An Evidence-Based Consciousness Problem

Bored?  Waiting for Hyperinflation to become more obvious?  So are we!  Instead of seasonal boredom over shopping statistics.  Or long over-wrought discussions of trading minutia.  Or trading recipes for the nth time.  How about we rethink all of Reality and see whether that can rock the season a bit?

Fine goal.  But, first come  the Saturday morning chores.  Headlines, ChartPack, and maybe a surly (or snarky) remark.

Shortly thereafter, though, coffee’s bound to kick in.  As it does, maybe something useful will come of it…

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59 thoughts on “An Evidence-Based Consciousness Problem”

  1. Interesting that you haven’t heard or haven’t been listening to the elites finance talk, but then again you don’t seem to be into crypto which is where The average persons are focusing in on this.

    The fed president, ECB president, IMF, etc keep talking about a cyber security attack on the payments system. Predictive programming much? They even has stated that it’s not a matter or if, but a matter of when. So expect many people should be prepared for the the payment system to stoP working for a few days.

    It’s so they can provided a more secure and upgraded payment system. I expect this anytime from Jan 2021 to May 2021. As that is the specter dates fir the back end of the CBDC to go live.

  2. George – Russia, Russia, Russia? I thought you would be more analytic than this. The real bad guys are in DC and not Moscow. Besides, the Russians are not going to provoke a war when things are moving in their direction to begin with.

    US politicians and Governors are doing a far better job destroying America than ‘the Russians.’ So, if you are Putin, who is very savvy and wise, are you going to risk the destruction of your country and perhaps the world, or just let nature takes it course? Remember, ‘The Russians’ have viewed this movie before. America did not have to attack the former Soviet Union. Quite simply, the west let the ruble disintegrate, and voila…no more Soviet Union. No shots fired.

    George – Do you see a parallel here with the US? Like, just letting the dollar destroy itself and implode the US economy without firing a shot or seriously hacking systems that can be traced back. I think the Russians just need to play the long game and let nature take care of the US. The US politicians will do something the mighty Soviet armies could never do!

    • Well one that gets it Russia, China and Iran our not our enemies but those good old folks you know the ones you voted for Mitch, Nancy and Chuck you know the leaders of the garbage bag , they are the ones who voted you down the river they are the tools of big business and the bankers.

      Pepe Escobar has a good article which is posted on many sites where he states that a retired deep stater told him the reason they didn’t dare call out the army to put down the looting burning and all the rest, was because they were afraid the officers and men would refuse to obey orders and that makes a lot of sense, as a lot of those officers and grunts come from the fly over areas the south, mid-west and the breadbasket of the country. This a fine mess that we the people have permitted the country to become, and it seems no one has the answer.!!

  3. Always love these more ‘spiritual’ discussions George!

    Regarding ‘Russian Hacking’ tho, I’m still having a hard time buying it. It just seems like the same lie that has been repeated over and over again since the original 2016 ‘Russian meddling’ scam. It seems like Russia(and China) are being demonized as ‘Enemies of America’, either in order to start a new Cold War(since Americans need a common enemy to stand against, and the ‘War on Terror’ is all but fizzled out), or to get Americans ready as the US tries to World War its way out of the coming Depression. Russia’s an easy target, since the US spent at least half of the 20th century scared of the ‘Evil Soviets’, so it’s still relatively fresh in their consciousness. Plus when the inevitable Iran invasion comes, Russia will most likely come to their aid, so Americans have to be set up to be ok with possible war with Russia at that point too.

    I think the guys at the top are getting desperate. They know the days of American economic hegemony are numbered, with China taking the reins, and they want to stop the transfer, or at least gain control over it. And the only way to achieve this may be ‘destroying the village in order to save it’.

  4. Fascinating, as always. Regarding inflation, look no further than the local orange or blue box stores. Sheetrock prices are unchanged, but lumber products tripled in price, along with a general rise in other prices. Even Horrible Fright has raised most prices as quietly as possible, with no more free toys!

