Contrarian Time Out – Ex-Im Data

Stock Futures were pointing to a weak open, earlier. Buoyed when better than expected import prices data hit.  But this doesn’t mean the downside won’t open over the weekend.   In fact, this weekend could be early.

As a result, we’re going to “sit this one out.”

An old investing axiom is “The Crowd is usually wrong.”  We certainly hope it is this time, but consider the growing sense of negativity in passing headlines:

We will not be surprised if Gaza simply ceases to be a country. Palestinians were causing problems back when Britain was ruling the region – long before establishment of the Israeli state. As the Wiki on this rolls: “The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, later known as The Great Revolt (al-Thawra al- Kubra)[10] or The Great Palestinian Revolt (Thawrat Filastin al-Kubra),[11] was a popular nationalist uprising by Palestinian Arabs in Mandatory Palestine against the British administration of the Palestine Mandate, demanding Arab independence and the end of the policy of open-ended Jewish immigration and land purchases with the stated goal of establishing a “Jewish National Home”.

Want to go back further? 1929 Palestine riots – Wikipedia.

While Jews are understandably concerned about what terrorism has been planned for this period, the historical record teaches that Palestinians have had it out for Jews over historical time scales.  Battles arise periodically, tensions ease when negotiations slow fighting, but it rinses and repeats.

The Contrarian wonders if this won’t happen again, here?  Or, could it be the actual real-deal light up into the Gog-Magog showdown?  A lot depends on how the rest of the Islamic world wants to play this. It’s a global decision.

From our standpoint, however, the financial world is in an Elliott and Trend Channel position where things could break either way.  Get the break wrong and it could become spendy.

We like to sit back and watch.  We like to make winning bets, only.

Follow Along…

Let’s look at our Aggregate Index.  This is an equal-dollar weighted meta index comprised of many indices.  It arose because of the financial industry being misleading over investor losses when the Internet Bubble collapsed in 2001 (which may have had a 9/11 distraction to divert focus).  It was repeated in form as the Housing Bubble collapse 2008-2009.  And correct me if I’ve overlooked something, but in EITHER of these, did anyone go to jail?  Madoff was a non-related swindle.

As you look into the following chart, you need some simple baseline concepts.

  • Elliott Wave theory is markets move in 3 or 5 wave steps.  And this is fractal, to the degree that there is a “yellow scale” (biggest of big waves) and under this are subordinate counts.
  • Trend Channels offer the idea that going with the trend is where the real money is. Such that when markets decline, there are simple ways to draw channels in order to project trend into future.

With these in mind, consider…

On the far right, you can see we are “between trend channel limits.”  Which is a hell of a spot to be in.  We are in rally mode – or are we?

  • The rally case depends on the idea that the large Yellow Scale 2 is not over.  These if reason for this, because the area m market by yellow shall letter a-b-c-d-e is not really “pretty.”
  • It is possible the a-b-c-d portion of the chart above will become (in near future) a zigzag (1-2, 1-2) for a larger “a” up.  This would, in turn, convert the small yellow “e” (by the yellow 2) into a “c”.
  • Following the possibility?  IF this count is realized, it’s possible that the decline from the “e” high (July 31, 2023) to present, is only a larger “d” and the relabeled “e” to crest (yellow) 2 is still ahead. 2024?

This case is the one where future-history could line up some really big changes.

  • If Israel completes “urban renewal” in Gaza and doesn’t take out Iranian nuclear facilities, then there is a path (though Hezbollah in Golan is a problem) where negotiations and ceasefires might come along.
  • With Russia reminding the West that Germany is going to be cold (and economically imploding this winter due in part to their gas connector line being sabotaged this week), a slowing of hostilities in Ukraine might be found, though only for a very short-term. Months, say.
  • China has failed to move in open “planning windows” against Taiwan, though we have a new moon this weekend and reasonable military weather over Formosa this weekend).  So, if China can sit tight until elections in January in Taiwan, there will be more indication of how bloody and forceful that “reunification” might become.

One of the hardest lessons as a professional senior manager is learning the art of decision-making.  Sometimes, you need to act fast – like get out of my way I have to call someone and get some things rolling, fast.  Other times, though, you can put off making a decision and watch events.  Time will, given a chance, make many decisions for us.

Which is why – as a contrarian, well experienced with watching time value of information and it’s real impact on the future – we are taking a breather this weekend.

