Battling for Persuasion Blocks

Those not lucky enough to know someone “Huna” have “missed the boat” in a manner of speaking.  Huna is sort-of  like a religion but it’s more a “Way” of being.  One of its cornerstones is a concept called Pono.

“Pono” offers that “Effectiveness is the measure of Truth.”  Important this week not to confuse politics with truth.

With political convention time here, we suggest you study this Pono concept to see the gap.

Remember this week will be about “claims and boasts.” Most of it will be empty promises.  An effort at rudimentary “Makia” – “Attention [and thus votes] goes where attention flows.”   Hot-button jujitsu.

Persuasion Blocks:  Art of Half-Truths

CV-19 is likely – in our estimate – bring one of the most crooked campaigns EVER in America.  Because people’s response to “the virus” allows for a high level of message specificity.  Online campaigning blocks.

In historical times, people of all races might attend a political rally where a candidate was to speak.  That’s why in “the old days” elections were predicated on “Good of the Country” and promises of “Even Better Times Ahead.”

Universal-speaking.  Things a whole audience could agree on.  Didn’t matter whether a voter was black, white, gender #27…we once held a  “grand and homogenous country.”  Explains why – in ancient times like the 1960’s – we responded so well to lofty National Goals and purposes.  Went to the Moon and all that.

In coming weeks we will see a new pinnacle in “politics of division.”  Each speaker (for either party) will attempt to play a Ka-Huna.  (Sort of like senior spiritual seeker on the Path.)  Boastfully set to claim ” powers beyond those of ordinary people.”  Thinking you’ll fall for it.  Or the free lunch promised, as well.

Politicians are, however, every bit as ordinary as any of us:  One might like the smell of a woman’s hair.  The other prone to an acidic outbursts on Twitter.  One has – as his second – a woman who fills certain check-boxes and it’s here we see the emergent importance of persuasion blocks.  The other, is backed by a Harvey Milquetoast sort.

Milquetoast, played by Mike Pence, is the  7-Up-like “un-candidate.”  He’s the “if you don’t like anyone else, vote  bland.”  But the other side will play the  Bloom County cartoon angle – painting him as Milquetoast the Cockroach.

Blocking the Blocks, Tackling Hot Buttons

For the next 78-days, we’ll witness a “battle of persuasion block marketers.”

In 2016, Trump ascended to the Swamp House by going “consumer-direct” via Twitter.  In 2020, though, our outlook is for a massive number of small online events that will allow candidates to speak a “ slightly modified version of whole Truth” in order to be elected.

Just promises, but it it’s especially easy for a candidate to say one thing to a black audience on a “hot-button” topic (like defunding police).  While supporting “law and order” to a mostly white audience.  The gap – speaking from both sides of their mouths – is less evident.  Unless you hit the right online events.

And on borders, as another example, saying one thing to “undocumented” followers, or people in California, and something else to conservative other groups, works well.

News Train Wrecks, Too

Cub reporters – anyone who’s only covered one or two presidential elections – will report it with bias.  Intentional or otherwise.

Editors already know the media has changed in America.  Once-great newspapers used to feature competing opinions on the Op-Ed pages.

Today, online “narrow-casting” means you have already (through your news choices) self-selected into a political ideology.  Who you vote for has already been largely determined by the media sources you have self-conditioned to.

So clear is this “self-imposed filtering” that I’d wager 90% of Americans voting habits are already predictable, based on nothing more than daily reading of websites with discernable bias.  Easy to find, too.  All you need to do is click over to Media Bias Fact Check and the spin monsters become clear.

We can throw out polls:  Simple daily traffic studies of leaning media would be easily more accurate than slanted polls.

Electoral Delusions

The Popular Delusion of the American Crowd is that we are “free to choose.”  When, in fact, the fix was injected decades-back. 

Newspapers lost their ability to offer both sides and leave it to readers to decide.  In their place came highly partisan online (and on-air) “news outlets.”  These are not  values based.  Instead being examples of our Pono around here:  Everything’s a Business Model.

Online Mobs End Democracy

Yep, pretty clear when you look.  Militants arise online.  As digital warfare broke out, we watched the specter of  Digital Mob Rule.

Now the Mobs are very much in play.  Overnight, for example:  the Digital Jackboots appeared as:  “Portland protest turns violent, brutal assault apparently caught on video.”

You have to bear with us these coming weeks of intellectual sloppiness and misstatements claiming “truth.”  What you’ll experience is serial false  claims, half-lies, promises, and panders.

