A Note on Corporate Socialism + Retail

Retail’s Back

You can see it in this chart – even the auto sector is back in a big way:

The Happy Talk?

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for May 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $485.5 billion, an increase of 17.7 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the previous month, but 6.1 percent (± 0.7 percent) below May 2019. Total sales for the March 2020 through May 2020 period were down 10.5 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The March 2020 to April 2020 percent change was revised from down 16.4 percent (±0.5 percent) to down 14.7 percent (± 0.2 percent)

Dow futures up over 600  725 points on the high-octane news.

Corporate Socialism’s Rise

Here’s something big the Mainstream Media is NOT covering.  It’s a key aspect of how major U.S. corporations are lining up to give money to BLM and other racially distinct groups in the wake of the George Floyd killing.

We were appalled and sickened by Floyd’s death – and again the case in Atlanta.  However. there’s a point here which everyone is overlooking in the headlong rush into politically correct corporate giveaways.

Dilution of Shareholder Interest

Here’s my point in a nutshell:  How many corporations (lots!) have promised “millions in support” for BLM and other racially focused groups?”

Where was the disclosure (that the corporations) would be giving away money to social causes that in my (narrow-minded) view OUGHT TO BE GOING TO SHAREHOLDERS???

Let’s take a typical Big Board company.  They promise to donate XX-millions to some group.  The question to us is “Where is that money coming FROM??”

I think the answer is pretty obvious:


When corporations gift money they are giving away money that could be used to either expand their business OR could be paid out as  (larger) dividends to people who invest.

Naturally, Corporate Gifting Departments will argue “Yes, but it will build brand loyalty and so in coming years there will be a payback!


People get their money and their hearts confused all the time.  They are different questions.  Money-making is one thing.  Giving it away on social agendas is another.

If an endowment fund of a traditionally black college invests in stocks, who takes the hit when the money is spent elsewhere?  They do. (In common with all other shareholders.)

When a black family invests in stocks, or their pension plan does, who takes the hit?  Why of course!  They do – in common with all other shareholders.

An Easy Example

Let’s take a company that makes a good product, one of which might be streaming of content.  Blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians are already all consuming this streaming product.

Therefore, in order for “corporate giving” to make financial sense to the investor, there would have to be an increase in profits – based on the increase in sales directly attributable to the corporate giving to the social causes.

Unanswered is the question:  Will (in our example streaming) increase by more than the cost of the gifting?

Otherwise, the shareholders get screwed.  Ure is skeptical.

It’s Creeping Corporate Socialism

My further point is that this is not a black or white issue.  This is really about the ongoing merger between government and corporations – which no one – among the dimwitted press –  is calling out.

It’s like the other day, the FDA squashed the use of a 50-year old malaria drug (because there’s no money in it for Big Pharma).  Which immediately got the Fooled and Drugged Administration sued by a medical group (of honest doctors) who see through the “regulatory charade.”

This was – yet another – case of government for corporations and at the expense of little people like us.

When corporations start handing out cash – shareholders should immediately Or ask whether something crooked is afoot.  Because investors – white, black, Chinese, and whoever – all see their shareholder value diluted.  Black pension funds and white pension funds are equally short-changed.

Is this correct?  Or, are corporations being held ransom because if they don’t pay they might get painted with the “R” word?  Where’s the decision-support that backs-up a positive ROI, then?  Shareholders ask tough questions – and one of the most important is “What business are we in?”  Gifting based on retail?

Why are corporations becoming social partisans?  It’s not the business they are in…or are they, now?

When corporations embrace “causes” they spend money. That could be going to investors.

Bigger question:  Is there really such a thing as “social responsibility”?  Beyond reams of environmental and workplace regulations.

Here’s an interesting notion:  We wouldn’t be surprised some day if the FedGov were to sue Amazon.  Anti-trust grounds.  Too big, too successful. If such a hypothecated lawsuit were to arise, would the “social defense” then be played?  “Look what we did for groups XX, YY and….”

Nickel bet says when Bezos talks to Congress about this anti-trust business, there will be a fine patina of “social defense” included.  Amazon is giving $10-million to BLM and other groups.

I don’t know of a single Fortune 1000 company that has ever been involved in anything overtly racial (though I could be wrong).  They can be sued for that, already.  Why the rush to “give away” then?

