A Special Peoplenomics.com Update

I regret to advise regular www.urbansurvival.com readers that we will have to dispense with our usual charm, wit, and wisdom this morning because matters of a more pressing – long wave economic –  nature concern us today.

Specifically, certain market indicators and behaviors are of such magnitude that we have to scrap the free side this morning in order to give subscribers get the full benefit of our perspective on markets and long wave economic implications which has been evolving since 1997 when this site was founded.

I apologize, but for a quick read of the headlines, do visit our breaking news page here where you can scan though breaking financially-oriented news.

I anticipate a return to our regular format Friday.  Thank you for understanding.

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8 thoughts on “A Special Peoplenomics.com Update”

  1. Hey Mr. Ure, I was wondering if i could bug you about this. I was looking at the last question i asked earlier this week and figured maybe i wasn’t asking the right questions. I know you would tell me to prep at least minimally in supporting all life systems. And as such, pay off my debts as fast as possible. So my question becomes can we ever buck the globalist trend and be free again? It seems to be a new thing in the last 50 years or so. (At least it seems to me.)

    Also, you do unpaid internships in the subjects of writing and survival? I think it would be nice to learn somethings of actual value to give to my children hopefully in a much freer America or world even.

    PS – Thanks for this Peoplenomics update as well!

    • PSS – Could you do a basics list of what you believe would be the cornerstone of items to have to support all systems? Thanks again!

      • “So my question becomes can we ever buck the globalist trend and be free again?”

        If YOU cannot answer this yourself why have children?? Puzzled!

      • I don’t think he has children yet, though I expect he may be a two legged “dear hunter” on weekends, lol

      • Yes, i don’t have children yet. Still looking for a decent women who is ok with prepping and wont flip their “crap”. Maybe i was hoping it wouldn’t require the weekend hunting. Thanks Mr. Ure! Though ill bug you about the internship and cornerstone items.

  2. George: Been reading you daily for many years. Must be a big bullet in the air for you to break stride like this. I assume us POOR suckers will get a overview tomorrow after your readership shorts the market big time.

  3. Trump won the election in part based on his promise to “drain the swamp”, and I would like to believe he did all the appropriate “due diligence” required to understand the problem. HOWEVER I do believe he underestimated the depth of the swamp and the total number of carnivorous creatures there in ensconced.

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