    Due to our governess, it’s impossible to get into a Walmart superstore without waiting on line in the cold for an hour and a half. I won’t do that – I’d rather just drive to Texas or do without, so I can’t speak to their prices. Since I eat dreary and boring food, that’s unchanged. The less I eat, the less weight I gain.

    I’ve read that new steel and aluminum prices are way up, but scrap is still in the doghouse.

    The future of the dollar is of concern. We all need to maintain at least a limited cash position to pay bills and taxes. Can we keep this in a bank account? Who knows? I keep what I can afford to lose there, and sometimes more than that. BTC and variants had potential ten years ago, but now there’s an awful lot of downside risk. PM’s? They have some utility, I suppose. Where is a good, liquid, portable, fungible, long term store of value?

    • Downside risk to what dude ? Far greater risk of missing out or opportunity cost.

      Dont tell Ure about Opportunity Cost – Luddites and angry “xperienced” types can not stand to even read or hear that phrase as it instills fear.
      -“noooo not my Exxon & GE stock! nobody ever sells those”
      – but but MSFT,APPL,TSLA,AMZN,MongDB,Nvidia..

      What is downside to $112 Litecoin, but $112 – nothing safer, more portable & 100% decentralized, on the planet.
      As with any asset purchased/acquired – no loss or gain until U Sell.

      Just dont check off that Cyrpto Box on this years IRS Return – its a TRAP!

      unless like “lil barky” – piglosi,kalima, schiffty,smuck chumer, cuomo-the-incompetent, gruesome newsome,kemp,wolf,nadless the hut indeed represent Ure values

      • Ure’s view – and I think my consigliere would agree – is that if you knowingly have a crypto transaction and willfully fail to check the box, it would be tantamount to filing a fraudulent return.
        And – though coinsters are loathe to admit it – if the gains are going to be taxed as regular income ANYWAY where’s the purported magic in all this? I mean besides shining a searchlight on yourself as an audit target?
        Honest people who don’t speed don’t live by the review mirror, if you follow.

      • from an already forfeit soul comes this gem..”tantamount to filing a fraudulent return”

        Of course Ure pays Tax on any and all currency transactions where Ure personally”profited” from currency valuations versus EUR/Peso/Rubles/Dinars/Yuan/Gold/Silver/watered-down USD.
        Documented each time this “abritrage” has occurred and NOT being flaming Hypocrite – U reported each taxable occurance. S ure U did!

        How RETARDED is that thinking?

        Its a CURRENCY, unless originally ICO’ed

        ECU can buy BTC/LTC, settle the transaction, send to hard wallet, those “coins” once in hard wallet , “No Longer Exist”.

        – and yet deep-state George wants to Tax this event = how DRACOconian control werx, huh..

      • ROFLOL

        Of COURSE(!!!) I pay every freakin dime. Even cash deals transit the bank account!

        You miss the point that a person is either honest inside and out 100% no days off OR they are corrupt.

        As for the coins existing, no tax on your buying them, but if sold at a gain then yes, the gain is a taxable event.

        You can’t be a chiseler in any area of life if you want to be worthy in realms beyond. Trust me on this. Purification here is a choice, however. No problem changing laws, but compliance

          under law

        is critical. Since, when you get on the playing field of The Law (as Tyreman et al) have researched, or 7th Day Adventists, the “law is the law” and chiselers always get their just desserts. May take a while. But there’s a dessert course for cheats.

        I have a former colleague who – i think – may end up with a serious BTC tax avoidance issue on just such grounds. Al Capone was taken down on what? Tax Evasion. BTCs and that whole ilk are coin of the realm for crooks, dealers, and traffickers. Arose to fill a void when the Swiss began to cooperate. The public’s been rope-a-doped in to give plausible/deniable.

        We don’t follow chiselers nor sell them chisels. Our concept of sharpness lays in other directions. More towards acuity.
        – – –
        My only payoff has been a beautiful wife, no bills, never been arrested, and of course good health. Low stress leads to what? High energy and unlimited curiosity!

      • Speaking to ECU’s point, ““coins” once in hard wallet , “No Longer Exist”.”

