Bridge, Bounce, and Housing

Well, the Simon and Garfunkel song doesn’t apply today. 

You do remember their classic hit Bridge over Troubled Waters, right?  Well, in Maryland today we have the slip side of that: Trouble over Bridged Waters – where a containership smashed an important bridge. Cargo ship hits Baltimore’s Key Bridge, bringing it down. At least 7 people believed to be in water. The Wiki of it?

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, known originally as the Outer Harbor Crossing until it was renamed in 1976, while still under construction, or simply as the Key Bridge or Beltway Bridge, was a steel arch continuous through truss bridge spanning the lower Patapsco River and outer Baltimore Harbor / Port carrying Maryland Route 695 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The main span of 1,200 feet (366 m) was the third longest span of any continuous truss in the world.[2] It was the longest bridge in the Baltimore metropolitan area. On March 26, 2024, at 01:27 a.m. EDT (UTC–4), the bridge partially collapsed after the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali collided with one of its support pillars.

After watching the video a few times, it sure looked deliberate. Moment bridge collapses after being hit by ship – throwing cars into river as mass casualties feared – YouTube  Also more on Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses after column hit by large ship; vehicles, people in water.

Ships do hit bridges, now and then. Like in Seattle, back in 1978, for example. A freighter (the Antonio Chavez) hit the low-level bascule bridge.  It resulted in a new high-level West Seattle Bridge.

A Totally Off Point Sailing Story

I’d been out for a Sunday sail in about 1998, or so, and my younger sister was along.  Approaching the bridge, I put the engine into reverse because the low level West Seattle Bridge was being slow to open.  The boat’s transmission stuck in reverse.

So I backed up the river almost a mile (into the current) with the bridge tender getting a real kick out of watching. “Most people go up with the pointy-end pointing up river…”

Backing all the way to the dock – down an alleyway and into a finger slip close to shore – was a never to be forgotten moment.  My extremely competent sister was able to hand-move the transmission yoke to neutral when we got into the slip.  All’s well that ends well, bridges and maritime stories have a special place in this old heart.

Not as dramatic as the Cosco Busan hitting the Bay Bridge in San Francisco in 2007 (Container ship hits Bay Bridge tower – fuel spills, but span undamaged ( but memorable, nevertheless.

The FedGov will be all over this like white-on-rice to figure out why. For now though ‘No Indication’ Of Terrorism In Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Police.

Durable Goods Land

Now that I’m over my “dancing cheeseburgers” run shorting over the weekend, we can move on to the rally today and then a big sell-off tomorrow.  Driving early, we had the release just now of the Durable Goods report:

New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in February, up following two consecutive monthly decreases, increased $3.7 billion or 1.4 percent to $277.9 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This followed a 6.9 percent January decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.5 percent. Excluding defense, new orders increased 2.2 percent. Transportation equipment, also up following two consecutive monthly decreases, led the increase, $2.9 billion or 3.3 percent to $90.4 billion.
Shipments of manufactured durable goods in February, up following two consecutive monthly decreases, increased $3.5 billion or 1.2 percent to $282.7 billion. This followed a 0.8 percent January decrease. Transportation equipment, also up following two consecutive monthly decreases, led the increase, $3.4 billion or 4.0 percent to $89.8 billion.

There will be a part 2 of this morning’s report as soon as the Case-Shiller Housing data is released.  But we think it will show inflation is (no surprise) still here with us.

Food Costs Too High?

Let’s blame the grocery stores, yeah, dat’s it!  FTC Releases Report on Grocery Supply Chain Disruptions | Federal Trade Commission

Other than routine mortgage applications, tomorrow’s expected big decline will likely be driven by international news. Russian Payback, Rafah, and Taiwan fears are all in high perch.

First, though, the TTV

Tactical Trading View says we began today’s rally when the MACD tried to go positive with a half-hour to the close.  Then, a last-minute beat down but it was a classic set-up for a rally today.

I would whisper something like “See it? If no new high today, then hard down tomorrow”?

We shall see, but we don’t offer investment advice.  Though tomorrow’s subscriber discussion of how single sample majority rule fits into our thinking, might be of (probabilistic) interest, as well.