An investor’s job is hard enough without having to add the “Kentucky Windage” to recalibrate their investments to whatever political agenda company managements want to support next.  Is company management ultra-liberal?  Is company management tone deaf to the times?  Why am I asking those  questions?  I just want stock in companies that throw of capital gains.

Giving away money is NOT what “corporations” should be doing.  They should be running ethical, non-discriminating companies and not trying to usurp social movements as a branding tactic.  Competition to “give the most” bends over even more shareholders.

I don’t think corporations should be allowed to use ANY money for “social purposes.”  They are businesses and just like we have “separation of Church and State” I propose that we ought to also clearly delineate a line setting forth “separation of Corporations and Social Movements.”

The (too liberal and not pointed enough for our tastes) NY Times gleefully reported this week “Racial Justice Groups Flooded With Millions in Donations in Wake of Floyd Death Progressive and racial justice groups have seen a cascade of donations since George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests. Bail funds alone have received $90 million.”

This is a HUGE monetization.  Shareholders are – to our simple-minded view of accounting – seeing dividends being squandered.

Go ahead, call me a racist, if you will. (I don’t buy shame.) I’m asking a direct accounting question that the SEC ought to be asking. Around here, there’s only one race we care about:

GREEN.  (And that’s all of us.)

Trump Hypes Markets w/ $1-Trillion

We have to wonder how long the WH has been sitting on this one: Dow futures jump amid report that Trump is preparing $1 trillion infrastructure proposal.”

You don’t really thing the U.S. Hosed-Up Representatives are going to give him an effing dime, do you?  Nasty and Schifty?  Not-a-chance, bubba.  Rally should fade to replay when people get their brains out their behinds.

Problem is, if the market only goes up a hundred, or two, today, then markets have a terrible problem just ahead.  Here’s our green circles to follow on the 1929 replay…and a gain for the day of just a couple of hundred would complete a worrying mini-bounce.

This is based on early futures – before retail sales came out.  Europe is on fire today, so mania is in the air again.

Desperation Day for the G20.

In Our Shorts

Keep in mind, the whole economic “recovery” is due to massive giveaways...the money is not “real” and the M1 creation rate is presently over 100% per year – which will halve money’s purchasing power.  Go read Trader: The Fed’s Actions “Smack Of Desperation”.

Sailing past 8-million CV Cases now as China races to contain a surge of new coronavirus cases in Beijing.

And the US is not all open yet: McDonald’s U.S. same-store sales fall 5% in May as dining rooms reopen.  All as Experts expect a second wave of Covid-19. And continued loosening of restrictions may make the impact of the next outbreak worse..

Enjoy the rally while it lasts.  All just paper…stand by to light ’em up.

Write when you get rich,


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68 thoughts on “A Note on Corporate Socialism + Retail”

  1. Donations = protection money? Smells like, to me.

    But more importantly…


    Another Great Depression

    Rebellion in America

    …Here come the interesting times that showed up in the 1990s ALTA reports.

  2. George
    The real question to ask is to see the personal giving to these entities by the members of the board.
    It is well known and documented that “conservatives” are the more giving group, shelling out to food banks, charities, shelters, and yep, their churches, more than any “liberal” group.
    The so-called liberals are happy to give away URE money, in fact to demand you give it away, but are incredibly tight when it comes to their own purse.
    So the question to ask the board when this comes up is, “Are you personally supporting this group with your own cash? How much? How often?”
    When we see your commitment, THEN we may be interested in your appeals for our donation.

    • “It is well known and documented that “conservatives” are the more giving group, shelling out to food banks, charities, shelters, and yep, their churches, more than any “liberal” group.”

      Not pointed at you….

      Matt said,

      “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

      Churchgoers would know that.

      • OOW Steve
        Of Course I know that.
        The knowledge of that didn’t come from my experience or talking about me, but from many studies over the years looking at the amount of giving by various groups, and reported by various groups like the IRS.
        Conservatives don’t say it, the reporting groups say it.
        Consider the Clintons Tax Returns where Hillary took $licks old tighty whities off as a “‘donation.”