        “Unlike money issued by governments, Bitcoin has no Federal Reserve, no gold backing, no banks, no physical notes. … The past and present ownership of every Bitcoin—in fact every 10-millionth of a Bitcoin—is dutifully recorded in the “blockchain,” an ever-growing public ledger shared across the Internet.”

        – Mar 9, 2016

        Generally, if you point out your stolen physical coin at the pawn w/proof, the pawn has to return the physical coin…. or you’ll sue them then get your coin back that way.

        Let’s say you have some Bitcoin that was stolen from someone else X transactions back. Once your ownership becomes known to the “rightful” owner, will you have to give the Bitcoin back?

      • The gov’t wants its pound of flesh.

        Everyone knows the IRS works under the premise that any monies realized in your pocket throughout the year that you otherwise did not have at the start of the year is income and must be reported. One manual even states income from illegal activities is taxable. Gains are reported when realized. Why would anyone think cryptocurrencies, or chicken eggs for that matter if somebody is using it to earn real profits, is exempt?

      • ” I pay every freakin dime. Even cash deals transit the bank account!”

        I like you George.. won’t take any chances on the IRS… I pay my share and possibly more.. I won’t even try to find deductions that are sanctioned… I don’t have the money to try to defend myself if they question any of it.. they are not nice and if your and average wage earner.. then my god they have you by the short hairs and they know it and they aren’t to shy to tell you that you are under their thumb…
        Now if someone paid me six million dollars a year to be my friend and gave me a few gems get special trips paid for by the people and know people in high places….Well I might take my chances then….

    • 2 things i bought fron
      M china this year, a seemingly low power output battery charger with a tenth the output to charge the battery, if at all, of a south koren model, and a ubs memory stick to hold videos from a computer that also works, if you call it that, terrible, and paid shipping, thus 80% failure..same as i always saw..

        You don’t shop much do you.. LOL LOL LOL
        I can only think of one thing I got that came from the USA and I look for them LOL LOL….

    • Mike,the long-store value is in your heart, mind, spirit, and in relationships. Store not your treasures on earth…The Bible.

      Trying ever to make amends and be on good terms…Deciderata

      And know that death is not the end. And, There is no death, as signified by the empty sarcophagus in the great pyramid. Edgar Cayce

      I go and make a place for you as in my Father’s house are many mansions. And…I say today, you will be with me in paradise. Jesus the Christ

  5. What if the soul (until one dies) remains attached to the heart. Person doesn’t just receive a heart transplant. That person actually dies, and the person who gave the heart now lives in the new body, accounting for the personality change, but with the brain memories of the body they are now in.

    • I dunno about you Chris, but seems to me the topic on PN this morning FAR surpasses the shiny-sparklies like cryptos. Or, have I been out in the woods too long?

  6. Ure threads are coming together – will U weave a golden tapestry, or a mess of discombobulated thoughts/energies.

    As discombobulation goes – lock downs promote the beri-beri health disease that seems to be afflicting hundreds of thousands of p/sh -eeps around the world.
    Does Zinc improve uptake of B1? – yes.

    Do we have a Purified Cov-19 Virus to Serve as Standard yet ?? – NO – a big fat No!

    Bunch of nice pictures all you Virologists have been foisting on the “board”

    truely a global mind f__k!

    PCR tests – bwahahahahaha – We have been mind fuckt- again!

    Did Wuhan chynah have a tuberculous outbreak/problem for 2 years prior covert19? Yes!

    – Don’t have to be a Victim.

    – Fight 4 Ure Life and take back Ure control.

    Subtle Energies a student have been – many years.
    – finally graduated kindergarten after 33- going on 34 years practicing (group&indv.)and studying.
    2002 last large group practice(2002conference-Vancouver), shutdown (purge membership) around 2003.
    Strictly individual practice/development since..

    Anyways as practitioners advance in understanding& development, immediate family members start to benefit or experience “benefits’ – growing outwards to the community – pos feedback loop..

