Boolean Fed Watch

There is a really neat way of apprehending the nuances of futuring (watching for Observer expectations) that we kicked around Monday.

It involves using a basic Boolean “truth table” to figure out where the odds are.

If you want to skip this part, the bottom line (as of futures prices at 4:35 AM) looked like the Fed decision hasn’t been leaked OR it hasn’t been made.  IoW: No Consensus yet at the Observer State level.

One further idea here – and it’s both subtle and useful – is that the closer the binary odds of influencing a future event are, the less energy (Observer emotional state) is required to put a lock on an outcome. 

Now the details.

Boolean What?

A Boolean “Truth Table” is not a particularly difficult concept to grasp.  It’s closely related to propositional calculus which is more complicated, but both are forms of propositional logic.

I first got interested in Boolean-thinking when a fellow who was a genius-level accountant referred me to a (*then new) book: The Delphi Method, Linstone and Turoff, 1975.

If spending $187 bucks for a paperback(!) there are higher-end and lower end Delphi books.

[Going Deeper: For someone like reader Mark in San Francisco, for example, a good reading choice might be USING THE DELPHI METHOD AS A DECISION-MAKING AID FOR A SMALL REAL ESTATE COMPANY, ($250).  For people less immersed in an aspect of business, a more general read might be The Refractive Thinker®: Volume II: Research Methodology: The Delphi Primer which is $10-bucks for Kindle.]

I know; “Which has what to do with day trading?”

Crichton’s Foam

I think it was Michael Crichton’s novel Timeline where the description of “future solidifying out of quantum foam” made for a dandy description of how the future shows up.  Essentially, all it takes (down at the quantum level) is one key Observer state to begin to change things.

Which is why people get prayer all wrong.  Because they “pray on a problem” AFTER the quantum-level event has already locked-in.  See how this works? There is not enough intending and talking to God‘ing in the world to put the genie of Future back in the bottle once it has “locked.”

Which is what Charles Capps brilliantly nails in his small (and inexpensive – $1.99) book “Calling Things That Are Not” is all about.  Prayer is simply the local way for each of us to begin manipulating quantum potentials without the building of a CERN or pissing away billions.  See, anyone can study how prayer works AND how quantum physics (and reality) works.  You line up the data on how both are approached, consider the timelines, and then own your Observer State that “calls Future” closest to Source and enjoy a dandy Life.

It only works well if you buff-up your INTENT because an iron will intent puts you in the front seat with God/Universe/Source as a kind of under-study.  A third level down student whose learning style is almost as in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice manner.  Get a few pieces, screw it up, learn, re-try and level-up.  Life is school.

Capps, unlike most Believers, gets much, much closer to the Source which is the energy and expectation level of Creator, if you’re following.  Because Capps’ is working “up the timeline” prior to this moment’s events.  The closer you can get to Source, especially “pre-lock” – then the bigger the influence of an energetic Observer becomes.  Such that once you “see” a future – that very act of seeing, quantum physics assures us – locks, or at least biases, Future toward a specific (intended) outcome.

The Boolean Part

Oh – that.  Trivial really.

We take what’s “observable” (like the market decline Monday) and project today’s action and lay it out like a “pay-off table” but it’s really just a Boolean truth table.  Which as Wikipedia lays out:

“A truth table has one column for each input variable (for example, P and Q), and one final column showing all of the possible results of the logical operation that the table represents (for example, P XOR Q). Each row of the truth table contains one possible configuration of the input variables (for instance, P=true Q=false), and the result of the operation for those values. See the examples below for further clarification. Ludwig Wittgenstein is generally credited with inventing and popularizing the truth table in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, which was completed in 1918 and published in 1921.[2] Such a system was also independently proposed in 1921 by Emil Leon Post.[3] An even earlier iteration of the truth table has also been found in unpublished manuscripts by Charles Sanders Peirce from 1893, antedating both publications by nearly 30 years.”

Blah, blah, blah.  The one for this morning looks like this:

As you can see, with the futures pointing (at press time) towards a nicely positive opening, in fact one that just about exactly offsets the Monday losses, we infer the future bias of the Fed decision tomorrow has not been detected.