    • Did you ever wonder where these corporations get all this huge amount of money and why you pay $50,000 for a new car, while paying their C.E.O. and board members millions of dollars.I think the term would be suckers as you buy their off-time junk at inflated prices and then bitch with what they do with the obscene profit as they buy up the competition.Tax is not their game so they park it in off-shore accounts after all its only little people that get a visit from the tax man.Kind of reminds me of the good conservative that went to church every Sunday to show the community what a fine fella he was, and then stole the collection plate on the way out to pay for his time…

  3. “Corporate Socialism”

    Next to hope people desire “inclusion”.

    Here in Michigan we have “Delta Dental”. Everyone has to buy the insurance through their employer. Like car insurance, there is no option.

    Every year the HR department is looking for ways to reduce costs. Dental insurance goes up every year.

    Does Delta help reduce costs for their customers? Delta Dental has become a “strategic partner” to Detroit.

    Delta collects our premiums and then donates the overages to build parks and other stuff in Detroit instead of rebating the money back to the customers. I think Delta donated $5,000,000 to build a park in Detroit this past May 29.

    Delta Dental is everywhere. They are building things in your area.

    The executives at Delta do get to drink wine with the billionaires as they give our premium overages away. They go back to their circles, “I was talking to “Bill ‘Ionaire” last night.”

    “We’re doing such a great job (at spending other people’s money) revitalizing the city….”

  4. well I got a lot of respect for George and the fractal guys .. but the last 24 hours has just blown me away .. no words correctly describe .. so I just shut up and take on more shorts .. very lonely and isolated , quarantined, being a shorter .. I just read rayard kipling everyday and get on with it . definitely the toughest traders and best are disciplined shorters .

    • Suck it up “buttercup”

      – like a broken clock, Da Bears will be right at least Twice a month – nice dip around 6/8/20 – sooo perchance we get another this month ..prolly after Expiration Friday –

      should be driving down the precious metals “paper” price any moment now..

      In the meantime – No Pain, No Gain..believe me -I FEEL Ure pain.

  5. Read article this morning stating funds go into dem election funds con job. Some corps support and have slaves in other countries

    • George,
      Your points are spot on, but some of the facts that led you there are not.

      Let’s take hydroxychloroquine. One of my clients…a dynamic duo husband and wife team at Stanford medical (bought a $2.8 million home from me…all cash) told me that Trumps favorite drug is worthless. And to be honest, they went on to say, that most of the other quick fixes and recent discoveries out there are just that…quick and short lived fixes that mask and trick the virus and symptoms. Kind of like an OTC cold and flu medicine. It doesn’t cure a cold and flu…it masks the symptoms of a cold and flu… I believe them….because they are NOT tied to the hands of Big Pharma…

      In fact, they lead a team of researchers that believe that nutrition and Physical well being alone is the key to long life, health and disease prevention. I have long held that belief.

      I volunteered to do an extensive DNA test, traditional stress tests, Combined with my regularly scheduled probes like colonoscopy, blood work and physical exam. With that combine data, they concluded that I have a chronological age of 63, and a biological age of 46. I have been an alternative and natural medicine fanatic for over 20 years. It’s no coincidence that I basically stopped my biological clock at that time. I have never taken even a Tylenol, no flu shots ever during this time and have never had the flu..I have had a 24 hour sniffle, that quickly cycles and that’s about it.

      …Although I enjoyed red wine occasionally early on, I have not had a sip of alcohol in over 5 years, never smoked, and eat only natural foods. If it isn’t grown, can’t be made at home, or doesn’t spoil, it’s not edible. I am in my second year of a vegan diet, although once a month, I cheat on a right off the boat and freshly caught halibut, that I filet and prepare myself. They gut it on the boat. No chicken, pork or red meat of any kind. I have never felt better. Oh, and I run 3-5 miles a day…depending on my busy schedule.

      Now for the Coronavirus…Both left and right media will never tell you this…but…Did you know that a simple Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, mixed into a Matcha GreenTea cocktail can bolster the immune system just enough to ward off this virus? Throw in regular exercise, natural food diets and meditation to decrease our stress levels and we all can be short of invincible.

      Why aren’t we talking about prevention?

      BECAUSE BIG Pharma would hate that.

      They call it pseudo-science…They actually do. Google it. Google Ayurveda…the next four words are…is a pseudoscientific system….they call it alternative medicine…but it is natural…wouldn’t lab created cures be alternative? We swing the pendulum in the opposite direction, because what we can grow ourselves, can’t be monetized and bought and sold on the stock exchanges.

