Another Day of “Resource Wars” – Job Cuts

My consigliere’s concept that “World War 1” is replaying in Ukraine – very much in the tradition of Guns of August – continues to ring true.

We can skip the question of whether there will be a third Battle of Tannenberg (read on the seccond one here), but yes, it’s in Poland. And that’s why the escalation by Ukraine with drones attacking along the Russia-Estonian border is such a big deal.

The theater of war is getting bigger.  And, if you know where to look, you’ll catch the odd picture – as in the story Carnage on the 1st defensive “Surovikin Line”: Hundreds of Ukrainians sacrificed on a narrow strip of land – Kiev plays it all out with main offensive towards Tokmak– where you can see the beginnings of (*hate to even write this) the return of trench warfare.”

Trench warfare, you’ll remember, was “the thing” along the Western Front when the Great Powers, hard at it in WWI, dumped men, munitions, mustard gas, and money into efforts to halt the Kaiser.

Thankfully, humankind has progressed a lot, since then.  We have the threat of nukes in lieu of mustard gas, we’ve got an eastern front, not a western Maginot line.  But give it time, the replays are starting to roll hard and heavy now.  And again, France is losing ground.

Resource Wars

We frame this part of the “replay” as The Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.  Because the current Great Powers are coming to understand that just having big civilian populations to pay their government’s tribute (taxes) all falls apart IF you don’t have food and a sociopolitical sales plan to keep people motivated.

The West is rolling with the “Hate Marketing” plan – which became apparent when “terrorism” was rolled out.  While the communists of Russia and Beijing seem to have opted for more raw nationalism.  In particular, the Russians wanting to redraw national borders to those of Catherine the Great.

OK, pause and pivot.

Now that we have a clear view – and the first of what will devolve into multiple fronts (Taiwan and the Korean Península  (N.Korea says it fired ballistic missiles in response to US, South Korea military drill), at a minimum, but with a possible AmRev2 at home (since the Constitution is being deprecated), what becomes critical is food and resources.

Which explains the second colonial collapse this month being suffered by France.  As one report sums up: Gabonese coup: France ends after 60 years – Defense agreements cancelled – West loses world’s largest manganese mines.

Taiwan, then, becomes the third suspect in the MRW (Manufacturer’s Resource Wars).  Because while not particularly rich in minerals, they do have a fine crop (besides their spirulina) of fine-pitch semiconductors.  Which is a good part of what powers the American A.I. bubble and the recent amazing run of NVidia stock.

The Uranium War is pending in Niger.  Even as Italy Fears Military Solution to Niger Crisis Could Foment Migration, the rest of the Resource Colonialists will be trying to do what’s right (for them): EU ministers to tackle Niger coup response at Spain meeting. France is losing more than colonies – they stand to lose nuclear power longer-term.

Job Cut Report

Just out from Challenger:

“U.S.-based employers announced 75,151 cuts in August, a 217% increase from the 23,697 cuts announced one month prior. It is 267% higher than the 20,485 cuts announced in the same month in 2022, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

So far this year, companies have announced plans to cut 557,057 jobs, a 210% increase from the 179,506 cuts announced in the same period last year. It is the highest January-August total since 2020, when 1,963,458 cuts were recorded. It is the third-highest year-to-date total since 2009.

“Job openings are falling, and American workers are more reluctant to leave their positions right now. The job market is resetting after the pandemic and post-pandemic hiring frenzy,” said Andrew Challenger, labor expert and Senior Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

You may be wondering where HR has been rolling the grenades?

“Warehousing led all industries in August with 32,123, primarily on the bankruptcy of Yellow Corp. It is now the fifth-leading industry in job cut announcements this year with 42,768, a 456% increase from the 7,689 cuts announced through the same period in 2022.

The Technology sector leads all industries through July with 149,142, though monthly cuts in the sector have slowed. In August, the industry announced plans to cut 3,198 positions, the lowest monthly total for the sector since June 2022 when 1,266 cuts were recorded.

Just after the report came out, early futures were up 160 on the Dow.  Sadomasochistic pricing?  As in “higher job cuts may slow Fed hikes to come?”  Dream on.  First, you need an economy, friend.

Shockingly, the major financial media we monitor haven’t bothered even mentioning the report in the first 45-minutes after its release.  Accident or media control, you make the call.

As you know, I’m big on “framing terms.” New words and combinations that help you think clearly.  Kind of like RISC in computers, but for humans.  Anyway, take a read of CNBC: As recession fears fade, we may be experiencing a ‘richcession’ instead — here’s what that means for you.  Essentially, the meek are still working but the layoffs are coming for white collar workers. Surmagine what a Richcession will do in your circle.

The Unemployment Experience

On a state basis from Labor:

Believe the Hype or the Charts?

“Narrative” is so much kinder than the word “fairytale.”  Consequently, we will note that Ukraine’s narrative is as upbeat as ever. Thus, the early futures today were positive ahead of the Job Cuts report. And the Globalist marionettes, including the U.S., NATO, and (once) Great Britain are still offering up taxpayer sacrifice to help Ukraine along. New UK defence secretary names support for Ukraine among priorities.

