BTFD Wednesday? Santafied!

Buy The Freaking DipsTime?The Dow futures are up a couple of hundred points in advance of the Case-Shiller Housing Data that we’ll update you on shortly.  (Refresh at 8:15, or so for the housing data…

But, the main thing – covered in more detail in our report for subscribers this morning – is that we are (finally!) to a place where in our (newest crazy-man trading theory to make money) model where despite the downdrafts we could be in rising markets for a couple of days.

After that, a wash-out low in January – a smoker up until the May/June period, and then the next leg down in the market next fall so the corporate-socialist alliance doesn’t lose to another damn “outsider” and they can rig the game for another few years…  All part of their plans, you see….

Other than the “Trading Boxes” update on Peoplenomics, here are some reasons why we just might make it to the end of the year Without the Whole Freaking World Collapsing (WWFWC).

  1. HUGE Spending came along – we have been Santa-fied.  MasterCard reports that sales were up 5.1 percent this year which totally rocks the retail sector.
  2. Dow futures up a tepid 93-points at 4 AM Central (which is when some damn-fool begins tracking this crap) have moved up over 200 since Wall Streeters began to nibble on the idea that there’s a bull out there, after all…  (crummy matadors, huh?)
  3. Then there’s the European Markets.  It will be damn tough for them to play faux leaders of the world today because they’re closed for Boxing Day and that gives the US a chance to get back in the saddle.
  4. What’s more, while POTUS says the government shutdown will continue “until we have a wall” the mail still showed up Saturday and we are still getting Social Security checks. Oh, and TSA is still feeling ’em up at the airport.  So WTF?  Yeah, sure, it’s a “shut-down” and yeah, sure the bureaucrats will get a payoff in the sense that they will be paid not to play (like they’ve taken a page from pro sports, right?) but in the end,…it’s….


Not The End Of The World. Yet.

Here is our “Only Chart That Matters” – nd so far, see how the sell-off has been tame and orderly when compared with 1929?

As everyone knows, “The heat of the meat is inversely proportional to the angle of the dangle…”)  Translation:  Slowly declining markets don’t panic and can be better-managed.  (You do know we’re a “managed population” right?)

That little uptick today MIGHT continue a bit (more on the Peoplenomics subscriber side).  But, we have to note that the price of gold is heading back up which – when coupled with the price of oil going up (+1.6 percent early) and silver knocking on the door of $15 bucks – might mean that despite what POTUS tweets, the Fed has a plan to keep the economic riding the rails.

Tell you what:  We mentioned to subscribers a while back that the Fed had beenstanding on the money supply brakes” earlier this fall.  BUT in the latest H.6 Money Stocks Report report (and you can see this bottom of the second table here), they were stomping the gas like crazy over the past few weeks:  Increasing M1 at a 5 percent annual rate which is absolutely blazing the money supply. Pouring on the gas.

Here’s the key thing to us:  This is a clear sign to those knowing the Fed Runs the World (FRW) the FED wants the market to start rounding UP.  That’s the only way the democrats will be able to have a prayer of making their yuge new spendocrat plans.  In recent stories, like “ FDR’s Economic Policies and Accomplishments – How FDR Beat the Great Depression” we seem to catch a glimpse of socialists driving to deify FDR..

But, once again, we have to admit that this is EXACTLY what we have been predicting:  The democrats have plans to lay out Trump (by hookers or by crookers) with the grand design being to leave him holding the bag.  With the economy is a tough place (probably on the order of the 2009’s lows being timed for 2020 elections) and similar or greater discomfort – the demogogues are hoping to slam through what will be sold as an FDR-Like approach to “saving the country” via corporate socialism.

Well, ain’t that a fine kettle of fish?  Of course, we ain’t buying BUT we don’t have much choice.  Both political parties are running anti-human business models and THAT is because economics is behavioral not necessarily moral or spiritually motivated.

I wish it were some other way, but, there’s the sad state of the world.

Ultimately, even the socialists have to come down to the hard reality of VVM – variable value money.  Inflate too fast?  Weimar.  Don’t inflate at all?  Depression 2.  We’re pretty sure the Fed models things like we do.

But the public misses a lot.  Especially the policy nuances of limited ability to just keep heaping on the taxes.  Great article on point in “Cuomo’s Third Term: Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative?.”   How can you have a socioeconomic conundrum drag out forever?  Welcome to America, Release Candidate 2.

Unfortunately A-RC2 is rull of bugs.

We totally sympathize with the left wanting to do good.  But, so does the right…it’s just the right can read a balance sheet a little better.  But as we predicted in our Digilantes outlook for 2019, here come Demagogues 2.0 as Twitter-riding Digilantes ride in among headlines like “Ocasio-Cortez sends Christmas greeting to ‘refugee babies in mangers.'” It leaves us reaching for the barf bags.

Must do the same for older liberals like one outed for being quietly anti gun.  Like, oh, McCaskill throws shade at Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Little confused why she’s the thing’ for example.  She’s the model – the press is running her, not the people.

Oh, I feel better now…so let’s revisit depression by looking at some of what “passes for news” being passed to the flock, shall we?

Does It REALLY Matter?

Steve Carell box office bomb ‘Welcome to Marwen’ set to lose $60 million for Universal

GoFundMe Says All Donors Refunded in Alleged $400,000 Homeless Scam,

These Are America’s Favorite Christmas Movies – and Yes, ‘Die Hard’ Makes the List.

Mysterious void discovered in Great Pyramid (Quick!  Get Geraldo signed up for the opening!)

Thailand’s Legislature Has Approved Legalizing Medical Marijuana.

The 7-Year-Old Girl Who Spoke to President Trump on Christmas Eve Still Believes in Santa. Typical of Trump followers is the message, or what?

And here’s one thing that DOES matter – at least to us:  Christmas Day re-enactment of George Washington crossing Delaware river nixed for second year in a row.

Why is we not surprised?

Moron the ‘morrow…


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  1. I suspect that the retail number is up due to online shopping, where you have no option but to charge. I’d like to see the numbers for online v. box stores.

  2. Occasional Kortez is young and stupid, but McCaskill is old and vile. I’ll never forgive her for her roles in the stupid “Cash for Clunkers” and Obamascare debacles. Now she wants to steal guns and leave people unable to defend themselves.

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