      The thing is…America is in fact, the most unhealthy nation on planet earth. Our numbers are high and continue to rise because our diets suck.
      Big Pharma wants it that way. Eat your Big Macs and stack your plates high and often at the Old Country buffet. Binge watch that Netflix series show and to save time, ride that electric scooter instead of walking, because like the slovenly humans in that animated PIXAR movie Wall-E, we are destined to become a slave to our inventions instead of stewards of what is Already available to us.

      • @Marx

        YOU seem to have an opinion on everything…with vast self learned knowledge…and also with YOUR opinion…it seems that you want everyone to do what you do and THINK like you….OR they are not fit physically or mentally to offer their opinion BASED on their free will and the GOD given right of CHOICE….many like myself..who you term a ‘traitor’ which by the way I am not…..USMC 1963….for your info…. I still got the skills to render a just conclusion to those that want to destroy this country…..my choice and free will will never bend a knee…to anyone but my GOD….Semper Fi

      • Looking out of the box
        I take 6 Astrogalus tablets daily as well. That wards off the common cold.

      • “Looking out of the box
        I take 6 Astrogalus tablets daily as well. That wards off the common cold.”

        I have never tried the tablets Mark.. I had thought about it.. but I love the slightly nutty flavor of the tea.. so I drink a cup every morning with my vitamins.. I personally love a little honey in it to..
        another one I like.. but that is for a lazy saturday afternoon or a late night sit down and read tea is.. a dandelion tea mix.. its great.. nice relaxing and flavorful with a twist of lemon in it.. yumm…

  6. G – did U see the Space-X rocket launch from Cape Canaveral ?

    Only Musk could launch a giant Phallic Symbol into atmosphere and world would cheer it.

    Two round fuel tanks are the nutz, rocket would be the ..go back view launch – cant ever look at it the same – and that is what this market looks and feels like to the coot.

    Back test /Smack test – fractal smacktal ..this rocket ship is going higher baby – why build Ure sand castle down by waterline at low tide/playing the short side – when U can party with the Winners up on the dunes!

    Hot Diggity dog! Did someone say 40 thou on the Dow ? Moar hookers and blow 4 coot. Gonna have to throw in some magic mushrooms – for this party in the markets is Off the Chain- oh wait..already micro dosing psilocybin for sharper mental acuity > buybuybuy…

    get down on it
    tell me how Ure gonna do it if U really dont wanna dance
    by standing on the wall
    (get Ure back up off the wall)
    cause I heard the people sayin’
    get Ure back up off the wall..” Cool& the Gang

    • Well, we remastered 60’s technology! Isn’t that cool! With any luck, we may get ‘back’ to the moon by 2030 – or if you believe some people, we may get back ‘publically.’

      Where’s Warner Von Braun when you need him! Don’t we have any good Nazi scientists left?

  7. Saw a Wendy’s get burnt down after their 500K donation to social justice. That theory doesn’t seem to work too well.

      • some people were standing behind the door when brains were handed out…as in…NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU…..Dave is rolling over in his grave,,,as many other ‘founders’ are….

    • Those insane bribes are a total waste of money! Very few thugs and looters read the corporate websites and stockholder reports.

      The money would be better spent on security and hardening of their various locations.

    • Yes.. another thing to think about..
      As horrible as it was.. it would have been better to offer the guy a ride home.. or let him sleep it off..tow the car or park it.
      But an officer in a high crime area that has one of his weapons stolen by a drunk.. then where is the guy going to hide you know where he lives..
      Forty years ago police in high crime areas of DC were going out six to a group.. if they went out with less was like giving them a death sentence. I was talking to a truck driver that had his radio stolen in NYC he called it in.. they asked him why he was in that neighborhood at night.. and for a radio.. if someone isnt dead they wouldn’t go there..
      What all of this will ultimately do is discourage anyone from wanting to work in a first responders profession.. especially in high crime areas.

      • Of course if could be better, if police would always give drunk drivers a ride home and maybe tuck them into bed. The trouble is drunk driving results in so many innocents being killed or maimed the laws are quite strict. The police should NOT get into making personal arrest decisions when there is a clear violation of established law. I believe that would lead to even more risk of those police giving favoritism to one race or another. Drunk driving arrest, you get escorted to the police station and breathalyzer-ed and prosecutor decides to prosecute or not. Argue with the prosecutor, not the guys with the guns.

