at 40 Hz!” (the MIT case) how broad is the time domain?  E.G. is it from 39.5 to 40.5 Hz, or might it has a higher “Q”  (very peaky) kind of response, like from example 40.01327 Hz?

To source a 40 HZ lightweight flicker-source, we’ve been tinkering with a small Velleman Electronics 2-LED strobe light.  I used a frequency counter to set the pulse rate to 40 HZ and it’s reasonably stable.  Next build will be using 700 NM lights (Velleman supplies high output daylight LEDs)  flickering 40 on the eyes.  (seizure risk noted)

Hardly brain surgery to install red LED’s on this unit.  See the picture of the unit (under $14) at  LD1 and LD2 are top of the board.  I just tossed the counter across the leads for setting.

On Amazon, “PandaMama” offers a cheap (under $5) kit to flicker red and blue LEDs.  Cheaper and more LED space.     I’ll let you know if they will “flicker 40.”  (Will load 700 nm’s)

We’ve been using a KK Moon function generator ( but anything similar works provided there’s enough output to drive the speakers a bit and tinker with sine and square outs.  The marginally higher performance units are going for about $107 (here:

Cheap (sine, square, and triangle) audio generator kits are pretty small for old-eyes to solder.  Even with an LCD microscope and no surface mount parts, the board pitch is right down to minimums.  Yuck.”

Again – not medical advice to anyone, but some of the background things going on here at “the ranch” in Olde Man Labs between bouts of writing and shop work.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. finding it really hard to concentrate or care about anything in USSA.. I think it is global though .. this covid thing is a real stinker .. fabulous article on 321 sewer/gold.. clive maund , titled , welcome to the global gulag .. credit where credit due .. he nails the covid hoax , the money hoax , market hoax all in one .. great article by mr maund

  2. housing starts rose ? who cares ? who believes .. what does it mean ? nothing , just another useless load of rot to babble about on CNBCCUSSA.. you blokes can keep all your stories pumping .. who cares .. credibility of the dumpster is even better and that, hell, is lower than low

  3. “King County bills would require legal advice for youth before questioning by police.”

    Cannot say I disagree with this policy. The police do not have the citizen’s best interest or even the truth in mind. They want to close cases, bring in funding, and get positive publicity. Youth are most at risk of being intimidated and not understanding their rights. I have read enough reports of police questioning people for hours, keeping them awake not providing food, until they confess to crimes that they did not commit. Unfortunately the best answer for almost any situation with the police is to remain silent and get legal council if pressed to provide any information.

    • Your right a few years back they had what they called the bike path rapist up in Buffalo,they arrested a man who was a lot on the slow side they questioned him for hours, and finally he said he wanted to go home ,here sign this and you can go home well lol it was a confession,the media played it up to the hilt he couldn’t have got a fair trial if he had walked on water for he had already been tried and found guilty by public opinion,well he served 21 years and then they caught the real one, but they never found a way to give him back those 21 years but they got it off the books.

      As far as those fine folks up in Washington why we are the ones who put them there, and we are the ones who can’t wait until we can do it all over again with many for years on end, and that’s why I quit voting for it simply is a way to make the people think that they have some say which of course they don’t ,and of course they never do as they say while running for office after all lieing to the pople is stock in trade for all candidates….

    • Had a friend send me this one on YT:

      The video author is a diesel mechanic and had ordered a bunch of Caterpiller and other diesel oil filters online for the trucks he works on. As a result two officers, a State Police and Homeland Security officer together, came to this guy’s house saying he’d ordered a bunch of “suppressors” online and said if he’d just hand them over there won’t be any more problems. He’s ordered them through Ebay and other sources but the whole encounter shows that we’re being watched through everything we do online and how things can be misinterpreted by TPTB. The real information starts at 3:11. Once he showed them his shop the officers realized he was, probably, legit and seemed to go away happy. Haven’t seen any further videos saying they’d suddenly become his new best friends.

      People DO make firearms suppressors out of oil filters (I’ve seen plenty of videos on YT about it) and, I think, you can have barrel adapters registered through BATF once you pay your tax stamp and get on their “watch list” of potential subversives … but I digress. People will find a way to get around any rule there is out there and keeping your mouth shut and not bothering anyone else is the best course of action. If TSHTF I highly doubt a suppressor is going to be high on my list of things to get anyway. Your rifle reports are just going to mix in with the rest – plus putting a supersonic round through the air is the other half of a rifle’s noise that can’t be suppressed anyway.

