Boring Monday? Well…

Yes, in a sense, it’s a quiet one this morning.  Fine time to practice short column writing.

But tomorrow will be bigger.  Be patient. That’s because that’s when the Federal Reserve will be holding it’s FOMC meeting and Wednesday we will get a sense of how much taper to expect and how quickly.

There’s other news ahead this week:  National Federation of Independent Business tomorrow and also the PPI tomorrow.

For now, however, the US stock futures are higher and it’s hard to get too excited about things.  We like to sit back and watch.  No hurry into making bad decisions.

War, inflation, Covid, and phony money risks are things to “blend carefully and stir.”  Simmering now.  Watch the stove closely.

War Risks

Seems to us the risks in Ukraine haven’t changed much.

On this last, we are pretty sure Germany is crazy with talk of halting Nord Stream 2.  The reason?  Germany needs Russian gas flowing into winter.  Stopping a new gas line is already at risk since we figure Russia will cut off European natural gas when Slow Biden uses “sanctions.”  Cold winter looms for Europe as this screw is turned.  Still, the G7 is trying to act tough…so we shall see.

Satellite images say the Russian buildup continues.  Thier’s will show the same on our side.

Looking a lot like “thinking with blanks” though.

War Over Taiwan Coming

Our look-ahead to 2022 also features a winter war with Taiwan.  Seen in stories like PLA drills near Taiwan may turn into full-scale attack, island’s defence ministry warns.

Thing is, China is using Covid fears (and vaccine) to erode the health of Taiwan.  Nicaragua receives China vaccines after cutting ties with Taiwan.  And, because vaccine sharing broke Nicaragua off from Taiwan, China is trying to use the same tactic with Honduras:  Honduras Likely to Follow Nicaragua in Cutting Taiwan Ties As China Courts Latin America.

If I put on my “football” coaching hat, I’d have to score all the moves (both in Taiwan and Ukraine) as what amount to short running games.  The “long bombs” are yet to come.  But at least for now, the running game is in full swing.

Remarkably, the tie-in with football and war?  Bills’ Taiwan Jones: Returns Sunday.  Who would have thought?  More than odd how Universe is playing this.

Meanwhile, some additional insights are likely from RAND Virtual Event Explores Increasingly Volatile U.S. Rivalry with China, Russia, today.

If you really want something to worry about – and are trying to test-fit Nostradamus and three wars into late winter, consider Iran’s top nuclear negotiator confers with Chinese, Russian counterparts – Iran Front Page (  Don’t think that has world war potential with three conflicts at once in 2022 or 2023?

Sure, toss in reports of Talon Anvil, a drone operation that killed civilians in Syria, too.  All adds up to a not very pleasant holiday period.  Iran, meantime, may turn into a space competitor Satellite images, expert suggest Iranian space launch coming

Storm After-Effects

Terrible storm damage from last week is still being assessed: Northeast Arkansas tornado victims recall storm’s ferocity as cleanup work begins in earnest (

But finally looks like snowfall is coming to the West: Major winter storm to impact Western US | Fox News.

We were having a dandy weekend until Sunday here in East Texas.  Then we dropped under 30 Saturday night.  The outcome is OK until Thursday but then an inch of rain is expected Thursday through Monday.  Screws up my outside project list.

Weather blowback hits Amazon as Union: Amazon Making Staff Work Through Storm ‘Inexcusable’ (

Holiday Ponders

Bitcoin was in the $48,600 range earlier this morning.  As for the fleecers of the flock?  Crypto Rich are Moving to Puerto Rico, World’s New Luxury Tax Haven.  There are more than 7,000 crypto currencies now. Which may explain why America’s future seems dim in our assessment:  We have far more Greater Fools than we would have believed possible.

More than 400 quakes in the past week as the Pacific Plate seems to be rotating: Over 40 earthquakes in 24 hours strike waters off US northwest (  We realize the rest of the Pacific Rim will follow with quakes.  But when…that’s the big question.

Renewed Virus Hype arrives on Omicron: Britain Reports World’s First Confirmed Death From Heavily Mutated Omicron Variant.  Thing is that the existing vaccines don’t seem to provide much coverage.  From Big Pharma’s chief salesman Fauci says omicron-specific vaccines may not be needed, while new research indicates T-cell protection may hold up against the variant.  “May?”  The vaccine peddlers are up to four shots now with no end in sight.  Speculation has mounted here.  Also read ‘3 shots Pfizer COVID vax 4x less effective against Omicron than Delta’.