Oh, and to wait out the Pattern Day Trader penalty box.  I have already made 3-day trades this week.  (Fancy footwork to breakeven as the market organized a rally which began to fade Thursday.)  I can get “out of the box” by moving money from other accounts, but sometimes it’s good to just sit and wait.  Like table stakes poker rather than Big Money poker.

Circumstances, chart indecisiveness, and too many people all riled up, seem like good reasons to knock off early.  Enjoy a Friday the 13th glass of wine on the screen porch and burn some prime New Yurks’.

About Ex-Im Data

This is always a “glass half full, or empty” opportunity.  I’ll show you what I mean based on this data:

“Prices for U.S. imports ticked up 0.1 percent in September following a 0.6-percent advance the previous  month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Higher fuel prices drove the September increase. U.S. export prices rose 0.7 percent in September, after advancing 1.1 percent in August.


The price index for U.S. imports increased 0.1 percent in September as higher fuel prices more than offset lower nonfuel prices. U.S. import prices last declined on a monthly basis in June, and advanced 0.9 percent in the third quarter of 2023. Despite the recent increases, prices for U.S. imports declined 1.7 percent for the year ended in September.


U.S. export prices rose 0.7 percent in September following a 1.1-percent increase in August. Higher prices for nonagricultural exports in September more than offset lower agricultural prices. Despite the recent
advances, prices for U.S. exports decreased 4.1 percent over the past year. The 12-month drop in September was the smallest over-the-year decline since February 2023.

Once you can see data as either good, or bad, you’re on the path to being a detached, more objective observer.  Watch the crowd, not the data.  Unless the crowd is watching it, in which case…

Flow of News

Lying Liberals Losing Luster.  My consigliere made a dandy point the other day.  “Notice the Left’s hand-wringings over a death of a few children in Ukraine? Yet where is their outrage when thousands are killed by their darlings in Gaza. They can’t come to terms with it.” Which is why they are useless, wasting so much energy on two sets of standards (theirs and anyone else’s).  So now to the point.  Some people are seeing through the bullshit as a result: Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer quits Harvard board in protest of student letter (

Sadly, the Right is wrong, again, too: House chaos stretches on after Scalise’s stunning withdrawal as speaker candidate. What’s next?  We’re down to just hoping for a grown-up.

The intel community has to be reviewing notes on the recent Kim trip to Russia.  Is NorK up to something? North Korea Raises the Specter of Nuclear Strike over US Aircraft Carrier’s Arrival in South Korea.  Or, is this the defense industry “stirring things up” to get bigger contracts?  Again, more information over time.

Fixing Energy issues or Election issues?  One hint will be looking at how red and blue states fare as our favorite house plant is giving out more free money. Biden awards $7 billion for ‘clean hydrogen’ hubs… Honestly, we have no idea where the money for this will come from, since we are on the way to $34 trillion in debt as a country. If only we could capture hot air, eh?

Speaking of debt, if the Fed takes a pass on a rate hike at the end of the month, it could set off a major decline in markets.  And there’s a chance: U.S. Treasury yields: investors weigh interest rate outlook (  If rates do come down, it means lower (to negative) growth.  That will drop stock prices as assessments of future gains from earnings evaporate.  But over on the bond side?  Falling bond rates mean higher bond prices.  Which could see maybe 20-percent of the market’s cap meandering off to bonds looking for higher returns.  And yeah, my deflationist pal Jas Jain would be stunningly well off from his growing pile of long expiration put options.

Related: Mysterious rise in US Treasury yields perturbs markets isn’t at all mysterious. Rates are doing up because it compounds the increase in national debt when the fed raises.  If housing prices don’t come down (and they are not – yet:  Mortgage rates reach 23-year high. But Redfin says ‘all hope is not lost.’ Why? ).  On a normal planet, when rates were raised, housing prices would have fallen.  But pushing rates up means housing’s going up – and so the basics of circularity in hyperinflations is reveals.  But not to everyone, apparently.

Crypto Madness may be fading.  For one, in times of rising tensions, governments get really interested in what the “secret money” is buying in the way of uprisings.  But more relevant to simpletons (like me) is that BTC still hasn’t been able to claw its way above $27-thousand again.  This despite hype like Bitcoin’s (BTC) Unstoppable Rise: Will it Surpass Gold and Silver? (  Wanna check the price of BTCs at this time in 2021 and get back to us?

Our kind of “magazine” story: Court stays ruling against California ban on high-capacity clips – (  Interesting way to sort your friends.  Some of mine insist I use the term “magazine” out on the range.  “But Newsweek is a magazine, and I’m helping your precision of thought… ” And about clips?  Have anything to do with roaches?

