Art of the Real: On the Matter of “Forced Perspective”

We go on a romp of “connect the dots” this morning. The occasion is this is “medical week” for us. Killing time at the eye doc’s (20/50 and 20/30’ish for the eyes now) and off for Elaine’s turn this morning.

This means time to read, but not at the high bandwidth, nor the data tools, including Grady’s Nostracodeus tool, or Excel, so I am without pivot tables and drill-downs.

Instead, what do I read?  Disneyland Secrets: A Grand Tour of Disneyland’s Hidden Details

Now you might think this is a strange choice. Except that it isn’t, of course.

The parallels between the “world out here” and the worlds “in there” [of imagination] are closer than we think. So along with that, a book of three on techniques of lucid dreaming (the art of waking up inside a dream) and suddenly, sitting down without the data tools becomes something to look forward to.

Break. Full-stop.

What is in Disney set design (and in theater set design as well) and what we have incorporated in our home in a few places is something called Forced Perspective.

The Wikipedia short take on it is this:

“Forced perspective is a technique which employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera. It has applications in photography, filmmaking and architecture.”

Again, break. Full-stop.

Forced perspective is also used in other places.

Like to bend things in Media.

And thus we sit back this morning with the second cup of bean – waiting for the present ascending triangle in the market to complete – which should end badly either later this week, or next and bring averages down several notches before the election.

For now, it’s a matter of considering this matter of how the daily news flow is really how the designers of the game impose that false sense of reality upon us that constitutes the intellectual version of forced perspective.

Let’s take the Donald Trump tax story. We look at this because we can see three points in the story…and using these points, we can establish something of a “vanishing point.” If you’ve forgotten, the vanishing point Vp is that point what off in the distance where the line of telephone poles stretching out to the horizon becomes a singular point.

Back to the Trump tax story.

We began the look at this with the (probably illegal) NY Times leak of Trump’s personal taxes. In our discussion of forced perspective, this is the big phone pole, closest to us in the foreground.

Now look up: We see the NY Times itself trying to paint a vanishing point for itself with a report in their Deal Book section this morning headlined “When It Comes to Tax Avoidance, Donald Trump’s Just a Small Fry.”

With stories around Monday, like this one in FortuneWhy the New York Times Could Face a Legal Battle Over Its Trump Tax Story,” we can see how the middle ground is being filled in.

In the odd semi-graphic way that I think of all news stories as being attempts to bend, shape, stretch, and distort perceptions of the mass consuming public, it seems evident enough to me what’s going on.

There are unambiguous laws about third party, unauthorized disclosure of federal tax information. The New York Times knows that. The reasons may be found here: 26 U.S. Code § 7213 – Unauthorized disclosure of information which says in part:

“(a) Returns and return information

“(1) Federal employees and other persons

It shall be unlawful for any officer or employee of the United States or any person described in section 6103(n) (or an officer or employee of any such person), or any former officer or employee, willfully to disclose to any person, except as authorized in this title, any return or return information (as defined in section 6103(b)). Any violation of this paragraph shall be a felony punishable upon conviction by a fine in any amount not exceeding $5,000, or imprisonment of not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution, and if such offense is committed by any officer or employee of the United States, he shall, in addition to any other punishment, be dismissed from office or discharged from employment upon conviction for such offense.”

You can safely ignore just about ALL other stories in the case. They are just jumping on the bandwagon of coverage depending on how they perceive their audience will “buy” the story. Take Slate for example, which looks pretty liberal to me: “The Real Scandal of Donald Trump’s Massive Tax Deductions.”

They are, of course, wrong.

No, the REAL SCANDAL of this is that the NY Timers outed Trumps tax returns and they seem to be trying to paint a vanishing point out at the horizon with their “Trump is small fry” story. Thereby trying to trick the eye (and mind) of a likely future jury into believing they were “just doing journalism.”

As one radio host pointed out Monday:  That’s something they didn’t do when said same paper spiked the hacked emails (East Anglia Univ) about the climate change hoax.  We should all be swimming and choking by now per the climate marketers (which Obama helped found back in his Chicago state lawmaker days).

