I wasn’t going to post this on the ‘free side’ as it was part of today’s double-issue of  Peoplenomics.  But, now that three people have also noticed that “time wasn’t working like usual” on Friday afternoon, this is one you maybe want to poll your friends about:  Did they notice any ‘time oddities’ Friday?

Here’s what I put on the subscriber Peoplenomics site Saturday morning:


Friday Afternoon’s Time Warp

Since 4 PM Friday, I’ve been walking around in utter, jaw-dropping shock.

Like the scene from the Rocky Picture Horror Show, we’ve just “Done the Time Warp, Again…

Enough adjectizing… here’s what happened.

Friday afternoon was like any other.

I finished work in the office (writing the Focus section for this morning) a bit earlier than usual.  I figured to be done around 3:30 PM Central, but instead, I was done at 10-minutes to 3 PM.

No big deal.  I just shut down the computer and went over to the house.  Elaine was in the master bathroom working on something, or other.

“Want me to bring you a glass of wine, dear?”

“Sure… just leave it on the table for me…”

I fixed her the wine (6-0z. in stemware) and fixed myself a double-shot of vodka over ice with lots of water.

So far, it was all routine.

I went out to what we call “The 180-room” (*where we can see more than 180-degrees of the property).

Elaine had gotten distracted on her way to join me – nothing unusual there…so far.

As I sat there, immersed in the view of trees and enjoying some down-time, I sipped on my vodka.  Made a few notes on a yellow pad on a clipboard.  We know enough to keep note-taking gear in reach so ideas don’t ride off without us.

Finally, after what felt like 10-minutes, or so, Elaine came in, sat down, sampled her wine…

Then, just as we were beginning our daily chit-chat, I held up my hand…

Hear that?  Justin’s coming…”

Justin’s our UPS driver.  Usually, he gets here around 4 PM, sometimes 5…it depends on his package count.

I left Elaine to relax, walked down through the kitchen to the back door.  There, I slipped on my loafers and headed down the steps from the screen porch to meet Justin, just as he killed the engine on the UPS truck.

We chatted for maybe 5-minutes.  We covered  quite a few things while he was in the back of the truck sorting the rest of his run.

He was really enjoying his new F-150 pick-up truck he’d purchased.  Told me Ford has a website app to where new owners could “name their truck” online.  He picked Big Blue.

A few Paul Bunyan  remarks and so chit-chat around other drivers who’d been on our route (“say Hi to Chicago for me,” for example).

He handed me my packages – a new video card driver for one of the SFF computers.

Then I remembered I had two small packages that were Amazon returns.  Could I walk up to the shop and ask him to drop them in the machinery back in Palestine?  It’d save us a trip to town…

“Sure, no problem…not done sorting yet…

I walked up to the shop – maybe 150 feet, got the packages…came back.  Justin took them, we talked for maybe another minute or two and he was off to finish his run.

Yeah, I figured it was after four by now…and a single guy doesn’t want a long weekend to get started without him…

He drove out the driveway, turned right and headed down the one-lane oil-sand road that leads to the larger (also one-lane) road that leads to a two-lane road and back to town.

I reversed my previous track, up the stairs, Kicked off the loafers at the back door (we don’t wear shoes in the house – keeps dirt down) and rejoined Elaine in the 180 Room.

She was almost done with her wine and my drink was low.

We talked for what seemed like 10-minutes, or so.  Elaine at one point got down on her knees to pick up a dried-out gardenia bloom she had used to brush Zeus the cat with,  the other night.  She’d tossed it by the door to kick it outside and just hadn’t gotten to that part.

We laughed about that.

“Want me to get you another one?”

Elaine had noticed that my drink was down in the “refill zone” and since her wine was gone…

“Sure – holiday weekend…living dangerously,” I laughed.

A few minutes later she was back…second round of drinks in hand.  We started discussing plans for the fall, yard work, and I brought up the topic of a certain tree in the front yard whose future was dim because Mr. Chainsaw didn’t want it getting big enough to send runners into the septic drain field.

Elaine argued the tree’s case convincingly.

About here, the wife of my neighbor up the hill drove home.  We both recognized her sharp-looking mid-size rice-burner.

We covered most of the days events and even talked about the weather a fair bit.  Would the hurricane jump into the Gulf?  Friday afternoon, that was still on the table, though it’s off this morning.

