American Values: Excellence in Leadership

Do MBA’s have heroes?  You bet.

Two of mine are Tom Peters and Robert Waterman whose 1982 book In search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies” more than any other single factor are what “turned the corner for me.   Led me out of chasing down the news and chasing management skills.  It was a life-changer.

I learned concepts like 3-M’s “ fail faster” and so many other now deep-seated insights it’s impossible to enumerate them all.  Tom, particularly, had a gift for speaking from the heart about management. It all resonated.  Oh, and it all worked…

Which, when we comes to being a truly exceptional country, is what choosing American leaders is all about.  A search for Excellence that we’re all involved in.

Over the next 14-months, we’re going to be buried in crackpot ideas from wannabe leaders of all stripes.

Some time back, when the author of  In Search of Excellence was interviewed on what makes great leaders, there was a note made to share this well-ahead of the next election.  For obvious reasons:  Here’s Tom Peters being interviewed on British television:

How you want to apply some of these “leadership requirements” to what’s coming down the road at us over the next year is entirely up to you.

But, a set of benchmarks, no matter what the list, makes you a better manager (and citizen) than simply listening to the sweet song of free lunchers and liars that are drawm to the seats of power.

Make your list.  Stick with it.  Follow the data.  Pursue the excellence.  The future depends on it.

Write when you get rich,

10 thoughts on “American Values: Excellence in Leadership”

  1. Our new breed of socialist polititions say…”You Americans have too much, so we are going to take it away & give it to people who will vote for us.

    Mark & his like agree with this; it just doesn’t apply to them, so they think.

    That is what Trump is fighting. He is harsh at times, but the left is ruthless. They have America conned. Like Germany when Hitler took over. He used enthusiasm & storytelling to con Germany.

    • It makes me smile (although it is a sad, wry smile) to know that when the Marxists actually take both power and control from the Fools on the Hill, EVERYONE who is not already in the upper echelon of the “political class,” whose net worth is under $800,000,000, will be stripped of everything they own above about $10,000, their income will be reduced to the World average of ~$5800 per year, and their money and stuff will be redistributed to those with less…

    • @N C

      the ‘story telling’ from the left is ALL lies…made out to be history and promoted by the MSM…and even fux…BUTWhen the hard times arrive here and they will….those that think they are above the fray, will be just fodder for the ‘masters’….and I will pray that they last long enough to ‘enjoy their well earned pain’…as ;history repeats’…amen

  2. One thing I’ve noted common among the good leaders I’ve met or worked for: they’re “right now” people. They don’t put stuff off. Whatever it is, they tackle it right now, this very second.

    Of course, this is a broad-brush view, and some things unavoidably take some time, or some delay is inevitable; but on balance they tend to act immediately.

    They start wheels to moving quickly.

  3. (Your and your childrens) “The future depends on it.”

    If studying US-history just from 1945 (when we were the kings!) forward we went wrong in so many places. I see no reason this will change, regardless who will get elected, because there seem to be other forces in play.

    • “other forces in play.”

      I did a little “Paul is dead” research. The conspiracy is Paul McCartney died and was secretly replaced.

      At first glance the conspiracy is stupid.

      The next level up in the conspiracy is the Beatles were manufactured by The Frankfurt School as part of a cultural attack on the West. Theodor W. Adorno wrote most of their songs, along with songs for other bands.

      The Frankfurt school had a lot invested on the Beatles and couldn’t let them go to waste. When whatever happened with Paul, he was replaced to keep the attack operation going.

      • Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. However, I once saw the Beatles over a weekend @ the Reeperbahn, an entertainment district in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district, long before anyone ever thought that “the Beatles” become so popular ;-). (Just leave it to our entertainment managers, and everyone may be able to succeed!!)

        P.s. With “other forces in play” I would have not associated those forces with “the Beatles”

  4. We don’t choose leadership.

    The 2000 election should have resulted in a run-off between the two leading candidates, but instead it went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has no business deciding elections. The Supreme Court is a part of the government while voting comes before government. All the Bush Heads went along with it.

    And what was the result of the Bush presidency?

    25 years ago the WTC center collapses into it’s footprint and how many people voted Bush in on his second term? “Lesser of two evils.”. A bunch of Americans are dead, that’s pretty evil.

    I wonder if Pat Tillman’s mom voted for Bush the second term.

    And nobody went to jail for selling all that Anthrax to Saddam so that he could mail it to the U.S. Congresspeople who didn’t want to invade his country.

  5. I overheard someone saying: “Greta Thunberg, it’s just enother female that can’t get laid.” And even a very old man would agree with that. Where is our testosterone gone not to speak the truth anymore?

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