Headless Headlines

Bitcoin was back over $70 thousand this morning: Bitcoin ETFs See First Green Day After Losing Nearly $1 Billion Last Week – Decrypt

Still, I wouldn’t get too complacent over the growth of BTC, halving or not: SWIFT planning launch of new central bank digital currency platform in 12-24 months | Nasdaq.  Our long view continues (in simpleton fashion) to be that Government (and its banksters) hate competition. We think in time – shades of the Great Depression bans on gold and silver – our next economic collapse will be the ban swing around to “private money” this time around.  But we can watch and wait.

Big City Liberal Courts are to blame: NYPD Officer Gunned Down, Killer Had 21 Prior Arrests. Meanwhile, don’t they have, like, oh, you know, real crime to fight U.S. Justice Department Files Injunction Against California Prison System Over Beard Policy – California Globe.  Seriously?

Care to guess who you can buy stock in now?  Trump’s Truth Social to start trading under the ticker “DJT” on Tuesday – CBS News

War of More than Words:  Bangkok Post – US and UK accuse China of large-scale hacking.

Israel is not too keen on the U.S. right now: US abstention from Gaza ceasefire vote further strains ties with Israel | Semafor

ATR: Personal Medical Manager

While Peoplenomics tomorrow will be dealing (a lot) with statistics, there’s a new project in the “people” part of the name underway.

I’m a new tool I’m writing for a couple of aging people I know (the Major) and me.

The core of it is to build a personal tool that can fill in the gaps that MyChart are other online patient info tracking systems don’t do too well at.

Specifically, MyChart is really golden when comes to appointments, insurance, appointments, referrals and co-pays.  Lab results. Great.

But what happens to someone who has not been “cured” in the first pass through the medical system, especially when there are multiple causes suspected.

The “design case” envisions the process path for a person who has a long-running painful condition.  But isn’t sure (and modern medicine has failed to resolve) this case which may have been caused by an accident, disease, or may have a psychological-neurological cause from PTSD or other unconventional (yet extremely real objectively) sources.

There’s a gap.

So, trying to map this out – kind of like a co-diagnostic medical treatment mapper if you can think of it that way.  I’ll be working on this and should have it ready on the subscriber side to download.

All driven in part by my “injured reserve list” ranking from the twisted arm tendon which isn’t resolving quickly enough. (Drugs!  Oxy! CBD! Stat!) Other than the obvious “Old men should not be single-handing sheets of plywood at 75,” why not use the break in the physical action to do some coding of process engineering into something useful?

Comments on “the gaps” based on where you’ve found them are welcome, of course.

The mind never stops. but wow, the body sure isn’t cooperating as much lately!

Write when you get rich. And BRB with Housing…

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35 thoughts on “Bridge, Bounce, and Housing”

  1. (“After watching the video a few times, it sure looked deliberate.”)

    We will never know for sure.. but If it was deliberate… at least they picked a time when there was fewer travelers on the bridge.. I have seen that thing packed with cars.. all in a hurry to get to work or where ever they are heading..what it will do is delay distribution of goods and services.. is the port they were going to one of those that the Obama Biden made a deal with the container ship company that develops and builds the club-k.. if it is.. then we know there weren’t any club k systems on that boat ..

    • We’ll never know why the ship crashed into the bridge and will have to rely on the FBI.

      – deferred maintenance
      – sabotage
      – drunk captain
      – intentional/social media bribed captain
      – hacked chips tweaking the ship’s GPS coordinates
      – add one

      • (“We’ll never know why the ship crashed into the bridge and will have to rely on the FBI.”)

        LOL LOL I believe mr. See no Evils response will be.. I didn’t see anything I will have to ask those that looked at it and see if they seen anything..
        the F B I ( Fix Bidens (law breaking) Infractions )

      • A harbor master as I understand it steers the ship in and out of the harbor – someone also stated that there are 4 generators for redundancy on power and steering – lastly allegations that charges are seen going off on the bridge.

        • I saw maybe one explosion in this TikTok, but that could be a light on the ship?

          However, it is strange that toby_jg02 only has the one video on their channel.