Time to load up on New Zealand butter?  Burp tax causes pre-poll stink with New Zealand farmers.  They not only have a looney left, but in the outback of nowhere cow farts and climate farce plays on…

Around the Ranch:  Droning On, BSP

A further reason I deliberately keep less than $25 000 in my “Lunch Money Gambling Account” is it keeps me from spending too much time in my chair.  Which then leaves time for drone adventures and Big Secret Projects.

Last weekend, we explained cutting down a tree that got in the way of our flying last week.  This weekend, we’re going into “being a landsman” a bit deeper as we show you how to cut up a downed tree in no time.  Yes, a drone taken picture, of course!

Weekend after this, we’re going to begin the Big Secret Project.  And a key part of it will be using the drone to put ham radio antennas much higher into trees than we’ve ever been able to do with climbing.

Weekend after that will be the Big Secret (HF antenna) Project.

Charts are the main point on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  But next week’s report?  I have never seen a reporter write up their experience actually going through a past life regression, but that’s one we can take off the bucket list now. 5,000 words worth, so to speak.

Have a great weekend (and no, I was not kidding about the wine and New York steaks today…)

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Is it just me or does it seem like every country in the world is preparing for a major conflict except the Duchy of Grand Fenwick!

  2. “Is NorK up to something? North Korea Raises the Specter of Nuclear Strike over US Aircraft Carrier’s Arrival in South Korea.”

    So.. if it flares up there.. will the USA send more carriers.. or soldiers.. the more disruptions that takes more resources and money away from necessities in the poison pawn trap the easier easier it will be in taking the country .. our infrastructure is weak and aged our leaders are willing to sell out our country for a few silver coins..
    what the president wants is more than what citizens get that worked and paid taxes for decades… I have a real issue with medical expenses.. so does the vast majority of the people..

    we spend to destroy so some schmuck in another country can benefit.. the pieces to the puzzle are all in play.. China does not want to destroy Taiwan.. they will hold out for Taiwan to ask to rejoin the one china….

    • Close, but still light. I figure there are about 68-70 million aliens inn the U.S. Most (but not all) are illegal…

  3. George
    An update on my cataract surgery for those considering this procedure.
    On October 5, I had my second surgery, left eye, and it went very well. Again, no pain. In fact absolutely no pain. Last time I found that the IV placed in the back of my right hand stung strongly. I mentioned this to the nurse this time and she used more of the freeze spray on my hand. This numbed it quite well and I felt nothing when she put in the needle.
    When you get this type of surgery the doctor splashes 4 syringe loads ,no needle, of a numbing solution onto your eye over about a half hour time period.
    When you get into the surgery suite they give you the happy juice via the IV. After that you are awake sort of, but don’t care about anything. A half hour later your headed home with a new lens in you eye.
    It’s that fast as the surgeon will do 10 to 15 operations that day. The surgery hospital I went to is a well oiled machine for this procedure. Number one is their concern for your health and safety. Number two is getting people in and out in a timely but not rushed manner. The surgeons and nurses have done thousands of these procedures. They know their business!
    So when you want to get this done for yourself do some research on the eye doctor and the hospital he uses. In my case I had a friend of the family who had fabulous results with no complications from this doctor and hospital.
    Yesterday I had a final visit to the eye doctor to verify the surgeries. The result is that I am nearly 20/20 in both eyes. I have not seen this well in over 60 years.
    So if you need it get it done. Don’t be a wimp .
    And don’t forget to get yourself some “CHEAP SUN GLASSES” so you can be a “SHARP DRESSED MAN”, (or Woman) per ZZ TOP!

    • Glad this went well for you Mike and I second what you said. These surgeons are super competent and their assistants make it a very comfortable and easy experience. I had both eyes done about 4 months apart 4 years ago and would do it again if necessary. As I have said before, the anticipation is worse than the operation.

      In the midst of the frightening world craziness going on, it is good that we can continue to share personal health success stories here, thanks to George.

      • I’m a 2 time cataract winner, one draw, one sort of.
        First two were easy – grest
        Second two
        One IoL dislocated
        Too much scaring so on to a different chaqmber lens 20-30=ISH on good daysw
        One sort of loss as progressive kerataconis has deformed that eye over time and scaleral lens for a few hours here and there gets 20-25-ish with with a dulled focal point…

        The docs are the great. Ma Nature was turning out bad eyes 75 years ago~

        • yeah I need to get the cataract surgery .. they are holding off because I am blind in the other eye..because there’s a small risk they want to hold off until it’s absolutely necessary..
          driving after dark is quite scary..I can’t see ..

