A Triple-Helping of Econ Data

We have a triple-serving today:  Durable Goods, International Trade, and Retail Inventories.

Durable goods gives us an indication as to whether Big Spenders are laying out the ‘long green’ to keep economic hide-the-sausage working.  Durables are goods expected to last three-years, or longer.  Economists figure furnishing, outdoor equipment, appliances…that kind of thing.  If Durable Orders are up, that used to be great news for Ohio.  Since job-jacking and offshoring, the report may have more relevance to Korea, China, and Japan.

On the other hand, International Trade gives us a sense of how fast we are digging our National Finance Grave.

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If we are spending more than we produce in ‘Merica, formerly the United States, we just print up more money and pretend that Modern Monetary Theory works.  (It does, but only under certain conditions…and we presently have deflation going on, so counter-balancing inflation of the monetary base feels like a good thing.  Ask us in 10-years how it worked out.)

Which leaves retail inventories.

When things are built for consumption (especially the big-ticket items, not like broccoli in the veggie section) are piling up in the back room – unsold – it says the consumer is trying to save money and going without.

You can make the argument that helping your personal balance sheet screws the country.  Or, other way around:  Buy, buy, buy!  Save the Economy!  (And see your personal balance sheet collapse in a pool of red ink!)

Enough of the white board lecture.  I only offer such background when the morning needs to start with a good huffing of marker smell….aaaaahhhhhh/

To the reports then!

Advance International Trade in Goods

The international trade deficit was $68.0 billion in March, down $7.8 billion from $75.9 billion in February. Exports of goods for March were $140.1 billion, $3.4 billion more than February exports. Imports of goods for March were $208.1 billion, $4.4 billion less than February imports.

Advance Wholesale Inventories

Wholesale inventories for March, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $628.8 billion, up 0.5 percent (±0.2 percent) from February 2018, and were up 5.8 percent (±0.9 percent) from March 2017. The January 2018 to February 2018 percentage change was unrevised from up 1.0 percent (±0.2 percent).

Advance Retail Inventories

Retail inventories for March, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $625.6 billion, down 0.4 percent (±0.2 percent) from February 2018, and were up 1.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from March 2017. The January 2018 to February 2018 percentage change was unrevised at up 0.4 percent (±0.2 percent).

Dow futures up 55 after the data came out – about an hour ahead of today’s open.

The War With Mexico Begins?

Looks to possibly start this weekend as a bunch of leftist backed caravan members will be making an all-out assault on the US border this weekend.

Called a “mass crossing” (because the simple-minded media can’t bring themselves to call it an invasion) the media are once-again lying to We:  Around here, it’s clearly an attack on the US border, but as we frequently bemoan liberals are coloring it as a “cause celeb” and arguing the rights in the US Constitution should be granted everyone.

No, my friend.  We are being invaded by a coalition of narco-states to our south.

See von Clausewitz for details, you Che-loving fools.

Insanity looks like this.

Speaking of Insane…

Would you elect someone to office who didn’t support Law and Order?  I don’t think so.

But here in the Washington Times we read “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo demands feds ‘cease and desist’ immigration crackdown.”

How such an [alleged] governor can hold office decrying the Laws of the Land is beyond me, except that clearly the liberal NE power elites must love him.  Che would, I’m sure.

Out here in fly-over country, looks to us like ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is simply applying the law.

To be sure, we live in a land of too many laws…no argument there.  Read Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

But, with all due respect to the lefternor of New York, selective enforcement of laws is just another name for left-wing dictatorship, under the color of law.  A crooked deal for everyone.

If Cuomo doesn’t like some laws, change the laws.  Don’t encourage law-breaking.  Although it’s what the left seems to do best.

Doubt me?

Try this story on for size: “Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters.”

Why just yesterday, on the subscriber side, I was warning of the danger of judges legislating from the bench.  In that New York Post story, no mention of the broader question:  Were others wearing hats?  Seems to us that all hats (and the people under them) are created equal.  Just didn’t see that reported.

