Attention Worrywarts: Exter Lunacy

No, simplistic, out of date theories, don’t work in a world of hypercomplexity, sorry.

This morning we’ll have some fun.  We are going to do some Myth Busting and I won’t even have to dye my hair red, wear glasses, or sign up to host a TV show.

It might even  be a relatively short discussion but you’ll get miles and oodles of information from it because we’ll not only bust a myth but also teach you a bit about the under-appreciated art of clear-thinking.

First, though, in order to rinse out some of the Friday night cobwebs in head-space, a bit of coffee and some warm-up news to savor as we come up with useful economic action plans.

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1 thought on “Attention Worrywarts: Exter Lunacy”

  1. George – I have to admit I would have never thought that Germany would go along with Draghi’s lunacy of ECB/QE but now that I have a moment to sit back and ponder some of the recent news and articles I have come to the conclusion that DeutscheBank is on the verge of blowing up entirely and that ECB/QE is nothing more than the attempted rescue of said Bank – Merkel has already moved the Greek liabilities onto the backs of the German taxpayers and now the only question is? Is there enough time as it feels like something monumental could happen at any time………

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