Although the Colonies have had to save British bacon a couple of times (WW I and WW II come to mind) they are generally good people and bright.

But after the last radical Islamist did intentional harm it has become clear to us that the people of Europe (the Brits excepted) are some of the most brain-washed, politically correct fools around.

Mark these words:  The Continent will feel even more pain because the Muslim Reconquista is just in the warm-up phase.

Sadly, for the Brits, turning off the hate and blowing out of the soft-headed European laydown came too late.

Now four are dead from an  extremist attack and who knows when the next one will come?

But it will.  This is a war.  If you don’t see it, you’re blind.  Slow-motion, yes.  But war is war at any speed.

And I’d like to thank the Obama administration  (and their shadow government embeds) in advance for letting in so many under-vetted and keeping the borders open. 

And setting America up for the same kind of disaster.

Trump May Have Been Right

Oh the spin – here we have the chairman of the House Intel committee saying he has personally seen data suggesting Donald Trump really was “incidentally” spied upon.

Keeping Score

CNN video of the House Intel Chair: 14 seconds.

Anderson Cooper “Keeping Them Honest – Another Wiretap Dance” segment: 3-minutes and 50 seconds.

Also not to be missed:  CNN’s “Biden suggests Trump owes Obama an apology for wiretapping allegation.”

All we need is a calliope and some dancing monkeys for the complete innuendo circus.

Meantime, as we explained in a Big Picture earlier this week, the FBI is not indicating that it is cooperating and perhaps because William Comey considers himself  “fireproof.”

Healthcare Stalled

Republicans have been up late and early trying to figure out how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Gee, imagine that: Control both houses of congress and the WH and still be a bunch of lazy, do-nothings.

Sad I once considered myself an R.

They have turned the Party of Lincoln into the Corporate Party of Ineffective Suck-ups and Back-biters.

Know how you can tell if a dictionary was written by a Republican?

Word TEAM is not in it.

Doofs & goofs.

Painful Lack of Data

Not much in the way of news today – KC Fed Manufacturing index this afternoon and more FedSpeak than you can shake a stick at.

Including Janet Yellen who was speaking this morning:  At a Fed meeting on the economic futures of kids she laid this idea out:

Broadly speaking, children who grow up in insecure circumstances, those often experienced in poverty, seem disproportionately likely to experience financial insecurity as adults. This conference is about understanding what kinds of environments and resources can best help children meet with economic success after they reach adulthood. There has been a lot of discussion in the aftermath of the Great Recession about how to best connect people with steady jobs. But research presented over the next two days makes a compelling case that there is a need to also think longer term about how to prepare people for success in the labor market. In fact, this research underscores the value of starting young to develop basic work habits and skills, like literacy, numeracy, and interpersonal and organizational skills. These habits and skills help prepare people for work, help them enter the labor market sooner, meet with more success over time, and be in a position to develop the more specialized skills and obtain the academic credentials that are strongly correlated with higher and steadier earnings. Indeed, a growing body of economic and education literature has focused on the relative efficiency of addressing workforce development challenges through investments in early childhood development and education compared with interventions later in life.

I believe that data, evidence, and research can help policymakers and practitioners think more clearly about the implications for improving economic and life outcomes for everyone. To this end, the speakers at this conference will focus on three broad issues. I would like to briefly mention each, highlighting some of the questions that I believe can be informed by the research that will be presented here.

Not to take the issue too light, we do have to wonder if this isn’t the longest-yet restatement of “The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Screwed.”

That’d be a Yale grad, for you.

The futures have gone back to sleep, flat lining.

Move Over St. Louis

The next big Bent Building is on the drawing board for NYC.

Could St. Louis stop this by claiming infringement on the grounds of prior art?

Consider this part of our “full employment for lawyers” program…

52 thoughts on “BREXIT Too Late”

  1. “Incidentally spied on”… makes me think of another politically derived term, plausible deniability.

