Bear Hunting Monday?

Please excuse our not having a “focus piece” today – I was totally engrossed in trading this week because with market volatility, it’s what I do.  I like to trade.  This week, in particular, trading and future world events are remarkably linked as you shall see.

Remember: The work presented here value to any investor – short or long-term – but it is never investment advice, per se.  It is a knowledgeable discussion, but not advice.

In my own account, getting it as close to right as possible is a mind-numbing experience.  I sat in front of the monitor all day Friday (except pee breaks) and saw red ink bleeding off our account balances as the market dropped 450 points.  The compensation was modest:  I got the trade right  as the market rallied at the end (+500 briefly) and along the way made enough for half a dozen nice dinners out (OR 83-pizzas, lol). 

This morning we skip everything (headlines and blah, blah) because this feels like a major inflection point.  Next week, I expect a massive “running of the bears.”  With our normal format out the window, bean up and let me run you through we arrived at this remarkable outlook…

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27 thoughts on “Bear Hunting Monday?”

  1. The Dec 28 to Jan 29 chart comparison with the blue & red lines shows perfectly & easy to read 1929 vs the current market & what to expect assuming the left side of the 1929 crash is where the market is at. Nice job! I added the Evernote App to my tablet, & I am able to put the chart on it for a daily review & make notes.

  2. I have worked on putting some thought into your moving. Stand way back and look at it. What do you see. Mental masturbation. Have been there. Am now just enjoying each day and the wonderful things that happen.

  3. “In my own account, getting it as close to right as possible is a mind-numbing experience.”
    Because, I expected a 20% reaction from all time high, and yet, some averages touched the simple 200 DMA. How will the trading bots response? Will there be a final run-up, or are we going to distribute? Perhaps “Andy” can tell? I’m confused! Yes, your work on this subject is great, but as you said: It’s not investment advice. ;-(

    • Bruno, I feel your pain. My goal was to wait for the URE Index to hit 30,000 & then sell. But it looks like I need to be more diligent, even though it gives me a headache. I feel George is correct on the next big downturn being 1929 like, so I better stock up on aspirin.

      • Thanks ECS. I sure appreciate your comments as well. :)

        I appreciate everyone comments on here. Even Bryce who uses voice to text so there is no punctuation.

        Don’t ya know it’s called “consciousness stream writting.” Mostly right hemisphere brain work. Creative thought.

        It’s a free form dialog. Your mind doesn’t put paragraphs and periods behind every thought. It just thinks. Bryce text, is just open “source” – thought.

    • Alright here Is what I see and my experience.

      I meditated the other day and I saw 2 bulls the same size. With a space in between them. What I’m seeing is the space in between them. I have absolutely no bear references except Russia.

      I know this is going to sound crazy. But I have tried it so many times and it works every time! When I get a 666 or some form of that on a slot machine. I instantly go to max bet. Every time I get that in my dollar amount in some form,or somewhere on the machine, it goes down like a mofo for about 15-20 spins and then I hit a mega win or a jackpot. Every FRICKEN time! I have done this over 20 times in a row. Last time I hit a bonus round and won $890.

      When the Dow dropped 666 in one day, and all the chatter about the stock market being THE big casino and well not to long ago we were having a big chat about Indian casino’s. I am relatively certain the market will take off like a mofo around March 22. That is the date I have now.

      I know, I know, it sounds crazy.

      • Andy – Thank you for sharing your meditations with us. It is much appreciated. At the casino, I like blackjack, but found out I always won the first 3 Hands & then went broke. So now when I go to the casino, I play 3 Hands of blackjack & then move on to The Texas Hold’em tables. It’s a winning combination for me.

      • It’s common misnomer that 666 is a “bad omen.” When the hebrews were very very pour. Back in the days of Egypt (If I remember right) a tradition was started of giving things in groups of 18 or (6+6+6) as 9 was the highest number (a double portion) as a wishing of good luck/fortune. It’s still practiced today in the Jewish community. When someone starts a business or goes to college or is a Jewish tradition to give the person an envelope with $18 in it.

        Numbers are just data points to me. I don’t bebelieve in bad or good omens.

        Ohhh yeah, I was going to post on the Religious copying section an interesting little factoid.

        If you take a US. One dollar bill and fold it in half so that the great seals on the back touch it says one word on the bottom. ONAR. No big deal right? Except!!!!!

        ONAR is the Norse God of God’s. ONAR married the night and gave birth to the earth. In an old Norse poem ONAR is credited with being THE Creator of the creators. Odin being his first born son who married earthbamd gave birth to Thor etc. Etc.

      • That is right. Where the seals touch on every single us dollar bill. The name of the Creator or Creators. Not many know that.

  4. monthly treasury report out Monday for january2018-might include some of new tax money to numbers if extra money in and numbers come out worse than expected head to red brians bbq in Arlington if still there fri. $spx bounced off 200moving for near term long term bounced off 50 day either holds or might be near term top

  5. Good article, G.

    I see the volatility but can’t figure out how to profit as much as you and the posters seem to do daily. Good work.

  6. After checking the the DOW, S&P, & NASDAQ charts, there is a good case for a turnaround in the markets next week. The charts POINT TO an upturn beginning next week, but DO NOT CONFIRM the uptrend. Will have to see what the markets do on Monday.

