A “Step on the Dragon’s Tail”

Another adventure in our (partially) fictional Directorate 153 series of “fictionalized governmental speculations.”  We began to use this metaphorical framework when it became apparent to many “sources” that it could be personally hazardous to come right out publicly and explain what’s really going on in background.  Things most people are not aware of.

Subscribers are referred to the following articles which date from 2001 when we (how to say this?) “began to suspect things were not all as they appeared.”  With that, a fictionalize framework began.

12/02/2001    A Directorate 153?

09/05/2004    A man who knew Osama bin Laden – and a return visit to our fictitious Directorate 153 to see what’s next.

06/21/2009:  An Update from Directorate 153:  “We’re in control here” and where go the economic hit men and what it means to your world.

01/31/2010  The ‘Art’ of Social Engineering:  We revisit the mathematical roots of our hypothetical Directorate 153 to take a stab and when to expect terrorism’s next appearance…

November 7, 2010:  Using our fictitious Directorate 153, we look at some of the daily news headlines and look to the Tipping Point

November 12, 2014:  Time to look at Directorate 153 again as we search for how the Little Guys will be bent over next.

We won’t go through the whole list, but relative to today’s report, do pay particular attention to the more recent Directorate work on FTL (faster-than-light) communications.  Especially this report from 2020:

March 18, 2020:  Directorate 153: Entangled Communicators Welcome to another Lock-limit and crash risk day.

Which then led to visualization of data frontiers, courtesy of the same “well read source.” Which we didn’t specifically label D-153 in the Index but it’s found as August 1, 2020:  Faster Than Light Adventures.

Today, we head out to that low complex off to the side of a long runway out in the Shenandoah Valley and look in and the most recent progress.  Which sure looks akin to an ill-advised “stepping on the Dragon’s tail.”

After the ChartPack, plus ADP jobs data and a few headlines, of course.

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55 thoughts on “A “Step on the Dragon’s Tail””

  1. Dr. ROBERT MALONE- Fifth Generation Warfare and SOVEREIGNTY

    Dr. Malone addressing a group in Sweden about the new battleground of 5th Gen. Warfare – your mind and the ways in which the WEFers and their proxies have waged it on us over the past few years. Capturing and molding your thoughts are the objective working toward the general acceptance of the idea that national sovereignty is an old, outdated method of social organization that must fall by the wayside in favor of a centralized World government

    • One world order is seen as an evil thing because it is a Biblical signpost of the end times. However every team needs a captain to have a successful season. Supposedly we need to have a single world voice before we as a species will be welcome in the galaxy. We are currently wasting our world’s resources because we don’t have a unified vision of the future. And a one world order to gain power is not a unified vision.

      • Absolutely. What we’re seeing today is just one more iteration of the grasp for power that the Monkey Mind demands while aided and abetted by the laziness of the masses to allow those with this agenda into power as long as they, for the moment, don’t touch our various sacred cows – or at least only promise to skewer those on the other side of the political spectrum’s cows. We, The People have never been very deep thinkers.

        The national, racial and philosophical divisions we used to have made a lot of money for (non-military) tourism but with the advent of the media we’re on right now our differences we could once celebrate become null and void with each passing generation. I think, eventually, a much more organic One World Order could come into being but those who crave power will always demand a seat at the table in the designing of it all. I see no one out there that is as selfless as our Founding Fathers once were.

      • Art imitating life. See: Star Trek Prime Directive.

        The higher order civilizations only want one throat to choke so to speak,or Earth as one seat at the interstellar governance table. Ergo everything starts at a single point of control at the top cascading down to the wide base of the pyramid.

        I’m feeling better already. When we can present one world to the interstellar community, and create a blockchain of value that doesn’t depend on physically moving paper chits and metal bars around the galaxy, then we shall all be ready for the big reveal. lol.


        IOI=”5″ in base2 math. There’s that number popping up again.






        Get the popcorn ready home gamers

        • yeah yeah #5..in Serpher Yetsirah this is called the covenant with god, Five over Five, strength.

          360 degrees in a circle, divided by five degree sections, each of which is presided over by an archangel and their underlings..we get 72, the seventy-two powers of god.