        That poor soul make a series of poor personal choices. Let me list them out.

        1. Drinking until while out with intent to drive home. (very poor forsight)
        2. Driving automobile after drinking. (after drinking poor decisions will abound)
        3. Stopping between where he started and his destination (get off road out of public ASAP)
        4. Allowing himself to fall asleep/pass out while in the drive through.
        5. Saying anything to the police without a lawyer present. Always no comment.(advise for everyone).
        6. Initiating violence when arrest was started.
        7. Grabbing a weapon during the arrest process.
        8. Running away and then turning back toward police.

        At anytime from step 1-8, this guy could have made better decisions. #1 thing to always remember. No matter your race, the police are there to enFORCE the established law. They can legally kill you if you deviate from their directions. People make decisions, he was an adult. Don’t take personal responsibility from all of us, saying bad decisions should have no consequences. You make your choices and you live or not with the results.

      • @ Joe Dish

        the cop got his ass kicked and was not under control…killing a man after he beat you and took a non lethal tazser..that you know will not hit you when he pointed at you while running away..DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO SHOT AND KILL HIM…UNDER ANY F’ING LAW…….and by the way IF you did the same thing to anyone that tried to attack you even in your home..and you shot him in the back while he was running away from you even pointing something at you…YOU would be in jail that same night….and charged with murder…

      • I use to work long hours..
        There were times I knew I wouldn’t be a safe driver and pulled over.. set the egg timer and doze off..
        I have had the officers stop as a courtesy wellness check..give me a breathalyzer.. why he didn’t hand his keys over to the bartender is beyond me.. then again why didn’t the bartending staff call him a cab. A drunk rarely reacts with rationalizations..
        Since the guy had pulled over and was attempting to sleep it off..why didnt hi is family offer to drive him if he chose th o stop off for a few after work..
        I don’t know about other households but here at east we have strict instructions. Go to the bar but call and hand the keys over.. get a room etc. The furthest I’ve had to drive to give a ride was about a hundred miles..if we go out and I’m thinking I might have a couple we get a room..
        Theres a million questions shooting a drunk was uncalled for.. around here there are complimentary ride services so that someone out drinking has options that are sponsored by the bars..designated drivers..
        Was the area a high crime. Why wasnt a family member called.. why attempt to argue and arrest a drunk sleeping it off.. were there designated transportation services available..

      • I use to work at a 24 hour convenience store.. we would get drunk rush from 2 -3 ..
        One night we got this little drunk he couldn’t have been fifty pounds and five foot talk..rude nasty and horrible. Insultive.. he had a decent gentleman waiting in the car sober his designated driver..
        Anyway a big guy strong muscular.. stopped in to get some gas and a sandwich..that little shirt started to pick a fight.. the big guy kept trying to get away from him..the little obnoxious bastard following him..the little guys driver seen what was going on and got out to drag the little guy off of the big guy before the little guy hot whipped.. the big strong guy panicked thinking the little guy had backup. The rest was a blur the little guy pulled a knife the big guy got scared and in the ruffle the designated driver ended up getting knifed trying to drag the little bastard off to safety.. the big guy raced off and the designated driver took off to the hospital leaving me withe the little obnoxious A hole..I called a cab and had them take the AH to the hospital to his friend.. I am not sure who paid for it or if the hospital I sent them to was the right one..I wanted the little guy gone..the.police wouldn’t do anything to him until they got to the bottom of it..
        Just one of the nasty sides to alcohol.

      • “I will
        “You’re a cab!”