America, being spiritually lost having embraced substitution of our core values with Marxism Lite – is now choosing from a posse of belligerent maniacs.   They’ve made careers out of failed promises, lies, and picking the public’s pocket.

We don’t need “checkboxes” so much as we need smart, honest, values-based less-political hack types. Rock stars of results. Almost anything would be an improvement over the trash heap being offered.

America has run out of heroes.  Thanks, Internet.

This facilitates Digital Mob Rule and results in “squeaky wheel” stories getting more traction than deserved.  “As a strange DNC kicks off, are Bernie Sanders and the Squad being left out?”  Let us pray.

Empire State Numbers

NY Fed’s monthly outlook is out:

“Business activity edged slightly higher in New York State, according to firms responding to the August 2020 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index fell fourteen points to 3.7, signaling a slower pace of growth than in July. New orders were little changed, and shipments increased modestly. Unfilled orders were down, and inventories declined. Employment inched higher, while the average workweek declined. Input prices increased at about the same pace as last month, while selling prices increased for the first time in several months. Firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months, though optimism fell for a second consecutive month. “

Dow futures were going up again this morning (+67 at click time).  It can’t go down as long as adding zeroes is penalty-free.

Attacking Another Potential Cure?

Anti-Trump stories on CV-19 possibilities are running highest now.  We thought the Axios story “Trump eyes new unproven coronavirus “cure” a bit off the mark.

While the story did reference “Prophylactic and Therapeutic Inhibition of In Vitro SARS-CoV-2 Replication by Oleandrin” it didn’t go into its use in treating other diseases.  See, for example “Oleandrin and Its Derivative Odoroside A, Both Cardiac Glycosides, Exhibit Anticancer Effects by Inhibiting Invasion via Suppressing the STAT-3 Signaling Pathway.”  Which sounds like comorbidities to us.

What is clear is that Donald Trump allowed what is a medical issue to morph into a personal credibility debate.  And media have been actively running stories like “Right Wing AAPS Sues FDA over Hydroxychloroquine” to drive that point home to election day.

When the smoke of elections is over, might we suggest reporters all be barred from any medication they have written critically of?  It might removed some of the politics from what we’ve claimed all-along to be a medical matter.

Shouldn’t reporters be banned from using “cures” they decried early-on?  Which is why even-handed reporting has “left the building.”  Say anything and you still get do-overs.

That’s plain wrong.  Reporters – these spoiled little shits – gotta cowboy up like the old-timers and walk their talk, more.

Omaha Glitter

I’m not saying write-in Warren Buffett (or Dr. Ben Carson), but there’s much to be learned from following smart people.

Take Buffett, for example.  He’s buying a big position in Barrick
Gold.  This concerns a lot of people who wonder: Did Warren Buffett just bet against the U.S. economy? His latest investment raises some questions.

No, like us, we expect Buffett and (Charlie) Munger have eyed the massive costs of saving the economy and figure someone will have to pay for it…and that means higher taxes and something nearing hyperinflation to come.  Obvious? Not to everyone.

Coin Hype

We have also seen where Bitcoin was a major beneficiary of the 36% injection of money (annualized) at M2 pushed out by the Federal Reserve.  Sure, Bitcoin lacks utility value (try unplugging the power and see what remains).  And no, if the FedGov ever decides to replace paper Fed Notes with a USCoin, there’s no reason why exchange from Bitcoin – or any other crypto – would be required.

Still, the vaporous hype du coin waxes on: Bitcoin Has 30% Chance Of Hitting $17,000 This Year, Analyst Suggests.  In another MarketWatch piece “Goldman Sachs just lifted its S&P 500 price target. Here’s why…”  We simply look at wild money-printing comes somewhere to roost.  Not all that complicated.

Our preference is metals – which don’t disappear when the lights go out.  Sure, lead has a certain “utility value, too…”

Worth Knowing

Summertime so guess what happens? River Fire grows to 2,000 acres, only 10% contained out in California.

Yes, there really is something of a barnyard odor to the Post Office dismantling automatic sorting machines at its distribution centers ahead of an election where mail-in ballots matter.  We’re not fans of Nancy but when we saw where Pelosi calls House back to D.C. as Democrats set emergency postal hearing amid fears over delayed ballots, we had to admit it looks like the right thing to do.

Weather Summer

Beyond wildfires out West, there’s more flooding that first thought up in Indiana.  