Slowly, both sides are working their way through old and outdated weapons until the latest in the inventory will be pressed into service.  Beyond which there are bigger and (dare we say) flashier tools yet ahead.

Global markets are not taking this at all seriously, yet.  The myth of adequate resources to keep eight billion people happy is persistent.  The white arrow in this chart is where the opening pop will take us today while the smaller yellow area is the longer-term upper trend line.  Either one is a dandy “turn candidate” for the decline which will be (yellow scale) Wave 3 down to assert itself.

By the way ignore the date label on this some fool forgot to change it The data is 831 preopen and pre job cuts Proving Im not perfect shocking I know

Everyone’s Getting Hurried

Post hurricane cleanup is being pushed along quickly: Avoiding catastrophe, Florida’s Gulf Coast begins cleanup from Hurricane Idalia | Reuters.  To the northeast, the storm’s about to head out to sea. But not before Idalia threatens Carolinas with treacherous rain and flooding after pounding Florida and damaging thousands of homes.

Also being hurried along are the courts.  As in NY AG Letitia James seeks immediate verdict in fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump.  But we have a “not so fast, there, lady” in the form of Orban called on the US to “Bring Back Trump” to End the War in Ukraine.

We don’t know whether “there’s a doctor in the house?” But one’s sure needed in the Senate: Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell appears to have another possible medical episode –

Playing the play money:  BTC was hanging around $27,200 earlier today after kissing $28,000 this week.  More interesting was Robinhood Wallet Expands Crypto Offering to Add Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum Swaps – Decrypt.

Around the Ranch: Planting Weekend

Off to the feed store in a couple of minutes.  Making a run for a 50-pound bag of alfalfa pellets.  Which, in case you didn’t realize, is one of the better garden soil amendments you can buy. Fertilizes and is organic. Won’t burn your plants. How do you beat that? Also on the shopping list are a couple of bales of hay for mulching and composting.

The Pomodoro Gardener article on Peoplenomics this week is really turning into fun.

As soon as the feed store load is off the truck, I’ll be on TinkerCad designing a new stand-up seeder.  That (and maybe even a free .STL file to print on your 3D printer) will be along for ShopTalk Sunday.

Busy day!

Oh, did an old man on Medicare aorta screening Wednesday morning.  “No evidence of abdominal aortic aneurysm is visualized.”  Odds have increased of making it to 75 next year… Like the tech told me, it’s a good test to have your PCP order for you when older. Because most aneurysms are diagnosed post mortem…  Good medicine is staying ahead of the curve.

Write when you get rich,

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66 thoughts on “Another Day of “Resource Wars” – Job Cuts”

    • Let me see…. HMMM… no.. Neither does the Veterans administration..

      Hmm.. let me see.. you would think they do but then We still get bills for people that left… the bills that Medicare and Veterans administration get.. after those individuals are deceased are left to the family and to the funds left by them..
      even on the golden goose medical insurance that government employees get.. you are no longer a person once you are gone and any bills left behind go to the family and to the estate..
      When someone dies, their debts are generally paid out of the money or property left in the estate. If the estate can’t pay it and there’s no one who shared responsibility for the debt, it may go unpaid and become a write off for the doctors and the companies that the money is owed to. Generally, when a person dies, their money and property will go towards repaying their debts.
      which is how our last gentleman was.. he was in the hospital and supposedly the fees were taken care of.. the day before he passed on the hospital was asking everyone who was going to pay..
      the next day he passed on.. VA and Medicare didn’t pay a dime on any of the bills that were left after he passed on.. bills keep coming in even to this day for fifteen grand for his ambulance .. and then the doctors have finally slowed down.. we just send them all back to sender.. It has been the same with all the gentlemen that have lived in our spare room.. once they are gone.. the bills keep coming..
      IF.. they have a payee.. someone to manage their resources.. they take care of the bill collectors..
      this happens to the nursing home facilities as well..
      when my father passed on he had every doctor in the wastelands send him a bill for consultation for fifty bucks.. the same thing when my mother passed on..
      She still has a few thousand in the bank.. but the cost of getting it out is quite extensive and then once it is gotten it goes to the state.. so no one takes any initiative to get it.. the cost to get it out is over a thousand dollars..
      so it goes to unclaimed money..
      I only met one person that had big money and kept it.. but you have to be smart enough to do it before you get to the age of sixty..
      trust me.. you leave here with nothing at all..they get your property your savings any capital gains you have in the bank.. at a quarter mill per person in a nursing facility and above.. ( you still have to pay your pharmacy and doctors calls.. thirty years ago they were charging five hundred for thirty tylenol a month .. yup you get it at their pharmacy.. not at the store.. federal laws says those are to be disposed of)