As luck would have it, living out here in oil and cattle country (*fly-over land), we’re pretty much in tune with the smell of bullshit.

Even when the smell is wafting in from out at the forced perspective vanishing point.

Nice art piece though, it you have this decoder ring handy.

Another Vanishing Point

If you’re natural inclination was to read about the Kardashian “robbery” at “gunpoint” in Paris, this too is another one where the foreground (and media forced perspective) was painted well. In fact it was lead iitem on Google’s News page about this time Monday.

But shortly thereafter, headlines including questions like “Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery a Hoax? Jewelry heist staged to help Kanye West ouy of debt or to boost ‘Kuwtgk’ ratings?

Here we have a most complicated piece of art to behold: It is not dissimilar to paintings that use two vanishing points.

One of the Kardashian Vp’s is that the heist was real (in nominal world) while the second Vp offers that it was staged.

This leads us to remind you that news items may have multiple vanishing points. To help you along, here’s a very instructive video, once it gets going…


I won’t bend your mind with too much more discussion of art, except to say that people are very much like the machines we create as mirror images of ourselfs.

Most of us have both a graphics processor and a math coprocessor.

Those with a good math coprocessor make fine engineers and scientists.  The graphics processor dominatnant humans make fine artists and poets.  Musicians, too, it should go without saying. 

Until you read (and savor a 1979 book ( Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid) you will likely miss the finer point to all this. Right-brain/Left-brain…we all have two processors (graphic and numerical) and to the degree we fail to mix modes, we are limited beings.

You see computers are the craven images of ourselves.  Crypto-archeology =has discovered  that has  ended badly before.  About the only thing we don’t know yet is how it all winds down this time…and that’s a matter of what?  Dare I say it?

Forced Perspective.

Now be a good “chimp-pressing-lights” and go find a Pokémon Go object.

Michael Angelo?

Obama: Republican voters think I’m ‘the Antichrist’ 

See how useful art is?  Especially well-framed?    

Now, Let’s Paint a War

US suspends bilateral contact with Russia over Syria.

This painting needs something to brighten it up a bit…a flash of yellow, perhaps?  I mean that’s what the  nasty nest of megalomaniacs wants without war declaration on Syria.

A light brush of cruise missile contrail white should follow.

This painting should have been done before the Russians docked their ships at Tartus on the Syrian coast years back.  Now we’re trying to repaint history and that’s always a bad thing to attempt.  Especially in front of art connoisseurs.

Someone has to be making fortunes on refugees, though.  Europe for one, but only short-term.

When you look at the global canvas, you can almost see the globalist leveling of peoples, incomes, and cultures.  Monoculture is easier to paint and manager, sure.

But boring and lacking competitive efforts…or is that the plan?  Liberals have swallowed it whole. Conservatives want to see some benefits to others than the ownership classes, though.

Julian’s Bummer

Disappointed with the lack of substance to the way overhyped Wikileaks Assange deal today?  All hat, no cattle is the Texian term.

Saying that data pertinent to the election would be released before election day misses the point that voting is already underway.  Which is a commentary on how out-of-touch Assange et all are.

Those promised disclosures perhaps about Google’s tie –ins with the power elite?

That may be a masterpiece.  Depending on what’s painted.  Mass disclosure and recording of your every search is already a given. Anyone ever ask how much dough Google parent Alphabet gets from the FedGov and for what, excactly?  That might be interesting…Who’s running Provo?

28 thoughts on “Art of the Real: On the Matter of “Forced Perspective””

  1. Thanks for the multi-perspective YouTube video, that was very enlightening thanks for the multi perspective you to video, is that was very enlightening I have an old architectural drafting book , I suppose it would be just as hard to learn all the Avenues of the software but with the META 2 ,I suppose one would merely have to point or stare at the point in order to make an image appear in the multi perspectives

    • I suppose The Meta 2 could be used for a comatose like person and also for geniuses so it could be used from two different perspectives at least in unlocking the imagination,hence time travel through the outer space or in the molecular inner structure of the human being and the honey pot of it all would be the release of the brain

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Assange has somehow cut a deal, and if a “pardon” or “safe passage” will be forthcoming.