And in Washington, the Trump bashing in the kangaroo congress continues as January 6 panel set to vote on holding Mark Meadows in contempt.  Of course, that vote will pass, we reckon.

Around the Ranch

The prime rib Sunday was perfect.

I’m going back to bed after actually writing a short column.

There just isn’t much of anything life-changing on the horizon right now.  Inflation is here, prices are rocketing up.  Government figures hide it.  Everyone suffers.

Still, it’s the longer-term stuff we’re focusing on.  We’ll wrap up our annual report lookahead on Peoplenomics Wednesday.

Non-destructive pillow testing resumes in 3…2….

Write when you get rich,

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62 thoughts on “Boring Monday? Well…”

  1. “There are more than 7,000 crypto currencies now.”
    Send me $5 and I’ll tell you how I make money.

  2. The pandemic will end when the digital monetary system is in place

    She reminds me of Danielle DiMartino Booth but the face doesn’t match the accent. Glad to see this being disseminated on the other side of the pond. It’s all coming our way like a freight train at full speed.

  3. No weekend war. :( I had to start ordering presents. I thought the war would get me out of it. Order now for 12/22 deliveries. Unless of course the tornadoes was the attack. Now they wait for a counter.

    Here were I live the temp is going to be 61°F, Thursday. That will be an all-time record for high temp in December. Cheap heating bills.

    I do think the ID required to enter the ‘Net is developing. Yahoo says retailers are complaining:

    Retail CEOs say online marketplaces are fueling ‘flash mob’ robberies. They want Congress to step in.

    WASHINGTON – Some of the nation’s largest retailers are urging Congress to help combat a wave of smash-and-grab robberies by cutting off the resale pipeline for stolen goods, which they say is enabled by online marketplaces that don’t do enough to verify the identity of sellers.

    “Criminals are capitalizing on the anonymity of the Internet and the failure of certain marketplaces to verify their sellers,” the CEOs wrote.

    • Yep another excuse to government to gain more information and power over the citizens. Today, of course I can have a yard sale and take cash for whatever I offer. Imagine if I have to check ID for every purchase, document every serial number and pass that information to my friendly government regulator. So instead of preventing and prosecuting crime, they will focus and growing their over site of our personal lives, and documenting what we trade among ourselves, while at the same time allowing physical crime against the retailers to create the conditions necessary for us to accept growth of their power.

    • “I had to start ordering presents. I thought the war would get me out of it. Order now for 12/22 deliveries.”

      Heck Steve… just get a bag of coal.. four dollars and your set.. one and done.. then get some baggies.. I was going to have a necklace made out of coal.. and key chains etc.. easy peasy.. LOL…
      coat it so it doesn’t get everyone black around the wrist or neck.. LOL LOL..

      • At work one year we drew names for ‘secret santa’ gifts. I got a secretary who told us stories about not being able to stand the suspense of wrapped gifts, and how she carefully unwrapped hers when no one was around, peeked, and then carefully wrapped them back up. Knowing this… I got her a lump of coal. Wrapped it in a box. Wrapped that box inside another box. Then wrapped that box inside a third box, put her name on it and put it under the tree at work, two weeks before Christmas. I didn’t have to wait long. The next day she was grouchy and grumpy at work and I knew she had seen it…. and probably had a long evening after work getting into and out of those three gift wrapped boxes! I told the boss what I did early, and she told me I was ‘mean’… and then bust out laughing. We enjoyed two weeks of ‘Christmas Grinch’ attitude from the secretary. On gift day, as she was getting ready to open the boxes (again) I interceded and gave her a small gift and told her: “You already know what’s in the big boxes, so here’s your real gift!”

        She was stunned, and actually got mad at me for doing that to her. LOL! I made her unwrap the big box also to show the rest of the office, and made her keep the coal as a reminder.

  4. Ahh – but for Universe to actually cooperate with Ure wishes..

    Boring Monday ? U be digging a tunnel somewhere ?