Here in East Texas, a line of thunderstorms rolled through overnight, keeping us up most of the night.  The balance?  We got some much-needed rain.  Two-inches in the gauge last night. But: That means tomorrow morning, you-know-who will be mowing.

Better the rain than the high temps elsewhere.  Death Valley set a high of 130 this weekend, but still 3-degrees off the all-time high in 1913 or 134F.

So goes Monday.  Dow futures up.  Calories call.

Write when you get rich,

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47 thoughts on “Battling for Persuasion Blocks”

  1. For six decades, my favorite summer cool-off has been quinine tonic. Now, during this plague year, when I drink it, I use it to wash down a horse-pill of vitamin-C and a zinc lozenge. I got caught by the “leading, bleeding edge” of COVID-19 in February, was “sick as a dog” for a month, and recovered without after-effects despite co-morbidities of age and COPD.

    • I re-discovered Tonic Water, too, a few months ago. I’d forgotten it was sweet. Trying to settle on Schwepp’s or Canada Dry as the store brands are a definite “NO”. A little, or a lot, of real lime juice and Tito’s make a great evening drink.

      • Absolutely, George! One thing I’ve been surprised to find out is the “buzz” that I used to get from adult beverages doesn’t last nearly as long as it used to. I’m not going to get behind the wheel after a couple of snorts but doubling the number of times we go to the liquor store eats into the profits after a bit. Or I guess that’s what profits are for, right?

      • Real quinine water – with an adequate dose, is great as a prophylactic against many diseases. The American rot called “tonic water” is simply a horribly sweetened(with aspartame or HFCS) carbonated drink with tonic flavoring. It might be good as a mixer, but it will rot your teeth or be neurotoxic while giving a false sense of security. Blame our FDA and other idiots for making any OTC substance so weak or otherwise ineffective as to be virtually worthless.

    • Try a 50-50 or 2/3-1/3 mix of Tonic & Limeade… on ice, of course. Mmmmm-Mmm! Nothing like it to refresh on a hot day. Later in the day, it goes well with Stoli or Tanqueray, too.

      • Thank you! More recipes to try! It’s been a long time since I had a bottle of Tanqueray in the house. It’s one of those things I just can’t figure out if I like it or not. And by the time I get to the bottom of the bottle I STILL don’t know.

        Stoli is one Vodka I have on my list to try. Perhaps when the gallon of Tito’s bites the dust in a month or three.

  2. The stink of the USPS is the management of this service over the past 20 years. There is not enough mail and little important mail to require daily mail services and continued giant pensions to previous employees. Seems like now it is subsidizing companies like amazon deliveries. Employee and facilities could probably be reduced by at least 1/3. We likely only need 2 or 3 days of delivery to residential locations.

    I am still not on board, with mail for ballots. I don’t see how we ensure people in the household are not coerced to vote a certain way, for someone to just take their ballot, or even to sell their ballots to a third party. Next is corruption in receipt of the ballot and disposing or invalidating. If you want to ensure your desires are counted, vote absentee by going to the polling location and getting your ballot and voting in privacy. Otherwise vote real time on the proper Tuesday.

    • For over 20 years I have thought that every delivery driver should have a MWF route and a TTS route. Cut the delivery cost by almost half. But, I could go wit 3 routes from each driver.
      On inperson voting. At my polling place, the woman who was getting a form signed was licking her fingers between each form she handled. I’ll vote by mail. Thanks.

    • Games being played, or just plain ineffectiveness?

      I had a package being delivered (USPS). To be delivered 8/17. Well, it arrived at the center in Kansas City on 8/12 (probably bulk mail center) according to the tracking. I live in the Kansas City area.

      HA HA HA. The package must have SAT in a truck (?) for 5 days at the mail center, then SHIPPED to SPRINGFIELD, MO for processing on 8/17/2020. Now the due date has been changed from 8/17/2020 to 8/24/2020. My head hurts.

  3. Yo Carbon Sequestration Dude,

    U dont need no internetz for da Bitcoinz, hell U dont even need no Gridz. All u needz is a Phone. Ure probably gonna try tell us that Ammonium Nitrate Explodes All by its SELF – IT Does NOT.

    No matter what explosive charge applied.. U need lots of Fuel Oil, Det Cord & Blasting Caps/ShockTubes..U know G -ANFLO.

    – and that all those home made videos of F16 launching missile over Beirut – that Twitter & YouTube keep taking down – are ALL FAKE ..