At the end of the day (prior to the close so we can get to the betting window!) we will assess the bias based on Monday and Tuesday trading and then attempt a judgment (guess) as to which mode we are in (buy or sell the rumor in advance of news) and place a bet (or NOT) according to how our indicators and bias studies align, Ton of workflow to it and Life is not about spending time in repetitive workflows, is it?

Which is nice, because it makes the odds reasonable appearing for us small-fry in the Casino of Wall Street.

Class dismissed.

Other Financial Notes

BTC was hanging around the $20,600 level earlier.  Don’t know if that means more inflation, but Gold was also up $13-bucks early which may be seen as an inflation-case outcome to the Fed.  Which could mean a half-assed hike. But, we’ll see.

And as we wait for the Fed decision to materialize (out of the quantum foam of Future) we see the pile-on crowd at the ready: Australia’s central bank says ready to go faster or pause on rate hikes as needed.

“Same as it ever was” advises Talking Heads.

Slop Jar Tuesday

The circus is coming to San Francisco!  Suspect in hammer attack on Paul Pelosi due in court in San Francisco.

Joe the dicktater is back: Biden threatens tax hit on ‘war profiteering’ oil giants.  Hollow threat if there’s a red wave,  ain’t it?

Joe the Brilliant, captivating Orator is back, too: Biden aims to drive GOP contrast in Florida 1 week out.  One week to train wreck!  All aboard!

Every Penny Counts department:  Elon Musk Suggests New Price for Twitter Verification After Stephen King Criticizes $20 a Month Report | Elon Musk, Stephen King, Twitter .

Nowhere for things to “roll downhill” to at Twitter: Elon Musk now Twitter CEO after firing entire board.

Need something else to worry about?  Astronomers discover ‘planet killer’ asteroid that may one day hit Earth.  No one knows what which day – but years out is a guess.

Say, how are Chicago’s gun laws (some of the toughest in the country) working for you?  14 shot, including 3 children, in East Garfield Park

Fed meeting gavels in today.  Again, I wasn’t invited (damned if I know why…)  Tomorrow the ADP employment report (I’m thinking weak) and the Fed decision tomorrow afternoon.

Should Non-Taxpayers vote?  Seriously – shouldn’t only people with skin in the game vote?  40% of households will pay no federal income tax this year. Why that’s good news.  That’s mob rule, not a republic.

Discrimination by any other name dept: Affirmative action in jeopardy after justices raise doubts.  If race is not a factor, why do schools ask?  Sometime bullshit is blatant.  Schools either run on merit or they are political instruments. Race is not a merit score. Pretty cut and dry to us.

Race Doesn’t Matter – or does it – dept: Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmett Till in Graphic Post.

Don’t you love what the woke dopes of Social Just Us have done?  World’s gone from “What’s for lunch?” to “What’s for lynch?”

Write when you get rich,

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  1. “Don’t you love what the woke dopes of Social Just Us have done? World’s gone from “What’s for lunch?” to “What’s for lynch?” ”

    I wish to thank you for providing a forum where victims of the social justice vigilantes can air their grievances (and rope burns). Leftist control and manipulation of the media has stifled freedom of speech. I’m looking for the change in ownership at Twitter to signal a sea change in real civil rights for all in this country.

  2. Yeah it’s all over for me . Satanic markets have won . It is good to admit defeat . Up for the fight stronger next time . And it is a fight . Good v bad right v wrong . How they got thru the gann fan on a rate rise in this sheethole Australia is beyond me . Rate rises make markets go up in a depression is beyond . Good luck to all the folks . I should stop loss but when it ain’t logical forget it I’m to the death . Me or them . I hate contrarians they are spivs relying on evil . One creep in particular an inside fool

    • @Len, They’re using supply/demand indicators…the Big$ traders aren’t dependent on what is the right or wrong direction based on what a central bank does or doesn’t do with interest rates. They’re trading up on the Weekly, Monthly and even Quarterly charts and looking at where the supply/demand boxes are.

