Annual “Anti-Aging” Progress Report

Time to update  September 2018’s Peoplenomics 891-B where we outlined recent advances in anti-aging.  The “supplement cocktail” we approached while sniffing around last year is now making headlines.

Can we get another “one year drop on the future?”  Maybe so.There is much new data to review along with a “process discussion” covering how Elaine and I have constructed spreadsheets to manage our “anti-aging  supplement regimen.”  Oh, and our “analog” to that prescription-based life-extension cocktail.

Right to it after some headlines and the charts, where a chance of a replay of last year’s Back Christmas for the markets appears.  Don’t ask us why, though.  Ask the elves…

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53 thoughts on “Annual “Anti-Aging” Progress Report”

  1. I take C60 with olive oil from Sarah Vaughter Wellness, & weeks now, less joint pain very noticeable, I can read the bathroom scale (dial, not LED)more easily, and the hair in the sink after my haircut has less salt in the pepper. and 1 last thing that improves is something you should only share with she who must be,,well you know
    I changed what I put in my mouth 6 yrs ago,230 lb now 175
    Bolton gone hoorah
    boneheads…skull and bones…President Kennedy told(warned) us about those secret groups
    they hate President Trump,they do not have the required blackmail to control him, they will kill him if they get a chance. It is a real war above our pay grade
    ps: Sarah does refer to Clif High and purple power in her Q&A, not high praise

  2. For those with eyes to see..

    German physicist Heinz Pommer Report-

    “all the evidence is out, nukes on lower floors of twin towers, small nukes inside air conditioning tanks for bldg. 7, FBI-CIA-White House investigation that predicted this 4 years in advance but couldn’t stop it even though our records show that they followed the bombs from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey over to the Israeli consulate in Manhatten.

    Why?” – VT

    U cant make this stuff up – man do they luv us here in America or what?

    How about them NEOCON’s – so F-ing proud of our past Presidents

    yeah yeah box cutters and jet fuel and Afghan tribal fighters – and they just happened to get the exact location inside Pentagram where Able Danger Team Meeting was being held, while the team leader (AirFarce General) mysteriously was absent from..prior obligation..bwahahahahahaha

    Harvest Moon this month – who is going to be harvesting & who is going to be harvested..just crops I hope..

  3. First, while I agree with the firing/resigning of Bolton…it’s not necessarily good news for Trump. Bolton is #64 in firings/resignations etc. One thing to remember…Trump did the hiring, then proceeded in almost every case to dismantle his own choices. I am sorry, I must have missed that coursework in business management class in college. Is that a Wharton management strategy? Ha!

    How did Bolton get hired in the first place? Trump, I hope knew what he was getting in Bolton. Bolton’s political views are well known and he doesn’t mince words. But, no surprise here. He was a Fox News contributor and said some nice things about Trump and that pretty much is all it takes to get into his inner circle. Kim from NK writes love letters, Putin strokes his ego..etc. but like those before him..the honeymoon wears off quick and reality sets in. Bolton grew weary of Trump and like Tillerson, Kelly, Mattis, McMaster, Scaramucci and others, they stopped playing nice.

    And the rest is history…a broken record skipping to the same verse over and over. When is America going to grow weary?

    As far as aging…I take a similar pill cocktail…but also use a home made topical ointment of virgin, unrefined Coconut Oil, Frankincense oil and CBD for a night and day cream for skin and hair.. So does my wife and it has kept the wrinkles off of my 62 year year old body and has thwarted the gray in my hair. I also sip a cup of beef bone broth (chock full of collagen) every night. A friend, who is a dermatologist is impressed with our soft and youthful skin . As far as the hair, she says a healthy scalp is key to healthy hair…so it doesn’t surprise her that my hair color is still brownish and not totally gray.

    Also, my niece, who is a chiropractor and wellness clinician in Berkeley says that there are two types of anti-aging…topical/skin anti-aging and longevity. Physical/mental acuity can help both…but one of the key contributors to the decay of our bodies is alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body and that can have an adverse affect in the condition of your skin and the function of the liver and thyroid and many studies show that it may shrink brain volume, leading to dementia. I used to have one glass of red wine at night, but bought resveratrol supplements instead.

