Brexit and BrainAmp,xls

If you aren’t a subscriber to our site, you are missing one of the most useful little tools out there. It’s a simple spreadsheet I call “brainamp.xls” and its purpose is to tell me as much as possible about the potential future of the market with as little information as possible.

Just for the hell of it, I thought I would toss the numbers into the tool this morning based on Monday’s Manic trading session so you can get an idea of how it works.

First off, there was the opening price and we’ll use the S&P to keep things simple with the Yahoo Finance record as our data source.

Using the tool on a short-term basis is risky and shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it says, in so many cells, that with an open of 2075.58, and a session high Monday of 2100.66, we had a short-term Elliott wave 1 of 25.08 points.

A retracement off that should have clipped 12.54 points off.

If my software was right, we should have closed at the Elliott 2 of 2,088.12. That would be a 50% retrace from 2,100.66.

In a “Well, how bout that” moment, we look gleefully at the data and see the close was 2,083.25.

The error (5 points) is why we only use it as a tool, not as a trading decision-maker. Still, on a day when the S&P was flying all over the place, it was nice to at least have some (what we’d call in flying” “vertical guidance.”

OK, fine…where next, then?

Wave III of this Brexit Madness would point to a range of 2,125.74 to as high as 2,132.01.

Then we get a pullback for the Elliott IV into the 2,108.47 area – ideally.

And a nice “post-Brexit” high of 2,135/55 to 2,149.05.

That would give us a Wave 1 of the larger V we are entering, and THAT in turn sets our summer rally high expectations…but we’ll save that for subscribers.

Here is why I sort of half-way believe this outlook (although THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, it’s just how my think on the market is presently running, subject to change, talk to a knowledgeable broker, seek counseling, yada, yada…).

What would be peachy-pleasing would be for the Wave III target (and let’s use the mid range 2,138.70 figure) to come in today or early tomorrow, then have a Wave IV pullback into the Wednesday close since the US market won’t be open before the voting starts on Thursday.

Ideally, that would be a whole day backing and filling around 2,109 and then we get the “unexpected good news” which would power the fifth wave blow off into 2,133 area, or higher by a week from now.

There’s another way to look at this, too – but we will save that for subscribers tomorrow. In the meantime, though, this is shaping up as a “buy the rumor AND buy the news” because we take it as an article of faith that the fix is already in on BREXIT. It will likely be defeated not because it’s the wrong choice, but because there’s simply too much “juice” trying to hold it up.

If you’re really cynical (who me?) think “Florida voting machines?” and remember that everyone from President Useless to George Soros is warning of the end of the world if it passes.

The Hungarian Master of Melodrama, George Soros, is saying that BREXIT would trigger a crash, and I’m sure the Hallelujah Choir of the Charlatan Doomporn Promoters is echoing this crap.

With the murder of the MP, the handwringing of officialdumb (sic), we can only expect BREXIT will be soundly defeated, not by the People (whose vote doesn’t matter in the computer age, right?) because BIG MONEY is worried that if Britain pulls out, the line will quickly form and so much for the financial train wreck, formerly known as the Ure-a-pee-un Union.

Our time base may be way off – it could work out in hours, or over a week, or even 10 days. As always, however, I’m more interested in playing Beat the Bank than Beat the Clock. The former I do very well…the later is a fool’s bet.

Speaking of the clock, anyone want to try going long at 9:45 AM Eastern today ahead of Janet Yellen’s Senate Banking Committee pitch?

Will it be re-fried numbers with a side of happy-talk, or some reason to rally?

About the Big Quake Next Week

You missed this memo, too?

Well….. some large-scale earth movement has been reported in the former state of California (which Mexico seems to have reclaimed or [been given]).

The mental acuity problem is thus: Record heat in the Southland. Heat makes things get bigger – so expansion of land mass is one potential explanation. The other is that the Mountains (up in the Angeles National Forest) are starting to press westerly and that could be a bummer. Regardless, if we get a serious case of the “earthquake tireds” (I get ridiculously sleepy/sluggish before major quakes) I will post a note. Otherwise, maybe it is land mass expansion.

It’s STILL “Evidence Tampering”

I told you Monday morning that taking references to radical Islam out of the shooter phone call transcripts to 9-11 in Orlando was very similar to evidence-tampering, even when done by the (alleged) Attorney General.