      • Dunno, I’ll have to go back over all the pictures you’ve posted of your shop to see if it’s there.

        Didn’t you buy a milling machine a few years ago? You could crank out entire sets of adapters in The Apocalypse and make some serious coin, George.

  4. Creepy info tip for the day

    Check out the article at this site concerning ID2020 biomark being using with digital money.


    Get this, the name of the enzyme that makes this work is Lucuferase
    And the patent number for this at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organizgation headquartered in Geneva Switzerland) the number is … WO2020060606.

    WTF? Luciferase patent #060606

    This reads like something out of the X-files.

    Oh, and speaking of X-files. Has anyone seen those later episodes where the got the gang back together after a 10 year hiatus.

    They were three contiguous episodes by the title “My Struggle”.
    The plot was eerily similiar to what was going on in the world today with the virus.

    And oh, “My Struggle” in German it translates to …… mein Kampf

  5. Yo G-Dude,

    U F-ing nailed it this morning!

    “Which is all according to SCRIPT” / “West Coast Canaries” –

    Please refer to Q post #14 from 10/31/2017 READ that again-

    The year posted was ?

    “Why is antifa allowed to operate?

    What happens if SOROS field operatives get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

    What happens if mayors/police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?

    Think recent events

    you have more than you know” 10/31/2017

    Gee I wonder if BLM and antifa get any funding $$ from soros organizations?

    Nahhh Trump is to much of an idiot to figure out that nasty “nazi” game plan..its all just “police state conspiracy” noise..right?

    • this Bud is for you and Ray
      ]intheMatrixxx[ Retweeted
      Aug 16
      HUGE Collision symbol!

      We have a very special place for GS.

      Supreme Court ruled that orgs affiliated w Soros’ Open Society will lose the protection of 1st amendment and should be treated as an international threat. This impacts supporters in the US & abroad.

      • California shut off multiple megawatts of generating power from natural gas and tried unsuccessfully to replace it with wind and solar. That is the reason for the rolling blackouts. Not the heat. They have had hotter weather. They are just under supplying power.

      • Spreading false rumors is the real threat,,,, I will take what the supreme court says over George Soras’s Open society every day of the week,,it is about who has 1st amendment rights under our rule of law. and open society’s connection to Sorass the foreigner, look out antifa, you are in the target zone also,,,,did you not read the link? it ain’t a rumor, it is the LAW. If you dont like who I quoted, just go to twitter ]Inthematrixxx[ and give him a piece of your mind
        If you don’t like the Supreme Court now, wait until they official declare Ruth is no longer on life support, poor dear hung on as long she could , maybe just before the election, to help muck it up some more. And 2nd term President Trump gets to appoint another justice. Buckle up!
        I wish you well,,maybe a Mueller High Life will help ya, maybe make it a Lite, Mueller was a little Lite of evidence
        Damn, they sure have been doing a lot of expansion at GITMO, why would they do that? when we are getting out of middle east wars and the head foreign terrorists have been taken out,Thank You President Trump
        Except Sorass, they have a special place for him and room for domestic enemies/terrorists
        I have never had a more positive outlook for the USA, since JFK,

      • You should read the opinion rather than twisting it around to suit your beliefs. “Threat” isn’t even mentioned in the opinion. This case was about whether the First Amendment right to speech can be applied to their foreign affiliates in foreign countries. The answer is no. The First Amendment only applies to US citizens within the US.

        “As a matter of American constitutional law, foreign citizens outside U. S. territory do not possess rights under the U. S. Constitution.”

  6. Re: red light therapy

    Could this be a side effect of people living 24/7 indoors?

    Could sitting in the sun with your eyes closed give you the right shade of red light?

    Could the human animal have evolved over the past millions of years to need more sunshine than we are currently getting with all the skin cancer phobias? We know that a lot of people are vit D deficient, could this be the same type problem?

  7. California vacancy rates are rising because the 50+ million sq ft if office space that was being built is nearly all ready for occupancy…The problem is…Tech companies and their employees that were filling those spaces are working from home. I will talk about the solution later this week.. Yes, with every “issue” there is a workable and profitable opportunity. There are no problems in our world.