    No more alcohol has helped my sleep and has shaved about 8 pounds off of my frame since I quit…again…about a month ago( I do this every other year, but social situations reel me back in) .

    For exercise, I run and do warm room, Vinyasa yoga, which will kick your butt, but is incredible for the core. They end each session with a meditative breathing exercise which is very therapeutic and I repeat that breathing routine every morning and right before bed as well, for focus and to de-stress.


      Trump, after hosting a rally in North Carolina with Vice President Pence earlier this week and then blasting out endorsements for two GOP candidates running in special elections there, President Trump closely tracked the returns on Tuesday night. When it became clear that both men vying for open House seats had won, the president took to Twitter in triumph & the people rejoiced. This is a major predictor for 2020.


        NC…except for that let’s try and stop hurricane with nukes part..
        I support and understand what he’s been trying to do.

        Basically stop the titanic from sinking..

        My big thing is why would he even want that job again..
        To put his family through it all one more time for four more years. You would think they would be crying themselves to sleep at the possibility of the Joy’s of four more years of this.
        I sure dont want to hear the non stop drivel day in and day out..
        Give it to Bernie and call it good..

    • Mark, I respect your opinion on many issues. However, as brilliant as you are, in politics you’re sometimes out of your leage. Respect, that’s a different “ballgame.”

      There is a vast difference between the elites and us!!

    • @ Mark

      You have finally rendered an opinion that I can agree with…your own BIO in your own words

      “…a broken record skipping to the same verse over and over. When is America going to grow weary?”

  4. The charts look the same on my tablet.

    Sugar is the #1 enemy of seniors. I notice that if I eat too much sugar or white bread, it makes me hungrier & and I am more likely to have an after dinner snack. When I need sugar, I eat Hersey’s dark chocolate. A pimple the next day is a reminder of your previous day sugar high.

    The thymus gland, located behind your sternum and between your lungs, is only active until puberty. After puberty, the thymus starts to slowly shrink and become replaced by fat. Are you looking to revert back to pre-puberty. I think the location of Aaron’s breastplate is more designed to protect the heart & sternum & other vital organs.

  5. Great column on anti-aging George. At 77 years old, I continue to learn and use this information. I have a group of senior friends that share findings on anti-aging techniques. I am fortunate to remain in good health with proper diet, supplementation and exercise.

    It occurs to me that we can have good physical health and fail mentally. After watching a couple of family members destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease, I have paid particular attention to this health aspect of my life. I recently read that “No one knows an Alzheimer survivor!”

    Please check out the following article and also google both l-serine and choline for a more in depth dive to possible dietary prevention of Alzheimer’s. I have changed my diet to get more of both of these nutrients but have not supplemented with them as of yet.

    Wishing you and Elaine continued good health.

    • Yes, the body seems to be a large chemical factory, and you’ll have to be a really top chemist to outwit what your genes have in store for you. ;-)

      I didn’t do anything to outwit what was planned for me since I rely more on the “Creator” who may have bigger plans for all of us than our misely life here on earth.

      • You are probably correct Bruno but I have found that the creator really helps those who try to help themselves.

        My philosophy is probably much like George’s. I plan to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I can. The creator will take care of the rest.

        This short 1 minute video might help explain what I mean.

        To good health.

    • , here is another way of looking at the chess game with Trump he brings someone in that he knows as bad after a while the person he hired is now fired but also all the other people that are associated with the fired person are now exposed so that each round or each new person in different categories are put in they expose the people that are associated with until the whole pyramid comes down.

      This works because now there is real evidence of the wrongdoing instead of second hand knowledge.
      Now Mark are you starting to get a grasp of the overall situation and who’s getting ready to fall and who’s getting ready to rise

      Not only is Trump brilliant but all the people that are working with him that put him in office are extremely brilliant.

      Normal people even the people that are going down can’t see it as the sand beneath their feet disappears Through The Hourglass

      • I am sorry Bryce..I am sure you are a great guy…but…That theory is as disjointed as your sentence structure. Yes here is absolutely no way that Trump is playing a Chess game.He doesn’t behave the intellectual capacity to fit the pieces in the squares, let alone have a strategy to play a game.