But, in today’s world of wannbe Bolsheviks and lefty-social justice weirdos, I guess hats – and humans – are no longer equal.

Just them.

Speaking of the Social Just-Us Warfare

Did you catch on super-PC CNN’s report “Hank Azaria willing to ‘step aside’ from playing Apu on ‘The Simpsons’

I am a huge fan of the Apu character – half his family calls with telemarketing messages from Bangalore daily!  And they won’t stop calling!

By God, this is a whole new frontier of social monetization.

Take this SJW crap far enough and we’ll see future performance regulations (screw freedom in the arts – who needs it?).  Let’s all get behind a movement to require only people who are from a specific country may voice or act in parts related thereto.

And then it’s only a short jump to telling writers they can’t write about a race they’re not a member of.  Even to mention such would be taboo.

So, if I write a novel (which I have) and there’s a black person as a character in the novel (there is), I would hbe required to hire a black writer to write that portion.  OMG what an industry, huh?

(They’d have to work free or share in the massive $324 in royalties from the book so far.)

Next, male it illegal for writers  to write anything but characters of their (declared) sex.  Males would be barred from writing the female characters into their books… I’d have to find a contributing female (which there are several of in the novel).

Then comes one person writing per character!  In order not to run afoul “fake news” laws, you see?

OMG we could have whole new INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION around this….That will save this late-stage Rome heap, for sure!

Seriously?  When you think extensibly about these insane social justice notions, the world becomes unworkable in short order.  That’s what they’re after and that’s why we call ’em Digital Bolsheviks.

Keep Apu’s actor and don’t be wusses.


Had a south Asian done a better job at the casting call and the job would have gone to someone else.

Oh…wait…doing the best job is not longer the point, is it?   No, no, no.

See how “Working for Justice” is bullshit?

There was no doubt a casting call for the Apu part.  And the directors hired the voice they thought would convey the imagery they were after.

Had a South Asian (Indian) read the part better, we would not be here in the psych ward.

Sheesh….pass me my crack pipe and the Zippo.

We feel a Manifesto coming on.

Don’t let anyone know that movements like social justice are just news media scams to keep the eyeballs glued and the ad revenue pouring in.  But just between us, we know everything is a business model.  Sticky stories are moneymakers.

And anyone who writes on FB or Twitter without getting a revenue check for their efforts is (in our view) an economic idiot.

It’s amazing the number of people pissing away their lives for ego.

Wait!  You Mean Global Warming Could be GOOD?

Depends on how you take the article in the UK Daily Mail about how cold weather is more detrimental to people than, oh, a terrorist attack, for example.

Which gives me an excuse to pre-warn you about what will come next week:  We’re expecting an onslaught of stories from warming proponents that will tell us how a record cold month in many areas is necessary for warming.

Which is why rum for breakfast makes sense. But, hey, who listens to us?

We walk around with ViseGrips, a few whiteboard markers, and some Appleton just to make it through the crap that passes as “news.”

Tell me if this will solve out problems?>

Google swaps gun emoji for a water pistol.

See how useful the ViseGrips are?

How about this one, then?

North Carolina transgender inmate suing prison over right to practice witchcraft.

This is only mildly nuts, until you figure the inmate likely doesn’t have an income.  Which means what?

Taxpayers are probably paying for both sides of a legal battle!

This is TFR (*totally freaking ridiculous)…but to out way of thinking, this is government arguing with itself….  ‘N’other pinch?

Save by this story, though:

‘Cry Closet’ may help Utah students overcome stress of final exams/

Yep, that’s all we need:  Bunch of cry closets.  Can we bring in our work tools?  ViseGrips, markers, and… No?

Off to watch the markets and work on Peoplenomics – for the grown-ups.  Those brave souls not afraid of hard work or making money.  Dangerous people that we are.

Moron the ‘morrow…

33 thoughts on “A Triple-Helping of Econ Data”

  1. Ford to exit all North American Sedan sales -focus on SUV’s and Trucks with the exception of the Mustang and a redesigned focus…….