    • Then your living in a very enclosed world and have no idea of what’s going on around you which can be very detrimental to your well being,your only thought is how much can I make which leads you down a fools path as the only thing that concerns you is the almighty dollar which has little to no value at all,your one of those that will lie even to himself to make things look like its a golden flower just waiting to be plucked,and you have my sympathy for you live in a very distorted world….

  8. I have a friend who only gets his news from CNN. He called me last night to see if I was watching the Dem convention. I said no, I had just watched the video of the young man in Portland being dragged from his car and beaten to within an inch of his life. His only crime was driving peacefully through the WRONG neighborhood. My friend’s response “Is that stuff still going on?”

    I checked the CNN website (I refuse to watch the TV channel) and found no mention of this story or for that fact, any story of any violence in any city in the US.

    We live in 2 different reality worlds George.

    • Yes, one of my Magician friends calls this ‘Universe A’ and ‘Universe B’. The big issue here is that people quite literally DO live in separate universes depending upon their individual vibration and emanations. Now, people may argue this, but let’s just ask a series of what may be obvious questions:

      –Were there wealthy people around during the depression (1.0)?
      –Were there healthy people around during the depression?
      –Were there happy people around during the depression?

      In any multiverse, there are those experiencing ecstacy (not the drug) while there are those experiencing agony simultaneously. Prosperity vs. Poverty. Right?

      There is only one question. What universe do you want to live in and how do I ‘shift dimensions to get there if needed? How do you get there? That’s what thousands of years of magical and advanced spiritual practices are all about.

      • Just like the Financial Genius in the big funny hat told me when I was but a young man & Father attending a luncheon at anonymous ivy league school that the DONALD attended..(Alumna Recruiting Event)

        Man in the big funny hat told me..”Happiness is Not something you find, Happiness IS something you bring with you.”

        Them is WORDS to live by..

      • ”Happiness is Not something you find, Happiness IS something you bring with you.”

        Pure words of true wisdom.. sort of like an island…
        If you didn’t bring it you aren’t going to find it..

    • Some things bear repeating: The two mainstream mindframes are a product of careful nurture by some deep black entities. At great personal cost, Millie Weaver produced her video ShadowGate. It’s been pulled from youtube several times but can be found at:


      Download and save!

      This explains how ALL your internet and other communication activity through public channels is available not only to our government, but to murky private entities with no restrictions as to what they do with it!

      Having two groups of people with similar values fighting with each other over meaningless nonsense like left and right rather than right and wrong makes the entire mass much easier to control and lead down garden paths.

  9. For now America is in the bailout frame of mind “everybody gets a trophy”. It won’t stop until the entire country fries.

    California needs a bailout of some kind. Rolling blackouts again. Fire season is right around the bend.

    An alternative is to defund and let it burn due to unsustainability.

    Restaurants and other “non-essential” taxing schemes have been on hold. Most states are going to need relief. Stadium districts are closed.

  10. Part of me is still connected to California having spent the first thirty years of my existence there. I left when I experienced (firsthand) California government reaching into the lives (wallets) of anyone who showed a spark of entrepreneurial leaning. Frenchies(sic) Tax Board has the unbridled ability to tap peoples finances and take whatever they deem appropriate; then it’s up to the ‘donor’ to claw back via the courts (mostly politically appointed rubber stampers for the Gov). The legislature is near fully populated by socialists and grifters elected by ballot harvesting and backroom deals. Anywhere you look in government corruption is rampant and it goes so deep that there is no way to play without becoming a party to the crime.
    When Kevin Kelly (R), state assemblyman called California a “graveyard of failed ideas” yesterday it resonated deeply. Many who still reside in California are good folks with aspirations and great principles. They have been sold a bill of goods, suspending their beliefs in search of ‘hope and change’. They are a classic example of ‘boiling the frog’. NIMBY and “can’t see it from my place” thinking has caught up with them and now they have to make uncomfortable choices under terrible circumstances.
    This truly is the canary in the coal mine as George has so aptly stated. Those of us who allow this mission creep to occur because it doesn’t directly affect their lives had better wake up and take note. The cows are out of the barn and putting them back is going to take some work, not just hoping for someone to come along and do it for you.
    If the whole mess collapses the void will not fill with goodness; Portland, Seattle, LA, Manhattan are just indicators of what to expect.
    Roll up your sleeves…

  11. creepy info tip #2 for the day

    Two days ago here I postulated that TPTB were orchestrating a building narrative for a return to the Gold Standard.