    Gotta keep runnin cover for Ure masters – as its all business models, right G?

    U know which business model the TBN prefers..

    Buttcoin on Sale this AM – for only 12,000 FRN’s U could own one too, but not George..

    NO Bitcoin 4 U ! – just like the money grubbing pharma whore Doctors, who came out against HCQ on the boobtube – No HCQ 4U! and No BTC for Jorge!

    • “Ure probably gonna try tell us that Ammonium Nitrate Explodes All by its SELF – IT Does NOT.”

      Well BCN.. I won’t tell how to do it … because I truly believe that would be as brilliant as showing a bunch of little grade school kids how to melt stone with the sun… ( it wasn’t I was terrified they were going to burn down the house) but similar to my grill grease fire from hell.. with the right components and conditions in close proximity and totally can be a reality..
      Dam I didn’t know just a phone..heck I bet my cousin would be willing to tell the store owner yup give him what he wants he has a bunch of pictures of shiny bitcoins..
      Sort of like being stopped for a speeding ticket and wearing a tie with images of doughnuts and pastries on it.. holding the tie up to be seen… is there a problem officer lol lol . This tie has real Krispy Kreme pictures on lol lol
      Or going to a bar talking to the hot woman on the corner stool just to realize it’s a cardboard cutout lol lol
      Cant touch it, eat it, drink it or spend it then it’s pretty much worthless

    • the bItcoIn nazI on August 17, 2020 at 09:25

      ” Ure probably gonna try tell us that Ammonium Nitrate Explodes All by its SELF – IT Does NOT.
      No matter what explosive charge applied.. U need lots of Fuel Oil, Det Cord & Blasting Caps/ShockTubes..U know G -ANFLO.

      Dear Mr. Nazi, Here is an accounting of a disaster that occurred in Galveston Texas indicating that your opinion of chemistry and heat could use a tuneup. If you use this stuff on your lawn and plants, don’t keep a bunch of it and don’t store it out in the heat or around fuel sources. Update your info and Stay Safe.

      This from HISTORY.COM



      April 16

      Fertilizer explosion kills 581 in Texas

      A giant explosion occurs during the loading of fertilizer onto the freighter Grandcamp at a pier in Texas City, Texas, on April 16, 1947. Nearly 600 people lost their lives and thousands were injured when the ship was literally blown to bits.

      Ammonium nitrate was used as an explosive by the U.S. Army in World War II and, after the war ended, production of the chemical continued as its use as a fertilizer became accepted. However, the precautions used in its transport became far more lax in the post-war years.

      On April 16, the Grandcamp was being loaded with ammonium nitrate as well as tobacco and government-owned ammunition. Cigarette smoking, although officially banned, was a common practice by longshoremen on the docks. Just two days prior to the explosion, a cigarette had caused a fire on the docks. On the morning of April 16, smoke was spotted deep within one of the Grandcamp‘s holds.

      Some water and an extinguisher were used to fight the fire, but hoses were not employed for fear of ruining the cargo; there were already 2,300 tons loaded on the ship. While the ammunition was removed from the ship, the crew attempted to restrict oxygen to the hold in hopes of putting out the fire. Apparently they did not realize that because of ammonium nitrate’s chemical composition, it does not require oxygen in order to burn.

      By 9 a.m., flames had erupted from the hold and within minutes it exploded. The blast was heard 150 miles away and was so powerful that the ship’s 1.5- ton anchor was found two miles away. The force of the explosion lifted another ship right out of the water. People working at the docks were killed instantly.

      Pieces of flaming debris damaged the oil refineries in the area. A nearby Monsanto chemical storage facility also exploded, killing 234 of the 574 workers there. Nearly all of the survivors were seriously injured. A residential area of 500 homes was also leveled by the blast. Another ship, the High Flyer, which was carrying similar cargo, was pushed completely across the harbor. The crew fled when it came to rest, failing to notice that a fire had started and the next day their ship also exploded. Two people died.

