Are Federal Reserve Rate Hikes Over?

There are some interesting accounting problems on the horizon for a lot of publicly held companies. 

While they have benefited from the declining interest rate paradigm since 1980, if the bottom is really “in” on rates, any sudden moves could send corporate balance sheets seriously “out of whack” in a heartbeat.

The result of that would be?  Well, let’s just say “Not pretty…”

That said, we have a HUGE development which I’ll explain in the ChartPack section.

No fake news here,  but we do note the date and how a more-than-ample supply is probably available.

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8 thoughts on “Are Federal Reserve Rate Hikes Over?”

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  2. Damn you Ure!!! I followed the link in the Home Run section this morning and lost 20 minutes of my morning. That brought back some vivid memories of 1982 – but without the beer. Thanks for the link.


  4. Love your older age plans. Mine is really simple. I am 71 and had a debilitating chronic illness since mid twenties. I have no family to depend upon, and would rather not anyway. My current physical condition is not nearly as good as my same age friends. In fact, I am grateful that I have done as well as I have.

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    I believe the spirit in us is eternal,and I remember past lives, so death is not that scary for me. How tough life is until I get there, is a concern, so I just trust that God will continue to care for me as has happened throughout my life.

  5. George, I used to copy and paste Pwoplenomics for later review, but now none of the chartpak graphs copy now. Any ideas?

    • 1. Sounds like a printer issue. See if there are changes in the printer set up.
      2. Try printing as a PDF and save that.

      I haven’t changed anything (formatting) that would account for this. – G

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