      • My eye doctor tells me I will probably need surgery in another 2-3 years or so. He is in a group practice of 11 eye surgeons … they saved my eyesight in one eye a few years back on an emergency referral from my long time Optometrist and even with 11 eye surgeons in the practice they said it was beyond what they could do, said only one guy in the city could do the special surgery I needed NOW, they called ahead and the special surgeon and another surgeon stayed after hours and worked into the evening that day to do emegency surgery on my eye and saved my eyesight in that eye. Needless to say because of that I have 100% faith in what they tell me.

        Actually looking forward to cataract surgery since I can then “improve” on my natural eyesight!! Worn glasses or contacts since about 11 and for outdoors stuff I ready to DITCH THEM!! A real pita when skiing and wearing goggles since I wear bifocals now. LOL

        Glad to read all the success stories.

    • Hi, George,

      My cataract surgeries were different from Rocket Mike’s experience. No IV insert was necessary, just continuous splashing of numbing liquid. Each procedure took less than ten minutes. I have 20/25 vision in both eyes now, strange for my right eye that had been -400. The surgeon installed a trifocal lens in my right eye, but I now need those glasses called readers you can get at Walmart. To cut gems now, I use a pair of readers and my 20X loupe, which works just fine. It is indeed remarkable what surgery can be done to help your eyes nowadays.

    • Diana had eye #1 done this week. She got a snazzy pair of fitovers with a really nice carrying case. She says she can see better out of that eye now and thinks she may be able to ditch her specs. I asked her if I looked any different. Yes, old is all she would say.

      • well thank god she just said you look older…lol lol lol…it would have been worse if she got a shockedook a d said….WHO ARE YOU …lol lol lol

    • repercussions and ramifications, like the rings expanding outwards from center of where rock hit the water..Youse going to be “under pressure” now what wit Ure cheap sunglasses and sharp dressing… Go get em Tiger!


  4. Vis-a-vis clips vs magazines….

    bullets get pushed into a magazine, they get stripped out of a clip…. you can load an AR style Magazine with a stripper clip, and you can load several rifles with fixed magazines by using a stripper clip…. M1 Garands use an en block clip, where 8 cartridges are pushed into a spring steel clip, then the clip is pushed into the fixed magazine of the rifle…. when that last round gets fired, a spring ejects the empty clip.
    Some pistols use the clip arrangement to load a fixed magazine from a stripper clip, such as the Grendel P-10. Some revolvers use Half Moon clips to load rimless cartridges into a compatible cylinder….

    • Hey Uncle
      I have never understood the reason for those nondetachable 30-round magazines people put on an SKS when I can carry 100 rounds easily in a coat pocket on stripper clips and keep firing Aimed Shots even faster ( I just explained it to myself, the kids like to do “Mag Dumps” its their form of fireworks.) If you’re not interested in aiming each shot, I guess the 30 round is for you.
      I also had a Grendel P-10 long ago, thought it was great, but it was only really reliable with the 60 grain Winchester Silvertip. It even said so in the manual. I sold it when Grendel went under. But now I have several KelTecs in the safe of various sizes, and am pleased with all of them.

    • I use stripper clips on my SKS instead of one of those silly looking nonremovable 30-round add ons.
      Can fire Aimed Shots at a plenty fast rate. Of course the kids are only interested in doing Mag Dumps which are their form of fireworks, so they want the extended mag,
      I also had a Grendel P-10 once and it was great little gun with the recommended Winchester 60 Grain Silvertips. With any other ammo not so much. I sold it when Grendel wet under, but have several sizes of KelTecs now that all work just great.

    • In WW-II the Germans learned this clippy thing. It made a unique sound when it hit the ground, so they would hold fine until the clip was ejected, then rush the GI’s position before he could reload. It didn’t take long before GIs began carrying a few empty clips, to drop at strategically-advantageous times…

      • About the m1 clip story. I have seen this story discussed on the internet with not a few folks considering the story to be an urban legend. That said my dad was a combat vet of WW2. He carried an m1 across France through the Ardennes and into Germany. In all his stories he never mentioned the clip story. He did verify the well known problem with the Thompson.