      In all, 581 people died and 3,500 were injured. The explosion caused $100 million in damages. A long-disputed court case over the cause of the blast was resolved when Congress granted compensation to 1,394 victims. They received a total of $17 million in 1955. The port was rebuilt to handle oil products only.
      Citation Information
      Article Title

      Fertilizer explosion kills 581 in Texas
      Author Editors

      • You and BCN are both kinda right and kinda wrong. Ammonium nitrate is a strong oxidizer. On heating it generates a buttload of nitrous oxide. Nitrous is used as a “performance enhancer” in ICR engines because it contains considerably more oxygen than does free air, thus supporting combustion of considerably more fuel, to produce considerably more power. Once an event occurs which raises ambient above about 572° (~300°C) the AN breaks down to yield pure nitrogen, pure oxygen, and water. (Hence you can’t put out an ammonium nitrate, or potassium-, sodium-, strontium-, barium-, etc. -nitrate fire with water. You can’t smother it because it makes its own oxygen and you can’t starve it, because anything around it eventually becomes fuel. You have to kill the combustion by removing the heat from the reaction.)

        The reaction generates a considerable amount of heat, which can make the reaction self-sustaining without a fuel source. However, because of the sheer quantity of oxygen produced, ANYTHING in the area, including the steel of a ship’s hull and bulkheads (or the concrete & steel in a commercial building, or people, trees, decks & pilings, and so on) will become fuel and when reaction temperature reaches a “runaway” point (probably about 1600°-1800°F), everything in the area becomes fuel for a massive explosion. i.e. once the fire starts eating bulkheads, you’re already past the ohsh!t moment, and probably can not run, drive, or fly fast enough to survive.

        On the bright side, chlorates and fulminates are even more violent oxidizers which produce even more unstable reactions. At least they’re not stored in quantity, except at fireworks factories…

      • Again – To be clear – AN does NOT EXPLODE .

        – It burns – same stuff that is in Cold Packs..AN & Water. If someone tells U otherwise, they are LYING.

        Google changed their “official” description/definition of AN from “high explosive” on August 19th, 2020
        -even though date says Aug5,2020

        “Ammonium Nitrate has a chemical formula of NH4NO3. Produced in small porous pellets or prills, its one of the worlds most widely used fertilizers. It is also the main component in many types of mining explosives, where its mixed with fuel oil and detonated by explosive charge.Aug5,2020”

        Like Nitroglycerin – U add Nitric Acid

        TNT ? – use Toulene

        Gunpowder ? Potassium Nitrate or Bird Scheisse, dont forget the Sulfur and Charcoal

        Gee U dont think my Budgies cage is going to blow the neighborhood up if it gets too hot sitting in the window…

  4. “Pono” offers that “Effectiveness is the measure of Truth.” Important this week not to confuse politics with truth.
    With political convention time here, we suggest you study this Pono concept to see the gap.”

    An Honest politician… LOL LOL LOL LOL…. remember their job qualifications…

    “we suggest you study this Pono concept to see the gap.”

    If you want to measure the gap of truth.. rather than using Pono..

    you might want to use this method instead.. you might get a more accurate measurement.. kind of like measuring the grand canyon..
    I get a chuckle out of all the resident liberals that keep saying Biden this Biden that.. tell me the plan.. you can’t come up with one because it can’t be paid for.. the check book is in the red and there isn’t enough money coming in from the unemployed and low wage earners.. so tell me.. who pays.. can’t get blood from the turnip.. they should have went option one.. but even with option one it would have stopped the velocity of money here but it wouldn’t stop the velocity of compounding interest on the deficit since we didn’t borrow ourselves that money..
    Now with all the crop destruction in the world.. and we were at the point where the planet couldn’t produce enough food to feed the population of the earth before covid and climate crop damage..

    the news is pretty much filled with stories just like this.. the world crops are not good.. our dollar is destroyed.. our countries filled with a virus that is as voracious as the pests and climate changes killing off the world food supplies..
    we have a president that was trying to get things turned around for the economy and he was fought tooth and nail.. a congress that wants to let illegal refugees to enter freely.. even though enemies of our country and way of life came right out and said they would use this method to get their warriors in place in our country..
    a country that has over and over tried to outsource our industry dumb down our youth and provide a free higher education to people that are not citizens of our country.. while providing them with basically a free living and they don’t have to pay taxes..
    to get to bidens talk to the muslim community it starts at 48 minutes..
    since when does an illegal refugee have voting rights.. and who is going to pay.. where are the jobs coming from..
    just take a look at the physicians in your neighborhood clinic.. how many americans do you see in professional positions.. just curiously.. how many of these professionals received a free education..
    why can’t we do that with our own citizens if we can do it with other countries citizens..