    I believe their plan is a ju jitsu like move to use peoples fear & greed to have the people receptive if not clamoring for a return to sound money.

    See, there will be a got-ya, a bait & switch aspect that will sucker the public in and then spring the trap.

    The virus vaccine will utilize the quantum dots technolgy that Bill Gates as come up with.
    (I referred to that earlier in creepy tip #1)

    My hypothesis is that for people to use the new money/transaction system they will have to be vaccinated (i.e. bend the knee)

    For Gold & Silver holders to realize the orders of magnitude gain in the price of their shiny, they will have to accept the Quantum Dot vaccine (i.e. bend the knee).

    Think about. All existing monies will be retired. TINA rules.
    It’s either get vaccinated or your PMs can’t be used in the new money system run from the new 5G satellite system that Elon Musk is furiously rushing to complete.

    Read the Zerohedge article above.
    They’re carefully laying the groundwork, building the narrative.

    PM holders always joke about “having had a boating accident ..wink wink”
    Clueless people are always a step (or 3) behind the savvy powers that be.

    They won’t come searching for your PMs. Instead YOU will seek them out.
    It’s so in fitting with the MO of the elite.

    YOU get to choose the form of your destruction.

    • If your hair is standing on end this will set it on fire – Lynett Zang’s video posted yesterday talks about Congress changing the laws on our money as we speak. We’re going digital money on January 1 of 2021. If there’s only less than .04 left of the 1913 dollar now they can take it below zip, zilch, zero, nada and you can watch your principle steadily deteriorate.

      It’s called the “Banking for All Act”, S.3571. Its status says it’s just been introduced but they’ve had a joint House and Senate meeting on it to push it forward. It decrees that ALL residents and citizens (gee, is there a difference any more?) AND businesses domiciled in the U.S. will be given digital wallets. These wallets will be issued for and through all banks (member and non-member banks), credit unions as well as through the Post Office. All of your “money credits” will be incorporated into these wallets which means they’ll have you, essentially, by the short hairs when your cash on hand (if they don’t eventually demonetize it like India did) runs out. They’ll also know where every cent you spend goes which means, of course, your privacy gets skewered and roasted well done.

      The whole idea is to make it all look as if nothing is really changing, just another way to spend your money. In reality, everything will change. Deposits and withdrawals are all handled at the push of a button as well as suspension of your entire life’s savings if you’ve been bad in their opinion (had your shots lately, buck-o?). Also there’s no consideration any more for how much debt is created to create currency units in the money supply (basic income anyone?). It’s all just ones and zeros in the big computer in the sky. Price control can probably be more easily achieved through this system, too, or at least in the congressoids’ minds. In their minds they will control everything which is what it’s all been about since … forever.

      How will PMs work in this world? Probably not well for a while until the system fails enough people that a large portion of the public loses confidence in it and starts looking for alternatives. Hyper-inflation is well on its way.

      See Lynett’s video here –

      • Conspiracy ramble – for now – not saying it won’t (like the misnamed patriot act – ) be ready for when the rioting starts following the debatable election outcome.

        Says GovTrack here:

        Introduced on Mar 23, 2020
        This bill is in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced into Congress on March 23, 2020. It will typically be considered by committee next before it is possibly sent on to the House or Senate as a whole.

        3% chance of being enacted according to Skopos Labs (details)

      • Yes, she talks about how it’s showing on the progress bar but the joint committee is already looking at it. No results of that committee meeting as yet. Starts at 10:17 in the video.

      • “Price control can probably be more easily achieved through this system, too”

        Only in the short term. As Mr. Mugabe discovered, the PTB can control prices, but they can NOT control production, and when they put bureaucrats in-place to achieve production goals, it goes away completely.

        The issue with ALL new-currency, One-World currency, and other “mark of the Beast” type conspiracies (WRT commerce), is they neither eliminate barter nor “black markets,” and can’t, with any existing or foreseeable technology.