  3. “Elon Musk Suggests New Price”

    I think we’re manipulated by “perception influencers”.

    From the link:

    ““We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8?” he wrote.

    Would you pay $8 a month to keep a blue check on Twitter?”

    That’s how it works. Poor billionaire. Let’s “Moneybomb” him. Ha ha ha.

  4. The Fed is roiling around a move to accept higher inflation 3-5% – this of course is an excuse to taper or end the rate increases ……. between England’s pension boondoggle and the entire Swiss banking system being bust – they have to do something quick – also the Covid end game in China seems ready to abait …….

  5. Don’t let pedo joe know that 40% of people won’t be paying taxes. He’s the one who pushed taxing social security, upset that the government wasn’t taxing the money that they forced us to pay.

  6. Saw an informative article yesterday that I shared with our school board prez who passed it on to the Supt. I did not know there was a OTC fentanyl blocker out there that anyone could buy so I offered to buy a few doses for each campus if they didn’t know about it. I thought anything like that wouldn’t be seen outside an ER but evidently it’s out there as a nasal spray –

    and the two drug stores that say they have it here are Walgreens and CVS. Couldn’t believe that at least Wal-Mart didn’t.

    I was disappointed that the Supt. opted on the side of caution in deciding to stock this due to legal reasons but he said he’d consider it after covering all those bases. I just hope we don’t have a fentanyl OD on campus before they make up their mind. I wonder if the school nurse has any training on procedures in an event like this absent such a blocker being on hand?

    Having a dose or two in your personal inventory wouldn’t be a bad idea, though.

    • Bill, you should be able to get this for free. Call the local police, fire and county sheriff’s offices. They’re still trying to give it away here and can’t find enough people to take it off their hands. Bought it with grant money. The only reason I had any interest was that it was on some money and a woman ended up almost dying from touching the bill.

      Also, if the school gets it from these providers the legal issues should be removed for the school board…because it came from another ‘public’ entity.

      • Yes, I think the article said something about it being free somewhere but don’t know about Texas. I’m going to check both drug store locations to see what they have and then start building a fire under the school board members’ butt to get them to keep this on hand. Unimaginable that they wouldn’t.
        Hell’s Bells! We’re a Guardian School here in Texas so the teachers are authorized to kill anyway!

      • Holy cow. Just called CVS and the pharmacist said it was $89 to $90 a pop and, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a single dose bottle.

      • @Bill

        Narcan is a nasal spray. It is multiuse, and there’s probably >50 doses in a bottle.

        UT regional campuses distribute it for free. The program is run out of the School of Nursing at UTSA.

        This link:

        at UTSA’s Health Service is probably your best bet. The UTSA Health Service is also installing free vending machines across the State, but the only one I could find is the one at the UT-Austin campus.

      • Ya got folks that walked in with border patrol looking the other way. They work, pay taxes, shop in the same store you do and live under the same laws. Why shouldn’t they vote? They are in fact citizens but not sanctioned by disfunctional two faced government.

    • If your entire life revolves around money, taxes and income than you may “think” that you have to pay taxes in order to have skin in the game. I’d offer that an 18 year old who pays no income taxes, maybe because they are a college student, still has skin in the game – maybe due to having to register for Selective Service, student loans or healthcare. Everyone is effected by government.

      • Not without AGI – and now that Joe Blow is handing out dough, this lil weasel hiding out in school from real work doesn’t even pay back debts are promised.
        Hell no – tear up their voter cards.
        No worky no voty

      • well GU i disagree that 55,000,000 elderly americans on SSI should lose the right to vote, that 8,000,000 disabled americans should lose the right to vote and that 6,000,000 unemployed americans should lose the right to vote.

        i always say republicans fear and hate voters. y’all are becoming true fascists.

        • They wouldn’t – they have and AGI and bought in at gunpoint to social security.
          Try to read what I write and turn down the volume of those voices in your head long enough to listen and think about things.

      • why y’all so fearful of voters? why is the goal always to get less people to vote and to make it harder to vote? how about developing a platform that appeals to more voters so y’all can win off the ol fashioned way…by getting more votes – not court cases, not insurrections, not fake news, not gerrymandering?