    Today December 13th , 2021 is Black Monday dontcha know ? ..”every Monday is black here on prison planet earth”. -P-0311

    Ure People are getting destroyed out there – FOOD/Gas/HeatingOil-Nat Gaz..While the whole damgod time pumping FEAR 24/7 ..”be afraid, be very afraid” – Sorass

    * Lets GO brandon! Purrrfect time to send USA Blood & Treasure to foreign land for the final “Cull”.

    ..Irresistible Force (inflation) vs Immovable Object (historically low interest rates)

    • “* Lets GO brandon! Purrrfect time to send USA Blood & Treasure to foreign land for the final “Cull”.

      We don’t have any idea what WAR on our soil is like Prisoner 0311.. our grandfathers heard about the civil war from their parents.. but us.. we don’t have a clue.. unfortunately.. this time.. the chess pieces are in place for it all to happen on our soil.. Brandon sold out and brought over how many we will never know..
      Are we ready for it.. NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.. I belong to a church that teaches you should be prepped.. and only six to twelve percent of those members are.. the reason.. we have lived in the land of plenty.. with cheap goods from China.. we played right into the hands of GREED.. our children are dumbed down.. our parents dependent on social programs to exist..
      Everyone should listen to this guys lectures.. would love to be a student .. oh hey I guess I am LOL LOL…just not getting any credits.. but then who truly cares about that crap..
      the negative impacts of war are horrible to say the least and for us unknown..
      below is just a good movie.. but sort of a way at least…

  5. “There are more than 7,000 crypto currencies now.”

    What was that commercial we saw back in the 70s, I think, with a bunch of witches standing around a cauldron? The one putting the ingredients in finally got to the “pièce de résistance” – “A large, one eyed, no-nosed Nothing”. Guess Bitcoin has been around much longer than anyone ever thought.

    • Wild guess here..

      You didnt bother to acquire any Bitcoin digital tulips at any price, due to being smartest guy in the room, no doubt

      A “nothing @ $47,000 per..
      Dont forget post about “nothing” when all the Wealthy “coinsters” start pressuring Govt – with their new found BBBBBILLIONZ$$$ – to Change the Law – cause we got ALL the power now.


      • That was a good snicker there BCN. With nation states using BC to settle some debts and multi-billionaires diving in look for the price to be manipulated like gold and silver are now they can push those prices anywhere they want and you’ll be along for the ride. Enjoy your gains, you earned ’em but I still can’t get a coiner to tell me what’s going to happen when the US$ crashes or is done away with when they introduce Fedcoin in whatever form they choose. That exit door will start to look mighty small.

      • Comrade bcn,

        The Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman were driving around with a delivery van full of muffin bottom halves may have topped your bisque soup. They couldn’t even dump them off on the food bank. Could you be holding a bottom fraction of bitcoin that’s shortly to be negotiable or not on Uncle Sam’s terms?

        As you are no doubt aware, earlier this month there was a bitcoin case verdict reached in a Florida court. An Australian, Mr. Wright, alleged co-founder of bitcoin would pay out $100 million to interested parties of the other co-founder now deceased, and walk off into the London sunset with bitcoin valued at $50+ billion. The Threadneedle Street crowd in The Clubs must have been outraged at such seedy red-headed league behavior sprouting up in The City. According to Twitter’s
        at MurphSicles, there were some rather curious facts not appearing in the typical msm Florida reports.

        The LLC entity associated with the co-founding decedent, his brother, and the other co-founder’s ex-wife had been wound down years after his passing at zero value. So one imagines no death taxes had been paid to Uncle Sam. Within the remaining ménage à trois, Mr. Wright allegedly offers a $3.2 billion cash plus bitcoin settlement which is declined so decedent bro and ex-Mrs. W. go to court under cover of a resuscitated LLC. They are totally happy with a mere $100 million outcome. Ok, sure.

        Hold on, there’s more!

        The decedent co-founder of bitcoin has a website bearing his name: davekleiman dot com. Reading through it one could surmise bitcoin was developed concurrently with cryptography and security duties carried out for USA agencies such as NASA.

        Who really owns the Bitcoin Oracle and all its output, 000 and all? Will Uncle Sam settle probate on a “mere” $100million? Are Mr. Wright’s dreams perhaps of Little Cayman bigly wrong?

        Well, bcn, I don’t have any investment advice, but jumping out with slightly over ripe bananas might be a whole lot of a better taste in the mouth than brown, squishy ones. Save some for Uncle Sam?