    • So who was the real target of the spying? Or is this simply a case of a massive global dragnet that catches EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.

      • Graham wonders if his stuff is being captured, well a big DUH. What part of EVERYONE doesn’t this congressman understand. And after Snowden we were told if you have nothing to hide, what is the problem. Hillary showed in her FBI answers, doesn’t remember, doesn’t recall, etc.(reading between the lines) they twist anything against you, ie,Flint.

      • Anon E, I think its a massive global dragnet and then when somebody catches the attention of the enforcement/intelligence agencies, their electronic footprint is reviewed by an actual live body(s). There’s no privacy. Everything we do online, over the phone, in our cars made after 2003, is retrievable ( not to mention what wikileakes recently released about other instruments like Samsung Smart TVs that can collect data in our homes or wherever they’re operating if theyre connected to the internet). Several insider whistleblowers, including Snowden, have gone public. It’s all out there if you want to search for it. If I recall correctly, the ATT whistleblower went public back in the early 2000s after 911. I think his last name was Klein. Under Obama’s administration, the intelligence gathering agencies were put on steroids. Ever notice how quickly there’s info on criminals in national cases and even high visibility local cases? PS – I’ve read where many electronic activities are routed through overseas servers, so that ruse that theyre only collecting data on people outside of the USA isn’t exactly honest.

  2. Why are you here? The extent of your willingness to spout nonsense is an embarrassment to reasonable people everywhere. And be careful what you wish for, an impeachment would loose forces that would set back the liberal agenda for generations.

  3. G’ morning,
    Thank you for your time & intention George.Please forgive me going off topic today but I wanted to get your view on the following, :

    I rss .gov bills/rulings/etc & came across these gems. The congresscritters:

    “..disapproves the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services” (81 Fed. Reg. 87274 (December 2, 2016)), and such rule shall have no force or effect. Here’s the link to associated docs:

    (OriginalFinal Rule 2016)

    Additionally, the FDIC met Tuesday
    in closed session…hmmmm:

    Sunshine Act Meeting
    Pursuant to the provisions of the ‘‘Government in the Sunshine Act’’ (5
    U.S.C. 552b), notice is hereby given that
    at 10:26 a.m. on Tuesday, March 21,
    2017, the Board of Directors of the
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    met in closed session to consider
    matters related to the Corporation’s
    supervision, corporate, and resolution
    activities. In calling the meeting, the Board determined, on motion of Vice
    Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig, seconded
    by Director Thomas J. Curry
    (Comptroller of the Currency),
    concurred in by Director Richard
    Cordray (Director, Consumer Financial
    Protection Bureau), and Chairman
    Martin J. Gruenberg, that Corporation
    business required its consideration of
    the matters which were to be the subject
    of this meeting on less than seven days’
    notice to the public; that no earlier
    notice of the meeting was practicable;
    that the public interest did not require
    consideration of the matters in a
    meeting open to public observation; and
    that the matters could be considered in
    a closed meeting by authority of
    subsections (c)(2), (c)(4), (c)(6), (c)(8),
    (c)(9)(A)(ii), (c)(9)(B), and (c)(10) of the
    ‘‘Government in the Sunshine Act’’ (5
    U.S.C. 552b(c)(2), (c)(4), (c)(6), (c)(8),
    (c)(9)(A)(ii), (c)(9)(B), and (c)(10).
    Dated: March 21, 2017.
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    Robert E. Feldman,
    Executive Secretary.
    [FR Doc. 2017–05890 Filed 3–21–17; 4:15 pm]

    Came across that nugget as I was researching hazardous substances.

    The fools on the hill are a hazardous substance, when can we ban them?

    Imagine a citizenry who thinks following what .gov does is the ultimate reality tv? How to make & CSPAN ‘sexy’…?

    Sorry for the extended comment, please keep up the great work.

    From NJ With Love.