    • Trump did give F a hard time about moving production to Mexico.

      Perhaps F is relocating sedan production to China and will reintroduce sedans to “North America” after the move.

      See how that’s done.

      • This refers to N America only – has nothing to do with their efforts elsewhere – it will just cause competitors maintaining full lines here to drastically lower prices on trucks and drive their profitability into the ground – I think it’s a stupid move but I don’t know a thing about the automobile business or much else either….

    • The Woody model of 1032 finally won out! Station wagons (jacked up station wagons, that is) for all!

  2. Hi, George,

    My husband related to me a strange story yesterday about a bit coin investment. He said that a man he knows from work invested $5,000 in some type of bit coin offer and earned $50,000 in one year on his initial investment. Strangely enough, since the man is only a recent investor, he is only allowed to withdraw a very small portion of the $50,000 and not the total amount. Another strange aspect of this situation is that the man now owes tax to the IRS on his windfall, which he is not allowed to enjoy. This smacks of investment fraud to me.

    • Yeah, that’s a scam similar to bitconnect, bitpetite, etc… It’s a ponzi scheme to be sure. Unlike normal crypto currency investment where you purchase a coin and it goes up and down in value with the market, these ponzi schemes take your bitcoin up front then say they’ll give you back your bitcoin eventually with a nice gain, but only let you take it out a little bit at a time so they can get money from new “investors” to give to the person taking the money out. Eventually more people want their coins than they have people wanting in and the thing collapses.
      Unfortunately a lot of people fell for this style of “investing” and hopefully he’s pulling out as much as he can because he’s going to be screwed when they go belly up.

  3. About the Trump guy and the bar. I give the judge credit. This was a dumb lawsuit. The guy gets thrown out of the bar for wearing a MAGA hat. I understand that he is upset..but was it worth a lawsuit? Since political discrimination is not protected in our constitution, the guy claims it was part of his spiritual belief…the judge asks how many people are part of the man’s spiritual group. The man can’t answer and the judge says…so it’s a creed of one then? Case dismissed.

    Stupid reporting with click bait headline.

    I have a lot of Indian clients and they like Apu. Apu is at least a business owner and a harmless character… The Simpsons and Family Guy has consistently portrayed Irishman as drunk bar guys and Italians as mafia thugs. Hank Azaria probably does the Irish drunk and Seth McFarland the Italian. Am I upset at that? Hardly. More click bait headlines and reporting…Jeeeez.

    • A reminder…THIS Republic was established to protect the rights of the INDIVIDUAL ( a creed of ONE)….ie. the guy in the hat in the bar….this judge is not of the Constitutional creed….imho

  4. Re: Ford. bold move to go exclusively with A) low mileage models that B) cost $60,000 to $70,000+ in C) an era of rising car loan interest rates. I think the new Lincoln Navigator has a sticker price of $100k.

    methinks this may be corporate suicide come the next recession/depression.

    • Might not be as crazy as it sounds. They’re shifting their efforts to what has been a profitable niche for Ford….trucks. A SUV is just a truck-station wagon fusion. Ditto mini-vans.

      Older Millineal women are into “use it or lose it space” on having babies. And many Millineals grew up being carted about in mini-vans and would rather be boiled alive than drive one. The one’s who can financially be picky, in any case.

      Eventually fuel costs will cause harsh choices, but for now…?

  5. Definitely agree with you on if you don’t agree with a law work to get the law changed. It’s similar to the travel ban coverage… the position of President was given the power to do this, the court shouldn’t have a say in it, and if you don’t like it, get congress to take away/put limits on the power… but generally they don’t like to do that because they have aspirations of being in charge one day and abusing that power themselves.

    • Well the president at any time to take the power away from every person in the United States including the governor’s the judges and all parts of the Supreme Court so is he going to use it I think he will in the end he’s a master at playing chess he knows who makes the money where it’s going how it’s being used against the world and the United States and his in the end game will be to take them down and reestablish what John F Kennedy died for.

