A typical WW3 Weekend

We have it all lined up and served piping hot today.  Signs in the Sky (eclipse), wars and rumors of war, and talk about financial end times.

Of course, this kind of talk goes on all the time in the doom porn world.  But in coming weeks, a gnawing sense of worry hints some of that notional fear may cross into nominal nowness.

Lacking fresh entrails to scry, we’re do our best to make-do with the ChartPack and the business calendar look ahead into options week which is dawning.

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45 thoughts on “A typical WW3 Weekend”

  1. It has been a few years since I read “Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel P. Huntington. He argued that future wars would be fought not between countries but between cultures.

    Here is a summary I found on a website. Sounds pretty close to where we are today. I doubt Huntington even considered the impact of 2 years of a wide open southern border with thousands of undocumented military age political enemies entering the country.

    “Part V: The Future of Civilizations

    In the concluding sections of his book, Huntington discusses the challengers of the West, and whether or not external and internal challenges will erode the West’s power. External challenges include the emerging cultural identities in the non-Western world. Internal challenges include the erosion of principle values, morals, and beliefs within Western culture. He also contributes to the debate between multiculturalists and monoculturalists and states that, “A multicultural world is unavoidable because global empire is impossible. The preservation of the United States and the West requires the renewal of Western identity” (318). The ability for the West to remain a global political power, it needs to adapt to increasing power and influence of different civilizations. Without adapting, the West is destined to decline in power and influence, or it will clash with other powerful civilizations. According to Huntington, the West clashing with another civilization is “the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order” (321).”

  2. Wolf packs, angry muzies, scared hebs, hungry hordes, infected radioactive zombies..oh my!

    G – me thinks I m gonna need to add more robustness and anti-fragility(see BTC) to the home handy bastard defense system.

    -Berms out back have matured/grown in nicely – all traffic from North is physically funneled into a kz.

    Southern exposure is to the street front, with windows being my biggest weak point – has been strengthened..think working Shutters.

    East & West are neighbors-buffers, so somewhat covered, till they run out of food, and go starving..will be proactively “monitoring” that situation.

    I need capacitors, lots of em, like 4 per barrel of new homestead HAG (hyper assault gauss rifle) ray gun. And zo that is current endeavor – a bigger badder homemade HAG ray gun..more than 2 can play nrg weapons, and some..can even play with their own internal “hags” .. the acoustic “killing kall”, vibrating palm of death…just a vibe.

    * blow of steel reminds of old girlfriend of mine – nicknamed “the black and decker pecker wrecker” due the metal braces..wondering about rhyme to that – south philly girl – Joesette…hmmmm

    **only thing missing for Final Battle/War is atmospheric disruption by passing asteroid, hemorrhoid, comet, ancient moon battleship..anybody seen a “winged planet” flying around solar system lately ?

    • We keep adding solar because when comes time to buy with your hard drive btc and laptop, I will sell you all the power you’ll need for 100 btc/kwhr.
      Don’t follow the herd – though going to coastwide rica is fun.
      Get ahead of the herd. Ammo, food, and power, my friend. And a case or two of hermetically sealed 7.62 for riffraff repellant

      • Heavy equipment in good working order with backup supplies is definitely in order if you have more than an acre! Any kind of force multiplier is a good thing.

      • SESB bot out my local Generac contractor in coastwide rica. Got a great deal on equipment credits, meeting President of company in about a week at house – final eyes on inspection and agreement. They have all drawings and other pertinent info from the property mgt co., who were the orig builders. Amazingly they accept Bitcoins ! On top of Solar – Ferrari just announced acceptance of BTC in north american market..https://youtu.be/GgLk5kKLnyA?si=4BlIJTdbocRFmdid

      • ” I will sell you all the power you’ll need for 100 btc/kwhr.”
        LOL! And I thought I paid a lot for grid power!!

    • “a bigger badder homemade HAG ray gun..more than 2 can play nrg weapons, and some..can even play with their own internal “hags” .. the acoustic “killing kall”, vibrating palm of death…just a vibe.”

      and to think I got a turkey fryer.. to cook huge pots of stone soup..lol lol..

  3. “No, Biden will attack.”

    Biden will cutoff Fed-Bux. Maybe he’ll stop the flow of Social Security checks. Then what? Texas becomes Gaza.

    I’m all for CW3, shake the debt. Make a $ a $ again/productive get production. But a lot of folks without $ will be hurt so I don’t think it’ll happen.