        “I fix your door, you give me a bushel of corn…”

        It is still “trade,” still “commerce,” but it is not a transaction, therefore not taxable…

      • Bill,

        Good find.

        The entire system is being revamped. Universal Care and the lot.

        And their slave tokens are being drained from us. We won’t be able to maintain an economy on our own without them.

        I shop two Walmarts, FEMA Region V. Walmart 1 still accepts cash in three of the four U-scans. Walmart 2 is cashless with exception to two cash register jockeys. The store hours are limited to 10:00PM so the cash lines are always long.

        Another big box, Meijer only has two/three cash register jockeys for cash. All the U-Scans are cashless. This would be at three different stores.

        Same thing at Kroger.

        Cash has been phased out and is drying up.

        Bottoms up!

        Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – S.O.B. (Official Music Video)

      • “I shop two Walmarts, FEMA Region V. Walmart 1 still accepts cash in three of the four U-scans. Walmart 2 is cashless with exception to two cash register jockeys. The store hours are limited to 10:00PM so the cash lines are always long.

        Another big box, Meijer only has two/three cash register jockeys for cash. All the U-Scans are cashless. This would be at three different stores.

        Same thing at Kroger.

        Cash has been phased out and is drying up. ”

        OOWS, I’m seeing this as well… ‘Thing is, there’s no proof anywhere that it is not just the result of retailers trying to follow a sudden barrage of new regs as best they can. One of my neighbors is a Meijer store GM. I could ask him…?

      • Don’t think you really GET it.

        Once everything is digital money it goes thru the middleman of government. That means Gov can social engineer at an individual level PER TRANSACTION in real time.

        That sort of granularity isn’t possible under our current systems.
        The potential for abuse in incredible.

        With each use of the digital money a database record is recording that in one of its fields. That DB record is YOU. It records EVERYTHING you do. If the folks running the system don’t approve of you, your speech, your activities, your purchases, then they can dock your digital money account or completely lock your account.

        How are guns and bullets going to help you then? If you’re in a store or shopping online and your card (or bio implant) does’t work, what recourse do you have? Are you going the shoot the Walmart clerk?
        Are you going to shoot your computer screen if at home?

        It’s insidious and the most repugnent from of slavery for a freedom loving person.

        You are enslaved and yet there’s no “Master” anywhere near for you to confront.

      • Don’t think you really understand the essence of the issue.

        With digital money as being envisioned, then sitting between buyer and seller is government. In real-time.

        Your card (or bio-impant) connects to a Database somewhere in the cloud. That DB has a record. That record is YOU. It records each purchase.

        If you’ve watched the Shadowgate video, it might now dawn of you that it likely would be recording your social media posts, web surfing, anything the government has access to. All that goes into a DB record. AI software scans the DB, scans each and every transaction.

        Keep in mind the the NSA is scooping up ALL intenet traffic. And as shadowgate video has revealed, they even allow “data bridges” to other shadowy organizations.

        If what you say, do, buy, isn’t approved of by the Powers That Be, then they can shut you down on the spot.

        Say you’re in a store buying something the government doesn’t approve of, your card/bio implant might not work for that transaction. Or perhaps there’s a surcharge for unPC behavior. What recourse do you you have. Are you going to shoot the hapless store clerk?

        And if you’re shopping online, are you going to shoot your computer screen? Guns & bullets won’t help you.

        And if you think barter will work. That would work only in the most basic, crude way. People would have only a tiny fraction of buying/selling options as the system itself. Eventually they’ll ditch the bartering and submit, If not you, then those who come after the “old farts” die off.

        It’s insidious and a most repugnent form of slavery.

        The “Master” isn’t anywhere in sight.
        The “Masters” foreman is the transaction system.
        The true “Master” isn’t ever known to you.

        All you see is the system and the “Masters” minions who brainlessly follow the path of least resistance. Just “doing their job”.

        The time to nip this in the bud is NOW.
        If this form of slavery gets entrenched then it’s “game over man”

        That’s why I say beware a return to sound money. Vet it carefully!
        The devil is in the details.
        The elite will likely try to pull a bait & switch. They did in 1913 with the founding of the Fed, of course they’ll try again.

        The “sound money” system they propose will likely have these hidden strings attached, and the PM holders, those set to receive digital UBI, the public believing the new system is a return to pudent, for-the-people government, they’ll be shocked & horrified when the true nature of the beast is revealed.