        Tiny Tim: “God bless us everyone!”

        Uncle Sam: “Bah, humbug!”

        • And the fun part our Canookian friend didn’t mentionize was this leaves only 7,269 more cryptos to collapse!
          47.300 and about to the powered part of gravity to our eyes.

  6. The OMICRON death, while tragic, underlines the fake news and political BS that we receive from our media masters. Who says they get to set the tone of every piece and ignore science? They quote Boris no less, the guy who is busy covering for his holiday party. What are the chances he needed some headlines to bury his maskless party? Gin up the fear, and tell us it’s just as deadly.

    Wait, just as deadly, OMICRON? We already know it’s not nearly as deadly. Science (and the best available data) says so. But now every COVID headline is political and since idiots with political brainwashing syndrome read the press, I guess it’s just going to be political now. Screw science. The west is lost, meanwhile Africa is getting natural immunizations instead of lockdowns. This will never end as long as the pharmas are in charge. Politics and graft, COVID is just another welfare state, there is no money to be made solving it.

    • You believe in science?!? You trust data?!? As I’ve learned from reading lo these many posts, it’s all fake news, politicized b.s. spread by the overlords to mislead the sheeple to their doom. Imprisonment and/or an agonizing death awaits. BUY MORE AMMO!
      Waiting to die from graphene oxide (or is it hydroxide now?) poisoning, I remain YOS….

      • I specifically said I don’t trust science or data. I specifically said I don’t trust politicians to be honest about it. I also said that up to now politicians (and us by our silly preference for fake news/politics) have been pretending to follow the science, and now they will abandon that for pure politics.

        OMICRON is doing what viruses do, they mutate to be less deadly. And we won’t be allowed to know this with political voices instead of science voices.

        You and people like you are part of the problem, however. Because using words like sheeple and AMMO will make everyone follow the politicians rather than associate with your perspective. It’s not a very persuasive attitude and will only strengthen the walls between us, allowing the people you despise to remain in control.

        Try learning how to make friends that don’t think like you. Let me know if you ever do, otherwise, expect endless masking and vaxxing, no matter what else is happening in the world. We’ll be the last to know because we’ll still be in our foxholes throwing things at each other like monkeys instead of having adult conversations.

      • Phil,
        In your first post you specifically said
        “Wait, just as deadly, OMICRON? We already know it’s not nearly as deadly. Science (and the best available data) says so.”
        So, I understood you saying that you believe (at least some) science and data from somewhere.
        I do have friends on the “other side” – but we don’t discuss that thing I resolved to stop discussing since I’ve concluded that it’s fruitless anyway and too sad to dwell on. To each his/her own. Given the odds, we’ll probably all survive this thing, and spend the rest of our days congratulating ourselves on how whatever course of action we took saved us from the plague.
        It’s a Catch-22. How can you point to some science and data as accurate when it all comes from or through people in authority that you don’t believe anyway.
        There’s no truth/trust anymore because we no longer share the same reality.
        YouTube charlatans?!? Buy their book or other merch and be sure to contribute on the way out. Mr. Haney’s truck awaits.
        And I’m sick of all the panicky preppers driving up ammo prices, just like they did with toilet paper. Really guys, how many more tens of thousands of rounds do ya need? I can’t even afford to go to the range to practice with my EDC. Maybe I can get Federal to sponsor me like they do Hickok45.
        Peace through preparation without panic.

      • Get a grip. Your sarcasm is cheap shots, and still you patently demonstrate arrogance and ignorance to the 10th degree; typical lib.

  7. I read yesterday that the government, starting in January, will be using a new methodology for measuring inflation. Meaning? They have found a new way to hide the numbers, especially going into the mid-term elections.

  8. I thought I would drop this. Urea is in short supply worldwide. Urea is used in making BlueDef for diesel (big trucks). There is getting to be a shortage of BlueDef and should be a major problem by Feb. Big trucks can’t run without BlueDef or something similar. Last summer 2.5 gal. Sold for less than $10, now it is pushing $20 depending on location.

    • BlueDef is totally optional to run a diesel. It’s only needed if a computer running the engine makes it so. All my old mechanical diesels work fine without it. It’s pollution crap, like the old air pumps attached to gas engines. It exists only because of EPA.