          To pronounce the names of each of the seventy-two archangels correctly in one continuous word is in Qabalism called Shemhamphrash, which will open the eye of inscrutable light and call down its wrath upon a world without justice, the same as the Hindu believ about opening the eye of Shiva.

          72 in esoteric numerology is a master number.. that is a number which encompasses patterns that replicate the frequency’s and vibrations of certain energies of the manifested universe.
          72×12=864 OR diameter of Sun (number of Earth multiplied by # of constellations,months or disciples, renders what is commonly known as the number of the sun 864 OR 864,000-mile diameter.
          There is something ,unrealized Currently, significance regards 72 and 23. It is used extensively in occult ritual.

          72 – hmmmmm; 72 years = one degree of Procession
          avg Human lifespan =72
          avg Human heartbeat 72 bpm
          life duration of Human ovule is 72 hrs
          Starting at AD, every year ending in a 72 is a leap year
          Hafnium HF is last stable element discovered and is #72 in periodic table.
          room temp – 72degrees
          avg Human body contains 72 % water
          Zodiac has 12 major constellations and 72 secondary constellations.
          rule of 72 – how long and investment will take to double
          Nosty give precise date in #72 quat
          from start to home 72 spaces in Parcheesi
          Harp antennas are 72 ft high……….

          Do you really know seventy-two ? What about 77 inverted = Z return?


        • forgot music accompaniment, drives or installs the information deep in Ure mind..2 tunes that are “saying” the same thing..think HEAVY, think METAL –

          https://youtu.be/1OeC9CGtWcM -72 Seasons /Metallica

          https://youtu.be/zkcM1VQCmu0- gods of black blood/TSJUDER

          72 in Bible – too numerous to list, but NEVER FORGET 72 Accomplishes of SET/SETH in the murder of Osiris/Enki/Akar! Confucius had 72 masters, Mussies are awarded 72 virgins in heaven. # of people martyred alongwit Imam Hussein in the battle of Karbala. In Zohar 72 degrees in jacobs ladder..72 major temples at Angkor, 72 immortals in Taoism…on and on

      • “We are currently wasting our world’s resources because we don’t have a unified vision of the future.”
        – How could we possibly have a ‘unified vision’ ? More than half the world lives in abject poverty. They do not dream of a new flat screen TV.., when a loaf a bread is an entire days work.
        – Until all is equal.., social, economic, political.., for everyone., there will never be a “unified vision”., or a One World order/government. It is a fantasy.

      • One World Order is a great idea (in theory.)

        It would be the death of us though.

        The vast majority of Earth’s nations are Marxist-socialist. WE would have to surrender our freedom and our Right to own property — In other words, take a number of steps down the ladder of social evolution, to meet the rest of the world. We would then be in a place from which re-ascending that ladder would be an impossibility.

        IMO being a worker in an ant colony would be a fate worse than death, for anyone who’s tasted freedom. This is the entire purpose behind political correctness and “wokism,” and the 114 pretend genders — to “work us” slowly into a mindset where we are conditioned to never stray from the narrative.

  2. I’ve been struggling with a way to say something I think is important enough to say out loud. Here goes:

    I thank God (and I believe in God) (and I recognize I just lost about half of you right there — OK — just delete and move on, please) that Trump is such a flawed man. If he were NOT so flawed he could be the Great American Demagogue — or somebody a lot like him could be.

    The Great American Demagogue is NOT some “anti-Christ;” that’s a different thing; but he’s Our American Hitler. A guy who comes along during terrible civil circumstances, and offers The People Law & Order, and makes the trains run on time. (We already have AntiFa and BLM — modern “brownshirts” and SS — but at the moment they aren’t serving any clearly identifiable Master and Director.)

    I think we’re very lucky that Trump is such a flawed man. His persona
    exacerbates division because of that. Many can’t (or won’t) see past his oddities. (The Great Division is already there; his persona just aggravates it for some people.) (We’ve always been somewhat divided, but the cranky and ominous seething division have now stems, I believe, from Dick — “Toe-Sucker”– Morris, the genius Clintonista, who invented “Triangulation,” to get Clinton elected.