      And I hope every one of y’all that are listening watching reading this website will be that kind of person to stand up to do what John F Kennedy failed at and now you know why we’re in the situation were at now .

      Are you ready to re-educate your kids and grandkids your friends your Associates and all the people who are above you who have been used and abused buy a few at the top of the pyramid.

      If you’re not ready for that what is your purpose here on this planet.

      Because so many are here for that purpose to free this planet from being satanic evil being that preys on innocence and on babies and children and teenagers and on all of those who are seeking office an sabotaging them or compromising them with videos of them being set up and promising that they will reveal to the world and promising that they will kill them and their family if they don’t follow the rules of their satanic worshipping and control with the dollar by the Packers the bankers

      • If you have a Facebook or any other kind of account I would appreciate it if you would copy this and put it on there .

        The more exposure ,the faster they fall.

        Which means the quicker more innocent babies children teenagers and people running for office will be saved.

        If this goes against your morals and beliefs systems I’m sorry that you have landed on the wrong planet.

        May all be be lovingly fulfilled ,so be it.

    • Phew.. to get the law changed..its much harder than you might think..

      My wife got a summons to court for a back bill this was in 1995 I think or 96.. she goes to court. the bill was over an unpaid utilities at a place she moved out of in 1980 the people that moved in called the companies up and told them they were her and that she had decided to stay there.. then juggled the utilities for over fifteen years.. anyway the judge said.. can you prove that you had moved out of that place in 1980. yup.. so a new court date was set. the new court date came she showed the judge the proof and the judge said obviously this isn’t your bill and through it out.. six months go by.. then a garnishment of her wages.. what is this about. they said it was about this bill.. so we both go down to the courthouse and ask what is this it was thrown out of court because it wasn’t her bill.. they said oh you didn’t show up for your last court date.. what court date.. the utility companies collection department sent a summons to court to the people that lived there and owed the bill but at the bottom they penciled in her name and an address in another city that she had never ever lived and sent it certified mail. because the mail was returned because they sure didn’t know who she was. was as if she refused to pick up her mail. so after finding out this chewey bit of news we asked for a new court date. a new court date gets set .. we go to court the judge looks at this and says.. haven’t I seen this one before.. I am going to judge for the plaintiff.. does anyone else have anything to say about this.. I raised my hand.. the judge says what do you have to say about this.. isn’t taking someone else identity fraud or theft.. the judge responded you shut your mouth or I will have you thrown in jail in contempt of court.. needless to say we paid the damned bill. we did stop down to the utility company and they had transcripts of communication where the people that had moved in talked to someone in another state and even though it wasn’t my wife they said they were her and legally it was as if it was her .. they pointed to this stack of mail all returned bills.. people that had put their utilities in dead families names etc.. it was the most common problem they have to deal with… we paid the bill then called everyone else to make sure that they knew it wasn’t her that was living there.. they had done that with almost all of the utility companies.. I tried to get that law changed making it necessary to get a photo Id when hooking up utilities. the PUC basically told me that I could get it changed if I had millions to spend but because it would take man hours the companies wouldn’t ever adopt that.
      so changing a law.. phew harder than you might think..

  6. sooo—- Andy Cuomo had to take the bar five times to pass,– was it the law school instructors fault ?

      • talk1300.com has a columnist named Fred Dicker whose podcasts (Focus on the state capital) are available. Listen to todays program with congressman Lee Zeldin. Others are available giving a dose of sunlight on the cuomo administration—- if you re interested…..

    • I fear for the future..
      this about Cuomo reminds me of a college grad I worked with.. a couple of the new grads were sitting around and chuckling.. then he asked.. what do you think of this and handed me the daily paper.. I didn’t see anything wrong then he said those aren’t even words.. I was stunned.. these kids.. couldn’t even read the paper and comprehend what it was saying.. scary real scary..

  7. In today’s world, I could never be a teacher at any level. I’d be taken from the classroom before first week’s end, either in handcuffs or a strait-jacket. That said, were I one, my students would need a damn’ sight more than a closet because I don’t believe in curves, extra credit, or especially academic sloth or BS, and would have no tolerance for same.