        YO, PM holders, they will use your — greed — your lust to realize the substantial appreciation of gold & silver. they’ll use that to get you supporting a return to sound money knowing full well you won’t carefully vet the details and safeguards of the act.

        “the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it … GOOD and HARD”. That’s the thinking of the elite.

        Yes, let’s return to “sound money”
        But let it be a system that benefits us and not the elite

    • In such a scenario there will be huge black markets. Experience in the black markets will be useful

      • We now live in a digital age. Near everything is connected, scanned, watched, monitored.

        The eye of Sauron is seeing most eveything.

        Those they catch in black markets will likely be made an example of.

        Don’t let false bravado sway your judgement.

      • Sailor: Yes, those in black markets will be “made an example of” just as they were in the decades long marijuana black market but that couldn’t stop it. They finally had to capitulate in a desperate attempt to capture some of the revenue. The Soviet Union only lasted as long as it did because of the black market but it finally collapsed. These controllers are only a very small percentage of the population of the planet. I’m sure there will be plenty of hackers much smarter than their systems of control! There are more Patrick Henrys than you think!

    • Sailor, there’s always a black market; there’s always a barter system, and under such draconian control, there will be a true gray market — not one that peddles Gucci knockoffs and 3rd shift Nikes, but one which functions outside the Government commerce system, and uses a universally-accepted placeholder of value as its medium of exchange — probably gold or silver, since they’re easy to use, especially in coin-form, and test kits which measure assay are cheap, and easy to make.

      • Sailor is more correct than wrong in their assessment.

        The black market thing is a novel thought at best. In practice it’s never going to work. No comparison between marijuana prohibition and transitioning into the digital system.

        Like Sailor points out, all products already have RFID chips. When we see those YouTube videos of train cars being robbed, I’d guess the tracers know where the products end up.

        People in #Chicago are now looting right off of a moving train

        Wal-Mart Uses RFID to Track Underwear

        I don’t look at the digital system as a conspiracy. It’s a natural course progression of the system humanity is following.

      • Amen Ray…people barter every day… for just about everything. During the 80’s it was how we survived..make fresh cheese for milk. Home made beer for eggs..that’s what saved greece and the American inginuity is still alive and well.
        I traded a year of labor in exchange for a hospital bill. Resurfaced a parking lot by hand in exchange for the surgeons skilled hands. People trade an hour of their time and skills in exchange for a few dollars..

      • Steve, you need a pen-pal from Ureope. Mention the French wine trade to any Brit, or ask any Frenchman where best to buy cigarettes…

  12. George,
    Discussion: An Interstate Tax Grab:

    This doesn’t strike me as legal unless California and their Gov. have decided to take on the Constitution regarding the passing of ex post facto laws. While the Constitution outlines the Federal Government’s position on “after the fact” laws, if California tests this sort of greedy overreach in taxation law, their efforts will likely have to be decided by the Supremes at Federal level due to the involvement of crossing State Lines.
    We all already know the government hates competition when it comes to collecting money so an interesting challenge seems to be coming if California pursues this course.

    Legal Definition of ex post facto law
    Note: Ex post facto laws are prohibited by Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution.

    : a civil or criminal law with retroactive effect especially : a law that retroactively alters a defendant’s rights especially by criminalizing and imposing punishment for an act that was not criminal or punishable at the time it was committed, by increasing the severity of a crime from its level at the time the crime was committed, by increasing the punishment for a crime from the punishment imposed at the time the crime was committed, or by taking away from the protections (as evidentiary protection) afforded the defendant by the law as it existed when the act was committed

      • George, the people that Kalyfornia thinks they can (wealth) tax are the smartest, richest, and most capable of fighting back with vengeance. They can afford to lose most of it, but certainly not to a bunch of thieves. Like an honest man that will burn his house to the ground rather than having it stolen under color of law, those people will have their money, if it exists, go to places that even the great left coast state can’t find! People don’t get rich by frittering away their money and the smart ones won’t allow theft of their grubstake.

        This all sounds like “Atlas Shrugged”.

        Money goes where it’s best treated. The smartest and richest probably don’t have many assets in plain sight even now.

      • what blackouts? Qndy said there were gona be blackouts. Fear monger. There was no blackouts. He must be loosing it. Maybe skitsophrenia?