      There are far better uses for urea such as fertilizer.

  9. “Inflation is here, prices are rocketing up.” if yo could see the advertisement spread upon your page today, that I see, its all Zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar bank notes all for the low low price of $297, US. Well that and tan blondes in hoodies and short shorts. which makes me think, True Blood, appropriate for both requests made, by the madmen. have fun with your pillow, I spent a ton of time getting acquainted with mine yesterday. Rested, reset and back to being of High Vibration, High Capacity, good spirits and taking positive action as the straight shooter, no non sense or bullshit kind of Leader, that I am well known for.

    speaking of Crypto Currencies,

    Recent news in the Emerald City,

    Did You know George, last week, Climate Pledge Arena (Formally known as The Key) reminiscent of back in the day of keyybe, gave out its very first awards for meritorious service and outstanding professionalism last week. Only Men and Women of High Caliber received such honors. Out of the thousands and thousands from all the many service companies and vendors. Only 5 awards were given. a special coin. 2 of my crew, received such High Honor. I am so very proud of them! I am very well represented out there at such venues. I am so very humbled and honored to be among The Great who call me their leader and ran down to my office to show me their coins beaming with smiles.

    Cue: ~ Bad Things~

    Jace Everett

    • exactly my sentiments too George, securing 40% of the market cap in coins that work for me over where they “unleash the Kraken.”

      today is a really good day, or so I am told. seeing lots of change all around all around me. been seeing that a while. we shall see.

      Ure bot said hello to me this morning. i replied to it. haha

      • Thanks. Will look in a min. Right now I’m watching Papa Ure’s prediction bringing that block chain market down to my liking for entry. You know it is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

        Prophets being profits. Gives me a little more time to dial in the other 3 coins. Since I got confirmation that I have 2 on my payroll. Hard working respectable men of high value. Anyone dishonors them. Well, They bring dishone on themselves. Even the greatest samurai that ever lived is only seppuku without honor.

        Weeeee as they say on Earth, uhem limbo, a little lower, a little more lower, just a little bit lower.

        Good job Mr Ure. And my prediction comes after ures. :)

  10. I hate to say this because I’m known as Dr. Doom to some of my friends, but George, I have to ask your opinion of the weather lately. On December 21, 2018, an article was written that said “A series of controversial experiments by Russia and China recently came to light, drawing concern from experts over their potential military applications. A newly published paper shows that in June 2018, Russian scientists emitted high-frequency radio waves in order to affect the ionosphere – the ionized section of Earth’s upper atmosphere that reaches from 50 to 600 miles above. They were able to heat it up by about 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) while also causing a massive electric spike.

    The storms in the mideast of America seem to be very strong for December. In Atlanta, we will have 70+ degrees in mid December. I know the Democrats are saying Global Warming is the cause, but I just wonder if some of the same people (Foreign Countries) who are pressing for the end of America might be active in helping Slo Joe to continue his destruction of America.

      • No, the tornado was not engineered by Russian interference with the ionosphere, tornadoes develop much closer to the ground:

        When considerable variation in wind is found over the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere, tornado-producing ‘supercell thunderstorms’ are possible,” said Paul Markowski, professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. “That’s what we had yesterday.”

        Tornadoes typically lose energy in a matter of minutes, but in this case it was hours, Gensini said. That’s partly the reason for the exceptionally long path of Friday’s storm, going more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) or so, he said. The record was 219 miles (352 kilometers) and was set by a tornado that struck four states in 1925. Gensini thinks this one will surpass it once meteorologists finish analyzing it.

        Climate change deniers, yes, you will be seeing more Dec tornadoes:

        Note that the previous most deadliest tornadoes all happened from March to June, NEVER before in December!!

        • Other than being totally ignorant of the Chinese rainmaking program to increase their own crop yields and to deny Taiwan water, you are not a meteorologist. Dare I remind that as a pilot I have forgotten more about real life winds, evolution of fronts than you?

          You will swallow any climate crap wrapped up in a ball for soft-thinking lefties!
          Tornados happen in mid winter. See the,_Arkansas,_tornado January on that one.

          It’s all about temperature differentials and wind flows and we are in an exceptional ENSO this year. Look up the
          1904 Moundville, Alabama tornado: 36 dead and damn sight fewer people around.

