Although the Colonies have had to save British bacon a couple of times (WW I and WW II come to mind) they are generally good people and bright.

But after the last radical Islamist did intentional harm it has become clear to us that the people of Europe (the Brits excepted) are some of the most brain-washed, politically correct fools around.

Mark these words:  The Continent will feel even more pain because the Muslim Reconquista is just in the warm-up phase.

Sadly, for the Brits, turning off the hate and blowing out of the soft-headed European laydown came too late.

Now four are dead from an  extremist attack and who knows when the next one will come?

But it will.  This is a war.  If you don’t see it, you’re blind.  Slow-motion, yes.  But war is war at any speed.

And I’d like to thank the Obama administration  (and their shadow government embeds) in advance for letting in so many under-vetted and keeping the borders open. 

And setting America up for the same kind of disaster.

Trump May Have Been Right

Oh the spin – here we have the chairman of the House Intel committee saying he has personally seen data suggesting Donald Trump really was “incidentally” spied upon.

Keeping Score

CNN video of the House Intel Chair: 14 seconds.

Anderson Cooper “Keeping Them Honest – Another Wiretap Dance” segment: 3-minutes and 50 seconds.

Also not to be missed:  CNN’s “Biden suggests Trump owes Obama an apology for wiretapping allegation.”

All we need is a calliope and some dancing monkeys for the complete innuendo circus.

Meantime, as we explained in a Big Picture earlier this week, the FBI is not indicating that it is cooperating and perhaps because William Comey considers himself  “fireproof.”

Healthcare Stalled

Republicans have been up late and early trying to figure out how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Gee, imagine that: Control both houses of congress and the WH and still be a bunch of lazy, do-nothings.

Sad I once considered myself an R.

They have turned the Party of Lincoln into the Corporate Party of Ineffective Suck-ups and Back-biters.

Know how you can tell if a dictionary was written by a Republican?

Word TEAM is not in it.

Doofs & goofs.

Painful Lack of Data

Not much in the way of news today – KC Fed Manufacturing index this afternoon and more FedSpeak than you can shake a stick at.

Including Janet Yellen who was speaking this morning:  At a Fed meeting on the economic futures of kids she laid this idea out:

Broadly speaking, children who grow up in insecure circumstances, those often experienced in poverty, seem disproportionately likely to experience financial insecurity as adults. This conference is about understanding what kinds of environments and resources can best help children meet with economic success after they reach adulthood. There has been a lot of discussion in the aftermath of the Great Recession about how to best connect people with steady jobs. But research presented over the next two days makes a compelling case that there is a need to also think longer term about how to prepare people for success in the labor market. In fact, this research underscores the value of starting young to develop basic work habits and skills, like literacy, numeracy, and interpersonal and organizational skills. These habits and skills help prepare people for work, help them enter the labor market sooner, meet with more success over time, and be in a position to develop the more specialized skills and obtain the academic credentials that are strongly correlated with higher and steadier earnings. Indeed, a growing body of economic and education literature has focused on the relative efficiency of addressing workforce development challenges through investments in early childhood development and education compared with interventions later in life.

I believe that data, evidence, and research can help policymakers and practitioners think more clearly about the implications for improving economic and life outcomes for everyone. To this end, the speakers at this conference will focus on three broad issues. I would like to briefly mention each, highlighting some of the questions that I believe can be informed by the research that will be presented here.

Not to take the issue too light, we do have to wonder if this isn’t the longest-yet restatement of “The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Screwed.”

That’d be a Yale grad, for you.

The futures have gone back to sleep, flat lining.

Move Over St. Louis

The next big Bent Building is on the drawing board for NYC.

Could St. Louis stop this by claiming infringement on the grounds of prior art?

Consider this part of our “full employment for lawyers” program…

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