    • Monkey see,monkey do. Hear no evil , see no evil.
      That’s how we roll. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Shoot em’ all, let God sort em’ out. Gimme,gimme, gimme all you got, baby,baby all you got. Cookie,cookie lend me your comb.
      All that glitters is not gold. The blind leading the blind.
      Ure right, dead men do bleed! Now, this is for your own good.
      Yes, I am the”high” priest of the boogie woogie,follow me.
      Ship of fools. Follow the leader! Stand in a straight line!
      Only the big cheese sit in a circle. I got shotgun. Last one in is a monkey’s uncle.
      I just stopped,and stared. That’s how I got here. But I still don’t get it? If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell.
      Whose monkey keeps pushing all the buttons anyhow?

  5. George

    Here’s an interesting and vital bit of news.


    So Antifa is organized like a military unit. They should be treated like an enemy military on our soil and wiped out. Our military should be used to feret out their communication net and determine all the individuals involved. They should be rounded up and jailed. Their foot soldiers should be treated like the enemy combatants they are and eliminated if they don’t surrender.

    We are at war with these people. We need to realize that and engage the enemy if we want America to survive!

    Mark my words, if we don’t do this then guys like me will be fighting these bastards to save our families!!

    • RocketMike, did you know they showed up at Sturgis? Surrounded by old bikers with nothing to lose, and a POLICE escort to be allowed to “demonstrate” against god knew what at the biggest US biker rally. They may be organized, but their grunts are as smart as rocks.

    • Hooray. You figured it out. Antifa is the CCP’s irregular army. So is the BLM. These armies use local civil rights events as a cover for troop movements.
      The progressives have devolved into CCP dupes in the legislature, in the bureucracy, and now on the streets.

    • I think you will find, ‘Antifa’, and their opposition now and any future iterations, are funded by
      your establishment. The powers that be do not care which poison pill you accept, the fake left or the fake right. Seriously how is this not obvious by now.

      • Last presidential campaign season the street violence of all types was funded by DOJ grants coming from corporate fines. Apparently the wingnuts have found new funding sources. While there are Other competitors working the streets, Antifa and BLM are the hard left shock troops.

  6. Iowa is requesting $4,000,000,000.00. That’s the equivalent to $1,200 to each Iowan.

    We’ve got to have an Iowa that’s whole. Plus it’s a red state.

    In 2016 Trump won MI by 10,704 votes out of 5,000,0000+ votes. I don’t think Trump has it this time.

  7. I don’t put too much stock into the efficiency of the Postal Service:When I worked there in 1974,I found a postcard from 1952 from a man asking his neighbor to please feed his dog.

    • I agree. My son was a Mormon missionary in Jacksonville Florida 5-6 years ago. One Christmas I sent a care package to him that was very damaged and missing most of the stuff I sent him.

  8. George,
    Any Biden loss now, after Trump admitted out loud to kneecapping the USPS, is going to be deemed illegitimate.
    Thus, Trump has virtually guaranteed massive protests in the streets.
    Pelosi can call back all the people she wants, but I don’t see where the House can do much.
    Thankfully, the Left is far less violent and well-armed than the Right, as we saw with the ‘Liberate Michigan’ et al protests Trump was inciting.
    But still, on the other hand, this issue will be vastly MORE incendiary than black guys getting murdered by State action.
    And the anarchists and hardcore Trump supporters will be pouring as much gasoline on this as they possibly can.
    We are entering dangerous banana republic territory. Best, Mike

    • You might remind those commie brothers up in Portland who beat the shit outta that guy about your ill-conceived party of peace bullshit. GMAFB
      Your side has brought the bannanas

    • @Mike
      I’m too old to fight…BUT I will not go down without a ‘trigger squeeze….and I will take as many of the ‘peaceful blm and antifa’…before I depart…….as for me voting does not work….as many can see…both parties drink the ‘kool ade’…not me….Semper Fi

  9. If anyone intends to vote by mail, I’d strongly suggest that they send their ballot well in advance via certified mail with return receipt. Registered mail would be even better. In either case, I’d suggest keeping a dated copy of the ballot for your records along with the receipt and mail tracking info.

    For those who try to forget, Millie Weaver was arrested last Friday while screening her latest and greatest video on the Deep State. Charges were and are unclear, and she, her husband and brother were forced to stay incarcerated over the weekend at least, until they could have a bail hearing. Whatever’s going on is questionable at best, and seems directly related to state actors influencing at an individual level bordering on mind control. Her latest video, ShadowGate, is probably what got her targeted. It can be found on:


    It seems that CPS is even targeting her children. Any video that gets this much heat deserves watching. It’s well made too. IMHO, this indicates corruption far beyond what most Americans can even conceive of.