    Most advanced practitioners do not donate blood per say – most precious bodily fluid.
    Recipients of that kinda “donation” would experience “qigong benefits’ that they or modern medicine have no control of, let alone acknowledgement/explanation of Cause&Effects.
    Plus it is a given that advanced practitioners would be capable of better helping a body heal itself versus blood donate.

    See Kongming – ancient badass general and Qigong practitioner – Sun Who?

    clear Ure mind, release all tension, and go thee to the “wall” – U will know U R there when time appears to slow down, when in fact Ure speeding up..

    Got Love…

    • I have O negative blood and used to be a regular donor until a few tours in the Mediterranean got me disqualified because of potential mad cow exposure. I hate to think the world went to Hell shortly thereafter because of a Joe blood shortage, LOL! So much to learn, so little time…

      In a similar vein, I wonder what poor souls were sacrificed to create the new virus antidotes, and what traits they are sharing with humanity… Reminds me of another recent comic book movie, “Venom”. Interesting…

    • How can they concoct a vaccine if they don’t even have an isolated copy of the virus? Sort of like performing heart surgery blindfolded, isn’t it?

  7. It’s a bit puzzling to read Western msm reports that refunds are being proposed for purchasers of the video game “Cyberpunk77” because the game does not run well on old consoles.

    Taiwan’s “News Lens” offers a different perspective. Perhaps the truth is that Pooh Bear-for-life in China doesn’t care for the game’s future timeline portrayal of Taiwan as a separate country from China.

  8. How is China going to take over the world? On foot? How is their economy going to work if the exports stop? They aren’t ready. Russia isn’t in much better shape.

    The whole “Russia did it” line is a little “too on the nose” to be believed. This is a set up, a put on.

    But that’s not why I wrote.

    George I traveled in time in my dream last night.

    To a place like the PacNW in greenery and weather and old houses. I was part of a group of young adults staying in a converted college classroom, sort of a dorm with beds. The university had a big library. It was post war I gathered by the context and conversation. No computers, jotting things down with pencil.

    Twice someone mentioned “the land army”. It was something from the recent war. It was mentioned as something not to discuss, or it wasn’t relevant any longer.

    I wake up, and look up “land army” and what pops up? “The women’s land army” a WWII British civilian farming effort comprised of women. I had no idea this ever existed. Never heard of it before the librarian in my dream told me to forget about it.

    Little scary, dreaming of wars so drastic the women all had to go grow food to support the nation.

    • The problem with medieval castles was they were too dependent on resources from outside the castle walls for those within to survive. Siege warfare took advantage of this — don’t attack, simply starve the occupants into surrendering. So, instead of viewing the castle as a small walled enclave, think of it as a humongous land mass surrounded by oceans (and a wee canal). To win, the goal wouldn’t be starvation per se, but simply deprivation and pushing a culture back to the stone age (or at least the 1800’s pre-industrial era).

      • “The problem with medieval castles was they were too dependent on resources from outside the castle walls for those within to survive. Siege warfare took advantage of this — don’t attack, simply starve the occupants into surrendering. ”

        and we get our stuff from where..

  9. “Did Russia go to war against us and forget to send an invite”

    The USA is always under attack , we know. In turn we do our own on them buy off representatives of their countries to get them to turn the tides of change even put in our own leaders in their countries..
    Webcams made in china missile guidance chips discovered with programming flaws. There are thousands an hour.. touch n goes then our Congress dead set on letting illegal refugees enter the country. Give them jobs and schooling free ride even though we were told that the refugee population was the trojan horse..
    None of it is a secret..

    • IF… you view everything as a business model..
      Thinking of the klub-k container defense.. we sold our ports..
      “According to Owen, CBP currently scans 3.7 percent of the roughly 11 million containers entering the United States” my personal thoughts and opinions are ..
      IF… a direct link to the highest office’s of the United states can be obtained for gifts of money, travel, diamond,meals, sex or any number of other gift ideas.
      Do you think that the Ethics of someone scanning containers for fifteen dollars an hour is greater than someone making millions..
      Granted theres laws in place for reporting suspicious financial transactions. that’s what got HB into view . He will walk away maybe pay a fine .. I doubt it though he has connections. But a guy making fifteen an hour whose kid gets a full paid scholarship. Or medical Bill’s paid off .. lonely man working nightshift..( their social life sucks).. meets a super nice lady having breakfast they become friends..( ever ask a woman to go out at 8 am for dinner and drinks, take in a show, go dancing or have a backyard i can tell you first hand what kind of look you will get..)