      • One reason I have such a venomous disgust for the medical/pharma cartel is their incestuous relationship with the government! They influence and largely own their regulatory entities. I avoid this sector, including “care” that’s anything but. Care is what you get from a loving woman, sex worker, or even a female massage therapist, but medical services are no more care than automotive service. IMHO, if a person is serviced by the medical establishment and the person dies or is incapacitated, there’s no legitimate debt! They failed. If they can’t or won’t guarantee a good result, why bother? Personally, I don’t want anyone “practicing” on me, especially if I have to pay them regardless of the result. I’ll do without. Statistically, I’ll die someday, and it’s hard to know when. If I have any resources, I want none of them going to the medical service establishment at all. I don’t want helicopters to levitate my dying body, and I don’t want to pay for an ambulance and the expensive trauma waiting at the end of the ride. My ex figured it out by dying suddenly at home(not covid). While hard on the family, it was probably the best final exit. Perhaps I’ll do the same, though there’s no way to know. Meanwhile, I’ll just live until I die, and do my best along the way to make peace with my Creator.

  1. Comrades,

    There is high strangeness afoot in city of Peter the Great I fear. Was attending a soiree of sorts couple nights ago, that was attended by about 11 Prigozhin lookalikes. From a distance I would swear I saw the Maestro hisself in the flesh. This of course is impossible due his private Embraer jet crashed into Russian soil, with all passengers, including Prigy, on board listed as DEAD. DNA evidence dont cha know.
    So Ure fav Russian (I love U too) has been in a state of distraction for past several days – as I try to work out HOW you Purloin 5 billion in CASH from the RKM, and get away with it.

    I think I have it figured out now and I say – Congratulations and Applause MR Pooteeeen ! well done SIR, well done.

    Natasha – we must stop the backheaded ones.. the non-Humans.

    ..7 hills?

  2. “The Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.“

    Considering what’s been demonstrated lately, I’m beginning to understand why all of our “conventional” weapons are on clearance and being given away.

    Bombs and missiles are about obsolete with all this laser action going on.

  3. Great post today…
    I don’t know if from everything we have done.. IF it could be turned around from the direction it is heading in..
    I think of all the countermeasures that have been set up by this administration.. someone bitched about the drug and deviant life styles.. an alcohol czar is born.. and set to take effect right after the new administration takes hold the oil and gas lines to be cut off.. its a infrastructure nightmare.. and a congress that can’t wallow through six hundred pages of written material.. ( they will give you a thousand pages of excuses why to.. hell they aren’t even at work yet.. won’t be for two weeks.. gotta rest up from the busy time off)
    I know the calendar is misleading LOL LOL for anyone else to look at it looks like a week at work next week.. but remember they only work Tuesdays and Wednesdays tuesdays they are just getting back and low production.. same way in a factory.. and thursdays well that is in anticipation for their weekend.. even in manufacturing.. you don’t want anything made on the first day or the last day… and only a handful show up.. I have personally seen congress in session.. as a kid I was excited to see them go through and argue only to see five people at the front and a janitor in the middle of the room reading or something … he wasn’t to eager to sweep or anything either.. LOL LOL

    I believe that the new administration is going to walk into a cluster fuzck nightmare.. congress doesn’t have a clue what is coming.. and they sure won’t tackle the things being done.. and nothing at all will come from the congress on the perv and deviants.. they will walk..

    I believe that whomever takes the office is going to have a really rough go of it.. and it will affect absolutely everyone and every business in the USA.. besides tossing us down the rabbit hole of fiscal destruction.. its going to be something we will all remember..

  4. Martin Armstrong: Even Orbán of Hungary has come out and said that the US needs to call back Trump. “That’s the only way out. Call back Trump.”

    Meanwhile, as hedge funds lose their shirt and the live savings of their clients because of their bearish bias against the dollar, never before has the dollar been used as extensively in international payments as it is today. There is even a revolt internally at the famed Goldman Sachs. Just about everyone is bashing David Solomon from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and The Economist.

    Despite this talk of de-dollarization, the losses have been massive. The use of the euro, on the other hand, has plummeted, as SWIFT data shows. More and more serious institutions have been reaching out to us and have come to their own conclusions that the Euro is on life-support. It cannot survive while NATO ramps up war.

    • Viktor Orbán is likely the only HoS in the EU who’s got a lick o’ sense. Unfortunately, that means he’s also the prime target for media shaming and disgrace. Therefore, his opinion carries no weight, and is nothing more than a propaganda tool for America’s Right — and specifically, current and eventual Trump supporters.

      Did anyone catch where Tucker asked DJT if he’d considered the likelihood that the “Americans” who hate the U.S. would attempt to assassinate him, if they couldn’t disqualify him with phony legal charges…?

      BTW, Trump’s latest short list contains Ramaswamy and Noem. Dunno yet whether Tim Scott is still on the list…

        • I don’t know about “better…”

          I fell for her when she guested on “It Takes a Thief” (as “Charlie Brown,” a female cat burglar, IIRC, and one of “Alexander Mundy’s” {Robert Wagner} rival thieves.) and starred as “Peggy Maxwell” on “The Name of the Game…” Bottom of the credits list, but “Peggy” was the character who appeared in many episodes, and provided continuity to tie the show’s rotating stars together.

