Do MBA’s have heroes?  You bet.

Two of mine are Tom Peters and Robert Waterman whose 1982 book In search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies” more than any other single factor are what “turned the corner for me.   Led me out of chasing down the news and chasing management skills.  It was a life-changer.

I learned concepts like 3-M’s “ fail faster” and so many other now deep-seated insights it’s impossible to enumerate them all.  Tom, particularly, had a gift for speaking from the heart about management. It all resonated.  Oh, and it all worked…

Which, when we comes to being a truly exceptional country, is what choosing American leaders is all about.  A search for Excellence that we’re all involved in.

Over the next 14-months, we’re going to be buried in crackpot ideas from wannabe leaders of all stripes.

Some time back, when the author of  In Search of Excellence was interviewed on what makes great leaders, there was a note made to share this well-ahead of the next election.  For obvious reasons:  Here’s Tom Peters being interviewed on British television:

How you want to apply some of these “leadership requirements” to what’s coming down the road at us over the next year is entirely up to you.

But, a set of benchmarks, no matter what the list, makes you a better manager (and citizen) than simply listening to the sweet song of free lunchers and liars that are drawm to the seats of power.

Make your list.  Stick with it.  Follow the data.  Pursue the excellence.  The future depends on it.

Write when you get rich,