A Shoot-Em Up Ceasefire

imagePeace can show up, any old time now in EUkraine.

As you would expect, with a whole petroleum reserve underground, the fighting is continuing while the parties who stand to benefit in the long-term are talking about the need for the terms of the cease-fire to be imposed.  Each looking at the other.

So when you read headlines like this one about how Leaders Agree to press forward to Ukraine Ceasefire, have a clothes pin and some Charmin ready.  Because the behavior stinks and the cover about “democracy” sounds like cow chips from the male of the species.

By comparison, the “You cut, I’ll pick” protocol of the drug trade is highly refined and civilized.

If you’ll just read the full geology report over here, you’ll understand one of our unconventional tenets of modern economic:

“If there’s value below ground, there’ll be fighting above ground.”

Works like a charm to analyze global chaos which turns out to be not so chaotic, after all.

Whose Side Is He On?

The story “Obama says world should address ‘grievances’ terrorists exploit” should give you some ideas.  Say WTF?  The main beef of most terrorists if we aren’t sharing their belief system.  Grievances are an excuse, at least in large part.

Could America give away even more foreign aid than we do?  I mean and not go broke?  And our corporate interests are mostly transitioned to China, so go talk to them about corporate social responsibility.

I want you to forget about all the arms we sent to al Qaeda affiliates in Syria, how much military materiel was left behind in Iraq, who trained the locals to repair it, and what happened in Benghazi or who tradee how many from Gitmo?

No, sir, I want you to suspend your memory when your read the news…

Check out the NY Post’s headline about how Obama is refusing to admit to Muslim terrorists at the summit.

Lemme see….is it LA gang members who are blowing up stuff in the Middle East and whacking innocents in Paris, Your Excellency?

I voted for him once…not the second time.  But then, I’m a fool me once kinda guy and I’ll take my cartoons uncensored, thank you.

Speaking of Assault Rifles, Terror, Etc…

I trust you have been following the stories about how the administration is trying to ban AR-15 ammo that has been around for years?  Here’s an example of what’s making the rounds.

The number of law enforcement people shot with such rounds from legit sportsmen?  Zero, last time I checked.

But don’t let that fact stop the government…the very government that cooked up Fast and Furious/gun walker scam to actually bring such arms to drug cartel henchmen and still hasn’t really laid it all out.  And yes, the Bushies have a lot of explaining to do, as well.

And while the new AG promises to be even more anti-Second Amendment than Mr. Holder, we can’t help but notice the unconstitutional abuse of privilege being placed on federal firearms dealers whose banks are being told in no uncertain terms that they will be subject to special audit if they supply credit (as in card services) to gun dealers.  This has been the  Obamanista playbook for over a year… 

Maybe the Hong Kong due was telling us something…

The Hong Kong Hint

That reference, in case you missed it, is to the leader of Hong Kong who has told pro-democracy leaders, in so many words to stuff it.  The pertinent quote?

““Last year was no easy ride for Hong Kong. Our society was rife with differences and conflicts. In the coming year, I hope that all people in Hong Kong will take inspiration from the sheep’s character and pull together in an accommodating manner to work for Hong Kong’s future…”

Got to say, Leung Chun-ying would make a fine addition to the Obama apparatchik.

So be a good sheep, go to work, support Common Core, give money to Hillary, or the new Republic Aristocrat Jeb and pretend we’re exceptional.

(Which we are…exceptionally stupid as a country when comes to BS-detection.)

The EU Ponzi Scheme, Continued

I notice where the UK defense minister is now blaming the Russians for trying to destabilize Estonia. Latvia, and Lithuania.

As you will notice, the three countries have something in common; they all threw-in with the EUropean Onion in 2004.

Countries have an obligation to their citizens to do what?  Whatever is best for the country, I’m assuming.

And what is going on with the EU of late that should cause any “unrest?”  I mean besides going down the US path of “making up money” in terms of their first, no doubt to be follow by more, quantitative easing adventures.

So the real question to be all over, like a heat-seeking missile, is this one:

“Are the former Soviet Buffer Stats getting nervous about being in the Ponzi scheme, or is Russia actively trying to keep the EU expansionist crowd from running berserk?” 

A little from column A, a little from column B…

Global What?

Tampered data, government agencies, the One Worlder’s “global tax plan” aside, am I the only one to notice this is the coldest winter since the 1800’s?  At least in the US Northwest, which American Exceptionalism holds to be the center of the galaxy…

Meantime, Back At the Economy

We find there ain’t much going on besides a petroleum report around 11 AM today and NEXT FREAKING WEEK BEFORE INFLATION DATA.

But oil is down a couple of bucks, so the markets should pull back a bit today, but the rally continues when you zoom out on the charts.

The Baltic Dry shipping index is down again this morning near a major 10+ year low (worse than 2009):  511…a whole two points higher than Wednesday’s reading.

And that’s because the PMA (the port/corporations) side of the longshore dispute are about to lock out people who have kept on working without a contract.

And it looks like the boom in exports out of Portland may be over, with Hanjin pulling out, write Jim Redden in the Portland Trib.

The Baltic Index is telling us something – and it ain’t pretty.  Sure, ‘Merica has a strategic petroleum reserve, but do we have a strategic reserve of computers, printers, software, paper, office products, new cars, pharmaceuticals and all that other stuff coming in through ports?

Does anyone at the PMA have a clue how utterly pissed the public will be with corporate cowboying if the longshoremen strike?  I mean, besides Ures truly?  Just an other symptom of how corpgov is busting the chops of the working man using union busting tactics.

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  1. the thing about religion -http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2009/03/08/dark_passages/?page=full

  2. You voted for him,,I use to think you had good sense,,that makes you just an average voter,,,just saying..

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    – Sir Winston Churchill

  3. lots of people voted for ‘him’ the first time and not the 2nd time and they were not average, they were just sick of the lying Republicans…so then they voted in a lying Democrat….but you are so smart, you must already know that…and I am referring to the above average entity named aka jhon.

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