        OTFLMAO lol lol lol…. yup.. I lived in a small town the town cop was a really good guy.. the kids were scared to death of him.. LOL the mayors father inlaw was and probably still is the town drunk.. he got drunk one night.. the highway patrol was right across the street.. the town cop was right there and they were talking.. the highway patrol asked him if he wanted them to handle the situation.. he said no hes my responsibility.. he should have let the hypo to it.. the town drunk went nuts on him.. well he got him home but gave him a ticket.. the town cop lost his job because of it.. LOL LOL…
        he always wanted to be on top cops.. so us being good friends had a truck driver going to LA drop a letter off to him.. asking him to mail them a copy of his exploits for possibly being aired on an upcoming show LOL LOL LOL….
        I had one of those mosquito things that the military handed out in Vietnam .. mine must have been broke and rather than the sound of the male mosquito emitted the sound of the female.. as soon as you turned it on there were millions of mosquito’s around you.. he seen it and said.. I heard about these.. well I was a gentleman and gave him mine LOL LOL…

    • – not when U got a WHITE chick setting the Fire, and a Brother posting his video of the white chick setting said Fire saying on his vid”that aint his people doing that S&!#”

  8. re: shareholder value. The issue was originally litigated in the case of Dodge v. Ford (1919). The Dodge brothers who had a stake in Ford sued Henry Ford for paying a higher wage to Ford workers. Ford’s thinking was if his employees made more they would buy more cars. The Dodge brothers won. The next case to address the issue was AP Smith v. Barlow (1953). AP donated money to Princeton U. The shareholders challenged the gift. The court sided with AP reasoning that the gift would help to promote the public good and to ensure a well educated workforce.

    These days most state incorporation laws provide a safe harbor for directors to consider matters outside of the corporate realm like the environment, the community, societal considerations, etc. More than half the states now allow for Benefit Corporations. Directors of Benefit Corporations have to take into consideration a wider swath of matters than profits.

    I have no problem with it. Corporations have been giving money to both sides of the political spectrum for a long time. This time it’s those who disagree with BLM whose ox is being gored. Last time it was Home Depot funding republican causes.

    • I don’t think HD should have funded the GOP either and I disagree with The Court in Smith!
      Or, minimally, corporations should have to advertise that they are part enterprise and part benevolent society. So we don’t have to question where earnings are really going.

    • That’s a myth. Ford raised his employees’ wages to improve retention and attract the best workers. From wikipedia:

      Ford astonished the world in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage ($130 today), which more than doubled the rate of most of his workers.[22] A Cleveland, Ohio, newspaper editorialized that the announcement “shot like a blinding rocket through the dark clouds of the present industrial depression.”[23] The move proved extremely profitable; instead of constant turnover of employees, the best mechanics in Detroit flocked to Ford, bringing their human capital and expertise, raising productivity, and lowering training costs.[24][25] Ford announced his $5-per-day program on January 5, 1914, raising the minimum daily pay from $2.34 to $5 for qualifying male workers.

      Wikipedia goes on to mention that it also made his cars more affordable for his employees, but it was not the reason he did it. The fact that the higher wage made the car more affordable was simply a side effect, not the purpose. As one business/employer in an economy far larger than yourself, employees are not a significant portion of your market; paying your employees more so they can afford your product makes no sense. Higher productivity leading to lower costs relative to wages makes your product more affordable, not giving .01% of your potential market a raise.

  9. “People get their money and their hearts confused all the time.  ”

    I truly get it.. I think the rush to donate is so that they dont own the stigma of being racially prejudice.. it happens all the time.. kids come home from school or from a group they are asking for sales a two dollar cookies for ten dollars if they sell a thousand they get a hundred for their group..
    I go out of my way to give someone deserving a hand up.. but I rarely if ever give a dime to any organization.. take the clinton bush Haiti fund. Or the red cross.. and look at what comes in and what goes out.. BLM is more than likely a brain child of someone that sees a golden opportunity. We see it daily with our legislators.. when money is being tossed at you in gross sums it’s hard to not want to work for them. The movement is lost and I dont know where I heard it..for sure.. (lol just kidding) but everything’s a business model…
    It’s like a certification.. I call it the dead carp certification.. hospitals and medical facilities hire this group to come in walk around go through their books just to see that they are giving what they say they are.. give me a break.. why didnt I think about doing that lol lol ..see we are dead carp certified….

    • I had someone tell me that we hen he went in to get a sale.. he had th o know in the first minute if he needed to wine and dine them get them laid ir donate to their special cause..
      Heck if someone tossed a bag or two of cash on my porch I’d change my ideals and my post would look like the M and M’s posts.. I would even carry a sign lol..

  10. “”When corporations gift money they are giving away money that could be used to either expand their business OR could be paid out as  (larger) ”

    BONUSES FOR THE EXECUTIVES….. or donations to their favorite legislators
    Lol lol lol

    Truly if they have that much to toss around..reduce the costs of their products.. pay their working class a little more an hour or bring back company benefits for employees..