          Starring opposite Rock Hudson was cool, but I was still doing OBSC (Old British Sports Car) wrenching and when she showed up in the MG-TD, she positively owned me (until the series petered out…)

          By the time “Kate & Allie” came along though, her inner hippie had metastasized and the thrill was gone.

        • I use to think she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.. with a personify just as beautiful ( I know she’s an actress ) as a kid though.. I was a fan..
          oh gave that photo of the actress that plays wednesday adams on netflix that signed a picture for my little grandson.. he is carrying it everywhere and wrote her a personal letter thanking her lol lol

    • As miss WarPiggy once said while busy analizing Ukraine, “Fuck the EU “- nuland – the other man in kagans life..

      USD still best in the bushel of rotten ” fiat currencies”, fading into 1 to 1 par relationship the yuan, currently at around 7 to 1. Only questions Sheik Urebooty (coot) has is does USD decrease, yuan increase, or little of both ???

      > a Long Yuan ETF or a Short USD ETF ?

      Okay – both ! EU it!

  5. “AmRev2”

    Will .gov be wheeled back to pre-CW1 rules and size or given expanded control? About 1/3 of all Americans are getting direct aid from .gov. Not that many back in 1861.

    I’d bet expanded control.

    • That possibility is one of many. Our view is people who are paying $58-$100 per month for a gym membership could build an impressive backup food source in a year and that’s the point of this weekend Peoplenomics piece.
      We need to get off the “ripped abs” crazy and get back to using our minds and backs to ensure America’s food future. 4,000-mile salads are (excuse the gardening pun) at the “root” of our problems!

      • Ain’t nothing wrong with ripped abs, except I haven’t had them in nearly 40 years, and most people get them by doing 10s of thousands of crunches, instead of toe-touches in a garden.

        Cruising through campuses (campii?) this year I’ve noticed fewer fat kollege kids, but the ones I’ve seen who are, are nearly all, morbidly obese. It seems like there are very few “stocky” kids, other than the football jocks. There are Lotsa skinny girls with tiny, FLABBY waists – i.e. they’re tiny because they’ve starved (or drugged) themselves, not because they’re eating “healthy” or exercising. NO “Freshman 15” yet — it’s still too early in the Midwest for the kiddies to fall into their typical bad drinking habits. ‘Won’t be long though. Buttwiper is “non grata” even on campuses. The kids are drinking Coors, Corona, and Yuengling, not Bud Light, so it’s only a matter of time…

      • Gardens are becoming valuable.

        Produce stolen from Downriver senior community garden

        “Squash, beans, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more; Dowding says thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of produce.

        “Why would somebody do that to us? I put so much work into this and I don’t understand the mentality why someone would come and take… you there is a lot of hard work we put into this,” said Dowding.

        Dowding has been working on these gardens for six years, four hours per day, all self-funded.”

        • What’s not to understand? Hundreds of dollars worth of food gone, and hopefully not wasted, but to a thief, it’s still hundreds of dollars not spent, or perhaps turned into cash at a farmer’s market. Produce is not branded and serialized.

          I have no tolerance for thieves, yet our current “governments” do. If you’re allowed to steal $1000 worth of merchandise from a store, it’s a small jump to stealing from someone’s garden. I don’t like dogs, but dogs may become essential for security.

        • That looks like a fun project to build – for those with the time to do it. Right now I’m using the old fashioned way – just stacking.

      • I have heard that.. get some banana’s.. cut the stem end a little bit.. spread the fibers.. then take onion peels and boil them in water.. take the water get it cool then dip the stem of the banana in clone jell or powder.. and put in the onion skin water.. let it sit in a shaded area it will root.. I have never tried it.. but sure do think about it.. where would I put a banana tree.. you need a greenhouse for that..


    What an eloquent way to tell congress..
    YOU CAN JUST SUCK WALLEY lol lol lol nothing is going to come of any of this.. but then we knew that from the start.. it is the dead horse issue that the politicians drag around the arena for election votes..

    • Congress doesn’t care about Hunter. They care about being able to, with certainty, tie Joe into the “family business” because that will ensure there are legal grounds, and a legal basis for impeachment.

      With that said, were I Jim Jordan, I would publish a single picture of Malia Obama’s naked ass (with Hunter cropped out of it), simply to put the “Press” and the Dems on notice that: “This will happen, by the Law, OR the rest of the pix will get published, unredacted…” CBS News might ignore such photos, but TMZ would be all over them, and they’ve got a bigger viewership…

      One of the Repugs’ biggest flaws is they proffer “Gentleman’s Rules” in a street fight, because they’re too fucking stupid to realize the Dems have never outgrown their Tammany Hall mentality.

      • Well said! For the life of me, I fail to see what either Malia or Hunter saw in each other that was desirable! Even I could make better choices.