        Ohhhhhhh those blackouts. ROTFLMFAO!

        Im so far a head of thee game they don’t know what to think. So i quit. If i don’t play. There is no game. And yes I do have the corner peace to the hope prophecy stone. But I dont care. Hahahahha. If ya come lookin for me like they say in my neck of the woods, “Fck around Ns find out”



      • Hmmm, not that I recall. WE imposed a retrotax on wealthy who left the country, but that was either Bush43 or Obama, and being plainly unconstitutional, I’m not sure the law was ever tested. If I were a Federal Prosecutor, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to file a suit based on an ex post facto law, against a highly-motivated person who had enough money to fight it, and a really PO’d attitude at the government for trying to screw them…

    • “Kalyfornia thinks they can (wealth) tax”

      Lol.. unfortunately that’s the unrealistic illusion.
      After the USA started to outsource jobs borrow operating expenses and make tax loopholes so that the affluent could hide their money in other countries to avoid paying taxes..

      Just think about it.. the reverse compounding interest on the debt.. an open ended credit line..

      Realistically I doubt theres enough money to dig the USA out..eventually this will be admitted and we will have to start from square one..theres no blue sky.. the checkbook has to balance even for a country..
      I believe DJT seen the plight of the country.. having been there himself thought he could help with what hes learned and ..keep his wealth worth more than a loaf or two of bread.. Zimbabwe 39 mil for a loaf of bread cup of coffee almost 8 grand in Argentina yet we wanted to go that route.. fought him lied made up deceitful he a saint hell no hes narcissistic and all of that but his intentions are honorable for him and the countries when we benefit he benefits the way it should be..
      Of course this is just my view from the bottom looking up..
      I thought I was naive and looking at things with blinders on..

  13. CA should not only impose a wealth tax, they should lower the threshold to $50, and impose the tax on both individuals and businesses. They can also increase the proposed rate 10X in the second year, once everyone has gotten used to it.

    CA can use the enhanced revenues to fabricate enormous statues of K. Marx mooning the populace, and place them in front of public museums and public golf courses for cultural awareness.

    Another good use of the funds will be to buy airtime and billboards proclaiming CA to be the Free Sh_t No Extradition State.

    Other States can donate airtime so that the CA message plays everywhere. Billboards in other States should be limited to State prison exits and border crossings.

  14. With Trumps brother dying of a brain bleed, of a fall while taking blood thinners at likely 600$ plus a month im sure he will listen more to doctors $

  15. A commonly misunderstood quatrain of nastrodamous is that mabus is the name of the anti christ. That us not what it says. It says when mabus dies the apoloyps starts. Mabus = Map US.

    Im officially an OM today.

    • I left Cali. I live in idaho now. Right beforw the blackouts I told ya about a while ago George aka “im a zero whacker”. Lol.

      Met Mark at the paper moon. Kinda a little fella. Big energy tho, great aura and them eyes. Like sparkly blue gems.

      Well, did cryptos take a blood bath yet? I don’t watch the news. Lol. The eye of the storm has passed. I was mediating on my last day in California before I had the most excruciating pain I have ever had in my life. I mean this was absolutely mind bending fantastic! Whole nother level of fricken awesome! Brought me to the fetal position for an hour. Truly one of the most remarkable awesome events I have ever experienced. I could litterally see the inertia of colliding and coalescing life paths around me. I appreciate that kind of energy and force! Magnificent! Anyway, when I came too I had the belt od Orion standing vertical right in front of me next to a palm tree and I knew it was time to leave Cali. I got the staff of Jacob. :)

  16. Oh I am officially an OM now. Today is my birthday. The eye of the storm has passed. Should get interesting going forward.

    Im trying to alter our path.

    • I can just by leaving this site permanently and all the others. I had mind bending pain moment before I left California. I realizedmy presence changes stuff. I mean it was truly magnificent pain level. Rocketed me to a whole nother level of meditation. Soooo awwsome! Ya see i can feel it and appreciate the magnitude of its awesome power and energy, and through meditation be separated from it. It was the most intense massive awesome painI have ever felt. Truly remarkable. I respect and value that kind of power. Haaha I actually could see situational life path inertia of the lives around ke colliding. Then i saw the belt of Orion and decided it was time to leave California. Lol

    • Happy birthday old man.. how are ya doing. Mark mentioned you two had coffee.
      I think Mark’s ok.. a little to California leaning for me lol lol.. I totally agree about your opinion. Of JB lol.. but hey he can do situps lol being a politician I would have suspected deep knee bends instead.
      I can relate to the white hot pain..driving truck will do that to the back the good news is medicine has come a long way..