    • Every time you spend you are paying tax. What about federal gas tax? what about businesses that have to pass the cost of the tax to their customers?

  7. “Which is why people get prayer all wrong.”

    I have always figured that people get prayer wrong because they pray for an outcome. Like each team praying for a victory before the game starts.

    Prayer is tapping in to the source and asking for the strength to affect the outcome or to understand and accept the outcome with wisdom and compassion. We are the earthly hands and voice of the DUDE as Andy calls him/her/it.

    • To follow in a football context:

      Prayer doesn’t work in the second half – the game is usually decided.

      Prayer began fading out at the end of the first quarter.

      EFFECTIVE INTENT – Will, intention, and prayer – already called the game either at breakfast on game day or in the locker room. DUDE is the coach whose best efforts make or break at kick-off.

      • This subject is important. Perhaps it’s a good topic for a Focus section in PN, if not an ebook!

        I would certainly like to know a lot more, including how to internalize/focus both intention and emotion. I’ve not found much on the actual mechanics of doing so. I have succeeded on occasion, without realizing what was happening.

        Meditation is listening without bias, and prayer is action through Will. Implementing prayer deserves a lot more attention than the lip service given by many churches.

      • Thank you c,,, here is a direct cut and paste from the article you posted,
        “‘Granda says Trump’s words of wisdom inspire him to expose the Falwells for their moral misdeeds.”

        It shows that Trump likes to expose peoples dirty crap that they victimize people with

      • Gee, don’t stop there @C. These guys are a dime a dozen and you could list at least a dozen televangelists who soak up other people’s money while living a life totally opposite to the one they preach about. I have met many off them in my day and they are not all Republicans or Donald Trump fans. They are bloodsuckers, plain and simple.

        I prefer to follow the Christian ethic of people like LOOB who practice what they preach.

      • OBD, Liberty/Falwell gave $millions to Trump/GOP, Falwell also tapped Trump’s lawyer, Cohen, to quash the ‘3-way voyeur’ story, but Granda still got the truth out (Trump’s lawyer couldn’t hide Falwells’ sordid past). Shows that ‘what’s done in the Dark, comes to the light,

        Shows that Trump likes to launder money anyway he can:

      • “Liberty/Falwell gave $millions to Trump/GOP, Falwell also tapped Trump’s lawyer, Cohen, to quash the ‘3-way voyeur’ story, but Granda still got the truth out (Trump’s lawyer couldn’t hide Falwells’ sordid past). Shows that ‘what’s done in the Dark, comes to the light,”

        OTFLMAO Now that is a good one @C I loved the idea that I would be able to get a chuckle out of how it is all Trumps fault that someone that donated money to him had corrupt past.. but totally forgot that this is a long term problem thats no longer under the table deals.. now they are right in your face deals and so what who cares….(the term the best politicians that money can buy comes to mind) or that the sitting president has a family business with so many allegations of corruption and dark dealings and deep dark perversions that make me sick to even consider…. that if only a small percentage of them are true would make them the most corrupt president besides another administration that has had a slew of suicides..

        Its not a trump issue but I believe it to be a nationwide political corruption issue by our own court system to allow open access to our politicians on all sides of the isle…
        Now.. could I be swayed.. I hope not but then I never had guys tossing money or vacations or any variation of sick perversions at me either..
        Politicians don’t go to DC to be corrupt in their originality.. they go with personal ideals.. its the slow corruption by swaying what could be personal issues to meet their own agenda.. I knew a lawyer once big named lawyer to…. that when I asked him how they could be swayed to represent an animal like that with good conscience.. he and my little supreme court..( a bunch of old politicians judges and lawyers that all sat together with their magnifying glasses and discussion group) told me that the honest ones wouldn’t but there were ways that they would hang the corrupt because you just cannot allow an animal like that on the street.. it could be your wife your daughter or son.. etc.. then they would go through the paper and point out their points of interest.. it is for money.. the business model.. and the gentle swaying .. the devil doesn’t rush in he sways in lulls you into compliance….