          But this may be toby_jg02’s first video. I have cameras pointed up and no TikTok. If a UFO or Sasquatch flies/runs across my camera view it’ll be my first TikTok. :=)

    • Biden said in his news conference that “the government would pay the entire cost of rebuilding that bridge”. Why would he say that? Why not let the insurance dance play out? There seems to be ample coverage. Terrorism is an exclusion in any insurance policy. Even when you buy the coverage, it takes congress to declare the event a terrorist event in order to collect and congress will never do that. Maybe the insurance companies have already told Biden they aren’t paying out based on what they have seen so far?

  2. (“Now that I’m over my “dancing cheeseburgers”)

    OH DAM… I have been thinking about the big horn flame broiler for a long time kept waiting for your review of it.. dam.. how do I explain this new kitchen gadget to the wife…. I ended up getting one..

      • Not yet.. it is coming in the mail It just hit me when I read the part about the dancing cheese burgers that if I am going to get one.. I had better get my butt in gear.. I can’t wait.. the cheeseburger idea was a hit.. I love flame broiled burgers.. was curious how it worked for a good juicy flame broiled burger …

  3. Injured reserve…there are few things that 10 grams a day of ascorbic acid doesn’t help.

    • Ten grams! Yes, it will clear you out. I often do four grams neutralized with baking soda. I use ascorbic acid powder rather than pills. It’s cheaper by the pound and doesn’t really expire. Only guinea pigs and primates seem to have the dubious loss of the Vit C synthesis gene, with no known benefit. I suspect that 2.5 grams a day for most people would help their general health. YMMV.

      Each person should test and know their limits. Meanwhile, we can hope and pray that George heals soon!

      I have a project using 3/4 OSB subfloor. It won’t move itself and it’s heavier than plywood. A little thought could create a strap or bracket that will provide grips for moving such sheets.

      • Get a “Panel Toter.”

        They’ve been around for years. Adelman made the original, but it’s been out of patent for years so every junk tool maker markets one now. The “Bighorn” seems to be the “industry standard” now. You should be able to pick one up at Lowe’s, HD, HF, maybe even Wal-Mart (or build it yourself.) Prices seem to run between ~$14 and $40.

        The Adelman is a piece of 18ga steel box channel (square “C” channel) about 16″ long; the handle is a 1/2″ or 5/8″ steel dowel about 28″ long, that’s bent in the ways shown (except the angle coming off the long straight is compound — it is also bent outward about 10-12 degrees, to provide “knuckle clearance.”) The dowel has a flat, ground on its end and is welded to the channel. The Bighorn is possibly an improvement, having a bolt-on handle (and so, would be less-likely to break from flex-stress.)

        I’m going from memory on the Adelman. I bought mine over 40 years ago and haven’t used it in a long time (only because I haven’t needed to.) It’s an amazing decking, sheathing, wallboard tool for those who work alone…

  4. Kemo Sabay,

    No likey hearing about slow healing/recovery/lack of regeneration activities, no siree. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to live in area that has a Chinese practitioner,(born and trained in China), of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While Not a student of my old advisor, none the less he is very skilled. I see him for “treatment” once a month. They treat me as an honored guest, which really humbles my ass, everytime.
    Anyway majority of Patients are “seasoned veteran” types, been around a long time. They have 6 “treatment rooms” always full with each patient getting about 20 minutes of needle time (time spent with needles sticking out of Ure skin, motionless), while others wait in WR. I had 2 blown cervical disks, with backward tilt, and managed the discomfort and pain via those needles for years. Currently treats Allergy, Nerve Regen – leftside neck, and SP(dont ask, Im a freak)
    “Dr Needles” is also a Tai Chi teacher..Balance and Stretching main bennies derived from such practice.

    Bet you would really enjoy a realdeal, legit practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, preferably trained in China. There is a very good school of TCM in Vancouver, BC as well. I dont know how it all works, but getting and keeping Ure NRG flowing seems to be very effective method or way to manage Ure Longevity.

    And so, Hope You Live Long and Prosper, Kemosabe.

