Bloody Monday? Don’t Panic

Today we will skip the more theoretical economics discussions – the commentary Wednesday on why tax cuts won’t work for Trump should be enough reading to keep you busy thinking for a while.

Instead, we will look at our Trading Model’s results for the week and then see how there is a chance (though small) that we could test S&P 1,820 before the election.

That, in turn, leads to a very mix of “Janet’s Thumb” on the Fed decision to come and how the more panic democrats work themselves into about Trump, the more rotten the markets will be by the time voters show up.

Coffee and headlines to begin, though.  Then into our extended ChartPack discussion.

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11 thoughts on “Bloody Monday? Don’t Panic”

  1. The useless Obama administration has garnered a ceasefire with Russia, I doubt if the impulsive bully, Mr. Trump, could do that.

    for those seeking a deeper understanding, try the Socionomist article about how the Russian bear market (RTSI) correlates with their spending on military upgrades (a bear market phenomenom that includes increased aggression). The RTSI has been DOWN for nine years….

  2. feels like a bad ride on a rollercoaster comming up! how fast is the bottom ?………..oooohhboy.stock up run4 bunker.CRACK THE SKY TIME…Love to all !

  3. Looks like the traditional October, pre-election collapse, right now. Six months ahead of your scenario and a year behind Johnathon Cahn’s 7 year cycle. The observer effects the observed.

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