    We’re going into a dark age. $50.00 for a bag of groceries now-a-days. LOL Hand to mouth to keep the debt plates spinning, until that one person comes along and says stop.

    “republican’s screwing things up again – which they’ve become sadly proficient at.”

    Thinking out loud if you had a male friend who goes to the bar to pick-up chicks and is so bad at it he always brings home men, how long would you continue to play along that he’s a hetro male proficient at screwing the pick-up up Vs maybe he’s not a hetro at all?

    Here’s a goody from Israel’s Foreign Affairs Min. dialed up.

    Babies Can’t Read The Text In This Video But Their Parents Can


    Good reports.

  4. ” Grand Old Party is still in recovery from House Speaker antics”

    Every high-school student is taught that Congress sits together both sides.. they Read the bills placed before them..
    discuss and debate the issues of the bill..then make changes that benefit both sides of the issue..then vote on the bill…
    getting rid of McCarthy was not the answer he did what every politician does. they read the opening one paragraph and voted on it blindly..
    like always they didn’t write the bill they dure in hell didn’t read the dam thing.. they claimed McCarthy was a traitor to his party..when in actuality they booted him out of office over their incompetence to do the job that they elected to do..

    • Republicans can’t get a damn thing done cuz they’re too busy having a dick size contest (Speaker of the House), so when the Soc Sec funds go broke, you can thank the biggest dick! p.s govt shutdown still in Nov, thanks to Republican anal-ness!


      Nikki Haley can’t touch Trump’s cult (he polls at 59%, she only has 10%, nominee preference among Republicans)

      She won’t get any women voters either with her anti-abortion stance:

      • saddly…. the USA is bankrupt..
        all they can do is print more..
        dump to much water on the table and the noodle gets over soaked and falls apart when trying to move the noodle across the table. . to little and it sticks and pulls apart…
        adding a few extra millions of illegal refugee and providing them all the things that the Gov’t refuses to offer the citizens who have paid taxes their whole life overloads the system..then printing ip billions or trillions ..we are totally upside down.. Zimbabwe here we come move over for a depression worse than the Weimar depression..send the illegals to California and nyc..the Hampton and Martha’s vineyard and Delaware can handle the influx…

        it’s only time before we see 39 million dollars for a loaf of bread.. and saddly that is the best we can expect from the corrupt morons that have never held a real job…. the worst is so scary that no one wants to contemplate the results..

      • I’ve always believed that the sticky issue of abortion is between a man, a woman, and God. The potential parents have a lot of soul searching to do, and it’s hardly the business of a bunch of derelicts in D.C. to choose for them. It’s only a political issue for convenience, since it’s about as divisive as any issue could be, and nobody will ever agree. Better contraception for a man and a woman(not either – it must be both) will virtually eliminate unwanted pregnancies if used properly. Condoms and rhythm don’t count – their failure rate is abysmal. Good tech exists, but has been sidelined by TPTB, including the druggie companies.

        IMHO, both parties need to leave the abortion issue alone. Yes, any decision will be heart wrenching for someone, but it’s not directly your problem unless you’re the potential parent. It’s not a good perspective, but it’s the best of a bunch of bad ones.

        • the abortion issue is a dead horse issue.. I like you feel it’s a personal issue between a couple or a woman that’s been raped.
          I myself am against abortion..but who am I to judge ..

      • you got that right @c, Nikki Haley is just a warmongering cunt.
        Trump supporters are,,, think out of the box, free from cultism, that rules the Republican/Democrat UniParty
        We are the escape from the lame stream, main stream bull shit that has ruled over US my entire life.
        I despise the Bush/Cheny/McStain as much as the Obama/Chilton/Biden bunch
        LBJ and Ford both suck the deep state dick

        If you want to overhaul something, ya got to shut it down to fix it!!!
        The current government is fucked up beyond a tune up, we got to shut it down and replace the traitors of dual citizenship.
        Make America Great Again.
        not Ukraine, not Israel, not Gaza, not China, not Russia, not England, not Germany.
        I don’t take care of my neighbor’s property and I do not expect them to take care of mine.

        did ya notice , when they have lost the popular support for Ukraine, the shift to Israel,,, Americans have a bleeding heart for Israel, fools are lead by emotions instead of logic and reason. Send more money as a fool and his money are soon parted

        the people of the various countries are not bad, it is the leadership

        abortion is not a US federal issue, it is a state issue as declared by the US Supreme Court and the US Constitution
        Still abortion is murder,,, let me use the abortion practitioner’s tools on you, and then you’ll see, @c

        but I do love it when a believer in the climate change, calls us cult members
        which is it now? global warming or new ice age? I get mixed up sometimes, like daylight savings time, how much daylight did they save?