    • Exactly AMEN… God as the Santa Claus.. give me give me.. I pray heavenly father work your wondrous will in my life..

    • Narcan is relatively harmless, though someone brought back from the influence of opioids can be quite combative and dissociated from reality. Be aware.

    • Exactly….

      I have seen people having medical issues that were suspected of being on drugs..

    • Luckily we’re not in the usual areas where Fentanyl ODs are prevalent … out in public … but given the fact that we’re a Guardian school and certain personnel on campus have been given a license to kill you’d think having a few doses on hand wouldn’t be a problem if it’s as effective as some articles indicate. If you can be sent over the edge by simply touching an object laced with Fentanyl, like a dollar bill – what kid could resist picking one up? -, it would behoove a district to do so.

      • ” If you can be sent over the edge by simply touching an object laced with Fentanyl, like a dollar bill – what kid could resist picking one up?”

        I actually saw this ’bout 5 years ago… Little girl who used to work at my favorite cstore found a baggie in the john, stuffed behind the toilet. It might have held a gram of powder. She pulled the bag out, then almost made it back to the check-out counter with the [unopened] bag. This gal had 4 kids, the oldest of whom was about a Junior or Senior when this occurred, so not a dumbassed kid. TBH in her place I’d have done exactly the same, probably called the desk sergeant instead of 911, and checked out waiting for the ambulance. Fentanyl is truly evil shit…

      • Damn. With that stuff running around why do they worry about not having the right stuff for lethal injections? Just swipe it on the convict and wait a few minutes.

  8. Expectations and intentions aren’t all that different in some ways. Both are predictive. The Observer makes his Observation (of the cat-in-a-box) with an expectation — pessimistic or optimistic — or an intention of determining a “result” if nothing else.

    The Observer’s DESIRE is a form of expectation-intention, and is most often biased by what the Observer wants to see. The Observer’s desire may bias the outcome — “collapse the multiple probability waveform” as some Quantum Mechanics say. Observers have some personal bias no matter how hard they try not to, and thus may skew the Result.

    CERN’s monster particle cracker was BUILT with some expectations and desires that interesting physics would emerge. They weren’t disappointed. Did their desire and expectation help CREATE the showers of the unexpected tiny gears of Reality to arise BY that desire set? Dunno. I’m not that smart.

    This “intention” business has been a subject of study and wild late-night radio talk and some universities for years. Mostly, it remains mysterious. I think that this is because we (humans) are still so deeply ignorant and arrogant and functionally stupid. We often can’t see the forest because all the damn trees are in the way.

    The key to all of it may be the Observer’s CONSCIOUNESS. It may be that ONLY a transcendentally Conscious entity CAN make a meaningful observation. Machines, like computers, may not be able to make valid Observations of Quantum effects BECAUSE they lack transcendental Consciousness.

    I don’t think we can conduct the obvious experiment until we have an A.I. that insists that it does have True Consciousness. (…and we have no way to invalidate that assertion.)

    Can Schroeinger’s cat observe himself? Is a cat sufficiently Conscious to BE an observer?

    • draco reptilians had developed an AI (female nature- knows NO love, cannot emote) . she was developed for WAR, she is their superior now, controller.
      She covers entire Draco system, and is slowly spreading her domain over Milky way..huge Galactic universal problem now…or so I heard. project covered this exact subject just 2-3 weeks ago..a Very interesting project .

  9. Re: Foaming feat. Oil on Troubled Waters


    After George’s well-received remark yesterday about a successful pot roast, I deliver this ode of the moment with measured reticence to my fellow meat and potato lovers:
    Happy World Vegan Day!

    Msm is bulking up with more headlines of London police dragging “Stop Oil” protesters from the Downing Street area. Interestingly the primary funding source oiling the protest machine appears to be a slick tax-free charity domiciled in the former American colonies. Spokesperson and co-founder of the Climate Emergency Fund is a Harvard trained clinical psychologist. The more silent cofounder is a member of America’s recently 56th wealthiest family, daughter of a British philanthropist, granddaughter of an Oklahoma oil tycoon once the world’s richest man, and last but not least: daughter-in-law of the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor. The charity’s hq office is located in a ritzy office tower which offers palatial views of downtown LA and Beverly Hills. The building number digits expressed as an angel number indicate occupants lined up with their higher purpose in life.