Well, the MSM is pitching that now she’s turned tail and has come out with a full transcript.

EXCEPT that it doesn’t use the word “Allah.” It plugs in “God” instead. WRONG. A reader with a keen nose for BS explains it this way:

“DOJ replaces Allah with God in Edited Orlando 911 transcript. The surreptitious nature of this hurts the American peoples ability to discern reality. Who is the enemy? It matters whether or not this was a result of a pernicious ideology that is infecting many minds. This is totalitarian censorship!!”

If you really think the shooter said “God” not “Allah” you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.

This doesn’t change the fact (and pattern) of the Useless administration regularly editing reality so as to scrub references to Allah from transcripts. All part of their “brainwash America” campaign, near as I can figure it. It’ll take more fluoride and subliminals to get that past America, but it wouldn’t be the first thing the Useless crowd has misjudged.

Still, they’ll likely hit their 1-million immigrants during his term, all because we’re too dumb to call it out.

Media Control Still In Place

Speaking of politics (and Useless – as in lame duck), how about them TV networks which, sayeth the Drudge Report, seem to be under pressure to blacklist the Hillary tell-all book by a former Secret Service agent?

Speaking of Blacklist – Season 4

Season four in the works – which is something we look forward to around here. We’re huge fans of James Spader as the world’s best bad guy.

Senate Makes Sense – Barely

But despite failing to pass four gun control bills, we have to wonder why they can’t seem to figure out how to make a clean process so people on terrorism watch lists and no-fly can appeal being wrongfully grounded?

So much for another morning…got to go put on my Scrooge McDuck suit and go count profits.

15 thoughts on “Brexit and BrainAmp,xls”

  1. The new CBS drama series “Brain Dead” is based on a humorous concept, namely, that the reason the fools in DC behave the way they do is because their brains have been replaced by “alien” critters. It is quirky and sometimes funny. The sad truth is the real reason is one of the oldest sins in the book, love of money.

  2. For anyone who hasn’t seen “Brexit: The Movie”, it’s on youtube in full at:

    This is a crowdfunded indie film that is actually very well done and informative for those who are less than fully informed about EU. It advocates “leave” and illustrates why in detail. It’s worth the hour and 10 minutes to watch, no matter which side of the pond you reside on.

  3. Editing the transcript of the 911 is wrong, bordering on felonious, but failing to release the audio, which includes tone of voice, inflection, and other verbal characteristics is even worse. Anyone can make a transcript if you have the audio, but the reverse is impossible. This is withholding information from the public, and should be sued for by the media using FOIA, or any other tool available. We need to know the truth as Americans, and we need to be able to hold those who suppress this information to account.

    • At this point we are all guessing the transcript is edited. The actual recordings should be made available. The bigger ‘sin’ here is “our government” is not trusted enough because of past actions to put out an honest transcript. What can we do to get a ‘warts and all’ honest government?

  4. Orlando wife/accomplice not arrested.

    Evidence is suppressed, then tampered with.

    What is this, an Orwellian nightmare?

  5. I would like to see “Person of Interest” and “The Blacklist” in a show together. Maybe Person of Interest vs The Blacklist.

    • There already is such a show and it’s reported on in the papers. Blacklisted Persons of Interest – the no fly list, lol

  6. No way will the Brits be doing a BREXIT as long as programmers control the voting booths. I’ll bet they fail by a margin slightly more than 1%.

  7. George,

    the No Fly List is NOT about any is about the CONTROL this fascist government wants to have over YOU ,me , and all the people…so if you do not agree with them…its on the list for you…may they all expire sooner rather then later….as its done with ‘the blacklist’….imho

  8. At the time the MP was murdered the assailant shouted ‘Britain first’

    Guess that makes a change from shouting ‘aloha snackbar’

  9. If for some reason the leave side wins, there will be plenty of time to buy into the cascading effect imo. There is more reason for a correction at this time than new highs. Seriously, what would drive new highs except money from the fed. Employment #s suck, profits are reaching maxed out. Why waste new highs in the summer when they’ll skew the voters to the left in the fall. That’s my take. I’ve seen EW predictions before and lost. Just saying. There’s no fool proof system out there. GLTA. I own no long or short position at this time.

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