      • I know you’re sorry Mark but one day we’ll be able to synchronize.
        But until that day keep tootling. lol

  6. George,
    I look forward to your effective aging posts. Have you looked at the work of Dr. Sinclair (Harvard) related to NMN and Resveratol? It might be worth your time. He is also a proponent of Metformin. All the best,

  7. Yet another extraordinary report and focus, filling gaps in my own explorations and adding new directions for inquiry! I had to open a new browser entirely to simultaneously read between all the links and their further links. Definitely worth reading for detail. I need to get outside work done now, or I’d be spending the whole day here.

    BTW, the charts do seem to be clearer. I’m not nearly as visual as most readers but they do help. BTW, I never use a phone to read anything consequential – I always use a full size computer. With screens, size does matter.

    I’m glad to see John Bolton go – we need to thread a middle ground rather than polarizing and catering to the neocons. In my wildest desires, I’d like to see some level of agreement on American values before the next election, and real American values don’t include engaging in unnecessary polarization and wars.

    • “…American values before the next election, and real American values…”

      What are you talking about? ;-) I live in a very large metrololitan city and almost 50% of the people I see daily (perhaps >100,000) seem to be of an East Asian origen, with maybe their own set of values. Of course, many are tourists!

      Were may I find a listing of American values, please?

      • If they are Americans, their values are our values. The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, that we are a Republic, and the Golden Rule (which is understood in all countries and religions in the world, whether practiced or not as well as some version of most of the 10 commandments) for starters. No, endless illegal wars are not our values as our founding Fathers warned us against. Neither is all the corruption noted in high and low places on this comment board daily. But, in one-to-one, eye, hand, caring contact can still be seen and experienced our values. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Our values are US.

      • I think when Jane Fonda went to Hanoi it signaled the beginning of the change in American Values…Mom & Apple Pie.

      • NC – when Fonda went to Vietnam it was the result of something deeply wrong with our foreign policy. She may have gotten a lot wrong with her personal philosophy but the corruption that immediately crept in to being a super power after WWII ruined any virtue America had from then on. Throwing people into a meat grinder to demonstrate power is a lazy, wasteful way of flexing national muscle. One theory says it’s just warfare “practice” to keep our edge but the inhumanity of places like Mai Lai damaged our national soul

      • American values start with freedom and self-reliance, equality of opportunity then to each according to their effort and value to the greater society. We believe in having second chances in most cases and the right to have our ancient errors forgotten. Most Asians have an overlapping set of values – somewhat offset due to cultural differences but surprisingly similar. Our founding documents illustrate our values perhaps better than I can.

  8. alkaline diet, changes your ph and kills disease.
    no acidic foods like sugar/meat etc. load up on apple cider vinegar and lemon juice (turns alkaline when consumed).

    get rid of grey hair and improve skin with fo-ti root.

    find a good acupunturist/herbalist while you’ree at it.

    5-htp builds muscle, promotes weight loss and creates good alkalinity and mood.

    • Thank You for the Info! I’ve been doing apple cider vinegar faithfully, but I am excited to get some of that fo-ti root. I have the heart of a 30 year old and the white hair of santa claus. it would be nice to see some pigment return to my hair.

      • Let us know how that Fo ti Root works. Ive heard Clairol has better results.

        Although I’m a big fan of vitamins and supplements, genes really do play the biggest role.

        I have a friend who is into all the vitamins and supplements routine as well as the latest trends in Asian inspired body muscle/mind excercise regimens and has been for the 20+ years I’ve known him. He looks every bit his age.

      • Jon Clause I have had totally white hair for several years. I added about 5 mo ago astaxanthin 12mg for my eye health. This was my only change in vit. consumption. Take with healthy fats and now am having about 20% black hair and new growth. Eyebrows same %. Ears about 75% Beard about 40%

  9. The FED Put is alive and well captain! Just need to keep printing dem dollars..print baby print!

    This must be the top G..cause the coot just went long the SPY Oct 305 Calls! Jerome better start printing some more T.P. if we are going to go HIGHER.

    Print Baby Print

  10. I would recommend go to http://www.kaufmanprotocol: Dr. Kaufmann has a new book out: Why We Age and How to Stop It. Strange in her interview I read in Truly Alive she says that if you understand her web site then you don’t need to buy her book.