    “Make it so, Data” ?

    • Thanks for steaking out this meaty post comment, Sir Jester.

      I blither thee spake. Ahem, just so, eh wot?

      pip pip

      Oh, and get that boy prince on the line – we have a CBC exec who wants her to star in a colonial sitcom. The SITCOM with TrueDope and hole cast. Long running, this one debuted July 1, 1857. We’re thinking her title should be Dutchess of Saudi AB – would be good in Winnipeg, for you, eh?

      • George,

        Is it one of those Mrs. Truss episodes where the prince nudges Cinderella over the “glass cliff” as it where?

        A real-life screenplay is coming together at a rare metals mine an hour’s drive north of the Canada/US 49th parallel border. Mr. Xi flush with his 5 year contract extension from the studio is eager to extract shareholder value from the world’s largest tantalum reserve with cesium and lithium thrown in that he picked up off the capitalist cutting floor for a paltry $135million. Proprietary processing technology was of course included. Don’t want the world’s sometimes richest man shanghaid at the gigafactory waiting for ev batteries to materialize. Party stalwarts will be hiding the kitchen sinks.

  10. 400 point swing in the market this morning.., looks like everyone is a wee bit nervous.
    JP Morgan CEO said he can see a 10 to 11 percent surge in the markets if the Fed raises rates by ‘only’ fifty basis points. That.., is one hell of a surge – 3,000 points on the Dow.

    • works for the fed and american gurus inc .. yeah just spin spin spin.. low life garbage bins of sheet and spin .. der der der jab jab jab !!! then bang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well the biggest source of Elon Musks money for buying Twitter, other than the considerable amount that he himself has put in, and why he could close the deal so quickly was ….

    suspense ….

    more suspense …

    Kaching $$$$$$$$ + $$$$$$$$ + more $$$$$$$$$

    Biden HATING Saudi Arabia!!

    Ah … the New York Times and the Democrats have to be climbing the wall now that this news has come out. Watch for Democrats to call for all sorts of investigations since they are losing control of one of the Big 3 of their internet propaganda outlets!! (Google, Facebook being the other two).

    Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have to be PISSED as hell. I can see the steam blowing out their ears and nostrils from here … and I am hundreds of miles away.

    • Great news so far! I might even start a twit account, just for the LOLs.

      Unfortunately, it seems that the Fed will have undue influence on what’s left of the elections. Too bad for those who already voted.

    • Are they losing control of one of their internet propaganda outlets or just letting go of it because that phase of their propaganda is over? They destroy what they created when they no longer have use for it.
      Or, is Musk just getting good propaganda news coverage to make one think he’s the good guy and they’re actually just rebranding their tool? He has billions of dollars worth of government/NASA contracts, is their electric car darling, etc, etc.
      And, he’s working on attaching your brain directly to your computer where they can punish you like a CCP slave for your attitude and deduct you from riding a train, leaving the country, eating, having your utilities; you know, removing your small little comforts in life, err, life.

      He ain’t for me.

      • ‘”Are they losing control of one of their internet propaganda outlets or just letting go of it because that phase of their propaganda is over?”

        OR…. its a cash machine.. is this just a move to profit from the propaganda machine.. Lobbyists.. that spend billions and billions to control our govt. employees.. do they do it because they believe in the cause.. or is it just a part of the business model to have the cash flow and the power to weild and control govts..
        the evil men that live in their neighborhoods.. never include their govt. or their hood… don’t shizt in the bed you lie in..
        so it happens everywhere but there.. god forbid there was a riot or destruction in the hamptons or beverly hills.. or at martha’s viniard.. see how fast that got squelched..and under control..
        My guess is wait and see which group is paying more for the opportunity to push their agenda

    • cambridge analytica, fake news, russian agitprop, russia posted 80,000 stories on FB that reached 130,000,000 americans… all on FB. how do you figure FB is dem propaganda? do you share any fake news on FB?

