Since we are getting a “long weekend” seems right to me that we pause for a few minutes and consider  why this is a day off.

A speech long-ago, by the late senator and Lyndon Johnson’s VP  Hubert Humphrey summed it up pretty well. It’s worth a listen.  A man from an earlier America – one where all politicians understood that in the end, they owed all their offices to the American Worker.

Vice President Hubert Humphrey ran for the White House in 1968.

He ran hard but in the end, he and running mate Ed Muskie lost to Richard Nixon and his VP Spiro Agnew.  Botdh men would later be forced to resign from office.  Agnew over business dealings in Baltimore, Nixon for the Watergate disaster he created.

I’m no fan of LBJ, since the JFK assassination questions have never been wholly answered.  Yet Humphrey?  He was a Labor Man.

Days like this you can sit back and ask “Would America be better-led by people with more heart and empathy for Labor?”

The answer is, as Humphrey alludes, that sure finance is important, design’s important, engineering’s important and even management’s important.

Yet at some point it all comes down to the worker.  Where the rubber meets the road, that’s who really gets the job done.

Hard to remember on a holiday, especially one where the phone-face crowd thinks lines of code and link-bait.

But we still make things here in America.  Though lately, we’ve gotten really good of making a mess of our beliefs:  One Nation…under  what?  Siege? Debt? Socialist attack?

Go make something.  Helps cleanse the soul.

Write when you get rich,