  5. George
    I haven’t finished the column yet but after your intro about the Palestinians(Philistines) Inthought I would point out the story of Hagar Sahras handmaiden and her son by Abraham, Ishmael.
    Genesis 16:12,13 specifically says Ishmael “will be a wild man whose hand is against every man and every man’s hand is against his. And he will dwell in the presence of his brethren.” (i.e., “in their face.”)
    So while the area of Isreal is the “promised” Isreal homeland, the children of Isreal were in effect promised tenancy if not title.
    So here, what the Jews say is about 5800 years later this same spat is still going on.

    • I meant the Children of Ishmael were promised Tenancy with their Israelite half-brothers. I figure everyone here is smart enough to catch my error but I’ll correct it anyway.

    • I’d it just 5800 years or older.. this is a religious war that’s been going on for thousands of years.. it can’t be won.. hot tempers won’t solve this.. I weep tears for all the good innocent people on all sides that have to suffer from the atrocities of violent acts..

  6. Had only one trade this week – short week for me – easily paid all the bills for the month. I also added to my long expiration put options. [ Definitely ‘not’ advice.]
    Gold and silver spiked up this morning – gold by nearly 3%.., seems to be based on the hopes that U.S. interest rates have peaked – and a little fear over the Middle East hostilities. The term “safe heavan” investment was used – haven’t seen that used in a long time.

  7. According to the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – Inflation will continue to rise throughout all global economies through 2024 and into 2025. Again, according to ‘them’., Food and Fuel costs will be hardest hit, thus the consumer will be the most highly impacted, and will continue to slowly rise throughout the next eighteen months.
    – Question. Does our Federal Reserve pay any attention to these two ‘banks’ ?

  8. JPMorgan – profits rose 35% for the quarter.
    [ So., all the conflicting info & recommendations they have given., has paid off nicely.]
    – The one sentence that is being quoted from the CEO’s speech…, “We are living in one of the most dangerous times in recent history.”
    Israel has “ordered” 1.1 million Palestinians to leave northern Gaza – immediately. Hamas has ordered them to stay put. It “appears” that Israel wants all of the civilians out of the northern section of Gaza, so that they can freely raze it to the ground.
    Two days ago. “By the time we are through, Gaza will be a tent city.” Israeli general.
    For thousands of years they have been pissing on each other’s grave – you can not win a religious war.
    .., and – the U.S. stock markets have virtually ignored what is happening in Israel. Will it take a full blown, multi-prong attack and war before they realize the consequences of this.
    The global game kicked off with the Hamas attack., and we are starting the first quarter. Players and wannabe refs are lining up on the field of play – as I think they see this as the possible first set of downs of World War Three., and we are stuck in the bleachers, concession stands are closed ., watching this whole damn world fall apart around us.

    • G.A. STEWART: I want to thank all of the readers who have sent me emails over the last few days. You recognize what I have accomplished here. I get many, many thank yous. There are about a handful of you who also regularly donate, and I would not do be able to do this without you.

      Also, many of you have been great sources of information over the years. I just got one email from a Regular Reader and longtime supporter who has nailed it perfectly with his friends, who are, “hillbillies, red necks, solid Americans to the core. Farmers, ranchers, large land owners… That guy in Florida got it;” they suggest that “If Egypt has a bomb they will wait until the IDF is in full invasion of Gaza then light it up. No more IDF. Then what…”

      I think they called how The First Blow of Steel will be delivered.,

    • Note the Saudi Prince had a phone conversation about the situation with Iran’s head, on Tuesday I believe. First time there has been direct Saudi /Iran communication at that level in decades per the news reports. Add in the HATRED the Saudi Prince and the Iranians BOTH have of ol Joe and those immediately around him … umm. (Xi probably feels about the same fwiw)

      I read that as NOT GOOD for Israel if the death count in Gaza start to skyrocket. A new “oil embargo”? Worked in 1973 and 1980. When it was used back in those ancient times suddenly the world had a “new respect” for those camel jockeys in the Middle East, actually the first time in history the world had “any respect” for them.

      As everyone here understands, but most are clueless about, things could spin very badly for the “Rules Based Order”, ie: US Hedgemon, in a very short calendar time frame. Unlikely … but possible.

      • Thinking about an oil embargo, the UAW will end if there is an oil embargo. The SUV factories will never reopen. A paradigm shift is here.

  9. George,
    RE: “. . . Palestinians were causing problems back when Britain was ruling the region – long before establishment of the Israeli state. . .”
    RE: “. . . the historical record teaches that Palestinians have had it out for Jews over historical time scales . . .”