  4. Jon, you know nothing of what you speak. But that is a typical ultra left libral. Impeachment is a wet dream for the losers and the people that brought us Obama Care, Dod-Frank and the only time an ambasssador was killed in 50 years. The only reason Obama wasn’t impeached was the color of his skin. He is and was an embarrassement. A leader that hated his country and hated its founding, just like the rest of the uneducated American haters the ultra left seems to be. You keep living in your fantacy world of impeachment and hating the fact that you lost and America won. Go snivel with the other left wing crazies like Maxine Waters that was talking impeachment before the man even got into office. Then watch how much better this country will be with the librals neutered and crying in the background. You think NancyPeloci or Chuck-You Schumer are leaders? They are hacks just like you!!! The Dems have no leadership!! But keep dreaming about impeachment and your life will get even more sad and frustrating!!!!

  5. I feel like being the crazy prisoner on “Monty Pythons Life of Brian”. “Nail some sense into them, nail some sense into them” !! Or as in “The Matrix”, Hook them up, just hook them up, they can’t tell the difference !!

  6. LOL, Wow, even here the jealousy against Trump is amazing, and that is what it is, three beautiful wives (not at the same time), winning children, and a few billion in the bank, makes me hate him too!!!!!!!!

  7. George – Infrequent commenter here.

    Jon is a democratic troll as I have seen him comment on Mish Shedlock’s website as well. Parades himself as a Republican but as a true progressive doesn’t realize that Republicans/Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

    • We know he’s a troll, and a poor uneducated one, but sadly we are to be inflicted with his vileness for an unknown period of time. Something to suffer scrolling over until everyone including George realizes his true purpose. It took George years to see the illegal alien invasion for what it really is, so we just have to be patient and tolerate the paid Jon troller until George recognizes the enemy within the gates. Paid disruption and discension is not discourse.

  8. Jon I’ll give you this – you’re comments can be somewhat entertaining to read, in a way, sort of.

    As far as the “wiretaps” go, the prez put that in quotes as well. The point is that he was saying he was under surveillance, and he was. So your “depends upon what the meaning of – is – is” approach falls flat with anyone that was politically awake in 1998.

    Can’t talk too much about healthcare because I’m simply not following it in real time. Bottom line, he has a cabinet (or is supposed to by now) and he has “people” to handle that stuff. You obviously haven’t noticed that he has this nasty tendency (nasty to libtards anyway) to win A LOT and I’ll accept that he wasn’t able to get past entrenched DC types on this should it happen – but – one would be a fool to project that he’ll somehow mess that up.

    Then, impeachment? Really? The Articles of Impeachment based solely upon the feelings of Democrats? Sure there are some things Pelosi and her mate Maxine might dream up to put into something like that but thankfully there’s a bit of Congress left that are adults and would base their vote on actual facts. So no, there is no reason or possibility for impeachment yet. I only say “yet” because we’re 2 months into the term and since he’s human, who knows?

    Finally, I have to ask – are you a paid troll or some kind of plant? I only ask because some of your posts are, well, quite partisan to say the least. But as I mentioned, you can be entertaining in a way, in short bites.

    • phones today is VOIP and the Nunez intel seems to go down that rabbit hole but we shall see

  9. I read somewhere yesterday that the Jihadis are still being shipped in here, under cover of “darkness.” That is, they are being flown in at night when there are fewer traveler in general. They are given SS numbers and new identities. Their real names are not even given: I do not remember the acronym for this. Under Obama, they were flown in using brown planes with UPS logos on them, also in the dead of night. They were loaded onto busses with screens over the windows. Someone posted a video of this.
    One cant believe everything one reads, but IF true, it sure sounds like pre-positioning terrorist cell assets to me.

  10. The word “wire tapping” is a joke. By whatever method, it was asserted that Trump and his family, and even the ex-wife, have been under surveillance for 8 years.
    That is, the word implies that agents went in to a landline and hooked something up. They dont have to do this anymore, as you probably know.
    I think I remember in a textbook in the 1970’s that all calls were recorded- I remember seeing the photo of the main frame with the giant magnetic tape as an illustration of this point.
    Saying he wasnt specifically wire tapped (in an age of fiber optics) is technically true, but gives certain people plausible deniability.