      • “Hot Stuff” George! :-)

        I had a German lady trained in China as an acupuncture doctor and Chinese medicine doctor. Best, amazing recovery from auto-accident neck problems ever. I was skeptical going in, and perhaps it is fear of any movement while you have needles sticking out of you everywhere, but you DO learn to relax those damn muscles that pull the wrong way!

  5. Have you used MyChart? Diana has been wanting to look at using it but I don’t like/wont use any mobile apps to expose my personal information. For now, I’ll continue to keep track with spreadsheets though I’ll admit it can be tedious at times. I’m very interested to see your work.
    I got busted yesterday not wearing my arm brace and sling while changing the air filters on the truck and tractor. ” It’s only been off for a minute. I just didn’t want to get it caught on anything besides it only hurts when I do this…..Ow!”. You are more stubborn than your dad! she said while stomping off to the house.
    Just in time for the UPS delivery of the new ATS-25 Max Decoder. Maybe I can play with it and not get into any trouble.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Just before Christmas this 86 year old “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.” At least it looked like it with severe bruises and a fractured arm caused by tripping over a garden hose while blowing off driveway. Fell on left side but fractured the right arm from the hard leaf blower.

      Except for child birth this is the only time I have been in the hospital. A $18,000 fiasco – Thank God for Medicare Advantage. Emergency room and then had a bad reaction to Tramadol prescribed pain medicine. 48 hours after first pill, I’m found on the bedroom floor after 14 hours because I’m too weak to get up. Thank God I had 3 neighbors hide my house key so they could check on me. Then ambulance trip and 2 1/2 days in hospital.

      I could walk but Tramadol caused severe weakness, plus affected lower spine so my brain couldn’t send a message to my legs to arise from a chair. It also caused very abnormal blood readings.

      I had been reluctant to sign up to MyChart but my drastic medical condition made me realize I needed to read all the reports: 19 hospital blood tests, 17 doctor and nurse reports, plus brain scan for bruise on forehead, etc. I also wanted to see why a nurse woke me in the middle of night to discuss my philosophy of having a blood transfusion. I have a very rare blood type so I laughed and said good luck finding blood for me. 1/2 of 1% of the world’s population have my blood type and geneticists think it is only around for about 1,000 years.

      By thoroughly reading the reports I found information that I wasn’t given but could use to heal myself. Got my blood readings back to all normal in a month. Three months later I now have 85% usage of my arm without physical therapy.

      I also like the ease of using MyChart to change a PCP appointment.

  6. CONspiracy theory,,, they sunk the Titanic because it was carrying rich men opposed to the formation of the Federal Reserve,,,
    so the theory of ramming the bridge on purpose is not out of line for the Black Flag operators.
    We all have been warned , they were planning an attack, it is in their play book, they are murders, thieves and pedophiles of no morals,
    when will the normals wake up,,, they/deepstate/hidden hand, hate US and want US totally dominated, back to slavery,
    they want US to shut the hell up, censor what we read or hear and have no guns to protect our selves,,, vile hateful assholes they are , they hate the U S Constitution, they had their hand in forming the Civil War

    DMSO,,, it helps,,, ure arm tendons

    hypnotizism of the masses,,, my son when he was preschool playing on the living room floor would stop playing and stare at the TV when a commercial came on, and return to playing when the commercial was over.
    Hypnotism addresses the emotional center of the mind and bypasses the logic, reasoning portion,,, are the two connected? Has the deep state encoded the minds to react on command? did Andy say ‘snapdragon’ ?

    • Francis Scott Key ,,, Bridge,,, national anthem,,, insult/hatred for US
      think about it,,, symbolism

    • sold 100 of my 185 shares for 72.75,,, put it in the bank
      when it goes down in the next day or so I will buy it back
      Mr Ure’s common saying,,, lunch money,, I am going to have lunch now, a philly and tater salad
      did a cannabis stock way back and failed to sell, It was an emotion buy and hold, watched it go way up and I held and watch it go down,,, lesson learned

    • No joke comrade – it is a club and it is a Cult. They literally worship satan..even Pooterz said as much publicly. Speaking of Pooters and enemies who have a 30 year advantage over western militaries..please See presentation from Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden,1985 – – this is for Ure doubters all things DEW. Time to pull Ure head out of Ure Asses, nasty bastards.

