Broken Web II: Digital Anarchy Arrives

As if this will take any of the readers of “Broken Web:  The coming collapse of the Internet” by surprise, the Sony hack has put a whole series of perspectives into place about what life will be like on the digital frontier from here forward.  We’ve got everything from “made up money” in the crypto currencies, to rips of books, and robots following close behind.

A primer on digital anarchy after our ChartPack, a review of the Trading Model, and a few significant headlines to light off Saturday…

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1 thought on “Broken Web II: Digital Anarchy Arrives”

  1. George
    On the two-day drive from Pueblo to Birmingham for my two week holiday, one of the NPR stories I heard was about the demise of the newstand magazine “Cat Fancy.” (Tell Zues it’s being replaced with a web site that will have a paper mag along with it).
    This contained the statistic (yeah I’m from Missouri I know what Twain said about statistics) that 15% of all internet traffic is pics, gifs, PDFs, movies etc of CATs, specially Ole’ Ugly Cat.
    Think about that next time your connection it Amazon is slow. 15%!
    Thats what the NPR Reporter said too, it is really amazing that a system so dependent to business and commerce has 15% of its bandwidth coonsumed by cat fanciers. Add in grad kids etc and imagine the net bandwidth consumption.
    So the question is: Will income producing properties such as the Urban Survival site, no matter how insurectionary, be where the crackdown comes, or will the public be restricted to one ct or grandid post per day?
    Hmm.. would this count as my post?
    Big Al back in Birmingham

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