  7. In a dovish comment, Atlanta Fed President Bostic said, “I think we should be cautious and patient and let the restrictive policy continue to influence the economy, lest we risk tightening too much and inflicting unnecessary economic pain.”
    – Sounds like he is calling for a ‘rate-pause’ to me.

  8. Pedo joe is taking another 4 day vacation. I wonder if we built an underground bunker for him when his fortified wall was put up?Inquiring minds want to know.

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL just don’t take photos of the flowers LOL LOL LOL LOL
        I went on lunch one day.. I loved taking pictures of the flowers the butterflies etc.. anyway I went to lunch.. as a kid and was photoing the beautiful flower bed they have around marine ones helo pad.. LOL LOL
        pretty soon here are the police.. they ask me what I was doing.. taking flower photo’s.. etc.. the confiscated my camera and the film.. took me to the cell.. then called someone that handles material.. who they called was my boss at the time.. the boss says.. dam the guy that does that stuff is at lunch he should have been back.. then there was a pause and the boss asked them.. hey whats this guys name and what did he say he was filming.. LOL LOL LOL
        Well hes the one that has to process it.. send him back with the film LOL LOL I never took another photo there.. seems there was an even prettier botanical museum closer.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  9. Ford expects its electric-car division to lose about $4.5 billion in 2023, yet they plan to continue investing in battery-powered vehicles at the expense of it’s I.C.E. line-up. Three models are being cut this year.
    Ford stock peaked in April of 1999, at around $35.30 Since that date it has been on a continuous steady decline and this morning at $12.11. 65% drop in value.
    Two “analysts” have predicted that Ford will enter bankruptcy by 2030.

    • you do know of course when pontiac and plymth went under in 2009, every single auto manufacture took a bail out. General Moters being the largest recipient of Tarp Funds.

      The only auto manufacture to not take a bail out durring the 2009 sub prime mortgage collapse was Ford.

      just saying

    • Someone needs to get me an invite to Galt’s Gulch. Stat.

      Interestingly, I had the pleasure of knowing a truly brilliant mechanical engineer years ago who told me that he was earnestly approached by an elite group who told him he would need to give up all his ties to society and that in turn, he and his family would prosper amongst others of equal intellectual stature. No mention of where but very clearly separate and distinct from the remainder of society. This was early eighties in Edmonton, Alberta. He said no. But I got the impression he was always left wondering a little bit about what he might have passed up. He was only approached once and he stated that he had every reason to believe that the offer was legit.

      You don’t hear about a “brain drain” anymore, but there was a period of time back then where some intelligent and important people inexplicably had gone missing.

      • Still being recruited… frm the “right” schools.. see Skull&Bones @YaleU.All the ivies have secret “manlove” society’s ..all of em.

  10. “No evidence of abdominal aortic aneurysm is visualized.”

    My oldest brother, now 86, claims to have ‘all his original parts’ as he has not had hip replacement like the other siblings. (My arthritic hip is telling me mine is coming… someday) Anyway, several years back said brother noticed a strange pulse in his abdomen and the docs found his aneurysm and reinforced it before it burst. He was lucky. So he still has all original parts, plus a bit of reinforcement material. We have some longevity in the family genes, with no heart disease nor cancers, so I’ve got a good chance with the anti-aging stuff.

  11. re: “pause and pivot”


    Apparently foreign ministers are meeting in the Toledo (“The Imperial City”), Spain, home of the Spanish royal Court until the 1560’s. The “Deutsche Welle” newsfeed notes that the Ukrainian fm and unnamed “allies” are still awaiting the arrival of an invitation from India for Mr. Zelensky to attend the G20 in 10 days time. Certainly as we were all treated to the sight by a presidential office publication the other day, President Zelensky already possesses a Nehru Jacket superbly fitted for the occasion. Mind you the late Nehru counted the former 13th century London lands of the Knights Templar as his alma mater. Oh yes, back in Toledo, Ukraine would also like more armored vehicles including armored ambulances.

  12. i dont want to shit on ure site george. i will tell you this one last story. then be on my way. i

    oh and i went to buy my domain name and someone already bought it. it was forsale 2 months ago. its been available for a while, but now its not. i looked yesterday and i was going to buy it and a new computure and start a new website using that domain name. so i have to ponder a new domain name. lol. let it come to me. i want to start my own website to share what i want to share and not be off topic on Ures. because my life is so wooh wooh. lol

    so two nights ago. i came around the bend where i saw the big stag. the moon was super bright. last night being the blue super moon.

    there before me in the same spot i called the stag out of the abyss. three shimmering bright white light beings. i looked in the mirror of my train because i thought maybe they were reflections in the window. they were not reflections. three white light beings looking kinda like people stood right in the road before me. i still dont know what to make of it. they were a really bright white light. standing in the same exact spot that i called out into the darkness and silence.

    i told a buddy about it. he had same experiance he was lost in the woods in the mountains and 3 shimmering light beings apeared. he said it was so cold and it was pitched black. he couldnt even see his own hands. he thought he was going to die. he sat down because he kept walking into trees. then all the sudden these 3 white light beings apeared and he followed them for a few miles and came out of the mountains and woods on a road. he stood on the road and then all the sudden a truck came down the road and picked him up and took him to town.

    he said 30 days after the experiance his entire life changed. everything in his life changed. he met the woman who would become his wife, moved into a new house, started a new job, bought a different truck etc etc.