    Methinks you have cast the Israeli Jews as the predominant victims in this latest round of Middle Eastern land grabbing and rebellion. I believe the civilians on both sides of the conflict are the victims of Imperial aspirations, first by the British monarchy in conquering and then ruling the semitic Palestinians, and then by the Israeli Zionists who are working towards a “Greater Israel” that would encompass most of the Middle East. The Zionists are using the military muscle of the US Empire to execute their plan.

    This is an old story in world history that continues to repeat itself over and over again. Nations with Imperial aspirations (i.e. land grabbing for profit and power) generally possess a larger military or technologically advanced weaponry, or both.

    For example, colonization of North America involved taking land from the indigenous people (Native Americans), by either deceit or outright force. The colonists (and then the British Empire and the US Government) eventually had superior numbers and military firepower to complete their expansionism (land grabbing).

    The only alternative the Native Americans had was to use guerilla warfare to fight the invaders. As a consequence, the Native Americans were labeled as “barbarians” by the European colonists and imperialists (invaders). The Palestinians are also being called that now in an effort to dehumanize them and pave the way for ethnic cleansing or genocide, just like what happened to the Native Americans in the USA.

    Western civilization seems to have not learned a thing from the atrocities perpetrated in the past to achieve imperialistic goals. Negotiations in good faith, respectful of the humanity on both sides, seem to have been lost or purposely forgotten.

    • Whoa, whoa here. Genocide has a long history in Sub Saharan Africa. What about the attacks of the Mongols across Asia and into Europe? Does the Islamic conquest of Northern Africa, Spain, Portugal and Southern France count? Conversion by the sword. Why is a country as big as China have a fairly homogenous society as it does? As far the war in the middle east I am going to borrow a lyric from a favorite 60’s song “nobody is right if everybody is wrong”.

  10. Bashing the heads of captured infants on rocks, staking captives out and burning their extremities off a little at a time, scalping, applying water soaked leather wraps to heads so as to watch as they shrink …on skulls…in the hot sun, staking captives to the ground next to ant hills, raping… and a myriad of other creative tortures …all sound pretty barbaric to me. Just sayin. Of course you do what you know I guess…since those same techniques were doubtless employed by the most recent “indigenous people” in North America when they forcibly displaced the earlier arriving “indigenous people”of North America who got here before them. Rinse and repeat that process until you get in time to back to the land bridge. Then keep going back in time to the garden. So it goes. It is a little late to tutt tutt codswallop about colonizers as a result.

    • saddly… I believe that the tortures originating during the dark ages came to the USA via the European settlers searching for land riches of gold and silver. scalping was a way to get a bounty for killing native American.
      they adopted the methods that were brought to them..
      Gold was not what they seen as valuable. grain and plentiful game and a good harvest was what was important. that was what mattered..

      • Said tortures came here many thousands of years before the Dark Ages.

        “Torture,” “rape,” and “murder,” are normal actions performed by uncivilized humans to people who are not of their social unit or tribe. The single biggest gift of “civilization” is to bury these primal acts under such a facade of “unacceptability” as to make them abhorrent to virtually all contemporary humans. We would all do well to understand this fact. After the SHTF, it is entirely likely the facade of civilization will eventually either erode or be abandoned completely, as every person will have to choose whether they, their children, grandchildren, etc. will die a horribly painful death, or have a chance at life.

        As for the American Indian:

        The Indian tortured for fun, for entertainment, and often to determine how strong and brave a conquered adversary was, because the strength of his conquests and his skill as a hunter and thief determined his status, within his own tribe. Indians were not cannibalistic, but upon torturing and killing someone who was extraordinarily brave and strong, would often cut his heart out and eat it, believing it would give them some of their conquest’s strength.

        The “European settlers” who came to the “New World” risked death aboard ship, because for many, to stay in Europe in the 16th and 17th Century meant certain persecution and near-certain death. A man could expect to be murdered, with zero chance his female progeny would remain chaste (and not much that they would even remain alive) if he had religious beliefs which didn’t fall within the narrow acceptance channels of either Catholicism or Lutheranism, and chose to live anywhere that the Holy Roman Church held political sway.

        The only “genocides” committed in North America were committed by Indians. Most of the Indians who appeared to be “native” to the Urepeeins and North Africans who fled here, had only beaten Columbus’ arrival by between 400-700 years. Those Indians assimilated some of the younger children and a few of the women of the Indians of the tribes that’d existed here before, but massacred all the rest, including ALL the men, in a sweeping, REAL genocide. That’s okay in the scheme of things though, because the Indians they’d murdered came to prominence by committing a similar genocide on the Indians who were here before them.