  11. I knew when Trump won that the democraps would put up every possible road block, but did not think the RINO’s would be so effective at doing the same. Parties don’t mean anything anymore; it only matters who has been bought. Looks like it is the majority on both sides. We are so screwed.

  12. Russia had 12 million population with Lenin took it over with 1,400 radically idealist communists. Then he had the idealists killed when he set up the reality of his dictatorship. It’s like socialist democrats of America are playing by the same rule book but they’ve had 100 years to perfect the technique?

    • Wrong! Try 120,000,000 for Russian population when Lenin took over. Check your stats before you start firing arguments, otherwise you’ll get shot down.

  13. “All we need is a calliope and some dancing monkeys for the complete innuendo circus.”

    I thought we already had that.. called con-gress…

    Years ago while we still had a congress that actually went to work or did something..
    there was a fund raising dinner I was working late and had bought a ticket to one of the fun raising dinners.. all dusty and dirty from work I thought my god. I will look like a fool walking in where everyone is in suits.. so wanting to show up to show support for a friend running for office I decided I would get in tell him good luck eat a quick meal and escape.. I picked a table in the furthest corner.. it ended up to be the candidates table.. not wanting to look even more stupid I decided to quick eat and leave.. while sitting there one of the guest speakers our own incumbent senator was sitting and one other candidate asked a question.. what should I talk about in my speech.. his answer still stings today many many years later.. “Oh just give them a one two three speech they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them”…. the sad part about all of that is.. he was right then and right now..
    the other sad part is.. I truly believe they have bought their own BS…
    I had a discussion with the head of a power company. he stated he didn’t think that solar power would work as good as it does in this area.. they bought their own bs.. I think our legislators have had lobbyists mumbling in their ears for such a long time that they actually have bought the bs which is even sadder yet and aims to send all of us right to the brink .. they don’t read the bills.. how can they work approximately three days a month.. and read how many six thousand or more page documents they vote on that are written in such a boring manor.. instead I think they read the cliff notes or the sales paragraph or forget even opening it..
    but then that is just my opinion

  14. George,
    Why do you put up with this Jon stooge? There’s not one thing you write that he agrees with, and he obnoxiously makes that obvious. I’d find it hard to believe that he subscribes to your Peoplenomics newsletter, so he must be a troll. I’m getting sick of reading his snotty comments. Please ditch him!

    • Its ok to have other views. He has some valid points and some not so valid points. Just like everyone in the world. Look past your complete hard right stance to see them.

      I might be your HVAC guy

    • With ya on ditching Snowflake Jon. He is most likely multiple people, and hell bent on disrupting this site. The fact that ‘It’ is here is a sure sign that TPTB are onto George. Since he is ALL IN for liberals and their censorship, I think he definitely should be censored, so he’ll know what it feels like. His obummer king was gung ho to censor so was overthehill!

      • Naw it i= too easy. Let’s wait till we learn who unmasked American citz names under Obama from “foreign surveillance” and see how he spins it.

        Besides I want to know one of the shadow govt shills personally – quite honored actually

    • Jon is not vulgar. Jon has an opposing view to yours. Does free speech mean nothing to you? Spirited discussion and consideration of all sides of an issue is what made this country and will keep making it, as long as all sides are given equal opportunity. Jackbooted censoring is not what is needed. Argument supported with indisputable source material is the way to win for your side, not censorship.

      • Jon ignores all facts, all source material, and all common sense. It is not 2 sides, it is not discourse. He definitely demonstrates troll qualities day in and day out. Biggest troll signature is unyielding to any facts and truth. He does not budge in his ignorance and I have yet to learn a thing from him. You can have him as I recognize that people on similar limitations admire same level of limits. I scroll right past him now as he has shown his hand and has nothing left to offer except more stinky flatulence.