    • My apologies: according to a map on AllNewsPipeline, Comcast internet was down from 4:15 to 05:20 that day, in ALL major metropolitan areas. So he may have been a victim of the Internet Kill Switch.

    • Now I’ve found out the that government of Ecuador had been threatened. Makes me wonder who has that kind of power.

  3. My understanding, which may be fluff, is that Donald’s return was disclosed by a former wife, who also signed as part of a joint return. Or something like that. So it was really mostly Donald’s but claimed to be her return. ??

      • Actually some of the reporting showed the three page document with a close-up of the signature on the return and supposedly there was a post-it note asking someone to sign . . . with a reference to one of DT’s earlier wives. Chris Hayes on MSMBC interviewed the receiver of the letter and the main reporter on his show. They said that the envelope had a return address of Trump Tower.

      • Well, I guess it comes down to who you chose to believe – Trump is too much a ‘con artist’, and I’ve known people like him . . . I’ve got relatives who are/were political ‘critters’ – both Republican and Democratic of all types – and I understand Hillary Clinton. Add in too, that DT makes ‘fun’ of people who he apparently can’t understand – the world is not made up of all white, heterosexual men . . . and I don’t ‘laugh’ at Trump; he’s actually tragic.


      • Well, ‘Caca’ (and you named yourself!) – my late husband most definitely was ‘hetro’ so you need not ‘worry’ on that point – and though it was a couple decades back, he knew of Trump and thought he was a ‘jerk’.

        Hint – you can tell a lot about a person by their reputation, and the idea that you can ‘remake yourself’ will only go so far, and if you want to be president it isn’t enough.

  4. Sometimes you just have to laugh – Bill Clinton bashes Obamacare – I guess he forgot his wife is the architect of Universal Health Care – with her attempt to get passed the Health Security Act of 1993 – at that time known as Hillarycare…………

    • Are you happy with the healthcare system we have or have you been opposing all changes to it for the past 20+ years like insurance cos and republicans? Are we better off now than if republicans and insurance cos allowed change to take place in 93?

      The simple fact is that most of the world has some form of universal coverage. That puts American businesses, that all have to out of pocket healthcare costs, at a competitive disadvantage to their overseas competitors. The only sensible solution is to payroll tax another X% and put everyone on Medicare. Cut out the blood sucking insurance companies who have interposed themselves between provider and consumer. What companies are the largest buildings in your state capital named after?

      • Yeah, and have you heard that the NHS is going broke? Have you heard that the NHS cannot even cover BRITISH CITIZENS because everyone is flooding in from everywhere and gets in line AHEAD of the BRITISH CITIZEN? Oh, you haven’t? Well, maybe you have heard about this thing called obamacare and how the illegals are exempt from it, which means all the illegals working for all the corporations get to keep their 40 plus hour a week jobs AND CONTINUE TO GET FREE HEALTHCARE! Meantime, back in our country, you know the good ole USA, millions have been cut under 35 hours a week so their employers do NOT have to pay their insurance premiums which forces them onto obamacare where the insurance premiums are triple what they were and the deductibles are up to quadruple the prior amount. No, we are NOT better under obamacare, and we would definitely NOT be better under hillarycare. The people who are doing better since NAFTA are the illegals and the refugees. They go to the FRONT of the line ahead of American citizens which includes ALL citizens and our veterans. Didn’t you hear that obamacare cut 80 BILLION FROM MEDICARE? Does that compute???? Death panels anyone??? Can we do better? Why don’t you ask obama and hillary, they have been in cahoots for 8 years, and she has been in ‘public servicing’ for over 35. I do feel ‘serviced’ but I do not feel better!

  5. George–

    Liberals do not want a leveling of people, income and culture. Just less Dickensian.

  6. Michael Angelo?

    Obama: Republican voters think I’m ‘the Antichrist’
    See how useful art is? Especially well-framed?

    George, this looks like old hat info, if one has read G.A. Stewart. It just does not only apply to a political group. Do you have any other news from him?

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