          Tornado outbreak of November 11, 1911 – February 1917 Southeast tornado outbreak – January 1944 Oklahoma tornado outbreak — 1947 New Year’s Eve tornado outbreak

          Please. I get sick of left-wing bullshit to sell climate power grabs. Same Marxist tactic with jabs, defunds, and Smollett the racist, we’d add. Find a way to spew hysteria and believe in the lie of the week.

          sit back and watch the flow. Go with it. Offer constructive ideas and don’t say stupid shit like. We’ve been here, done this for 150 years.

    • 25 years ago, the USAF 2025 Study proposed using weather modification for a strategic military advantage. All 5 of the cited necessary capabilities needed have been realized.

      1 advanced nonlinear modeling techniques
      2 computational capability
      3 information gathering and transmission
      4 a global sensor array, and
      5 weather intervention techniques.

      It is a certainty this capability is being used today and will be used with greater effectiveness in any future conflict.

    • Also the air stank outside this morning, it’s a smell that I have noticed after heavy chemtrailing, all deep cloud cover today. We cannot be surprised at the intensity of attempting to starve and kill us or setting the Seeds of Our Destruction. Good book by the way.

  11. Headline reads …

    “Britain Reports World’s First Confirmed Death From Heavily Mutated Omicron Variant”

    But in the article Johnson says, “with” …

    “Speaking at a London vaccination clinic, Johnson said: “Omicron is producing hospitalizations and sadly at least one patient has now been confirmed to have died with Omicron. …”

    So here we go again … OF – FROM – WITH.

    One would think in such a grandiose experiment, being accurate and precise would count. It’s ridiculous.

  12. Yahoo says, “The amount of money companies are setting aside for raises is expected to rise at the fastest rate in more than a decade…. Budgets for wage hikes are projected to jump 3.9% next year, the biggest annual leap since 2008,”

    They don’t mention the most conservative Ghost of Inflation Past was 6.9%.

    The Ghost of Inflation Yet to Come will be a monster.

    • This is why inflation is a tax.

      Once inflation permeates an economy, the overseeing government always gets to spend that fresh-printed dough before it inflates into the economy. A hyperinflation takes everybody and everything down, but it takes government down both last, and least…

  13. Soft Yellow (very light pencil) ALERT!

    AFTER the first of the year by a few days,
    we’ll hold a BUSINESS MODEL NET test
    exercise. Details to follow on some slow
    news day, shortly. I think we’re below
    the RADAR here, to some degree.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.
    “Listen on the 15’s and/or the 45’s”
    Work the recognition “BUSINESS MODEL”
    somewhere into innocent conversation,
    calling no special attention to it.
    We’ll all Know, but Third Man will most
    likely not.
    (We’ll see just how sharp them guys in Utah are.)
    Hear everything: trust no one.
    (And, no, I don’t think everyone will hear
    everyone else. It’ll be a regional, thing,
    self-organizing. Don’t be shy: don’t be
    stupid. Success follows the initiative.

    – 73 –

  14. Buy gold and gold and gold and gold . Time to destroy these evil bastards. Get it . Forgot how to fight ? Don’t want to ? Shove everything it’s time

  15. Scratchy throats came through the office 3-4 weeks back. By the time secondary infections set in, no one tested positive for Covid, because it had come and gone. I’m wondering whether it was Delta-2, or the Omnimoronic variant? My antibody reading is high. I think I’ll wait six months and get a retest before I consider a booster. The second jab made me a lot sicker than Covid ever has.

    • Damn. Been nice knowing ya, n_____. We’ve been coughing our toenails up around here for weeks, too. Cotton farmers combining their crops, cedars blooming like crazy, winds from all over dumping stuff on us. What the hell, we survive. No jab, no booster. Just vitamins and plenty of Guaifenesin

      • Yeah. We’ve been getting ragweed & mountain cedar (juniper) both, mixed with all that other West Texas crap blowing in.
        We haven’t had anyone go down in the office with Covid in more than a year. I figure we have had at least five waves of Covid come through. The office is fully vaccinated, with something approaching 100% natural immunity. No one seems to be coming down with systemic Covid anymore. Scratchy throats and secondary infections is all we see here.
        The handful in the highest risk categories who took the 3rd jab didn’t have any serious side effects. The statistics site G_____ sent me to indicated that if you make it through the first week, chances of severe side effects are very low. It’s the first 24 hrs that I don’t want to deal with.
        Hopefully all of you Texas isolationist retirees don’t get bit by a strain that contaminates and is spread in bullsh!t.

