AI and the Return of Slavery?

We get into some interesting speculation this morning about the future of artificial intelligence.  Not so much about when it knows what TV shows you like.

No, what we’re talking about when machine consciousness shows up; wants to vote and that kind of thing.  Alexa with a soul.  Siri with her own tastes…

Ever wonder what happens when the A.I.  holds a “job” (formerly done by a human)? Are human-like robots subject to withholding?  Fascinating problems are out there…after coffee, headlines, and charts…

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9 thoughts on “AI and the Return of Slavery?”

  1. “They are just machines, after all…
    Wait! That has a familiar ring to it…”

    The only good robot is a …

  2. Science fiction has covered the AI question well. ‘Next Generation’ included a legal dispute as to Data’s right of self-determination. Commander Ryker proved Data was a machine, not a person, by simply turning him off.

    The latest version of Battlestar Galactica promoted the concept of the Cylons being complete replicates of humans such that Cylons and humans could interbreed (I called foul on that one). Machines, regardless of how sophisticated in function do not have ‘chi’, or life force.

    IMO the pineal gland is the connection with Source and where the soul is seated. IMO consciousness in the true sense cannot and would not attach to a machine.

    I once asked my doctor what was the difference between a body at the point of death and just the next moment after it died. He said it is the electrolyte balance in the blood. We are electrical first and chemical second so I suppose an argument could be made that the electrical aspect of a cyborg would permit the same consciousness as biological humans.

    Great question.

    • Tend to agree, but what if we make a big enough neural net with our chips. Would a consciousness be able to inhabit it?

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  4. “…what we’re talking about when machine consciousness shows up;”

    …and will eliminate humans from this globe, because it will fulfill human’s ultimate desire as a species. Just look at human history, and notice the tendency for self destruction. Example: Why do we store nuclear weapons? There are no enemies outside of the United States, IMHO ;-).

    • IMHO it’s not so much a tendency towards self-destruction as our tools of destruction have long outrun our natural “surrender reflex”.

      All animals that fight for dominance in groups have such reflexes, although sometimes fatalities occur anyway.

      But thanks to weapons beyond tooth & claw, by the time one human fighter realizes it’s time to quit, it’s too late.

      And that’s just with spears & clubs. “Modern warfare” has drawn the entire population into the fray.

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  6. On a different angle of returning to slavery James Corbett’s new, third documentary in his series on the Rockefellers and Big Oil is out – “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if AI eventually turned on the “Oiligarchs” and, in the end, enslaved THEM? Sounds like an old Asimov short story. In the end it’s always about power, money being the primary means to that end, even for humankind’s own inventions. What will it take to break that old mold?

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