  17. Final comment on this site. I will leave one over at glp. Before I left California I felt the most pain I have ever experienced. I mean i was on the floor in the fetal position for an hour. Sciatic neeve had lava runninf down it for 12 hours. I mean it was magnificent! I appreciate that kind of intensity and power. Huge respect for it. Because I meditate I can separate myself from it and feel it at the same time. I mean it was AWESOME! truly remarkable! I savor that stuff. I didn’t take anything for it. Just embraced it. When I met mark at the paoer moon for coffee he was talking about San Francisco and how awesome it is. He asked me about any visions which I declimed to answer. I like Mark. He is kinda a little guy with big energy. Im a big man. Lol. Im sure he would agree. I kept thinking they said the same thing about the Titanic that mark was saying about San Francisco. They have a saying in idaho, “F around and find out.” Im officially aj OM now and I dont die until 2088. So good luck to ya ladys and gentlemen. Thanks for everything. Im removing my energy from these sites so I can see if i can alter the time line. Seems the better.

    Biden. What a dumb ass. Hahaha

    • P.S. I am good fortune. I am good luck. I am the creators favoRed one. I am a money magnet. I am. I pulled over leaving California because if the intensity of pain my body seized up and 10 minutes later there was a car accident and a semi crashed 10 feet behind me and a car rolled 10 feet in front of me and I was in n such intenst powerfull pain i didn’t even notice until someone asked me if i was ok. Hahaha. Eveyonre survived. I just looked up and it was utter carnage. I didn’t even hear it. Both the semi and car people said they didntt even see me until after the accident. Like I just wasn’t there then i just magically appeared after the carnage. God had me protected when i was trying to skidaddle.

      Orion is drawing his bow.

      A ranch and a dog. Some chickens and a cute bossy little chick in a sun dress and cowboy boots seems the better. Only person to impress is the fish with my fly tying abilities. Dog won’t care and chickens well they call them chickens for a reason. Its been reel. Uhem real.

      See ya in the next world. We have many to travel through on the A.R.C.H. its kinda a mobius halo full of beings who travel these worlds until we reach our final destination. 62

      As always.

      Infintitly NOW!

  18. P.S. i am good fortune. I am. I am good luck and I am The Creators favored one. Lol.

    When i was trying to skidaddle out of California. My bidy sorted up against my will so I had to pull over on the side of the road. Nothing like driving from Southern California to idaho with level 10 pain. Hahahaa. It was awesome!

    About 20 minutes after I pulled over someone knocked on my car window and said where did you come from?!?!! I said what? I have been sitting here for a half hour. They said no you haven’t! That semi hit that car and both are laying on their side next to you. I looked up and their was massive carnage all around my car and everyone survived. They all said my car appears out of thin air after the accident. Like magically appeared. Hahahah yeah, that is how it is for me. Haha

    Anyway, as always.

    See ya in the next world. We have 62 more to travel through untilwe get to our destinationon the mobius halo A.R.C.H.

    Infinitely NOW!


    • Level 10 pain and a black-out means you need to get checked out by a real professionally licensed witch doctor. Extended level 10 pain brings on sleep deprivation and madness.

  19. “if you think barter will work. That would work only in the most basic, crude way.”

    Sailor..that’s what saved greece!
    Money was nonexistent and worthless young we women were selling sex for a can of soup..
    It took them a while to realize a farmer still is a farmer a plumber is still a plumber..7 during the Reagan Administration. I had to use bartering in order to survive one year. Work just fine and it wasn’t set up for the expenses that you’ve been looking for her for like electricity and utilities and stuff like that. I Bartered her surgery. I worked a year in exchange for the bill at the hospital and I resurface the parking lot for the surgeon. Partnering has is downside it also has his plus side but it is totally tradable you trade your labor or your skills everyday in exchange for green pieces of paper or money or numbers on a piece of paper

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