    I’ve seen it written that Trump is like the drunk wife-beater professional exterminator who gets the skunks out of your basement. You just want the skunks out, and you’re not having the odious, smelly jerk in for dinner, so it doesn’t matter.

    Trump has no “brownshirts” brigade. Aren’t you glad? Just hope nobody takes command of AntiFa and BLM… And hope nobody crates a right-wing equal and DOES take command.

    More later (maybe)

    • Oh yes indeed they are serving a clearly identifiable master..their pay master is none other than CCP (chyknees commie pinkos).

      Dollar is up next – it is being destroyed as I type…Silber soon to be very important again..tickticktick .

      Silber the solution to Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction..the clock started on Trumps indictment..up over 1 dollar in one day..tickticktick

      “The Silber Knights” have “engaged”…stand by for further dev.

      Got Phyz Silber ? if not run, dont walk, to Ure nearest dealer and get yo self a lil bit of the shiny. Will prove to be useful(valuable) in the not too distant future.

    • The thing is…everyone is flawed.. the rest are just as flawed or even worse than trump.. his stands out because of his personality.
      take the activities and business activities of the present administration.. shocking and the alleged crimes have been systematically hidden from sight. smoke and mirrors as they cast the stones to destroy those that oppose business as usual.
      If trump had gone along with business as usual. he wouldn’t be in this predicament.
      look at what’s happened to those going to give testimony on a previous administration.. or those that published the emails from an illegal server that exposed so much..he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and if transferred to the USA he will probably be arkincided

    • You lost me at they aren’t serving…

      Did you not know that antifa and blm are paid provocateurs?

      This is a fact.

      Wake Up, The Future Is Here.

    • I think you’re asking for perfection, my fellow William. The grounded, silent masses that cling to everywhere from where the Middle Ground used to be all the way to the, so-called, “Far Right” have been pushed, insulted and threatened with violence in the manner in which Dr. Malone describes in my link above until the only light we see that reminds us of “Normalcy” IS Trump. I’ve said it before, I wish Cruz had the groundswell to make it to the Oval Office since he’s a much more suave and knowledgeable political agent for what still appears to be our side but, as such, it means he’s as divisive as Trump. Also, we in Texas would have to find someone to replace him and Beto lurks in the weeds out there.

      Ray posted the two hundred and eighty some-odd things Trump DID do while in office. Did you ever read them? Even in part? You can’t find that article anywhere on the ‘net, even in the Way Back Machine, but here’s another:

      The only thing I didn’t like that he did was enhance private property confiscation when it was patently obvious to everyone that that aspect of police actions was one of the most abused abilities of the Law Enforcement communities. The promotion of the jab was only after he made Pfizer and, I think Moderna and others, sign a contract that said in multiple places that the “vaccine” would be non-injurious to the recipients. Since then we’ve learned how little regard Big Pharma has for any signed agreement. Trump, like any politician, can be bamboozled by those outside of their technical knowledge bounds, especially when surrounded by “advisors” that are working against you, but at least he tried to provide some kind of protections for us. I can’t find the article that talks about that right now but perhaps later on today if you’d rather not look yourself.

      If this indictment and ensuing trial does usher Trump back in I don’t see how you can’t at least be satisfied with the beginnings of a turn-around for our country, hopefully without a total meltdown and a North, South, East and West division within our current borders. This is Total Warfare, as Malone says, and the battleground is between your ears. You have to start somewhere. Who else is going to take up that task?

    • Luke 6:32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.”

      You have made an excellent point. Could it be that we placed too many expectations on Trump, or whoever for that matter. Should we vote for someone just because we like them? Or because they are the best ones for the job. I’m afraid we have fallen so far over the edge that as a whole we can only see and hear what WE want to. I didn’t vote for Trump because I liked they guy. I met him briefly once years ago while working with his security detail and while a seemingly nice guy he was obviously a player. I voted for him because I believed and still do that he was the most qualified for the job. If only his people would have taken his Twitter account away from him things would have been so different.
      We just need to learn to get along and not be a Karen.

      Stay safe. 73

      • He Gives You The Worst of the Worst To ‘Vote’ For.