  7. George you out did yourself.
    Luckily I don’t have disposable cash to play the markets but live to read it daily.
    I sure was off.. I figured November of 17.. For me its a crap shoot.
    I still am not worried about a war with Korea.its Definately a possibility but I thing anyone with any neurons left would realize how stupid it would be. Especially with all the other countries we’ve issolated ourselves from by violating their countries for the benefit of so very few.
    Although the thought had occurred that even though we’ve positioned ourselves to loose this next conflict without any physical interventions. That maybe those wishing to control us might just want some sort of revenge, for all the damage we’ve been gullible enough to give their homes cities and people.
    Just my thoughts on a horrific situation that has several different outcomes. Now do I head to learn how to read and speak Russian or Chinese.just in case mind you..or Arabic.

    • Yeah, I don’t see war either. But I have been surprised more than a few times.

      And…300,000 troops. That’s alot of rice bowls and noodles every day. Not to mention bar soap and tooth paste. So it’s a call to attention. If they moved 40k troops I wouldn’t think nothing about it.

      But 25% of its army? That’s a good chunk.

      Reality check:

      In a conventional battle between the US and China. I am certain with out even batting an eyelash. The US military would smoke the Chinese. When is the last time China fought anyone? Tibet 1950? They showed their power beating up some peace loving monks? Quite laughable. There is only one level 1 Blue-water navy that exists, the US. This allows for multiple and simultaneous engagements globally.

      Russia is a level 3 which would allow for a multi-region but restrained to their generalized region. China is a level 4 which restricts them to their general vicinity. Perhaps, joining forces could move them collectively to a level 2. Even then we have actual tested war time experience since 2001.

      Sadam Hussein had a million man army and we rolled through that place in 100 hours the first time, in desert storm.

      It took Russia 4-6 months to take the Ukraine and the Ukraine is it’s neighbor. How long would it take the US to take Canada or Mexico? Less than a month, if that.

      The only thing keeping the US off their backs is the US and nukes.

    • Remember, the ultimate take-down target is the USA. Don’t you ever wonder why it’s mostly all our treasured men and women in uniform and our money that fights and pays for all the wars. It’s our country which has been sold out and our people turned into a service economy. Our country that has been heavily invaded for over 30 years under the guise of immigration. Our propaganda media and our globalist paid for leaders never explaining to the citizens what the agenda is and the why? We don’t even like to admit the truth here. Most of you are stuck on more democratic voters. The fact is that when the truth becomes evident, it’s too late. That truth is coming in less than 5 years.

  8. …Still expecting 32k.

    I suspect someone may have mentioned to Mr. Xi and Mr. Putin, both of whom are much-better informed with respect to NKorea’s arsenal than we, [that] if the young Un can hit Seattle (which he can), he can also hit Bejing and Moscow. That said, Mr. Kim has demonstrated, very succinctly, how strong the ties of blood and family are, within his personal moral code. His sister attending the Games is meaningless, the Chinese and Russian materiel on his doorstep is not…

    • 32k is still on as far as I know. This is just a correction in the markets. My visions are always 100% accurate. Every time. My translations are not 100% accurate. But I am getting better at it. Lol

      We shall see.

  9. Current events remind me of that Twilight TV show episode where the obnoxious kid is ruling everything because he has the power to change reality with a ‘thought’ – in regards to our situation – who is the ‘kid’? In my view, it’s not only North Korea that is plagued with a leader whose fixation about power is causing problems – our government is supposed to be divided equally among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. And the executive branch should be manned (or ‘womanned’) by qualified people – which it isn’t!

    When ‘things go to Hell’ and Trump says ‘not my fault’ – remember he wanted ‘all the power’! So he will get ‘all the blame’. Mark my words . . .

  10. I saw we got that missing commercial plane I was seeing about a month back with the Russian flight that went off radar and was missing before it crashed.

    • Slept in till 6am on my day off. I get up at 3am every day. Coffee, news surf and then clean the latrines. get all my house work and laundry folded by 11am.

      Saw Israel moved it’s army to the Syrian border after Syria shot down an Israeli F-16. Turkey on Syria northern border with its army advancing. Not one word about it in the US MSM.

      Have a good day George and everyone. :)

  11. light life is a game.

    Really tell me what kind of game is it?

    It’s about synonyms.

    Really, explain.

    The life you know is much used in construction work affecting Bankers , population,stock markets and Bitcoin futures.
    Okay that is called having a healthy glow okay what’s your point.
    Just like the indices,they come from a root.
    okay, but what do you mean they come from a root.
    Ulose – ulous. They Come Away undamaged. The relationship between you and them. Okay will that change?. Yes it’s quivering.

    • If asked about stocks or Bitcoin or a person has to be associated with it .
      So what it is we have to ask another psychic what they see it is a rule of homosapiens for the rule of fix things to be in sand and the reason a person cannot see themselves or read themselves is because it is hard for you to Subpoena yourself yourself

      • That’s why it pays in the long end to have your thoughts in order.

        And most people don’t now that’s why it’s so important for knowledge to be passed down from a great grandfather to a grandfather to a father to a kid who’s having kids and passed that knowledge on to your community.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled and don’t let one thing get you down go around and remember we are at this present time fighting the old Empire .

        The new Empire that’s coming in is called the domain Force.

        And this as you already know or have heard or are seeing is what Trump is doing we are recreating our domain

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