  8. Why is the inmate’s gender-identification even mentioned? It is in no way prescient to the story.

    As far as “Jennifer’s” claim goes, no incarceration facility should cater to a specific diet (unless provably medically necessary) or dress code, and religious practices should only be tolerated when they don’t foster ill-will or unrest amongst the inmates. When that cage door slams, the person inside has no Rights, only privileges.

    BTW the average inmate doing “hard time” (seven years or more — used to be called a “natural”) will file five lawsuits during their incarceration. The State or Federal authorities will pay for both sides of all these suits. Many inmates study law extensively and serve as their own, or their fellow inmates’ council, which enables them to collect a “legal fee” for services provided to, themselves.

  9. It took me, literally seconds, when I researched “global warming” many years ago, to discover a two degree (Celsius) bump in global temperature would (historically) kill dozens of people worldwide from heat-related issues, where a two degree drop would kill tens of thousands from heat-deprivation issues.

  10. Dude in the MAGA hat shoulda got hisself a better lawyer. “Political belief or ideology” is not protected under the religion clause of the First Amendment, it is protected under the free speech clause, and is indeed, why the “free speech” clause exists. It was not put there to protect some sociopath’s opinion of “art,” but to ensure locally (or nationally) unpopular political opinion would be allowed a voice.

    Please George, don’t give the SJW crowd any monetization ideas…

    Speaking of Vice-Grips, I found a bag Saturday that I’d stuck away years ago. It contains 8 new pairs of American-Made Vice-Grips of various sizes and configurations. I consider myself now ready for the next SJW assault…

  11. Mr. Trump daren’t do it, because the political fallout would be too deep for even him to dig out from under, but were I Prez for a day, every ICE/INS obstructionist politician would find themselves behind bars on a contempt charge.

    To regurgitate George’s statement: It is the LAW. If lawmakers don’t like it, they should change it. Until they change it, it is their legal obligation to enforce it.

    • the puppet masters has DC stalled .. to much corruption to lazy a congress.. the system is totally broken..

  12. Let me get this straight “Pun Intended”.

    A while back a bakery gets sued and loses for denying service to a gay couple. If this is precedent then does it stand to reason, stop laughing,that MAGA hat is open to sue the bar owner?

    I know, I know. Double standard on the left.

    Screw the vice grips time to hit the reset button.

  13. Book better than “Three Felonies a Day” and Three Felonies is good is “JUSTICE DENIED by Howell Woltz from amazon. also google “$ men framed by FBI receive $101 million”. it reveals the absolute corruption of the federal employees.

  14. “We’re expecting an onslaught of stories from warming proponents that will tell us how a record cold month in many areas is necessary for warming.”

    Must have had me in mind lol lol lol . I totally believe in climate change and we’re right at the cusp of the major change.
    It makes me feel ill that there are people pumping paper to gain what they see as wealth over this natural cycle.
    Yes climate change fits me better than the term global warming.
    I don’t think there’s anything to stop the cycle. There are things we as humans can do to insure our survival through this change. We won’t. It’s not financially profitable to insure our species existence in the beginning. It’s kind of like buying into a 401k it’s a long term investment. The ones that will benefit would be our children and grandchildren. If we don’t make changes I see a bleaker future for the human race.
    What I think is a real sin is that there are those trying to monetize it for self gain..( oh yea I did enter contests to hopefully win the prize. My hope is if I had won it I would have put my winnings towards what I believe in.)
    We need to start figuring out how to produce food sustainable fashion.

    • I think of the word.. RESPONSABILITY…..

      We can make the changes needed rebuild our infrastructure from catastrophic collapse. start Green building garden roofs and medians etc.. we do have the ABILITY to make those changes..
      Now.. what will our RESPONSE to the problems we know are coming.. It is our RESPONSABILITY to insure the survival of our species and our own families. we have the ability how will we respond

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