    • NM Mike on August 17, 2020 at 12:25

      “If anyone intends to vote by mail, I’d strongly suggest that they send their ballot well in advance via certified mail with return receipt. Registered mail would be even better. In either case, I’d suggest keeping a dated copy of the ballot for your records along with the receipt and mail tracking info.”

      Mike, It’s cheaper to just waste a FIRST CLASS POSTAGE stamp over the top of the Postage Paid mark. This takes it into First Class direct delivery instead of being routed by the bulk mail sorting machines that may or may not be online in time to make your ballot get to it’s destination. Of course this presumes no more hanky panky at the Post Office. Who is the Post Master General these days anyhow? Give ’em a call…

      • Don’t expect a call back – I thing Mr. DeJoy is prepping for a Nacy Grilling.

        We cynically note Nancy et alia have time to roast a Trump appointee (who screwed up) but they can’t (and won’t) give voters any more “free money” as we long-ago predicted. Elections are about the money.

      • EdC makes a valid suggestion however my strategy will be to use the drop box outside the Board of Elections and avoid the USPS altogether (provided the absentee ballot arrives in time.) My experience with certified and registered mail is that it moves with glacial speed. Will your ballot be counted if it arrives two weeks after election day? I doubt it.

  10. regarding Shadow Gate.

    I looked at the Zerohedge article concerning FB and Youtube pulling Shadow Gate.
    In the hundreds of comments I noted that NOT one person remarked what to me was the most important revelation in the video.

    That is the claim that the Internet tap from all ISPs to the NSA has been tee-ed with one feed going to the NSA as usual (sigh) and another tap going to ?????
    Gawd knows where. The video stated that that data was available to potentially anyone in the world.

    That’s incredible! Is it still there? Will it be removed? Is anygovernment agency looking in to that breech? Is Congress?

    And oh,
    The woman prominently interviewed in the video Tore
    she has, or I should say had, a website

    It was working yesterday, not today.

    There now is no DNS name resolution if you put in your browser,
    or ping at the command window.

    I went to an Internet security site that has cached DNS values and found that it should resolve to the IP address

    Puting that in my browser brings up an admin page saying the site no longer exists.
    It appears her site has been disappeared AND someone scrubbed the DNS.

    And her?
    Has she been NDAA-ed never to be seen again?

    (NDAA act —the power to indefinitely detain, torture or even execute an American citizen on U.S. soil, or anywhere in the world, without due charge or trial.)

    Ah, life in the USAA. Glad I left that friggin fascist police state years ago.

    • Seriously Sailor … have you ever noticed the credits on the tail end of a movie?
      Look at the names .. cousins uncles brothers sisters .. the names pretty much revolve around power families..
      Take your local newspaper.. the same thing media is controlled..
      They all get the same story to tell.

      It’s the same with many research centers and institutions some just debating themselves pro left pro right by the same group or person..
      The cloud..all editable and controlled.. text anyone lately..when you text someone you agree to send that text to the recipient and google …use seri or Lexi..someone is listening..
      Theres a book I think the name of it is the secret life of billionaires..
      What’s funny is it’s full of examples where they play themselves to gain what they seek..ask yourself why they can promote one country to invade another and then still have the support and internal access of the country they want invaded..
      You would think these leaders would have a clue.. instead I think it’s all in the control of information.. if you have absolute control content and distribution you control the sources the credibility and can edit its content.
      A while back I had a friend give me an ipad that had been cleaned and restored to industry standards.. my 4 year old watching youtube kids somehow tapped into the cloud of the original owner.all of it was editable.. he had the police searching for a pervert ringing his doorbell.. it wasnt a pervert I would drop a photo in the file and his doorbell would ring..
      China as proof turned on everyone’s cameras and microphones..just to show as an example what control they have.
      I think we are not only controlled and directed in the direction they want us to go but given the information to start here mentality.. from BLM being controlled by a national corporation run and directed by people that only have the desire to disrupt and control..
      Theres no malcolm a basement apartment .
      Will sites drop. absolutely..