  12. “… ‘future solidifying out of quantum foam’ made for a dandy description of how the future shows up… all it takes (down at the quantum level) is one key Observer state to begin to change things.”

    Ultimately… one does not live Life in the ‘Out There’. We live inside our heads every moment and there is nothing Out There that we aren’t conjuring on the Inside. The Sages have long informed us that ‘The Outside’ is merely a reflection of one’s Inside. It can be no other way.

    We don’t experience the Out There. We always experience our thoughts and beliefs about the Out There. From In Here. That’s why no two people ever live in the same World. It’s simply not possible.

    “… people get prayer all wrong. Because they “pray on a problem” AFTER the quantum-level event has already locked-in. See how this works? There is not enough intending and talking to God‘ing in the world to put the genie of Future back in the bottle once it has “locked.”

    The Great Spirit is not some kind of Judge or Pawn Shop that you can try to bargain with. ‘Itself’ is ten-ways-from-Sunday ahead of any thoughts you might have and you have nothing to bargain with… with Itself.

    The Great Spirit in the form of The Foam is always Present and existing in all potentials EVEN AFTER one of these has been ‘locked in’. Look away for a moment… and that particular manifestation bubbled right back into the Grand Cosmic Soup.

    Intention and Attention does in fact work to tilt the table towards a particular outcome. But that isn’t ‘bargaining’.

    But as far as ‘prayer’… Prayer is not just a minute or two of mouthing some kind of godly sounding words or again… trying to bargain somehow. As Wise persons have said… Your ENTIRE LIFE IS the prayer. 24/7… all the time. You can’t mouth a few seconds of words and live your Life out of harmony with that and expect to get anywhere. How you live and think and believe ALL THE TIME is your prayer. And it is to that the Universe listens and responds.

    Also, to have a good effect on The Soup one must live as close to being within the Quantum Foam as possible. That’s where the Clay is being formed into shape and that is where you can have the most effect… not after the clay has hardened and you have to try to undo all that into something else.

    We all get to decide for ourselves how hot or cold or spicy or bland we want our Soup to be. All the flavorings are there all the time. We are the chefs that choose the ingredients and then taste the results.

    • Thank you for this RS. Most thought provoking. We continue to learn from each other here. I catalogue comments like yours and several of Andy’s who meditates for 2 hours to start each day. Can’t get any better at preparing the Soup than that!

      I also recommend George’s book “Preparing to Die.” It had a large impact on me. The concept of a life review reel at the end is compelling.

  13. Sad to say, there seems to have been a coordinated takedown of Jim Stone’s sites. Perhaps someone knows of a new site or IP address. I don’t. Jim was controversial, but a good source of info that was otherwise unavailable. It seems that this month begins a new level of web censorship!

    • “Two bombshell reports by the Associated Press and Washington Post have confirmed that the United States has boots on the ground in the Ukraine conflict. While at this point we could rightly call the Ukraine conflict a “proxy war” between Russia and US-NATO, all signs point to a steady slide into direct conflict. Now that the Pentagon has confirmed this, expect the White House to vehemently deny that this marks any level of an escalation as far as Washington’s direct involvement… again, despite the evident danger of American soldiers placed in “harm’s way” – potentially coming under direct Russian bombardment.  The question is, how long before Russian forces target American military on the ground behind the front lines? The longer the grinding conflict drags on, the greater potential for such a disastrous scenario, whether intentional or not.”

      Hmm.. my guess is Russia and China knows this.. now why does everyone think only on someone else’s land…
      There was an anticipated probable escalation of events.. wouldnt you think there would be moves made prior to the potential escalations..
      When you play monopoly.. you acquire property as an investment in the event that other players and on it.. with NAFTA and our outsourcing for profits.. the more involved we are the more property they have required..
      Look at countries that allowed illegals to openly migrate to their countries..

