Ahead, Weakly

Not much of a Monday morning, when comes down to it.

A few words about the French election in the Coping section since it’s more opinion than “straight news.”  (Unlike some, we do try to differentiate a bit…)

Other than getting the lawnmower out today the rest of this week will be about as non-exciting as you can imagine until Thursday, or so.


Come then, we’ll get the producer prices and then Friday it will be Consumer Price Index data along with retail sales.  Everyone will be watching that to see how Trumponomics is working.

Mostly, unless you like murder mysteries like the mess up in Boston, it’s not much of a week.

Sanctuary Cities Out in Texas

Skip the networks is blooming in Texas.

This as Texas Governor Greg Abbott went on FB live last night to sign the bill banning Sanctuary Cities and authorizing the removal from office of those who spend public money on ’em.

The measure, which provides fines of up to $25,500 per day for failing to cooperative with immigration officials, was expected to have resulted in lots of demonstrations come signing time.


All part of the Trump-pioneered “newsmaker to public direct” channel and that left media like this Washington Post report looking more historical than anticipatory.

Aw, gee, gosh.

All goes to a common theme around here:  In a world of instant communications, things like the Trump Tweets and now Abbott going FB live (and another example was the Buffett/Munger stream for 7-hours Saturday on Yahoo) who needs the news channels?

It is becoming the “thinking person’s long form” to watch more streams of real events.  And the funny thing is, the more you watch the in-depth streams the more the bias of the old line press comes through.

So we look for a lot more of the newsmakers-direct to pop up.

Immigration in Court

As you read how Trump travel ban challenge in appeals court Monday, to look up which president picked the judges.

Flynn is Still News?

Oh boy.  No crimes have been charged yet….

Here we go again.  Now Sally Yates is said to be saying that she gave a forceful warning to the Trump administration about Michael Flynn’s involvement with Russian interests.

Whether she did, or didn’t seems to matter little (except to liberal critics) since if there had been illegal activity, we would have expected charges to have come by now.  But no telling how this will be spun and re-spun…

Fake Warming

Oh, yeah.  That.  While Gore et al have pivoted over to “climate change” the collapse of the ice panic is at hand.  Suggested read over on the NotALotofPeopleKnowWhat blog is here.

Meanwhile, in the latest of the solar cycle progressions, please note how the Sun is continuing to under perform on sunspots, a sign of cooling…

But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of another growth industry .  We need all of them we can get, even if they are partly based on BS.

With president Trump set to make a decision on the Paris climate accord this week, I’m guessing he’ll be disinclined.  But like I said, we need jobs and the invention of social justice “causes” is one way to create them, crooked or not.

Life Beyond Stupid

The story in the WSJ this morning about how “Beef Stroganoff for Your Dog? Pet Food Goes Upscale” is worth reading if you like to see how nutty we have become.

While a significant fraction of the world lives on less than $2 a day, we pointed this out shortly after the cat food makers introduced seafood primavera.

Got the Shakes?

Up in Alaska they do as three moderate ones were felt over the weekend.

Here’s the point (since you probably don’t have the full load of bean on yet):  Flip over to the USGS website here and zoom out a bit.  Setting for all quakes, all magnitudes will get you something like this:

See my highlighted area?

Simple crackpot theory of the day (SCpTotD) goes like this:

When there is a lot of shaking at one end of a major fault line (see SoCal) and lots of shaking at the other end (Alaska) isn’t it logical that pressure is building for something big to happen somewhere in the “Empty Zone” of activity?

Crackpot theory, sure.  But I will be sending this out to my kids this morning with the usual “Have a couple of weeks of water on hand…”

Thumbing Through Press Releases


“EASTON, Pa., May 5, 2017 — Crayola, the brand that inspires creativity through color, announced today that it is introducing a new blue crayon color inspired by the discovery of a “new to the world” blue pigment. YInMn Blue, the vibrant pigment discovered in 2009 by chemist Mas Subramanian and his team at Oregon State University, is the inspiration behind Crayola’s newest crayon color. ”

Census Bureau

“On May 7, 2017, at 6:13 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the U.S. population clock is projected to cross the 325 million threshold. That’s according to Vintage 2016 population estimates produced by the U.S. Census Bureau. Short-term projections for the resident population of the United States use a monthly series of population estimates starting with the April 1, 2010, resident population from the 2010 Census. These projections do not include members of the U.S. armed forces overseas or other U.S. citizens residing outside the United States. ”

Polarity Check

And what Monday would be complete without what we used to call in the newsroom the “Game of Dueling Press Releases?”

Here are is this morning’s pick of the litter:

CALGARY, May 8, 2017 /CNW/ – With knives sharpened, chef coat pressed and apron tied, Abe Van Melle prepares to make Canada proud in a competition celebrating the lost art of butchery. Van Melle, Technical Manager for the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) and a team of talented chef instructors from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) will travel to Hong Kong to face-off with global competitors in one of the world’s most revered culinary competitions.

And we’d pair that off with…

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2017 / — Emmy® and Tony®-winning, Academy Award®-nominated actress and animal advocate Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie) joined actress June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie), Craig Ferguson (The Craig Ferguson Show) and Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) to bring the laughs to Wait Wait…Don’t Kill Me!,” a night of unforgettable comedy and entertainment benefiting Voice For The Animals Foundation (VFTA)…

Meantime, futures down about 30 on the Dow.