        That the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, And bestows it on whom He wishes – And sets over it
        The Lowliest/Basest of men. Daniel 4:17

        Definition of Lowliest/Basest = Low or Inferior in Station or Quality – Having the Least Morals

        • Macron!

          MARTIN ARMSTRONG: A French woman is facing criminal charges for simply speaking out against Macron on her personal Facebook page. “L’ordure va parler demain à 13 heures, pour les gens qui ne sont rien, c’est tjrs (sic) à la télé que l’on trouve les ordures,” the post read (translation: “This piece of filth is going to address you at 1:00 pm… it’s always on television that we see this filth”). French police went directly to the woman’s home to arrest her. “I asked them if it was a joke, I had never been arrested,” she said. “I am not public enemy number one.”

          She has been charged with “insulting the president of the republic” and will face trial in June. She could be forced to pay up to 12,000 euros for saying the president was “filth” (other English translations say “garbage”) She did not incite violence or do anything other than post her views on social media. Clearly, the government wants to make an example out of this woman. Will the people of France be forced to frame pictures of Macron in their homes as they do with Kim Jung-Un in North Korea?


        • “She has been charged with “insulting the president of the republic”

          that is one thing about our present administration.. No one has to insult them or embarass them.. they do a perfectly fine job of acheiving that all by themselves..

  3. “We do, in these periods, exspect to see more “record high real estate prices paid” for not-so-special properties. It’s what happens when the last fools show up to “buy at the top.”

    last year the bubble was at 2billion in new housing starts in the Wastelands.. this year its dropped in half already.
    like my banker told his wife when they were looking at a home she loved.. he told her. honey we can’t afford to pay the taxes on this.
    an average cost home.. A teller, bag boy etc.has to clear 25 an hour just to make the house payment.
    when I was looking at vans.. A new one the payments are 300 more than I get per month to live on.. the teller at the local bank clears 2.00 A week after insurance, daycare,and transportation expenses..oh hey she didn’t calculate insurance tags and oil changes ..jus gas to and from..

  4. “Show me the money!” files: Johnson & Johnson talc settlement: $8.9 billion to 60,000 cancer claimants | Fortune”

    won’t happen….
    my ex had that.. phew.. medical expenses up the Wahoo… cervical cancer.. frequent visits to the doctor for infections.. it was horrible and she got pregnant with it in..huge payout was given and the company went bankruptcy to avoid paying anyones medical bills..oh hey that happens any time an insurance company has a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, flood,or tornado…

  5. “imagine sitting in front of a 3D projecting “touch screen” when you didn’t actually have to “touch” anything. There was enough AI built into the room’s componentry that your intent would be sensed and display angles, subordinate detail, zoom levels, and so forth would be easily commanded.”

    fifty years,ago..I seen a hologram of the earth in real time..A cube on a table.. I can say I walked around the earth in ten minutes..yup I stopped to gander at some places in amazement..
    A few years later. I had the oldest grandkids at an electronics show and they had a goggles that when you put them on you were on the edge of the grand canyon..it was,so realistic you would swear you was there..

  6. No civil war.

    If Trump runs in ’24 the people who vote for him legitimize the 2020 election so if he loses again that means the loss is legit.

    15 minute cities are going to be real. The expense of maintaining the sprawl of a 1st world country is too much. Look at the other large countries. Once out of their major cities it gets 3rd world quick. No McDonald’s every 15 miles.

    • Show me the paper ballots all across the country at that time, if Trump loses, that have to be handled by the individual voter and voting commissions that won’t hide the results even after being court ordered to divulge them and I’ll concede his loss. Till then all we have are programmable voting machines and a bought and paid for “Just Us” system that instructs us to trust them.

    • “If Trump runs in ’24 the people who vote for him legitimize the 2020 election ”

      No, if Trump runs in ’24, the people who vote for him are endeavoring to right a horrible wrong.

      If he loses again, that means the people who’re working on fixing the system the Leftists wrecked, were not successful enough for an honest election to be held.

      15-minute cities can only happen in a low-population agrarian society. 15 minutes means a commerce center that’s a mile in diameter. That mile is going to eat a lot of farmland or forest because, unless inhabitants are packed-in, in Soviet-style high-rise hovels, the U.S. is going to need 600,000 of them.