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    so i dont know what that all means.

    my life is good. really good.
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    i just think i was meant to do more for others in this life than drive trains. i have a million stories inside of me and a radio voice and can fathom how all the spiriritual doccuments in the world fit together like puzzel pieces. i can read and understand 9 different languages. and i most certainly am very gifted intuitively. so i should be using those stories, wisdom, gifts and abilities to help others find their own answers to life, and inspire them to beyond their limitations to become what they didnt know they could become.

    and havent been doing that so much so, because im driving trains at night in the mountains.

    but i really want to. i really do.

    hmmm…. maybe the three white light beings heard my prayers and came to change my life so i can do all those things like they did my buddies life when he saw them and they lead him out of the darkness and woods on the mountain and changed his life forever. maybe, just maybe, that is why they showed themselves to me as well.

    the worlds trajectory and future is easy to see. i dont speak about it much anymore because that is easy to undetstand to me.

    trump wins the presidency
    the economy finally starts rnnijg at full steam after the covid mess from 2020.
    eveything blooms and prosperity returnes to the US in a big way.
    dow goes to 42,000
    bitcoin to $225,000
    gas prices level off at $5.00 a gallon
    by the end of 2024.

    of course that not trading advice. im an ore train driver. not a portfolio manager. lol

    i see all that stuff all the time. but im not very interested in it. im more interested in other things these days. like inspiring others in a way so they find their own answers to life. not just telling evryone the future. so i dont tell everyone the future any more.

    okay, i wont be off topic anymore. its time to have my own site again. i will provide the link, once its up and running. and i have a new name. lol


    • I have experienced enough over 70+ years to be open to believing there are different classes of “watchers” and that many of them are benevolent and will offer help.
      The hard part for those still wearing ape brains is that we are societally conditioned for our entire lives into the simplistic “cause and effect” regimen.

      What if – and it seems likely to me – there is another way of “being” where there is no signular Cause. Instead, these ‘next level’ agents of Dude are more general in their approach. And while we don’t see any (registering) singular event (which small brains can process), imaginer that instead they work on a multiplicity of nearly invisible changes that “bubble up” into our reality from Michael Crichton’s “quantum foam” and our lives are changed – bettered – in so many ways we cannot comprehend that there is a benevolence behind it.

      That’s where the drug culture has helped in some ways; opening people to this larger “vibe field” and ifs you read books on The Field sometimes called Source or Potential, you come to a kind of Vibe World. Where the Universe echoes back (reflects) to each of us precisely what we truly desire. But the process – even though generalized as prayers and their answers – are not really seen. Thus, under appreciated.

      It’s a tough thing to write about since part of the time, words are meant to be heard by souls – which have infinite potential on the one hand, while on the other, it all falls on the ears of illiterate apes, able to hear and make sense only of immediacy valued stimulus-response.

      THAT is where the being of light have a marketing problem. Souls caged in Apes.

      But we are both (part of ALL) and therein the adventure ov a soultime is played.

      • “I have experienced enough over 70+ years to be open to believing there are different classes of “watchers” and that many of them are benevolent and will offer help.”

        AMEN… good lord knows I have had my share of experiences and am positive that there are watchers..
        I believe in the story of the net….in the end.. angels will come down to protect those that are faithful..
        I think of the man NOAH…. he built a boat.. a big boat in the middle of the high plains.. it didn’t just happen either.. it took a long time to build this boat.. everyone knew about the boat.. it wasn’t even a secret.. builting a big boat in the middle of the high plains..I am pretty sure that during the building of that boat.. there were a few on lookers.. heck that thing wasn’t even hidden.. right out in the open..
        People either razzed noah about his boat.. you know those guys.. Hey Noah looks like rain!!!!
        but no one really paid it no mind..
        then Sodom and Gomorrah the angels came seen the wickedness and helped them leave before destroying the wicked..
        Yes.. I believe seen enough and experienced enough.. always take what you want to do to prayer.. he will answer you .. then it is ok.. when I see someone down on the luck.. and give them a hand up.. I always go into prayer before I act..