  15. And you know this because of???? An article in the Huffington Post perhaps? An MSNBC story? Or better yet because Snopes says it isn’t true?

  16. This for ‘Jon’. When you write,”Bottom line, there was no wiretapping”, you don’t know what you are talking about. You are reading news sources that merely quote supposed authorities that read reports generated by others that work in one of their departments which rely on reports from yet others. Besides, technology has rendered the term a generic one of immense methodology.
    Jon, you actually ‘know’ nothing other than what you read or watch as grade B info/entertainment. Credibility no longer exists in that field- for you or me.

  17. “Republicans have been up late and early trying to figure out how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

    Gee, imagine that: Control both houses of congress and the WH and still be a bunch of lazy, do-nothings.”

    LOL LOL LOL LOL I will never forget the day that on the news.. the newscaster was telling the news story as it was.. congress feverishly working on this to get the issue resolved before recess.. and the while in the background they showed congress in session.. except for the people that had to show up in front I think there was five on the floor working LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…. Now.. was that image a planned negative subliminal message.. who knows. LOL LOL LOL it was funny I actually saved that news story image.. LOL LOL

  18. George I posted a comment about the loss of reason and as an example I mentioned the Obama birth certificate thingie. It seems like a lot of your readers “think” that Obama wasn’t born in this country.

    It would be interesting to take a poll of your readers to find out what percentage “believe” this.

    Moving forwards I’m not sure it’s possible to have a well running democracy when folks “believe” the earth is flat in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

    It’s becoming a “faith-based” knowledge, “alternate facts” sort of place.

    • Hey Wavecraft , who do you think started the entire birther movement ?

      C’mon , take a guess !

      None other than Hillary Clinton herself.

      Dont believe me ? Ask Jeff Bezos about it. Washington Post confirmed this. Ran the story. Y’know , THOSE guys that NEVER lie so it must be true !!!


    • This one doesnt. I believe he was born in Hawaii. I do wonder though, if he was groomed as a CIA operative during his college years and those succeeding. Who knew of him before his introduction at the 2004 Dem National Convention? Then voila, he elected the next POTUSA. If you look at the history of feminist, Gloria Steinhem, she was a CIA operative in her college days. She didn’t just stumble into her role in politics.

    • We need to be clear about why it matters.

      It’s called Lies. Regardless of whether Trump lies or Bush teams lied about yellow cake, lies by anyone aren’t ok.

      And we have rules.

      And one of the rules is that regardless of skin color or whatever, the rule is you have to be born in a certain place.

      The problem is that some people think rules can be bent because they have a compelling reason to do so.

      that’s the problem.

      If Barry was the greatest gift to a side of the USA that I don’t value, I certainly don’t want anyone skirting the rules so that he can get elected.

      That’s the problem. Skirting the rules so we can get a sweet-talking teflon black president. Because clearly he was the chosen.

      BS I call that.

  19. Jon is this what your leaning torwards??
    Russia had 12 million population when Lenin took it over with 1,400 radically idealist communists. Then he had the idealists killed when he set up the reality of his dictatorship. It’s like socialist democrats of America are playing by the same rule book but they’ve had 100 years to perfect the technique? Not only a snow flake but your a 3 year old playing with matches.

  20. You certainly have some perception of the illusion out there. The problem is Jon you think what your perceiving is real. It’s a magic trick and your buying it hook line and sinker.