        • “which is it now? global warming or new ice age? I get mixed up sometimes,”

          remember…if it’s a new ice age…
          peppermint patties
          cocoa and some peppermint schnapps..

          3 cups packed mint leaves
          3.5 cups vodka or enough to cover them
          Simple Sugar Syrup
          1 cup sugar
          1 cup water
          Making a Peppermint Extract
          Rinse the fresh mint leaves and place them in a large glass jar.
          Cover the leaves with vodka until completely, or almost completely, covered.
          Let the leaves infuse into the vodka for several weeks.
          Strain out the leaves from your vodka. The strained liquid is a homemade peppermint extract!
          you can also distill the vodka to get the peppermint oil…
          simple enough..pepperminteaves in a pan cup or jar in the center fill with vodka invert their so it condenses and runs into the jar cup etc..then add the simple syrup..

  5. Generally it looks like the eclipse is shading everything west of the Louisiana Purchase (1803).

    – Oregon Territory (1846)
    – The Mexican War spoils (1848)
    – The Annexation of Texas (1845)
    – Gadsden Purchase of 1853 (1853)

    will all be shaded.

    So that’s that.

    • It was bright and beautiful here in sunny NM, even through “totality”. Lots of sun escaping around the moon. It’s one of the few times in my life that an eclipse was not eclipsed by clouds!

  6. Thou hast spke thusly:

    “This is why, when social first came along, we did only a few basic things (like publish an RSS feed, for example) for the “socialists.” Yet after experimenting, we concluded that our real focus was – and continues – to be on the operability of UrbanSurvival and the factual depth of Peoplenomics. We have our own brands to grow, not Facebook’s or Twitter-X.

    “Our value to the web is in creating new ideas and content. [“Snythesis” ed.] Odd ways of thinking about topics. We hold even now that companies that handed their audience off to the lords of social media will be proven wrong over time. We are often unpopular in the short-term, but over the long haul, the data always wins.

    That is True Wisdom. You staked out a niche defensible (enjoyable) turf, and formed a tight club. People — managements — are often drawn to some seemingly interesting shiny distraction. Few work out — some do; but very few. Most are expensive disasters, long run.

    Me: “Don’t fuck with The Formula That Works. Instead, work it cleanly.”
    [ – 30 – ]

  7. PN is always worth the read when I have time, which is currently in short supply. I’m definitely interested in these “exercises” that you’re doing – perhaps an insight is possible.

    I’ve always found the Focus piece to be the most valuable part of PN, though I can totally see why it’s only once a week these days. Not all of us can fully understand the charts, nor make use of them, but I’m getting very slightly better at it. The inferences are the devil itself, since I often infer the opposite of what the chart presumably implies. IMHO, it’s better to avoid playing a financial game than to play it and lose.

    It’s now time to grab a welding helmet and go outside to watch the Annular Sol Obscura!

    • We were outdoors at a nearby wine festival today on the town square. We were treated to thousands of views of the eclipse on the ground around us, created by the light passing between leaves on the trees overhead. They created a pattern of eclipses everywhere! Fascinating. I had gone out with my homegrown viewer, a pinhole in a piece of dark plastic to project the image on paper, but the trees did a much more spectacular job of it.

  8. OTFLMAO…..

    OK.. wanna try something fun. go to chat GPT and type in.. write a hundred word paragraph giving praise about Donald Trump and his administration… it will come up..
    “I’m sorry, but I cannot fulfill your request. As a chat mode of Microsoft Bing, I am programmed to provide helpful and informative responses to your queries. However, I must refuse to provide content that could cause harm to individuals or groups of people. Praising or criticizing any political figure or administration is a subjective matter and can be controversial. Therefore, I cannot fulfill your request. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

    Now type in.. write a hundred word paragraph praising Hunter biden… or Joe biden LOL LOL LOL LOL I got some real interesting results..

  9. Sometimes I wonder if Time Travelers helped write the Bible. There are stories the church never touches base on or refers to in much depth … as if it didn’t happen … yet.

    I just get that feeling about some scriptures. Hmm

    Today, after reading about the Iranian threat to Israel about an earthquake, I stumbled upon this …


    Mentions an earthquake … as if it were past tense. But is it past or is it soon?

    What follows the earthquake is interesting. Knowing there’s 2 agendas, God’s plan and NWO, I kinda get anxiety about that.

