After the Histrionics: Rally

We play the fun game of looking ahead a few weeks in this morning’s report.  In it, you’ll see how we expect the balance of the year to shape up.

More importantly, though, you may be able to infer how we plan to scalp a few bucks from Old Man Market.

After headlines and coffee, of course.

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14 thoughts on “After the Histrionics: Rally”

  1. Mark, since you seem to be successful in real estate, I was wondering what you thought of the stock Zillow – ZG.

    I read an article recently that said the median age of a house in the U.S. is 37 years old. And that between 2010 and 2016, we only added three million new houses to the market.

    I think the demand for housing will start going up each year as more millennials settle down and start families. And second, those millennials will look for houses on an app that understands what kind of amenities they’re looking for, what school districts they want to live in and even what color scheme they want in their home.

    That’s why I am looking at a stock like Zillow to benefit from all of this demand for housing. I noticed in Raleigh,NC new homes sell as fast as they are put up & mainly to young couples.

    • Stay out of real estate stocks. They never pan out…Real estate can be volatile…Especially on a national scale. When the rest of the country was suffering…the west coast thrived…Now that the west coast has cooled…look for huge dips in Real-estate stocks. Realogy, the parent company of Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’ and ZipRealty is down 41% on the year. Zillow is down 28% since August. Plus, now Real estate has essentially come to a hault compared to earlier this year. Higher Interest rates have had their affect as has the uncertainty of the election. In my area…inventory has quadrupled and houses in neighborhoods that used to sell in 7 days or less with 8-10 offers and overbids as high as $400,000 over the list price are sitting with Days on Market of up to 30-40 days with one offer. We aren’t panicking though…They all will sell eventually…sellers must adjust their expectations…buyers are getting better deals…The west coast is just back to normal national real estate cycles. But, normal is not healthy for a stocks price either.

      • Real estate is always good you just have to find the place to invest in real estate has never been bad it’s always been a good investment like I said you have to find the right place where things are going down and that are funded by the government who wants to give you the biggest discount for buying Andre establishing a house for a community…
        With all the people thinking that Mexico in the southern hemisphere people that are coming up here or greatest threat it isn’t factors the Chinese are they bring people over here in higher volumes than Mexico and it’s like a month or two before the ready to have their babies so Trump is right 2 do what is doing was not him for the people who have put him into office that are the military who want to save our country instead of being overtaken by Muslims in Chinese

      • If you have the cash wait before investing in real estate right now because it’s going to go down further it’ll be like the 2008 so everything’s cyclical so wait for the dip and then bye

  2. G- absolutely fascinated by how two different people can look at same info and charts, and have two completely different views on outcomes. Education and experience I guess are the biggest factors in this game of market level guesstamation. Are you tracking the Trading Golems’ accuracy rate?

    All political polls have been shown/proven to be manipulated fakes – ALL of Them, every single one – See Presidential Campaign 2016.

    Recall, not one newspaper, or media outlet endorsed TRUMP during presidential campaign, Not a Single One, and yet the “Deplorables” won the day…USA-1 TPTB/NWO – 0
    -This should be thought of as the people starting to take back power.

    Also, how is it the “mailbomber” used to work at same strip club in GA as Stormy “horseface” Daniels, and no mention in of this CO-Winkydink…no deep state connections here…nothing to see…move along.

  3. Looks like the “GRAB THEM BY THE BALLOT” group has placed their hopes for a Blue Wave in the Vagaina Ballot, in their endless attempt to neuter all men.

    I am sure they are all on prozac & victims of something (real or imagined).

    • Bob The artical is spot on with the questions. Can only be one answer it is a invasion force just look at the flag they carry.

  4. the houses sell fast in raleigh,nc but each week is full of foreclosures iun home newspaper”news and observer.

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