  16. So in between meat and grog did you take the time to buy gold . Probably not . Slowness creeping in from insulin shock ? Now stand up!!! Get a spine !!! Buy gold!!

    • “did you take the time to buy gold” .

      Silly question.. if your the only one with wheat.. how much gold does a pound of flour cost?
      A happy meal in Argentina is an average two weeks wages..

  17. Just read the gold guru saying no chance for a bull market . Typical . Probably unhealthy and veged . Buy gold buy gold buy gold

  18. Hey G, thought I would throw in a quick note on inflation. The way it is calculated since 1980 has changed a lot. If you used the 1980 calculation, this month’s increase was not 6.8% but 14%. It might be important to let people know how really bad it is.

    • That’s still a cover. Real inflation in most essential areas (like food and energy) is about 31%-31.5% since Mr. Biden became da Prez — about 34% YtY…

  19. Look at em making fools of yah again . Down the market up the market. Little trades ! Burn the bastards buy gold . Gold gold gold . 25 years the greatest bull . Hit the bastards die of omicron yah scum and fear as well . And the USD insert hard and harder Jerome yah jerk . You 2 nana Yellen shove your lies in that

  20. i took a look around the intewebs today, something i don’t do very often.. because everything i need to know is all around me. i dont need the web much any more. much like a persons name popping up earlier and then me walking out the door to go have a smoke, at the same time they drive by my office slowly then turn real quick, hoping i don’t see them drive by. LOL

    how could i miss it. i leave things in places for no idea why i do that, only to have them when i need them, where i need them at the exact time they are useful.

    interesting observation:

    that Zimbabwe add, i seen at Ure site, followed me to 6 other websites, but on the other sites the blonde in the hoody, was replaced by the Chinese yuan. not only that, you had Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar bills above and below stacks of Chinese cash. not only that, lots of imprints on a housing collapse in china.

    i remember not to long ago, most people were saying that china would kick our ass. and i was thinking they will fall long before us. too many mouths to feed. you shut down all them factories to play a game of chicken with the US and that is a ton of hungry citizens… and now their housing is collapsing and for some strange reason, i find their money sitting between 100T Zimbabwe’s.

    most people would never notice such things, they are always saying listen! Listen Up! trust me, i am.

    found a new totem today, a mustard packet. moving mountains in the not so distant future. or freedom of movement, since mustard takes away cramps almost instantly. could be something else entirely.. the language of creation isnt a set parameter, its always moving and changing form.

    the wizard did my chart recently, before I go, he found it very interesting that my name means in old old old ancient charts, Angel of Powerful Strength. protector, provider of safety and security around the gates of Heaven.

    then laughed really hard when he said oh how funny of course it is, everyone calls you angel and your middle name is Michael. and that is the Angel of Powerful Strength and what you do for a living and how you are.

    clock is ticking…. i picked a fight this weekend, i didn’t pick a fight to fight. i picked a fight for THE DUDE to fight… ever mindful of that day, I realized, GOD drives a Buick. it is in my perfect weakness, that THE DUDE’s Strength is most prevalent. so im playing part of the mouse right now, hopefully really well, and the crow is doing what crows do… until it too finds out, That something it cant fathom in its wildest crow dreams, comes out of nowhere and smashes it flat as a pancake. for what does a crow know? about the internal combustion engine of a Buick? it can not fathom the radio knobs on the dash of such a mechanism let alone the dreams and hopes of a THE DUDE who drives it….. i may be a little mouse at the moment and i don’t understand THE DUDE at times, but I know HE is there.

    im quitting the show, i have to exchange something for something. fare trade.

    it has been my experience that most people who say LISTEN! LISTEN? dont even see the Zimbabwe money above and below the Chinese yuan let alone hear the sound of heart beat of the lady accosts the street while she is walking her dog in the early morning. most people who say listen, don’t know how to be still. speaking of the Moon and Prisms and light?

    from my 3rd favorite book of all time, prayer the master key,

    from the poem Of Tide and Time,

    ~ Be Still, God is. Perhaps if you are still enough, you can hear the everlasting tide of being fling itself on the shores of forever. ~

    serenity to you.