  13. I am going to try domething different this weekend.. I love to make jerky. I use the pre measured packets.. perfect..well I want to make roast beef sandwich meat.
    I haven’t ever used a pre measured roast spice this weekend I 1 pound eye roast cut into random size chunks..
    1 pound of lean hamburger
    1 pound of 75 % lean
    1 McCormack savory roast packet
    1 egg
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    1/2 tsp of tender quick
    1 tsp of msg
    1/8 cup of salt
    1/2cup of water
    1/4 cup powdered milk
    with the 75 percent lean I will make a paste.. put the hamburger in the blender along with the spices and water the powdered milk.. and the egg white…blend it until it makes a paste.
    take the hamburger and random chunks of a roast put it all in a bowl scrape the paste out and mix it all up ..
    take your meat sock or bologna skin put it in you luncheon meat pan . ( or you can take cling wrap and roll it into shape.. put it in a cooking bag or a loaf pan..then double boil it.. great time to use your sous vide cooker..set it on 160 and let it get up to temp..orput it in pan of water and in the oven for a few hours until it gets to temp..

    then remove it and cold smoke it for four hours..
    we shall see how it turns out..
    you can add a tsp of garlic powder and a tsp of onion powder..

  14. Re: Lost in Translation
    feat: Tower of Babel by numbers


    Friday morning at 0200 CEST “France24” published a report on its French site about gun background checks by the Biden administration. An English version was published at 0314 CEST. The two reports select different numerical facts perhaps conveying different impressions to separate readerships.

    Here is a Google translation of the last sentence in the French report whose equivalent does not seem to appear in the English version. “According to the NGO Gun Violence Archive, which documents these deaths, 44,374 people were killed by firearms in 2022 in the United States, with a slight decline this year, to 28,793 deaths for the first eight months of 2023. suicides account for nearly 55% of firearm deaths.”

    So 2023 (prorated) gun deaths have declined year over year, and fully half are tragically due to suicide causes? Furthermore while the French report advises that 28,793 in total perished by gun in the first 8 months of 2023, the English version omits that and advises there have been 163 victims of mass shootings so far in 2023.

    • I think I read someplace that those laws on gun checks was changed so the perv didn’t have to be put in jail or go to court for not following the law with his gun..

  15. correct me if im wrong.

    it is my understanding that the commercial real estate collapse wont be near as bad as hyped. and its hyped alot on many sites.
    for one. all commercial real estate loans are based in fixed interest rates. not sub prime.

    along with there is no synthetic CDOs on commercial real estate CDOs.

    which again all Commercial relestate loans bundled together in cdos, are based in fixed interest rates not sub prime.

    the compairson to 2008 housing collapse and the commercial realestate collapse is apples to oranges.

    because we all know that sub prime mortgages in 2008 were the bomb and CDOs the fuse, and synthetic CDOs the flame thrower.

    maybe you have a different take on it george. mmm?

    see i understand all these things, i just dont talk much about it. because it doesnt interrst me much. anymore

    what does interest me is Mining has a 500% projected growth rate in the next 10 years. and im a miner. infact mining comes in at the number 4, position as the highest industry growth rate.

    right under live concert security and promoter.


  16. okay off to dream land.

    ya see i dont comment on everything and i could. ive read alot alot of books on many subjects. and i have a brain.

    i dont get too excited about politics or any of that. because it all reminds me of tonight.

    yesterday, on the super moon, after meditation i heard a small voice whisper in me saying dont go to work tonight. call in sick.

    i brushed it off. i never miss work. i always go to work besides i was not sick.

    when i got in the shower, i heard it again. dont go to work Andy. call in sick.

    i waited in silence. okay fine i will call in sick and not go to work. so i did. i called my foreman and said, im sick. he said ok try again tommorow.

    now, there was a guy at work who didnt like me. he wanted to fight me. the nature of working with rough necks in the mountains. and i get it. im not everyones cup of tea. i dont care if everyone likes me. i do good work. that speaks for itself. ive had 20 + job offers in the last 3 months. everything from going back to run security at shows, back to the seahawks, oil fields, other mines in arizona to alaska to running my old office in seattle to working on interstate jobs. i am very highly valued employee. because i worked hard over 20 years to establish my worth. like George and Urban Survival.

    now, i could crushed this dude at work easy. everytime i keep my hands in my pocket i remind myself, you are saving his life Andy. this fella has a home, wife and a couple kids. he keeps running his mouth about me to anyone who would listen. i told him. i came here to work. i didnt drive 13 hours to fight someone i dont know.

    he kept running his mouth. i kept my hands in my pocket and grit my teeth.

    so this guy at work tells the big boss the other night. Andy is always on his phone while driving his train at work. which is a terminating offence.

    so unknown to everyone. the big boss sets up a sting to catch me on my phone last night in my train.

    but i called in sick. the Big Boss was unaware i called in sick. and staked out a vantage point to see when people go through that area if they were on their phone. sat up there.

    the first train through. the fella who tried to get me fired by telling the boss he always sees me on my phone driving my train through there.

    gues what the big boss sees. he sees that fella on his phone texting through an intersction where cars have to cross the line. same guy who tried to get me fired for doing exactly that. when in reality, i only pull my phone out when stopped.

    so we all got to work last night, get on the bus to ride up to the mines. big boss shows up, blocks the bus with his truck. calls that fella off the bus. points his finger at him and says, you tried to get me to fire Andy for texting and talking on his phone!!!! and the only person i saw doing exactly that was you! you are fired!!!!!!

    big boss comes on the bus. comes right to me. says keep up the good work. shakes my hand. then leaves, gets in his truck and drives off.

    kinda reminded me of Trump and all this shit in politics. that is kinda how i see all that going in politics.

    so i dont comment much on political shit.

    thank goodness for meditation and small whispering voices. lol.