      Seriously.. thinking about that then those containers could be placed all over the USA..
      If their ethics are not any better than those that we expect to have our best interests at heart our leaders. Our countries hourly wage earners have lost faith in our leadership.. all once proud americans whose lives and jobs were sold out to another country willing to buy their way in. They put faith in MAGA and seen an endless set of attacks false accusations and made up lies..leaving everyone in the dust the corruptive activities unretouched.

  10. Your subject today touches on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. Sure he was alive, but he came with all that baggage as well. One wonders what will happen when the brain transplants and super soldiers come on the scene.

  11. Wow- While the effects of large scale power outages on crypto hsve been discussed, I am curious as to just how resilient various crypto record keeping systems would be to a prolonged state-sponsored cyber attack? Is a hard copy really sufficient for the owner to prove ownership with third-party cyber records unrecoverable?

    • It’s not the Russians. It’s SPECTRE and rest assured, James Bond is on the case…or maybe the Kingsmen…or MI:6 (if Tom Cruise is still up to it). (cue music)

  12. “Regarding ‘Russian Hacking’ tho, I’m still having a hard time buying it. It just seems like the same lie that has been repeated over and over again since the original 2016 ‘Russian meddling’ scam…. ”

    Right on Missy… those are my thoughts exactly..
    Our economy lies in ruins.. war has traditionally been a means of rebuilding.. during the Trump administration every three months there was a new false flag attack trying to get the president to commit to some battle someplace…
    So is it real…..
    My guess is its strings being pulled.. theres something the puppeteers want and will get the Biden administration to commit to.. so far our country spends almost or more than a trillion dollars on other countries per year.. it’s the largest chunk of our yearly budget..
    If everything is a business model..then who receieves the benefits?
    China and their manufacturing has been affected as well as our economy. Supposedly they have been paying a substantial amount to have connections.. then theres the supporters of the new administration that also has desires the vast majority of them are not even citizens or pay taxes we just acquire things for them .
    So is it.. or isnt it.. a great question..

  13. Your information on dreaming over the years is most instructive George. I found out long ago, if you want to remember the dream, you have to bring it across to the day world immediately on waking, before your head leaves the pillow. Three steps across the floor on the way to the bathroom and its gone.

    Speaking of bathroom, I am wondering if you or any of your readers have a solution for a bladder that has turned from elastic balloon to clay pot along the way to 78 years old. Might get better dreams if the bathroom frequency allowed more than 2 hours of dreaming between trips.

    Just asking for a friend.

    It wont be long Joe..

    Think about it.. ten years you wont be able to distinguish real from a robot that is if there hasn’t been a big reset or step back..a war could put us back to the days before Noah. Now consider a robot that’s totally lifelike has all the features of a human being and can think make decisions run at the speeds of a cheetah and has the information of the cloud..
    Taking a view of the tesla automobile.. all the cars are interconnected. The cars Share information..

      • Ure’s a thoughtful wise-ass: It’s actually, basis the Jan 18 1974 release date, the 31.11 million dollar man as of 2019 and if we round off and impute for this year, the $32 Million Dollar Man. Women, of course, could not be excluded so it would be the “$32,000,000 Person.”

      • Lol lol Being “a thoughtful wise-ass” I’d prefer the cherry 2000 to the 6 million dollar man…

  15. Research: Stuart Hammeroff and “Quantum Consciousness”. The walls of every cell in the body contain microtubules of water that become superconductors and act as quantum ‘antennas’. This is the ‘transmission’ vehicle that connects the physical body with the quantum universe… and the divine conscious ‘soul’. So our consciousness is not solely focused through the brain. Consciousness pervades the entire body… every cell. Thus the ‘transplant’ changes that occur.