        Urepeeins, Africans, and later Asians killed a lot of Indians. Indians killed even more Urepeeins, Africans, and Asians. There were massacres on all sides, but there was no genocide. If there were, there’d be no Reservations or Indian casinos today, nor a reason for same.

        I tell my acquaintances who seem to think we evil White males massacred the poor defenseless “native Americans” that: Instead of drawing rosy pictures of pre-European America, you might want to read a little of the (actual) historical records of Mayans and Aztecs (in The Americas in general), and the historical records of the Hopi and Zuni, and even the Navajo, in North America. The Navajo did not exterminate the Indians who pre-dated them. They lived alongside one-another. The Navajo referred to the more-ancient tribe as “Old Ones” or as “Those Who Came Before.” When Father Escalante and the other Spanish and French missionaries were crisscrossing the continent, the last of the Old Ones were still alive, and their existence and ancestry is documented in the records the Spaniards kept.

  11. According to Pope Francis, Klaus Schwab has emerged as a “more important figure” than Jesus Christ in the current era because Jesus wants to save souls, and Schwab understands that we need less souls.

    Saw this in several places today…

    • foul-burds of a feather….Flock Together.

      circling their wagons – as we, the wild ass tribe, start to stir.

    • The sad thing is that the Pope has lost enough credibility that the story is actually potentially believable. (of course the Pope didn’t do much to enhance the church’s moral standing during WW2 either)

  12. After the Phillies closed out their series vs the Braves last night,the gold price jumped up almost $60 today.George,as I’ve been telling you for years now,when it comes to gold,toss away your technical charts.Just follow the Phillies.The fortunes of the two look similar on a graph, both up and down, ever since gold’s re-legalization in 1975.

  13. re: “Flow of News”
    feat. their qubit be done


    All aboard the Ark. Photons are pushing aside “Frontiers”. As Western civilization pounds silicon against a bunch of dessicated carbon units pining for the Dark Ages in a third world hell hole, Chinese media is agog with this week’s latest announced scientific advancement. The third iteration of a Chinese quantum computer can calculate a solution to a problem in a fraction of a second that would allegedly take the “Frontier” supercomputer around 600 years to figure out.

  14. Eggs… store bought eggs are bleached and washed.. natural fresh eggs still have the bloom on them… but can you acquire farm fresh eggs..dipped in vegitable oil or water glass…
    if not here is one method..
    you will need a bag of course salt and a block of cheese wax..

    take your eggs dip them in warm wax and wipe the waxed egg with a soft cloth. then take your jar or bucket etc. put coars salt on the bottom place eggs in it so that they are not touching each other cover the eggs with salt then place your next layer of eggs.. up to the top and seal.. the eggs are suppose to last up to two years.. lable the date..use the oldest first

  15. We can try to use the bible as a historic reference but recognize it may have been contrived, maybe created by an ancient ChatGPT.

    The Canaanites were the original occupants of where Israel is located and also the lands modern Israel is expanding into, Canaan. The Big B says the Canaanites were a bunch of unruly people, “a wicked, idolatrous people” even.

    The Canaanites were living their “wicked, idolarotus’ lifestyle when suddenly one of the ’12 Tribes’ did a smash and grab on the land. They gave the Canaanites an evac notice then declared themselves to be Israelites, the true owners of the land.

    Today Blinken stated he is in Israel as a Jew. Jews are the current occupants of Israel. Western folk are willing to sacrifice their people for ‘Jews’. So who are those people – Canaanites or a tribe from one of the 12 Tribes?

    If we use the same Big B there’s codes, ‘how will we know?’ “you’ll know them by…”

    Generally, would we classify the current folk located in the land “extending from Lebanon toward the Brook of Egypt in the south and the Jordan River Valley in the east” as “a wicked, idolatrous people” or something else?

    For easy reference when the Big B mentions a “wicked, idolatrous” lifestyle they mean a ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ styled lifestyle as S&G was destroyed for its ‘wickedness’.

    Everything turns left in Numbers 13:28, 33 so who knows. Ha!

    “US Secretary of State Blinken: “I came to Israel as a Jew and not just as a Foreign Minister. These are difficult moments for Israel and for the entire world.”

    “We will provide any weapons and ammunition needed. Some have arrived and more are on the way.” he added”

    We know the Canaanites were wicked & idolatrous.