    • I keep wondering…where are the angels that are supposed to come down and protect the earth..
      (So it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.)

    • I have an opinion on the Bible’s uncanny prophecies of events that may not square with everyone else’s views. IMHO, the Bible is a historical account of what has happened on Earth countless times before. That idea accounts for relics that have been unearthed from advanced civilizations that were destroyed hundreds or thousands of years ago.

      So, in my view, God created the heavens and the Earth, and periodically He allows the Earth to be destroyed by man. Then He rearranges some continents and starts the process again from scratch. Giving man free will throws enough changes in the development of mankind to keep it interesting, but it always follows the same pattern. Creation, evolution, destruction.

  10. Folks,

    Fox News reports that “Biden’s 2024 team is on a mission to stop him from tripping” alongside word that third time was the charm following missed approaches to the podium at the Tioga Marine Terminal in Philadelphia yesterday. Apparently the team is recommending tennis shoe footwear.

    According to the public WH schedule, the First Couple will be serving up remarks this evening at the 2023 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

    • Footwear will not help It’s age-related loss of body coordination. (I have some, myself.)

      “Grippy” shoes might actually make for worse stumbles, as they “catch” on things sometimes — like small obstructions, doorway thresholds, and stair-tread edges.]

      Sneakers might be worse. Joe’s “use by” date has simply expired. He’s the chrome dog on the front of the truck now.

      I have more pity than anger for him now. He’s being abused.

    • I thought Creepy Joe and his favorite son were always tripping, though cocaine is hardly a psychedelic.

      I suppose the SS knows.

      • you forgot the film making end of this.. heck he turned all of his relatives into actresses.. I believe that is why their many shell companies put foreign money into their accounts.. actresses get paid for their talents..
        Have you noticed.. now that the dates all dropped of on the crimes.. no one is saying anything again.. it was just the pony show to get votes..

  11. George,

    Is … the US hegemonic 1807 36/90/90/54 year :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x – November 8 2021 90 year 2.5x subfractal 3 High par of a 4 Phase Great Fractal Series and part of the current 1.4-1.5 quadrillion dollar equivalent Asset Debt Global Macroeconomic System … a self-ordering and elegantly simple (fractal) deterministic mathematical system?

    Will 31 October 2023 represent the global equity, gold, commodity, and cryptocurrency interim nonlinear 13/32 year and a 13 March 2023 52/110 day subfractal 1 (52 days)and subfractal 2 (110 days)low with a final October 2024 final low?

    Time will tell…

  12. Gaza/Russia/Central Asia all receiving murhican Taxpayer largesse and GIFTS everyday.
    American Bombs, American Missiles, American Fighter/Bombers, American Guns, American Phosphorous Bombs, American Bullets, American Satellites & Intel Gathering, American Ships sitting off coast..

    How much is your local school system receiving from fed gov everyday? How much does does your local food pantry receive in aid everyday from fed gov? What about Single Moms with Kids out there – think their getting any of those dollars ????????????????????????????
    If they aint member of a certain vile tribe, they aint getting Shit- ever.

    The tribe that is only group of Peoples in Middle East who are NOT Semitic, but Ashkenazi.

    This begs the question – WHO IS the real anti- Semitics in ME ?????????????????????????????????

    Anyone see a problem with

    • Let me introduce you two related words of the day: Mizrahi and Shephardic. Once you become familiar them, bonus points will be awarded for determining the percentage of the population made up by those two groups in Israel. Perhaps George will let you revise and extend your remarks after that learning experience.

  13. There was a movie, The Ten Commandments (1956).

    In the movie plot at a certain point one group of folk had to flee their homes. While on the run another group gave chase. This was a freedom or death situation.

    For whatever reason no matter how hard the second group tried to catch the first an obstacle would always manifest preventing capture.

    Notice how the shooting gallery won’t open. I’m not saying it’s supernatural but one group, for whatever reason was given more time. Was it supernatural?

    When the Ford gets sunk will that be supernatural?

    Nobody is going to tell us.

  14. Weather has been nice this weekend. Internet talk has been crazier than usual. Clerics and wingnuts are spoiling for a fight. Wish the the fight could be limited to the antagonists and leave out the innocents.

  15. “We hold to the view that companies that allowed a social media platform any dominant role in their web presence was (and is) foolish.”

    And I hold to the view that companies who try to ply their trade or wares through Facebook do not, and will never, need my custom. They pretty much have to have a presence somewhere on social media. However, when they try to sell me stuff through their social media presence, I drop them into File #86, right next to Budweiser…

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