    • “thank goodness for meditation and small whispering voices.”

      Amen! :-) Too few listen to those voices.

      • I’m trying to train mine to call in stock tips. All it said, so far today, was sell and lock in profits before lunch and consider reshorting the holiday sucker rally into the close.
        Can’t trust that voice, of course. But it makes a certain amount of sense…

        • oh…….. i didnt think about that. lol


          im in training.

          “layer 1) im driving ore trains for a mining outfit to a refinery. (most of the people in the world operates at this funtional layer)
          layer 2) im working in a mathmatical sequence of master numbers and numerological functions.
          layer 3) im motion as a compas, and cog wheel within time along a path structured as the infinty symbol.
          layer 4) im motion moving spirit and light (phosphate alchemy symbol of spirit and light) in the deep soil of night, to the Bayer Refinery which their symbol is the circle of life and the 4 corners tribal symbol.
          layer 5) im developing and mastering psychic powers, mastering empathy and mastering charisma.
          layer 6)im working in the relm enoch worked within.
          layer 7) im in motion within a real life comprehensive merkabah. eagle facing north, ox facing west, lion facing east, human (me) facing south. with the trone of one by one centered.

          all 7 layers are present as one thing in motion, for a moment in time. that is how the language of creation works on a topology.”

          im in a ‘training’ program.

          hahaha. coooooool dude.

          thanks George.

          this is a total light buble moment.

          afa the fella who got fired last night trying to get me fired. ive already started praying for him. his wife and their children. because he is in the middle of selling his house and buying another house. and you cant very well do that without a source of income. and i know the lesson he learned is a very hard one to learn. ive learned it a few times too.

          not going out of my way to get someone fired. but have had my shares of monents where i kept persuing something not good for me until it got the best of me. i have empathy for him, his wife and kids.

          so i will pray blessings for them. because that is the right thing to do.

          it is important, As George knows and many on here know, that when you have great power to afflict grear damage someone. you use it wisely. having great power to heal and bless others and work miracles in their lives is a two edge sword. you can also do the exact opposite.

          as moses would say, you part the red sea, and reign down manna from heaven. and the same time relase the angel of death for whome the bells toll.

          and i know, from many experiances. if i stay in my lane, live with integrity, honor, dignity, reapect, and Love. Stay close to THE DUDE and HIS ways, do the next right thing until i become the next right thing (which i have become the next right thing, more times than i can count) anyone who is living dishonrably or has ill intent towards me or takes something from me that doesnt belong to them?

          they meet with sudden disaster. every single time.

          so 99% of the time. i live in peace with everyone. even the ones who wish me ill.

          im in training!!!! hahahaa

          Ms George says, Duh! hahaha

  17. I have heard that silent voice, speak to my heart,, a knowing, but don’t quite understand how ,,,

    but on the other hand,
    the down fall of our beloved US Constitutional republic is being attacked by and led by,,, wordsmithing,
    climate change liars, &
    conspiracy deniers
    and believed by bottom feeding sucker fish, vaxed monkeys and mask pushers, Karens and Nancys demanded , that we normals submit to their anxiety fears,
    I NEVER ONCE DONED A MASK, TOOK A VAX, OR BELIEVED THEIR BULL SHIT. I was saved by a change of life before the shit hit the front door, quit drinkin smokin and switched to healthy foods, lost 50 lbs , somebody (upstairs) nugged me before the shitvid hit the door,,,doorfore

    do you have Ivermectin on hand? I do, liquid injectable from the feed store. I do NOT inject anything, but use topically or orally

    if anybody blocks my roadway in the name of climate change, best be prepared for me pissing and shitting on them, especially them who glue themselves to the road, if you block a man’s path, you are asking for a fight.
    I contain both War and Peace, what do you ask from me?
    be careful, what you ask for.

    another time , I was sitting in the park feeding the geese, on a pity party over a recent female break up, when I heard/felt ,
    ‘give the corn to the girls”,
    hummm?, then I move to another area in the park near more geese when two little girls come to my pickup ask asked for some corn, yup, they got the rest of the bucket. Had hearings in the same park before, I thought it might be the trees talkin, rooted to Mother Earth and reaching up the Father Sun. Do trees transmit and receive?

  18. oh i dont know why there is a Ms infont of Georges name. i didnt mean that.

    uhem. Mr George. lol

    some say “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”

    Jesus The Christ, had absolute power and He was most certainly not corrupt.

    i think you are either corrupt or you are not. absolute power doesnt corrupt.

    its like attainment of Massive Quanties of Mulah. aka Moneee. it shows you and everyone else who you really are.

    ive yet to be tested with great quanties of money. but that doesnt mean it wont happen. i could happen today.

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