  16. “We will not be surprised if Gaza simply ceases to be a country. Palestinians were causing problems back when Britain was ruling the region – long before establishment of the Israeli state.”

    Bear in-mind that the “Gaza Strip” is the colonial Australia of the Arab world. Gaza is where the “civilized” nations in the region sent their criminals, the incorrigible, and sociopaths for hundreds of years. This is why the border between Egypt and Gaza is closed. Inhabitants need, not just Israeli permission to leave, but Egyptian permission to enter. I strongly doubt the vast majority of residents are still of this stripe, but they DID vote Hamas into power in the region, and I have little doubt the majority will follow whatever Hamas tells them, without question… which is a shame.

    • I don’t know how they can fix this.. the battle between them is old.. and has quite a similarity to the hospital as Hatfield and Mccoy feud. that lasted for years over a pig..
      war, death and destruction is not the answer..thatcwill only drive the wedge deeper..

    • feud…not hospital…
      “The second recorded instance of violence in the feud occurred thirteen years later, in 1878, after a dispute about the ownership of a hog: Floyd Hatfield, a cousin of Anse’s, owned the hog, but Randolph McCoy claimed it was his,[9] saying that the notches on the pig’s ears were McCoy, not Hatfield, “

  17. ” House chaos stretches on after Scalise’s stunning withdrawal as speaker candidate.”

    Scalise is going through some heavy-duty cancer treatments right now. He had no business running for the post in the first place.

    Jim Jordan’s next up in the shooting gallery…

  18. “Court stays ruling against California ban on high-capacity clips. Interesting way to sort your friends. Some of mine insist I use the term “magazine” out on the range.”

    A “clip” is a (usually metal) clip which holds a group of bullets together, so they can be loaded into a “magazine.”

    An M-1 Garand has an internal magazine, and is clip-loaded. An M1A1 or M-14 has a removable magazine and therefore doesn’t require a clip. This fact is the first of a series of 40 foot billboards which announce to me that the speaker or writer doesn’t know shit about firearms, and is talking through his (her) bottom end…

  19. George, this arrived in my I-Ching receptacle today and I thought it might be of worth so — passin’ it on:

    Foods That Reduce Uric Acid

    Potassium is often prescribed to remove kidney stones because it binds to the calcium in your urine to reduce crystallization. Natural sources of potassium citrate are foods that contain high amounts of both potassium and citric acid. This makes apricots and oranges a better fruit option than most. Foods generally high in potassium, like potatoes (with their skin), avocados and tomatoes are a good choice.

    Cherries can decrease the amount of uric acid from your body by sending it through your kidneys via your urine. They are also anti-inflammatory and contain a decent amount of potassium. Sour red cherries are best.

    Turmeric seems to be a remedy for everything, primarily because it is such a strong anti-inflammatory, but in addition to reducing your symptoms, curcumin decreases uric acid.

    Folic acid can remove uric acid crystals from your joints and kidneys. You can find plenty of products at the supermarket that have added folate, but some of the best natural sources are legumes, in particular lentils. Asparagus, avocados, Brussels sprouts and broccoli also have decent amounts of folate.

    Sodium bicarbonate in baking soda can help remove kidney stones. Typically, 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water, 3 – 4 times per day.

    Anti-Uric Acid Crystals Remedy:

    • ½ cup of soaked lentils
    • ½ peeled orange
    • ½ avocado
    • 1/3 cup pitted cherries
    • 2 cups water
    • ¼ teaspoon turmeric

    1. Rinse and drain your lentils, then simmer them in a pot of water for 20-30 minutes. Strain and allow them to cool (you can do this step the night before and store the cooked lentils in the fridge).

    2. Place all the ingredients in a blender or mixer and mix until smooth.

    3. Serve chilled with ice.

    If you’re dealing with the painful symptoms of too much uric acid buildup, then drinking this smoothie every day for at least a week should reduce the severity and help you manage your gout or kidney stones.

    • I solved uric acid and gout problems when I stopped drinking sweet drinks with corn syrup. Cane sugar screws up most everything else, and many of the artificial sweeteners are turning out to be toxic, so just giving up all the sweet drinks is the best course of action. The stevia packets have either artificial glucose or an alcohol sugar blended, so I am off them as well. I still use liquid stevia and monk fruit on cereal, and I get yogurt with similar sweeteners, so I can’t say I never use any sweeteners, but I try to minimize.

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