  11. My last post for the day: The older I grow the least I like human beings (with excemptions, of course!), because we seem to be the cancer on our global environment by “OVERCONSUMING in relation to available resources.” Anyone competent enough can figure this out by him/her/selves. It’s ALL a lost cause, IMHO.

    • This is why my area WAS at one time a nice place to live – because there were so FEW people around! I’ve always known the privilege I’ve had growing up in the West Texas countryside and other places in other states. We’ve tried to share it with others to varying degrees of success but the attitude I see with people now is the more houses dotting the countryside the better and it’s simply because those people are making money off of it. To Hell with any preservation of nature and our resources. People generally are locusts.

  12. Well this will be a LONG list, but this is what I take and why. As Master Ure says: THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Just what I do. Your mileage may vary. Many of my supplements come from the ‘Life Extension Foundation’… which is a great research resource, even if you are not a member. (

    MULTIVITAMIN: Life Extension Mix w/extra niacin
    LEF HEALTH BOOSTER: Vit. K & E & oil based vitamins
    MILK THISTLE: Liver protection… years of abuse by viral infections & mercury poisoning
    ASTAXANTHIN: Joints antioxidant… made from Hawaiian Algae
    TMG: Trimethyl Glycine… methylation… quenches stress hormone Homocysteine that causes arterial plaque buildup.
    PREGNENOLONE: Cascades down into DHEA, Testosterone, and other required hormones as the body needs. I find this more ‘natural’ than force-dosing DHEA or Testosterone separately.
    TURMERIC: Joint antioxidant
    ASPIRIN: Baby 81mg
    IODINE: 12.5 mg supplement. Feeds Thyroid to accomplish hormonal production for body
    MAGNESIUM (citrate): Prevents aluminum absorbtion, essential mineral.
    D3 (5,000IU): Turbocharge immune system. Reduces sickness by 40% (all kinds).
    KRILL OIL: My preferred ‘fish oil’ for cardiac health
    VIT. C : Severa grams throughout day. Prefer the ‘Buffered’ Calcium Ascorbate.
    CoQ10: “Spark Plug” enzyme that fires muscle cells. Essential for heart health, especially if you take statins. (I do not.)
    B12 METHYL COBALAMIN: Most bioactive form. Sublingual absorbtion under tongue. Worthless when swallowed as digestion destroys it.
    VINPOCETINE; Brain Health
    HUPERZINE: neuroprotective… brain health
    CORDYCEPS: (Asian secret) energy booster
    AMPK BOOSTER: (Life Extension) cardiac health
    RESVERATROL & GRAPE SEED: (Costco) antioxidant & telomere repair
    OLEUROPEIN OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: Antiviral, for control of resident viruses.
    ZINC: 50mg Viral control & male health
    POTASSIUM GLUCONATE: (OTC) Selectively replaces ‘sodium’ in body. I have found it works to control arthritis pain better than anti-inflammatories.
    BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL: Anti-inflammatory
    TEN MUSHROOM BLEND: Stimulates production of killer T-cells to boost immune system.

    Cannot take these all at once without a good meal. Usually spaced out thru the day with food. At night the list before bed is this:

    MELATONIN: 5mg sleep
    5HTP: Relaxation and sleep aid
    MSM with GLUCOSAMINE: (Costco) Joint repair
    BETA SITOSTEROL: Prostate health… strongest you can find.
    L-ARGININE: Cardiac health
    FISETIN: “37 strawberries” antiOxidant & senolytic activator
    VIT C: 1 or 2 grams more… buffered calcium version.

    My mercury poisoning (exposed here several days ago) warped my immune system to the point it did not respond to viral infections… especially in the central nervous system. At it’s worst, I endured a viral Encephalitis (brain infection) and multiple bouts of viral Meningitis. This has improved dramatically since my mercury removal, but I still do everything I can to suppress viral infections of all kinds.

  13. The reduction in solar radiant output which occurs in a solar minimum is minuscule. Sunspots drop to low levels, but the sun shines on. What does drop in intensity during a solar minimum is the magnitude of the solar magnetic fields. This allows background radiation to stream into the solar system.
    Right now, the theory is that during a grand solar minimum, which persists through many normal solar cycles, the increase in the background radiation seeds high clouds which tend to reflect enough light to drop mean temperatures significantly. This is a theory, not a proven fact. But don’t donate the arctic gear you’ve been hoarding to Goodwill quite yet.