  11. So Antifa and other hidden interests want to blow up mailboxes,maybe?
    What happens if and when they turn to critical infrastructure?
    So does defunding Police shed any light on where these
    strikes could or are likely to occur?
    Do people expect we can turn our backs on situational awareness?
    Folks, I’m in the woods, we have a sufficient buffer for warning of intruders. Folks in suburban settings have to be doubly aware,and gated communities may not be as safe as one might think.
    We tactically prepare ourselves financially, with necessary items, and drill for emergency scenarios. What about our neighbors? Are we all on the same page? Communities are under pressures defensively in terms of food and medicine availability,safety,and security. Is your source of clean water protected and secure?
    Are we going to bind together or maintain a safe distance?
    Having military veterans, former law enforcement and trained medical personnel around are certainly assets.
    Are we going to be focused on masks and miss the menace?

  12. …Not really a fan of Media Bias Fact Check.

    No matter how good or unbiased their methodology (and I think it’s both), they rely principally on Politifact, Factcheck, Snopes, and the WaPo for data. Snopes is owned by The Soros Group (funded through Open Society and Media Matters), and the other three have a distinct Left bias (and yes, I’m calling those UPENN staffers biased, too.) I notice you still haven’t made MBFC’s nutter list, but Gaye has.


    • Can you share a link to this list? Didn’t see Gaye’s site on the list I found – and you know she sold off BackDoorSurvival 2+ years ago, right? I her she – and the second ownership group – are at odds over the groups use of her name and photo on the site. All was supposed to have sunsetted her out…

      • george did you see the article on back door survival on your emergency coffee roasting.. I have done that.. use a cast iron pan.. get old used coffee grounds from the local cafe then dry them out roast cracked corn and barley dandelion root washed and dried.. grind them up and mix with the old coffee grounds..( its ok in a pinch.) I guess I had heard that gaye quit publishing it but still thought she had a lot of involvement in it and in the articles that they publish… using the strategic living as more her herbal site.. so I was surprised to find that she doesn’t have any involvement at all..Gaye is the one you go to if you have a question on just about anything..

      • I actually had all the kids make their own nut and bean roaster LOL.. you can use a air popper or a popcorn popper.. pan.. the nut roasters the kids make are rotissery baskets on a platform and a candle or fire beneath them.. I like home roasted coffee.. second crack is my favorite.. a little darker than the average but where I like my flavors..

      • “believe any lie you want to.. So you think super billionaire Soros funds Snopes?? Is that why Snopes does GoFundme and only has 10 employees?”

        I personally don’t have any clue who is the founder of the institution nor do I care. I think that distancing is how the puppeteers are able to keep themselves far enough away to keep them safe from reprisal yet still in casual control.. sort of like a major stock holder.. ..but for billionaires and the one percent overall.. obviously you have forgotten the Reagan Trickle down theory and how effective that was…
        You see.. Most wealthy people don’t spend their money that is how they got rich.. don’t spend…. they want you to spend your money on them you aren’t anything unless you are making money for me LOL LOL…. I am not sure about there but here and after over several decades of working grocery store part time they do everything they can to get their groceries for free.. in friend that came from big money family thought I was full of it his daddy and their friends wouldn’t be that way….then he tried to open up his own business he thought they would leap in to help him with funds to get him started and be good working partners…He took them out to eat.. they are the most expensive food on the menu then. they wanted ten percent of the gross just to use their name with out any offers to help him get his start…. ask any waitress.. wealthy patrons demand more give less in tips because seriously its about them you know.. you see it is just about them and their control.. the better paying hourly waged jobs for the catfish they are more demanding and treat you the worst. that is one reason why most of our industry has outsourced.. the yearly xmas bonus a thing of the past and companies moved outside the usa..the bonuses and benefits go to the very few at the it or not that is how america is run and will be the downfall of our country as well. we are securing the economic structures of the world but forfeiting our own….we give billions to other countries yet forget our own infrastructure.. instead of doing preventive maintenance and upkeep we are doing defensive repairs..
        as far as snopes..Personally I use snopes but then double check their answers mostly because the vast majority of information in the usa is controlled and scripted.. the same way with any other fact checking system.. as for newspapers.. I not only read them in the usa but will check randomly about fifty newspapers a day world wide.. to get the real story even there I am a skeptic on the information that is given out.. especially since most of the string pullers are also pulling the strings of the leaders and information systems of those countries as far as history books.. they are all tainted as well as religious texts..
        Its up to every person to research the information they get and decide what they are going to believe.
        One of my favorite ones is the pharaohs and the enslavement to build the pyramids etc.. yet the other side of the story is that they were highly paid employee’s to do a job and when they left egypt they pillaged and stole the riches of egypt on their way decide.. with so much propaganda and misdirection it is very hard to figure out who is sincere and who isn’t..

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