  21. Last thing. It has occurred to me that with 2 Opertunities to move from my current position? Is it the man in the ocean who says, God will save me to the passing life boat, passing ship and helicopter? Then when he dies and stands before God and says, Yo God! I thought you were going to save me. And God says, didn’t ya get the life boat, rhe ship or the helicopter I sent you?

    One has to ponder…. and in the same breath, I worked at the third Home Depot store ever built, Microsoft in 1995 for 2 days, 3 months before the release of windows 95 and I had 1000 shares of Amazon… which isn’t doing so well right now I presume. I knew that it wouldn’t be doing so well when I wrote The Zero Report, edition I.

    Perhaps it’s time for some yoga up on the poop deck of the Titanic. I hear the view is much better up there of the sub that sank it. But that was long before the invention of the U boat Andy. Ya, long before the known invention of the U boat. That much is certain.

    Hmmmmmmm…….. guess we shall see. A smoke and then a good night’s rest, perhaps that is best.

    Tomorrow is the dawn of a new day, said the tired people of Pompeii.

    Or we can just all be happy for once. Ya know someone Called me an asshole recently. Another Said he would kill me on glp. And i think to myself. God ya know what? I’m used to that. Why don’t ya try a different strategy instead? Becauee all that does is make me stonger. Every fucking time. If ya actually loved me and gave me hope? That would be way out of the norm. LOL

    And There was that. It’s about fucking time.

  22. Question: Can Bitcoin and other crypto’s be shut off/down just by flipping the switch on the internet; meaning, I don’t get how it’s safe if someone outside of your control can just shut the website off.
    A few months ago Coinbase had a surprise visit from the SEC chairman who taught at MIT during the T administration while waiting to get back to DC. Who knows what Coinbase was told to do. But here’s the link to the SEC chairman’s crypto class at MIT should anyone want some insight into his thoughts on crypto: OR, if you’re like me and don’t trust links, just do an internet search for MIT open courseware gary gensler crypto and that should get you there. After he was called back to DC, he did a contract with MIT for them to help with developing government crypto.

    • Same thing happens to your checking or investment accounts. Nothing is tangible and everything lives through the power of the ‘net. Flip the switch and everything goes to sleep.

      Around my ‘hood, the banks are putting up ATM’s everywhere but the stores have signs they prefer credit card transactions. The real story about what is going on is in there somewhere… Are the moneychangers trying to divest themselves of cash currency?

      • Banks always want their customers to do things in a way that saves the bank expense or overhead. Punching in a data entry is much faster & cheaper than physically counting money. Unless you come in with a thousand bills or a sack full of change, the teller will count those bills and coins by hand.

        Up through BC (Before COVID) a ccard or debit-card transaction cost the retailer 3.4%-3.8% (minimum $5.08) to accept. This is why lots of retail establishments required a “$5 minimum purchase” before they would accept plastic. They would write off a $5 (gross) loss to get bodies through the door.

        When I would tag my local garage to fix a car, I would pay in cash. I explained to the owner: “You’re local. I’m going to pay a thousand bucks either way, but if I pay in cash, you’re going to get to keep that $37 you would otherwise be paying the bank to process my debit card. I’m not lazy. It costs me nothing to stop at the bank on my way here and withdraw some cash. Since I’m going to pay that $37 either way, I’d a lot rather you get it than Bank of America… Wouldn’t you?”

        AC (After COVID hit), when everybody locked down, most card issuers and providers were “convinced” to waive those fees. I dunno if the above still applies. ISTM though, if a bank or fiduciary can’t make it one way, they’ll find another way to do so…

        As for banking by wire: “Yes.” If the ‘Net goes down, yer assets are in limbo. However, your liquid assets, transactions, and liabilities are only a maximum of one day behind, because somebody has them on a daily backup. They can be resuscitated and verified to within 1-day of TSHTF. Cryptos live on the ‘Net and although your personal computer may house your digi-codes, if either your computer goes tango uniform or the means of network verification is lost, they become worthless, pseudorandom bits in etherspace and if they’re only stored in a cloud-based wallet, the instant the Internet winks out, they’re gone forever…

        That’s the principal difference between government-backed fiat and ether-backed fiat…

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