      • “…unless inhabitants are packed-in, in Soviet-style high-rise hovels, the U.S. is going to need 600,000 of them.”

        Yep. Exactly what Agenda 21 (or 2030) calls for. Live, work and shop in one building or an adjacent building. Public transport if you MUST travel across town, trains only for intercity travel with no stops between cities.

        • Which is why I detest the “beautification program” which has infected nearly every city and town. I don’t want concrete medians in my streets, especially after the streets have been narrowed by creating curbed parking lanes and bicycle lanes, to the point they all look like the streets in the oldest areas of Boston, Philly, and Cleveland, where only two buckboards could (tenuously) pass. Fake 1890s lamp posts loaded with LEDs which blind passersby and don’t throw light where it’s needed, do nothing for me. Neither does faux paving brick, laid by people who have no clue how to pave with brick, and (back to medians) frickin’ TREES in the medians, to blind drivers’ periphery.

          Don’t even get me started on the communist “Chamber of Commerce” 5th columnists in every berg (and they ARE communist — that is NOT an expression.)

          The throwback 1890s look was really neat, the first time I saw it. Then it became a social infection, afflicting every town & village in the East and Midwest. More than once, I’ve looked at a town’s crumbling or inadequate infrastructure and their new brick sidewalks which cost 10s or 100s of millions of dollars to have those $3 apiece bricks hand-laid, and wonder:

          a) Where’d they get all that money, and

          b) why didn’t they fix their water, sewer, and gas plumbing, and pave their damn’ roads, before they hired novice bricklayers and paid them journeyman’s wages to mislay sidewalks & crosswalks all over their phony towns…?

  7. Trump was good on policy but did some things that irked me. He got Covid, (which gives natural antibodies) was treated with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin … but then his treatment report magically changed to the Remdesivir protocol … then he got the inoculation on top of that. So it has been written and read.

    He pushed Operation Warp Speed, which left those injection’s relatively untested and thus, making us the test subjects.

    Both Trump and Biden danced around “mandates” which were unconstitutional. And many people had to give up their jobs and careers, or become a lab rat to possibly suffer consequences of the inoculations.

    Trump promotes “Freedom Cities” which is really no different than Smart Cities and 15 Minute Cities, which have a similar restricted lifestyle (as at one time) in East Berlin.

    Of all the criminal behavior by politicians and their leading America in the wrong direction, Trump is the only one who gets indicted with the possibility of being found guilty. – everyone else, “pay a small fine” … or just walk away and forget about it … while they keep doing what their doing contrary for the good of the people. – Which are not options often given to the common man.

    It’s all a rabbit hole shit show. People are becoming more and more aware of the bullshit. Walking away with the intent of standing the ground they walk and live on. The Shit Show is getting old.

    We’ve been pushed into higher inflation then we have the lull where (we get use to it) and now inflation is being slowly pumped up again … and many will bitch until to next lull … repeat. Folks are wising up, as it gets worse.

    The days and nights of pitchforks and shovels is waiting in the wings. I’m not sure what straw will break the camels back but a day of reckoning is coming. – blame Trump, Biden or everyone … doesn’t matter.

    Older folks are seeing the changes, and so too are the younger generations … this is not the country and life we were taught it was and no one I’ve talked with is happy about it.

    People are searching for Truths and Answers at a fevered pitch. The day they actually find these things, the momentum will be incredible. Lilliputians we’re tiny compared to the giants but that didn’t stop them from subduing the giant.

    Antifa and BLM ? Just distraction. The real power is presently humble and observing getting more agitated every day.

    Money buys power but the day is coming when a dollar won’t buy anything. I think that’s when the table will turn. Too late? Probably right on time.

    • Before WW2 America had 15 minute cities. A lot of Detroit housing fried and gone now was multi family flats.

      Walk to the dentist. Walk to the school. Walk to the market. In the beginning nearby workers walked to their jobs at the Packard Plant in Detroit.

      Everyone wanted to live near the electric street cars and later buses. Men wore hats. Women pushed baby buggies.