  21. Loretta Lynch met multiple times with the Saudis and then lied about it. Leon Panetta met multiple times with the Saudis and then lied about it. Leon Panetta also had received payments from the Saudis and Saudi operatives. Susan Rice met with the Saudis and received payments from them and lied about it. Susan Rice’s son also met with the Saudis. Debbie Wasserman met with the Saudis and lied about it. Debbie Wasserman had numerous business deals with the Saudis and pocketed millions. Obama’s son in law also met with the Saudis and failed to disclose it. The Saudis hacked numerous Trump emails and turned hacked records over to Huffington post that released them in dribs and drabs over months to hurt Trump and help Hillary. Seven intelligence agencies agree that the Saudis did this to help Hillary and hurt Trump. There were multiple communications between the Saudis and Hillary’s campaign throughout the campaign. Numerous campaign aides also met with the Saudis. Even Hillary now admits she met personally with the Saudi ambassador, but denied it repeatedly prior. During the campaign Hillary worked to soften the DNC’s platform towards the Saudis. The Saudis much preferred Hillary over Trump and would have popped champagne if she had won. Hillary refused to disclose her tax returns so no one knows what financial stake she has in common with the Saudi. And of course there are other mysterious coincidences that show ties between the Saudis and Hillary and Obama.

    • Check what you say, you are my favorite commentator, your credibility till now was 100%….”Obama’s son-law…” ?? No, Malia is 18, not married yet.

      Those long running repeating sentences sound like the brain farts from the Bryce’s lazy porch.

  22. Hi all. Jus my 2 cents, from neutral Ireland, but it looks to me like it’s a war that America (& her allies) started. Maybe if US/ UK stopped bombing/ invading muslim countries (& by the looks of it doing whatever the Israel lobby tells them) the blowback would eventually end. America has been an imperial power since before WWI. Imperialism may be good for resources, but it always has blowback (a slow war as you say). Anyway, wars of imperialism or no, the super-rich always get super-richer (War is a Racket) so the blowback is just incidental & only us little pople care or get affected. Cheers.

  23. For years there was the DC two step being done with the excuse.. we cannot do anything because we have the democrats that won’t let us.. yet neither side would discuss with the other.. this puts this congress in a unique position.. the people have spoken.. Ok we are tired of the dc two step lets do the chicken dance. instead and get something done for once.. just shake it up…do something..
    so now they are on the toilet.. do the job or get off the pot.. by not doing anything at all jeopardizes the party.. to fix some of the issues the people want fixed they have to step away from the puppet masters wishes.. and that jeopardizes them to.

  24. Koch makes healthcare reform a 3 way battle (Koch wants to bribe senate & house to vote no!)

    Those jobs still moved south, thanks Trump!

    p.s. kudos to George for posting both sides of the arguments, “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong” Steve Stills, from his song, For What It’s Worth.

  25. Feels good ehh Jon.

    All of your trolling has so many people responding to you.

    Success !

    You are somebody now !

  26. The number of lies being told to Americans these days is absolutely astounding. I can see you are all struggling to hang on to some shred of truth. The people in control of the country (and most of the world) on all levels are psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists. Their main goal in life is to get as many people as possible to buy into their version of reality. You are all so desperate to be politically correct and liked by your peers that you are powerless to do anything but complain about it. You are all hoping that some law enforcement officer, some prosecutor, some judge, some elected official is going to show up and deal with this for you. This is a false hope. The best you can do is simply find some good chemicals and medicate yourself so what is happening won’t bother you so much. These people have no compunction about killing others to promote their agenda, which is basically to stay in power. They have already killed millions in last 50 years. Until there are real consequences for these people, nothing will change. The first step is simple. Stop paying the taxes that are paying these people to do these things to you and your country. If you can’t do this one simple thing, then you have nothing to contribute to a solution.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador, eight years out of the USA.

    • You are so right on tract my friend.. what I find that to me is so funny is that the majority of the people are blind to it and I think you say it the way it is.. hanging on with a shred of hope.. I also think that is why Donald Trump made it into office. We all seen him as our new sheriff Dylan someone to stand up to the puppet masters.. They are a strong bunch though and extremely agile in their control of legislators. historically it hasn’t been healthy for anyone to stand against them..

  27. Jon, “wiretapping” happens.

    When you wake up and accept that fact, and consider how it is a powerful tool that does get used, we will be happy to enlighten you more.

    Not your teacher or wife

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