The weather was odd – it kept going to gray and overcast to brilliant blue and then back again.  Eventually, it sort of settled on gray and as we got worked our way down  toward the bottom of our second round of drinks by now, I asked Elaine.

“Want me to go start the noodle water?”

Friday at lunchtime, I had browned up a bunch of stew meat and a pot of real spaghetti had been simmering all day on the stove.  We generally like to eat around 5:30 or 6:00 and it felt clos to that.

“Sure, if you want to…or I can,”” she volunteered.

“Naw, I want to throw some more ice and water in my glass.”

At that, I arose and headed into the kitchen.  A large pot was filled and set on the stove on high.  It would be ready for the pasta in 15-minutes…

Then I glanced at the clock:

3:48 PM.

My jaw dropped. ,

No way in hell could it 3:48 PM.  I stood there reeling.

Then I recounted all that had happened in the last 48-minutes just as I laid them out here.

“Alexa:  Time?”

“The time is three-forty-nine PM.”


Somehow, Elaine and I had just lived 2+ hours in less than half that time.

I went back to the 180 Room.

“What time do you think it is?”

“Oh, I dunno…5:30, maybe 6:00.  Why?”

“It’s not even four-o’clock yet.”

She was shocked.



Major shifts in time-perception like this only happen a few times in a person’s life.

The last one of this magnitude happened in  the first week or August, or so, in 2001.

For a long time, I thought might be related to events at  Lawrence e Livermore Labs because the 2001 time-warp happened  when experiments in high-density magnetic fields were underway.

I’d thought that those might have something to do with the misperception of time.

Now, I’m pretty sure something else – bigger and much more worrisome is in play.

Our South San Francisco time warp experience happened about a month prior to 9/11.

My concern should be obvious now:  Since this was a time warp large enough to be noticed, is there something else big, ugly, scary, and shocking to the global consciousness just ahead?  Like in the next 30-60 days?>

When something shocking to people’s core happens, does it warp time, in advance of events?

Or, is it an artifact of symmetry around the .arrow of time that we don’t understand?

Maybe the point of maximal emotional impact of 9/11 was several weeks after the event.  Would symmetry or Reality require a “mirror” in the past on the opposite side of the time arrow?

Stay tuned.  All I can tell you as an aging watcher is that when a warp like this happened in the past, shocking events weren’t long following.

I hope that’s not the case this time, but since we have been keeping tabs on India-Kashmir and the prospects for Global Collapse, we don’t know exactly what to expect.

We do expect something massively impacting could be ahead.

Would anyone else, but the two of us notice.

If you noticed anything odd about how “time functioned” Friday, please send it along.

Thank you.

On the hard science note:  KI think it’s likely that Arthur Eddington’s view on operation of the Arrow of Time may over-state the asymmetry aspect.

It seems possible to me that time asymmetry may arise only because humans are trained (acculturation) to remembering the past and they don’t spend much time thinking about the future.

But that doesn’t prevent a kind of “print-through” into (as the Moody Blues might hint) Days of Future Past.

After considerable thought, I decided to go ahead and post this on Saturday afternoon – to see how many other people noticed something wrong with “How Time Worked” on Friday.

Does it mean a big even is very nearly here?  Well, like I said, for me, last time, late summer 2001 was about a month ahead of 9/11.  Sure hope nothing that big is pending.

In the British Express “India vs Pakistan: Modi’s hypersonic missile push risks World War 3 – ‘Deep crisis’” and on The Hill here in the US we read “Pakistan’s PM warns country getting closer to ‘military confrontation’ with India.”  All this as CBS headlines “”Pakistan leader Imran Khan warns of “genocide” as is India accused of torture in Kashmir.”

It doesn’t take an overly-active imagination to see the odds of war rising quickly.  And based on how regional nuclear conflict might play out (single device, everyone steps back aghast and worries about fallout) could this be what Friday’s “time slip” was hinting at?

Or something much larger?

We should have an answer around October first is the “arrow of time” print-through is what some of us experienced Friday afternoon.  This is serious enough to “copy the dream team” and look for data in people’s dream reports as they’re collected:

Write when you get rich,


cc: Chris McCleary, USAF Lt. Col retired, director, NationalDreamCenter