    • I’ve always wondered why Hall never received any more notoriety than he did. He’s not much of a story teller and comes across as being self-aggrandizing but I have, I think, 3 of his books on Kindle and hope to get to them some day. The Tall Whites story is pretty interesting. Hall says they love to visit Vegas and shop there. If they’re advising our administrations I wonder how they’re getting along with the present one?

    • they always do that…
      the reason is that people run in to grab this and that then run out. by shuffling it around you have to walk up and down the Isles to increase spontaneous purchases. during the Reagan recession we switched items every couple of days. increased our loss leaders to 4 per isle instead of 2.. and had the get this for this with 20 dollar purchase..
      then you place hi profit items at child’s eye level to get them to entice mom or dad to buy..
      right now you see essential items have increased in prices..

      • “they always do that…
        the reason is that people run in to grab this and that then run out. by shuffling it around you have to walk up and down the Isles to increase spontaneous purchases.”

        And it pisses me off seriously. I think they move stuff twice a day every day just so I can’t find what I’m looking for. For my part, it also does NOT increase spontaneous purchases. It just keeps me from buying what I went in there specifically to get. Having a limited budget, spontaneous purchases happen very seldom except maybe at a gun show.

        • YUP… I remember when we had ten cent a package toilet paper with a ten dollar purchase.. it was like piranha attacking.. you didn’t even get the display to the endcap LOL LOL LOL LOL… and it spurs sales.. I went hunting something last night that they moved on me.. I had to ask them where they moved it to..
          Walmart has cut staff.. there for a while no one was filling dairy products except late at night.. you get in morning or afternoon or evening.. there wasn’t anything.. they went self checkout.. I would have to run back into the cooler to get what I needed.. no staff.. they only usually have one checkout open..
          the essential products.. empty shelves.. most of the time I have a grand child pick up an essential.. she works for walmart.. well not so much now she graduated in her profession and works as a therapist.. but she still does work there.

  8. Shades of ‘Star Trek’ subspace communications! There is no detail about the ‘multiplexing’ of the communications, but I would posit that instead of looking for keys in ‘the flow’, that directorate 153 should start with the ‘multiplexing’ method as the basis for decoding. It is apparent that ‘the others’ are using the same type of multiplexing method, and the decoding basis might start there.

    I was involved in the transition from analog TV to the digital realms, and worked with a lot of multiplexed digital microwave links. 64QAM, anyone?

      • In order to head off any ‘knock on the door’ for details, I should say that I have been retired from YIG oscillator and 64QAM work for over eight years now… and I know nothing more! Me and the spook agencies were not a good fit in my early .mil years. But it was just a crazy idea way to approach the problem.

    • The switch to digital would have been much better IMO if the ERP wasn’t dropped significantly.
      When signals were still analog, I could clearly receive all the LA stations 90 miles out in Redlands.
      Now, at 70 miles and about the same elevation, no signals, period except the local Chinese/Spanish, etc. That’s the thing with digital…pretty much all or nothing.

  9. Re: A Dragon’s Tale
    feat. The Magic Kingdom


    Let there be cake! “The Orlando Sentinel” has posted a link to the 150 page signed agreement that the Magic Kingdom rulers achieved a day before the Florida Governor ferried his peeps across the moat.

    7.1 “…this Declaration shall continue in effect until twenty one (21) years after the death of the last survivor of the descendents of King CharlesIII, King of England living as of the date of this Declaration. …”


    God save the King!

  10. Forget 15 minute cities … the world has always, except in the biggest cities, been populated with 30 minute cities.

    Humans as a rule in the industrial age have almost all lived, worked, and recreated (for daily recreation – NOT weekend recreation) within a 30 minute bubble of where they lived.

    When the street cars became popular AND AFFORDABLE that let people live further away, but still within a 30 minute travel window.

    When personal vehicles became popular AND AFFORDABLE that let people live even furthr away, but still within a 30 minute travel window.

    Urban Planning 101 from my old college days many decades ago and the urban planning courses I took. TRAVEL TIME not DISTANCE is how cities develop, and 30 minutes travel time is one of the KEY elements.

    As I have watched the world over the last few decades that 30 minute travel time window HAS NOT CHANGED for the average American (for the BIGGEST cities that does not always apply, but it STILL is reality for MOST of those living in NYC, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, and yep even Chicago. Big exception is LA, but LA is one strange place in a lot of ways).

