Aliens Visit to Discus the Y2K PPH

That’s the global Purchasing Power High of financial markets.

We approach this entirely tongue in cheek (d’uh) but in the light-hearted discussion there’s a a butt-ugly bit of truth.

When you look at things in just a certain way, the whole world has made less than zero REAL economic progress in the past 17-years.

But as long as you don’t think about inflation, it’s OK. And after seeing the data, you won’t want to think about global inflation…

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9 thoughts on “Aliens Visit to Discus the Y2K PPH”

  1. Your comments about the difference in work efforts between tropicals and northeners brings to mind something I read on metaphysical topics. The concept is that young souls are born into tropical environments where life is easier. It went on to say that the most spiritually evolved groups live near the polar regions with Iceland being at the top of the list. Considering that Icelanders fired their corrupt government and sent banksters to jail seems to support that concept.

      • Isn’t it funny that the religions from the Andes and Tibet see all life as sacred and teach peace.. where all the other religions have taught things we would consider vile..

  2. George-
    With SDOW price as low as it is, and with the outside potential that next week events could drive the market down, as opposed to higher (in the near term)…is there any significant down-side to picking up some positions (SDOW) as a hedge? If it is near it’s lows, and we seemingly expect that markets will eventually fall dramatically…even if this isn’t the “best price” we will see on it (SDOW), so what? Hold it long enough, and it will far surpass this entry point…is that right, or am I missing something?

  3. George, you win the Isaac Asimov “Chronic Explainer” award for teaching. Asimov was a prolific Science fact and fiction writer who called himself a ‘chronic explainer’. He posited that there were no bad students, only bad teachers. He felt it was the teacher’s job to get inside the student’s head and figure out how best to explain something to the student.

    BTW- We’re all aliens here.

  4. When thinking about markets and other financial decisions, this site helps give a better bead on true nos. for unemployment, CPI, etc. I think it makes decision making a bit more realistic, but the financial guys don’t like to be questioned on it. Just click on EMP, CPI, or M3 in the small graph and it will take you to a page for each topic with some more more realistic nos. than we see in the media. They should teach this in schools, but alas…….

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