    • In my coma, I was made aware that our conscious awareness is connected so close to the Great I AM that I AM that the are completely connected, yet individual soul awareness is still aware of separation. This individual soul awareness is aware that this GOD consciousness lives in us and is totally aware of every cell in our body, hair on our head, etc. And yes, each cell, each cell has LIGHT and LIFE, and when extinguished sparks out in a light flash.

      Just a few years ago, now, science photographed the event of the sperm impregnating an ovum and saw the BURST OF LIGHT at CONCEPTION. LIFE!

  16. The BBC is reporting the new lockdown roundup for the UK which now has a highest Level 4 compared to previous 3 level iterations. Planned days of relaxed restrictions around Christmas looks to be clawed back to being Christmas Day only at best followed by perhaps SIX weeks of lockdown.

    According to the report this current covid19 flareup is being put down to a mutation which surfaced mid-November and now is found in almost two thirds of new cases. Since one would think that over the course of past months there is a growing population of those recovered from covid19, are they too going to remain locked down with the herd? How many virus mutations will governments continue to apply the lockdown tourniquet to before either social unrest or economic collapse takes over?

  17. Recall when Bernard Ebbers defrauded everyone in the WorldCom scheme.

    When the victims asked for their money back the answer was, “The money is gone”.

    Now modern Bitcoin has a ledger that shows were the Bitcoin came from and where the Bitcoin went. Can Bitcoin be clawed back because of fraud?

  18. Joe M.
    December 19, 2020 at 13:49

    “The problem with medieval castles was they were too dependent on resources from outside the castle walls for those within to survive. Siege warfare took advantage of this — don’t attack, simply starve the occupants into surrendering.”

    Joe, you may be onto something here. This would describe almost all of the big U.S. cities, as castles without literal walls. Totally dependent on the rest of the country to continue existing at all.
    Not a bad description. It describes most of the U.S. mega cities such as NYC, Chicago, L.A. etc. Really big castles but lacking walls. Utterly dependent cities. Funny thing, they are all Democrat controlled cities. Now they are becoming destitute as their population bales out, taking their taxes with them. Not going to be pretty, pretty soon. Cities this large cost so much to run that they will just collapse into even more chaos and anarchy without those taxes.
    They surrendered long, long ago. Now, it is just playing out the clock.
    No idea what to do with all those displaced people. There is no work for them in the cities they are fleeing to, so it appears they are just running to a place where the weather suits their clothes. The sun belt.
    Crap! There goes the neighborhood!

  19. I have a silver question for the class.

    Unopened mint tubes of 2020 silver eagles are going for around $600.00.

    During 2020 “Emergency Eagles” were produced at the S mint and P. Ask on the S silver eagles are $900.00 for an NGC Certified BU Roll. Note: the $600 eagles are certified unopened, but not NGC certified.

    Neither the W or S or P identifiers are marked on the coins. The only way one knows is certification sticker on the sealed roll. Once the certified roll is cracked open the coins are indistinguishable from coins made at other mints so would lose their uniqueness.

    Are the stickers on the tubes identifying the S coins worth the extra $300 as a numismatic investment?

    • “Are the stickers on the tubes identifying the S coins worth the extra $300 as a numismatic investment?”

      Yes, as long as there’s someone willing to pay that $300.

      “Note: the $600 eagles are certified unopened, but not NGC certified.”

      Seriously? People now want coins that are brilliant uncirculated by definition to be “certified” as brilliant uncirculated…?

      I guess there’s one born every minute. Steve, IMO as long as you’re on the selling side and looking at a sucker or dummfuk, you’re in the catbird seat. Just don’t allow yourself to be on the other side of the bartering line, and know when the suckers are about to run out of cash…

      • Ya-huh, and a 50Mp document camera, and a dozen photo-manipulation proggies with 27 years of experience using (most of) them. Mostly though, I have a chronic case of cynicism…

      • Speaking of printers. I thought as soon as the Fed-Bux are approved, convert it into a roll. That’s when I noticed different certification levels.

        Thanks, guys.

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