    15 minute travel time windown of course is the dream of MOST people, but 30 minutes is the reality of life for goodly chunks of urban dwelling people for the last 300 years. That 30 minute window is the reason why in rural farming areas there were churches out along the roads every 3 to 4 miles miles … and one room school houses every 3 to 4 miles also (ie: max 2 mile walk to school or church).

    That 30 minute travel time limit is why cities were much more compact in days of old than they are today. A city’s compactness based on TRAVEL TIME, not Distance when most people walked, resulted in very compact cities. (the average worker or city resident could NOT afford a horse).

    It wasn’t just being close to one’s job that caused that compactness. Stores needed to be close to where people lived so people could walk to them. For every day items, or bars, it was a max distance of 15 minutes walking, 5 minutes preferred. For weekly shopping items 30 minutes max.

    The 15 minute city … that is STILL the real dream of most people today … to be within 15 minutes of everything that they do on a daily basis, though for weekend recreation people are willing to spend a lot more time traveling … ie: can be much further away. (15 minutes – my situation)

    As for limiting travel by everyday people OUTSIDE of that 15/30 minute bubble?

    THAT is what happened in WW2 with ration coupons for gasoline. (in WW 1 few “everyday” people had vehicles). Of course now some of the WOKE crowd would like to make those kind of travel restrictions MANDATORY, which is where I think most Americans would draw a line.

    The 15 Minute City …. Nothing new under the sun … just repackaging of the urban dynamics of 300 years ago, 200 years ago, 100 years ago.

    • “THAT is what happened in WW2 with ration coupons for gasoline. (in WW 1 few “everyday” people had vehicles). Of course now some of the WOKE crowd would like to make those kind of travel restrictions MANDATORY, which is where I think most Americans would draw a line.”

      what I have heard from those living in cities during the depression.. was the limitations on travel.. even in this small village.. the railroad is what opened it up.. the dairy farm had difficulties getting his milk and cream to market. It took him years to convince the railroad to put tracks past it.. the town grew up around the tracks.. before that.. it took three days to travel to the local market.. they had to saw blocks of ice from the lakes and rivers to store in straw packed buildings.. it was a big job.. the railroad opened it up..
      farmers use to take the old corn cobs and stalks their trash or wood.. and gassifiers were bought from sweeden.. to mount on the front of their tractors.. ( seen one.. seen one again at the local fair and I have built two of them) quite ingenious..
      the fifteen and thirty minute mark.. with modern travel you could live further from work and commute..I believe that if the price of fuel goes up to much the thirty minute mark will become important again.
      I have joked with the wife we need to get a… GOAT CART… see that would be a twofer.. she would have a means of travel. and you could rent the goats out for maintaining the lawns.. and the fertilizer to boot.. LOL..
      think about that a little seriously.. you would be on top of it.. beat the high cost of fuel.. an innovator .. start a fad even.. be the first on your block to have one.. and make some serious green.. oh the list could be endless.. with the upcoming Biden blastathon.. you would have transportation when no one else does..

      • “I have joked with the wife we need to get a… GOAT CART… see that would be a twofer.. she would have a means of travel. and you could rent the goats out for maintaining the lawns.. and the fertilizer to boot.. LOL..”

        Convincing the goats to pull the cart without stopping at every clump of grass along the way will be an interesting experiment. As for goats mowing lawns, I speak from experience. Goats will eat anything EXCEPT what you want them to eat. Shrubbery, flowers, especially rose bushes, are high on their preferred list. If left unattended in a yard, they’ll spend most of their time standing (and pooping) on the porch or car or whatever else gets them above ground level. I tried to get around that by driving a piece of rebar in the middle of the yard and tying the goat to the rebar with a 25′ rope. Soon as I turned my back, she hit the end of the rope at 30 mph and broke the rope, headed for her pen.

    • “there were churches out along the roads every 3 to 4 miles miles … and one room school houses every 3 to 4 miles also (ie: max 2 mile walk to school or church).”