      The above presentation is all about the history of Scalar Energies, Scalar Weapons being deployed against United States back in the early 80’s late 70’s. Imagine what that Technology can do today…

      Did you exercise Ure Brain? did you IMAGINE what – Technology?

      Do you remember reports of USS Cook losing ALL power-control while underway ? Remember the RUSsian fighter buzzing the tower, and practicing strafing runs on her? Do you remember reports of USS Ships losing all Power and Control during nato exercises like BaltOps?

      Russia has DECLARED they are at WAR now, after repeated FF-Terror Attacks on Mother Russia.
      “They” have finally awoken the BEAR and World gets front seat for RETALIATION and PUNISHMENT of the Perpsand organizers/facilitators..

      I can honestly state, “I look forward to seeing a boiling hot 40 ft.Tidal Wave wipeout and autoclave an entire City” Be like a instant fish and chips lying around ..not only Cooked thru, but irRadiated for Ure safety.

      Natasha – the days of the Satanryi, of Setes minions are over, fuck the Moose&Squirrel,we must kill the elohim.

    • Apparently there are a lot of politicians and entertainment elites who got to mount up on children and starlets. P-diddly’s bodyguard has commented that there were hidden cams in every room (including bathrooms and the outdoors grounds) to enable him to build an extensive library of positions that’d make the authors of the Kama Sutra blush, not to mention judges, congressmen, senators, teen idols, and reportedly, many Hollyweird types who were getting their inner Weinstein on with a bevy of roofied children, in what they thought were private surroundings.

      I’m guessing P-Diddling will make noise for a couple years, but is eventually going to be suicided and his video library chucked into the same bottomless hole as Epstein’s, to keep McAfee’s “incriminating terabytes” company…

  7. climate change,, saving the plant by solar?
    Got hail screen?
    but the,,,
    “Nick showed us emails he sent to Fort Bend County Commissioners, the Fort Bend Economic Development Council, and the owners of Fighting J’s Solar Farm asking for the environmental impact report.

    “We’ve asked for the same studies, and we’ve been treated the same way,” said Mikes Fugua who also lives near the solar farms. “We got nothing out of them.”

    “My concern is the hail damage that came through and busted these panels we now have some highly toxic chemicals that could be potentially leaking into our water tables,” said Kaminski”
    I remember Nebr Public Power in Scottsbluff NE suffering a solar farm wipe out last year,,, hail

    George, do you have a plan to protect ure panels? when the weather radar shows a storm producing hail

    • Yeah, it sucks that the ground water and aquifer are going to have toxic-to-fatal levels of arsenic, cadmium, gallium, and probably fluorine, for many years. It may poison the aquifer for centuries, but that’s okay, because it’s “green.” Everybody knows “if it’s green, it’s good” also applies to our skin pigmentation… :rolleyes:

  8. “I’m a new tool I’m writing for a couple of aging people I know (the Major) and me.”

    Crossing the streets this morning my health care
    assistant remarked, pointing at a traffic director,’
    that’s a really hard job to do ;-). To which I replied
    You know what a really hard job is?
    She looked at me while I said: BEING OLD !!
    Beware strivng for longevity

  9. Instead of spending time on conspiracy theories , the time could be better spent on how to prepare for this as if it were an attack. Which it may well possibly be….or not.

  10. I hate to potentially quash a really good conspiracy theory, but I’d like to mention that my GPS on Monday evening was off BY SEVEN MILES! I haven’t bothered to look, but that was after an EMP hit, but before the direct hit from the X-flare.

    I suspect it has nothing to do with the Dali, which lost power, apparently with its rudder canted to the right, which makes absolutely no sense, since it was running free in the center of the shipping channel. I know nothing about big boats, except that steering one is like steering a Buick limousine that’s traveling 50mph, on glare ice, with bald tires. (If it’s going straight, and you need for it to go straight, you don’t even breathe on the wheel…) Somehow, somebody “breathed” on the rudder and threw that ship hard a-starboard, overriding the ship’s inertia, which would have kept it within the shipping lane until it ran aground many miles away on the Eastern Shore…

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