  11. Someone else mentioned it, but much of the BLM donations I also consider protection money to try to limit the protests where they are mentioned in a negative light or actually physically assaulted.

    I was at several large companies where several times per year the company political PAC was soliciting donations. I refused because I donate. Personally to causes I believe in and do not want to have those limited donations sent to causes I completely disagree with. My refusal also could impact my growth at those companies by not being a “team” player. But those PAC donations ended up going to both Rep, and Dem. candidates and again I see it as protection money. Microsoft learned if you don’t grease the political wheels they will “investigate” you to death, spending far more money in the long run then just taking the hit on the payola.

    Public corporations should be forbidden by national law to donate to any political causes, persons, pac, charity etc. The people that are part of that company, shareholders or customers etc, can donate all they want up to the legal limits. That would effectively end the protection racket where the companies are squeezed through threat of regulation or investigation or protesting the companies brand. Don’t want to be restricted, don’t go public.

    If Jeff Bezos believes in BLM, he has every chance to donate from his personal resources same as any other individual. I have personally began to limit my interactions with companies that at taking this road of funding such violent, divisive causes. It will not prove successful for them to give into this racket. These groups will never be satisfied with whatever amount they get. No different then net tax receivers, there is never enough of other peoples assets that will satisfy their desires. They will be back year over year demanding their “due”.

    I recall Jesse Jackson made an quite a kingdom following this method.

    • “Public corporations should be forbidden by national law to donate to any political causes, persons, pac, charity etc. ”

      unfortunately Joe… there was a time when they tried to limit the funds and gifts given to Congress… the sad part is Congress threw a fit and had the supreme court rule on it.. that is when the supreme court ruled that it was ok to grease the wheels of govt.. and the under the table dealings went main stream..
      they tried to get a third party to oversee to make sure that corruption wouldn’t follow the lucrative you can buy their vote ruling.. and Congress threw another fit saying that they were fully capable of policing themselves…

      two important things that I think put the final nail in the coffin of our country.. you cannot let open corruption prevail.. there has to be checks and balances.. by the supreme court making that ruling.. opened the doors of legal corruption.. then when Rand Paul submitted the Read the bills act.. and was laughed off the floor of congress.. what was there.. a handful of people that voted for it.. LOL… that accelerated the whole system… even to the point where they have passed laws that jeopardized themselves and their lively hoods.. of course all of this follows old timelines in different civilizations .. it seems to always repeat itself.. in countries where the same laws that they passed got half of the legislators hung on stage because they passed the laws that they did..
      The Washington times had a great article on this very thing in comparison of Rome..

      “The infamous Roman Emperor Caligula used to post his new laws high upon a column so the Roman citizens could not study them. These tactics were dictatorial and antiquated. Nothing like this would happen in the United States Republic, right? Wrong. When it comes to today’s laws, there is very little difference between the deceptive tactics of Caligula and the U.S. Congress. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/oct/1/janine-turner-the-infamous-roman-emperor-caligula-/
      Our congress has done the exact same thing.. read some of those bills.. they may say they are a thousand pages long.. but in reality that can be ten times bigger.. using the high school send the teachers to the books.. LOL when I was a child if I gave a book report and didn’t quite understand the concept or the subject.. I followed the rules given in the MAD MAGAZINE… send the teachers to the books..
      I once had to write a legal paper for myself.. it was frantic.. at the very end there was a question where a law had to be cited..it was late on a sunday night I couldn’t go to the library and find the books.. there wasn’t an internet yet…. I couldn’t get a hold of the one helping me and I had to file the next morning.. so I found a similar legal brief and copied the citation and law from it.. ( not even knowing if it was the right one or not..) then filed.. afterwards I went to a lawyer showed him the paper I filed and asked him to amend it for me putting in the correct law.. which he did..
      the exact same thing that Caligula did is what lobbying firms have done to congress.. our congress no longer writes the bills.. there is a team of people all writing them in a language of the mad magazine and a congress with a limited amount of time.. and getting perverse sums of gifts and money to push those very bills.. that they refuse to read or understand..
      its only time.. they are owned we cannot change it with a legal system that allows open corruptible actions from third parties ( many of whom are being directed by people not from this country) that are in my opinion the ones that are running the country.. of course this is just my opinion..