Maybe Marine Le Pen isn’t the only one disappointed in the French elections?  The E.U. hoax continues…

23 thoughts on “Ahead, Weakly”

  1. George

    The MSM is dying, and everyone knows it…except them !! Americans will not remain dumb forever. They eventually wake up and turn their backs on the stupidity that has been passed off on them.

    • Thankfully, course it didn’t hurt that they showed their true colors to all of us the last few years. Reminds me of goober, thinking all Americans are stuuupppid, and then bragged about it on video. What will the MSM do next, now that the stuuupid Americans are waking up and turning them off? Have the stuuupid Americans finally realized that NO TRUE Americans own any of the news companies? Nor the media companies nor the hollyweird studios, nor the papers, nor facebook or amazon, or any of those giant non-awe inspiring time sucks and money changers? Have they realized there is no law to prevent propaganda or brainwashing of the masses? I am waiting for the time when people get sick of non-stop entertainment and before their brains go to mush want something of substance. Oh great oracle, how long will that be?

    • Calling it anything is stupid. Stating climate changes is the truth. Blaming it on humans is a lie.

    • All those answers will always be avoided and convoluted by liberals, just like you. Cause you created all the problems and failed to craft any solutions. Immigration, NAFTA, banking, borders, education, the military, not educating citizen scientists and engineers, making higher education expensive for citizens and giving non citizens a free ride, taxes, Obamacare, illegals – no they don’t add they take, planned Parenthood, welfare, violent and pornagraphic and immoral hollyweird, etc. Everywhere i look, I see liberal agendas of destruction.

  2. George,
    Your crackpot theory has been confirmed by years of observations. Watch Dutchsinse on YouTube. Also note his comments about main stream geology, non reporting of seismic events by USGS and the Pacific Northwest seismic network.

    • I might suggest that all theories are crackpot theories until the evidence mounts up year after year, and finally a champion emerges or a consensus is forced by the evidence. It’s how science is supposed to work and has for a long time.

      This is an interesting link:


      I think that most people are trying to shave with an axe rather than borrowing Occam’s Razor…

      • Well, it is a crackpot theory about ancient races until Zecharia Stichen. It is a crackpot theory about Giants until a huge skull was drug up in the Chesapeake Bay because the Smithsonian dumped all their giant skeletons in there. That would be a nice fund raiser, to rent a dredging boat and cast nets and drag the bay for more evidence. It was a crackpot theory that vaccines cause autism, but thankfully, that crackpot theory is starting to crack. My point is science just doesn’t work that much or that often, and it definitely depends who pays it the most money, but there you have it science constantly growing up.

  3. @ Curtis

    There are quite a lot of millenials turning their backs on MSM already. It seems that most MSM holdouts are in the Boomer generation…

  4. Those judges could be removed from the bench had Trump the cojones to unseal Obama’s records,proving that he was never eligible for the Presidency.

  5. Regarding sunspots, I have seen that the area of the sunspot is cooler on the surface than surrounding “non-sunspot” solar surface temps. Generic cooling is if the whole sun was sun-spot covered. But since sunspots are also sources of CME and other ejecta, perhaps those solar winds are more energetic from the sunspots than basic solar wind from a quiet surface.

    Lots of interesting times ahead. Especially if we start to see earth cooling while CO2 maintains its current levels. That would make a lot of crazy people even crazier.

    • parabolic = bubble

      But in our work, this is wave 3 up and we had a target of about #2,300 for this move. We told Peoplenomics readers who understood the risks when it broke over $400 it was looking like an Elliott 3 up at hand.

      Sinc ethe first move was 0 to 1,800, the wave 2 came down to the 280 range, then 1.5 times 1,800 plus 300 is a likely upside range to hit.

      When the same thing happens in stocks, well we will be hip deep in quarter pounders for damn sure

  6. Beef stroganoff for your dog….

    I was in shopping for dog food last week.. my dog is fussy and since she’s gotten use to table scraps I have been searching for something that she will eat. They brought one out the price was high enough I said at that cost I’d be money ahead to just make an extra? serving

  7. Global warming as a hoax.. hmm..
    I believe in global warming.. back in the day it was coined climate change cycle’s..
    People say man isn’t involved or will make a difference. Let’s take a trip to the mall of America the date January in Minnesota.. utilities heating the overall cost cheaper than August.. the reason there’s five thousand plus little furnaces running around..
    Now take the earth.. we have seven plus billion furnaces and growing running around not to mention the industrial temperature flux . So my guess is we do have an affect. We also take prime crop production farmland and convert it to concrete housing. At approximately ten acres to support human life it would only take one global event to start a spiral. Henry kissenger once said he who controls the food controls the people.
    As far as global warming the dawn of the dark ages originated right after a period of moderate temperatures. Which caused a global cooling.. more volcanic activity and more earthquake activity. More violent storms the list is pretty endless.. climate change also was a leading cause to the end of the Egyptian empire. So to say see it’s colder in the Arctic and it’s a hoax is a false positive. The fact that al gore brought it into the limelight is just a coincidence in my school some said a new ice age was coming same affect same cause.
    There’s a book that we were made to read in school and discuss it’s a good mind bender to.. the hab theory also cataclysms of the earth..
    Both deal with the same thoughts..
    For us as a species we should be considering our own survival not whether it’s right or wrong

    • Calling it anything is stupid. Stating climate changes is the truth. Blaming it on humans is a lie.

    • I’m not sure how someone can deny that 7,000,000,000 people doing their thing – burning, cutting, driving, drilling, making, flying, growing – have an affect on this terrarium called Earth. Do things keep changing whether or not humans inhabit? Of course, but that doesn’t negate the affect that I believe we have.

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