Brainwork While Waiting for Markets to Decide

Today, we stay right on our major task around here:  Navigating the financial minefield that becomes apparent when we are, as now, flirting with “disaster in the charts.”

Which means what?

Well, a simple discussion of charts this morning, plus a couple of technical indicators and our own Aggregate Index work (which a few people still don’t understand) as we await what will likely be a key driver this week:  Employment data which began flowing this morning…

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6 thoughts on “Brainwork While Waiting for Markets to Decide”

  1. George:

    All the charts that I have found compare currency value to currency value. Do you know of anyone that has compared the markets to money. I think the best times of my life were the late 1960s. So, take a 100,000 oz of gold and buy the DOW, S&P and NASDAQ. Chart the amount of each market you can buy going forward to today. Won’t that let you see when you are truly gaming wealth vice accumulating currency?

    • I actually check this from time to time Steve – and a fine question. Simple go to a good chart source ( for one) and bring up GLD True not physical, but easy and quick. Then tell it to compare with the S&P 500. You can see the relationship[ very quickly. No telling what it would really be if paper gold were all marked to the real physical supply

  2. The zika/ microcephaly association is false- see Jon Rappaport. Only 270 of those mothers actually had zika. Check out the Tdap vaccine being given to pregnant women; That should not be recommended!

    • Saw this article as well. The whole news story sounded fishy from the beginning, being in the medical field, it definitely popped up a red flag from the get-go.

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