      Once you get past the hilly part of Pennsylvania, you can follow any railroad or “Colonial highway” (The Lincoln Highway {US-30}, the Cumberland Trail {US-40} or any road which follows the shore of a major river or tributary). Every four miles, you will come to either a town, or a ghost town. Four miles is “one hour’s ride” on horseback (at a walk). A “town” was defined as a place where you could get a meal, a drink, or supplies. Most would have a hotel or boarding house where you could also rent a bed, and all would have 4-6 houses where the folks who worked in the cafe, bar, general store, etc., would live — 25-30 people, and they’d be self-sustaining.

      Today, “15 minute cities” would have to contain and support 1500-2000 people, not 30, and they’d be anything BUT self-sustaining.

      The math is not pretty…

        • Naw…

          I could possibly write a “Focus” piece, but don’t low-rate yourself. We’re all here because you are the only one who could write your financial analysis in such a manner that week-in, week-out, we’uns pay money to read it, and consider it one of the best bargains on the planet.

  11. Re: Barnum&Baileys
    feat. lollipops by the dozen


    Back in the day would Trump U. argue that a command of Chapter 11 with other peoples’ money is what separates the billionaire from the common man? Does anyone want to buy, “Cosmic Girl”, a dated B747 refurbished with an inflight satellite rocket launcher? (Fuel and satellites not included.) Virgin Orbital appears to be permanently grounded having burned through $3+ billion of public shareholder value and most of the staff laid off.

    Fret not! Far from the madding crowd, yesterday a grandson of the author to the 1903 tome “The Stock Exchange and its Machinery”, and owner of the Virgin Group appeared on Broadway. Virgin Hotels New York is now officially open.

    An article in the “New York Post” offers a nod to the hotel’s Hardy-inspired restaurant, Everdene. The dining spot was highlighted in a pair of “Queen Supreme drag queen brunch extravaganzas on Sunday afternoons with drag, cabaret and circus acts” at the House of Yes. Madame Vivien V hosted.

    Let’s get back to studio with DJ Ure ready to melt the platter with Virgin Records first signing that went on to become theme song for “The Exorcist” movie –
    “Tubular Bells”.

  12. Lotsa stuff going on that the Western “news” “media” is ignoring or overlooking. I’m just posting headlines and links, no description or commentary:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr to run for president in 2024 in challenge to Biden

    Mexican drug cartel crosses into Texas and kidnaps man who bragged that he stole $50K from them

    Fauci quietly begins advising mysterious overseas ‘anti-pandemic’ bio lab

    Glenn Greenwald and Stephen Miller reveal dark, underlying reasons Biden’s regime is criminalizing MAGA…

    “Wisconsin Takes Action” offered $250 to voters to sway their friends to vote for Democrat Janet Protasiewicz

    Mexican president slams Trump indictment, says case brought for ‘political purposes’

    El Salvador president says America can’t lecture other countries on democracy after Trump indictment

    Bill Gates challenges AI moratorium

    • If I were going to vote Democrat in ’24, RFK would be at the top of the list, for now.

      A paramilitary army invaded the United States and abducted a U.S. Citizen by force, taking him to Mexico. What is Mr. Biden going to do about this?

      Of all the things Fauci could do which would scare me…

      Biden is criminalizing MAGA because it is the anti-communist movement, and has the capability of destroying the Leftists’ Marxist movement.

      Wisconsin officials have been made aware of the blatant bribery in their recent election. They are currently contemplating everything from holding a new election to impeaching Protasiewicz on the same day she’s sworn in.

      “Mexican president slams Trump indictment”
      “El Salvador president says America can’t lecture”
      You can read online news from any foreign source, and this opinion predominates everywhere.

      If I were not a Trump supporter before, I would become one now. There is something about DJT which scares the America-haters SO MUCH that they are willing to scuttle the entire nation and everything/everyone in it, to keep him from taking charge again.

      This isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing.
      It isn’t a Right/Left thing.
      It isn’t even a Right/Wrong thing.
      It is a Life/Death thing, and probably not just for us, but for the entire world.

      I’m starting to mentally put Bill Gates into the same category as George Soros: Whatever Soros says, does, or wants to happen, the proper course of action for America is the opposite. Bill Gates is really trying to make a nest in Soros’ pigeonhole…

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