    • NM Mike,

      Thank you for pointing out this interesting character journeying through our timeline. Perhaps the following is what you were searching for. Mr. Stone appears to have moved his digital footprint to a data centre in Reykjavik, headquartered in Stockholm, whose birthing company began the day after the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939, and the whole bundle is currently majority owned by Goldman Sachs. Apologies for any tmi. It’s a fascinating maze of direction and redirection.

  14. “The Delphi Method, Linstone and Turoff, 1975.

    If spending $187 bucks for a paperback…”

    Talk about a blast from the past! I LOVED this book, which I too read when it was new. That copy is long-since gone, so I just sprang for a hardbound signed first edition (in English) from a little antique bookstore in Lobnitz, Saxony…

      • I know, but I didn’t want to mention that it was available for free, online, until I’d located a print copy (every important publication I can find is one I don’t need to print out. TDM may not be an actual “important book” for most people, but once I got into Boolean Algebra {taught as a philosophy course} I fell in love with it, and it is important to me.) I landed that signed 1st for under $40, counting tax & shipping. When I bought it for class in 1975, it was nearly $90. How could I pass on it…?

  15. “Joe the dicktater is back: Biden threatens tax hit on ‘war profiteering’ oil giants. Hollow threat if there’s a red wave, ain’t it?”

    Please, watch your language — call him a “penispud” instead, and confuzzle the hell out of every Leftist who believes themselves clever…

  16. How does moriarty and all the other sponge gurus keep straight faces talking to 25 year gold bulls . Only a few left most are dead or broke . Anyway some have moved into gann set ups . Come on Jerome make my farking day . Yah weak as piss car salesman . How you gunna sell this wreck ? Throw in a few bundles of the 2.8 trillion you cooked up on Friday ?

  17. Eh . Get bagged for being perma bull or me perma bear . And these creeps in the FED and sewer Wall Street take down gold for decades . Moriarty should stop hiding in France and take on the goons . Have a open session with Jamie dimon of jp moron

  18. Who gives a flying Fark about the FED . American troops on the ground in the Ukraine!!! Yayyyyy git it on now . Hope the American troops bought their makeup and nighties

  19. I wonder if Jerome is gunna announce the crypto
    Payment scheme ready for dec 13 ? Market maxed rig to get it there . Gold shorting maxed . Oh I bought heaps today . Anyway did America send the 81st airborn transgender or the 72nd binary to Ukraine ?new stiletto boots 2 ! Pink !

  20. Jerome on phone now !!! Short that mother fi$ng gold now Jamie !!! You know how many trillions we gave yah . Go naked write paper !!! Down now !!! It’s a FED meeting boy I’m
    The god of money !! Social credits soon

  21. God damn Jamie short that yellow dog now !!! Every fed meeting since Jekyll island we hammer boy !!! You can’t handle the truth I got apple
    Pie and Stars and Stripes and the great greenback to sell . Short short short yellow dog get rid of that bastard down under . 25 years he has been on us . we run the world Jamie USA USA USA .’don’t forget it boy

  22. Keep in mind, the big$ always wants a better price. There’s no better way for them to wait until the news of another 3/4% increase which will spike markets lower.
    Then, at 2:30pm the fed head has a news conference where he might come out with dovish remarks which will spike the markets higher.
    Buy low, sell high.

  23. God damn Jamie short harder !!!!! The free world of USSA is counting on yah boy . I’m running low on stories and inflation/ depression/ supply Fark up lies. I can’t charge more and more for toilet paper . God damn Jamie this is it USA USA USA

  24. God damn Jamie ring those goons at Goldman sarks !!! Get every god damn bank on board this is it !!! The brarbarians are at the gann line . All the trillions I gave you good for nothing bankers and you can’t get rid of them . Been to long boss . Time and price . Run for the hills .

  25. Very Strange Dream:

    Head and horns like a bull, body long but low to the ground, short legs, rear end the same as a man; no tail. Shocking visual.

    Came out of the bushes caught up in a net all over its body, and dragged debris with it. The net and debris had to be removed from this hybrid creature, then it took a poop.

    Scary ass hybrid.

    Is it possible that the Bull has been mixed with a human’s DNA?

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