  14. WTF is the deal with BOLTON? I told everyone he was a temp, and why Trump hired him:

    Ray on March 24, 2018 at 18:31

    I heartily approve of the Bolton nomination — wait, hear me out please. Bolton IS a neocon, but unlike Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, and Bob Kagan (who is Vicki Nuland’s hubby, in case you forgot), and the other PNAC grads, he’s not the same kind of expansionist as they. He IS a serious hawk and an absolute prig though, and not a Trump fan.

    Conspironuts are probably already spewing that his appointment was: “A Deep State order Trump couldn’t refuse,” or some such drivel. Nobody plays chess any more, or even poker, apparently. Trump is a general contractor, from Queens, with money. He doesn’t hire people because he likes them. He hires them because he believes they can do a specific job, and cans them when the job is complete. So why would he hire Bolton?

    John Bolton is a “nuke ’em all and let God sort them out” ultra-hawk. He is also a walking, talking phallus with U.N negotiating experience. So why would President Trump want someone like this on his staff? With whom are we now, or soon likely to be negotiating foreign policy, right after writing the biggest military check in the known history of the world?

    I should not need elaborate further…

  15. Two suggestions:

    1. Stockpile berberine. You can betcherass an OTC supplement which performs a function as well as a lab-made, prescription medication, will eventually be “engineered,” patented, and made unavailable (gout, anyone?)

    2. Take the aspirin at bedtime. Its function is to slightly thin one’s blood, to lessen the likelihood a plugged pipe will cause the pump to malfunction. Ex cardiac arrest and runaway fibrillation, a person suffering a heart attack is likely to remain conscious enough to dial 911. Taking the aspirin at bedtime maximizes its effect at that time of day when one is unconscious, and least-likely to be able to request help.

    • Low dose aspirin is generally safe if your blood pressure is well managed. If your blood pressure is borderline to high, the aspirin will cause your stroke risk to go sky high. One size never fits all with the meds. And no, blood pressure issues aren’t always caused by blockages. The doctors know a lot less about blood pressure and cardio vascular fitness than they think.

  16. While I have a lot of respect for structural engineers and physicists, most have limited knowledge of demolition science or pyroclastic flows. The twin towers fiasco can be accounted for by heat input from burning aluminum and jet fuel, which induced a rapid pyroclastic flow. Most high-rise buildings have a lot of empty volume both above and below ground. The rubble collapsed into the multiple sub-basements. While there may be multiple groups who aided and abetted the plotp, nukes aren’t required to explain what happened.

    • I would respectfully disagree. The collapse of the main towers was entirely unnatural. The smoking gun in plain sight is that nobody has explained how 100+ stories can collapse into its own footprint without guidance of some sort, via controlled demolition, nuclear thermal lance, or some other unknown mechanism. There was far too much dust and much too little in the way of large concrete segments. Essentially most/all of the concrete was turned to dust. This resulted in pyroclastic flows beyond anything(during the collapse) that could have resulted from a simple pancake collapse. Building 7 was a classical controlled demolition and can be seen easily from the videos.

      The true amount of dust can never really be appreciated without having been there.

      • The Towers should have remained two smoldering stubs or, at most, collapse of the upper parts leaving stubs afterward. No reason for a mushroom collapse all the way to the ground and more.

    • Ha, your first sentence, you have got to be kidding? YHGTBK!!! Go to Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and then come on back here and tell us that again. HA!

      I’ve met Richard Gage, try asking him or sharing with him your theory of what happened that day. THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT; IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT 911 SUPPORT THEM AND SIGN THEIR PETITION. GET OFF THE KEYBOARD COUCH!

      Here is another Great Patriot:

      Read the article on Dr. Cate Jenkins and the hell she endured for trying to tell the truth about the air quality on 911, and then read the article on Kevin Ryan, a gent who was fired for whistle blowing on the structural integrity of the steel used to build the towers.

      Read the articles on the people reporting bombs; watch the videos. Come on, everyone, WAKE UP, the proof is right in front of all of us! These are FACTS, not opinion or speculation. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND!

  17. Regarding the quality of your charts, save your files as .PNG, designed for internet images. Lossless compression.

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