  12. Well, I’m trying to get out of here but I have such a high opinion of my opinion. And I’m nvo.Qot the Dow 50,000 Andrew. Maybe he can take over for me though.

    We got a raging game of Othello and Jenga going in the markets. The Fed pulls one block from the bottom to boost the tower higher. Just like Jenga.

    I think everyone sees that going up in here. The difference between guilt and shame is. Guilt is I did something bad. Shame is you are bad. Ask any psychiatrist and they will tell ya, “here these little blue pills put ya back in the matrix.” That’s what she said. Lol

    I forced my self to read the news to get informed last night for a couple hours be informed. Reminded me of reading the walls on a construction jobsite honey bucket.

    Remember the Chinese game of “Go” is a game of Man vs self. Dominoes or “Bones” is game of Man vs Fate. Chess is a game of Man vs Man. We see all three being played out in the big picture and sunsets like othello a game of Race much like the black white tile game of Go. Anything to create a distraction to avoid taking any responsibility or accountability at the Government, Financial, Religious and individuated sector.

    In the 70’s it was the battle of the sexes. So the solution became you identify your self as a muppet if ya want now we will just pretend like you dont have a penis.

    What is not so prevalent in display is the Muslims are out reproducing the Christian’s at a rate of 6 to 1. So, by 2050 you have more muslims than Christians on planet physically. Still, we await the birth of the greatest Generation. Generation “Q” (Quarentine). A replacement for the former Greatest Generation the Boomers. I cant count how many women I seen pregnant lately. The Man vs Fate game.

    What’s next are we gonna shoot the white ball in to the corner pocket to win the game of pool. 8 balls are $160 of the good stuff. You know why they call it “going to score”? Because it’s a chemical induced sense of winning. Just like the markets. Which is of course a game of man vs man. Chess.

    Religion is a game of Man vs time. Social media is a game of frog verses slowly heated water.

    All the amid the grand distractions. Nobody is making anything of value anymore, except dopamine and serotonin. lol a game of man vs denial.

    • George the whole damn thing reminds me of a farm supply auction. up for bid is “racial equality” start the bidding at $10 million. Bezos raises his ping pong paddle and says look at me! I’m not a racist as he bids $10 million to clear his name. Phew, that was a close one Bezos. Hell, you might want to hang a decorative mural of George Floyd your office.

      While sitting on a 100 billion. Amazon maybe the great whore in the Bible. Jurry is still out on that one. I dont if everyone is trying to convince themselves they arnt a racist or eveyone else.

      Ya know George, not too long ago, we went through, “everything is about sex but sex.” Sex is about power, now.

      The focus groups have moved on to “race.” Eveything is now about race but race. Race is now about scales and measurements. Lbs and inches. Metrics and decimal points.

      When we really really take a step back and look at the Aeons. The color associated to Black is Saturn. We see that Saturn is agitated within the Gnostic micro scope in the causmic houses. She is upset about something. Saturn is Saturday. Saturn is related to
      authority, balance, challenges, dream work, endings, energy, imagination, influence, learning, loneliness, loss, negativity, the otherworld / underworld, patience, peace, problems, protection (psychic, spiritually), quests, secrets, sorrow, spirits, stability, visions, wisdom.

      Saturn represents the Subconscious mind.

      All things considered, these are proto gstalt collectives creating architectural archetypes giving birth to theologies and philosophies genres within the collective grand schema. Textures if your will. Which is as of lately, I can buy my freedom from being accused of racist for a dollar. Not by the merit of a mirror.

      Will we see another group of rising stars to die at age 27? And a new hippy movement cyclical sociatal themes emerge? Probably, there is nothing new under the sun.

      Que the song Watchtower by Hendrix.

      9 to the universe, baby!

  13. G -Dog,

    Time for a progress report on the TRUMP Revolution;

    >Expose Democrats for Freedom Hating/ Minority Hating/Money Luving/ Sick Scum – check

    >Dismantle Deep State Structures and Imbeds(left behinds) – check

    >Trigger Lefty Wingnuts – see S.F./Seattle/NYC/DC/Chicago – check

    >Backstop Financials/Banks – easypeasylemonsquesy – check

    Big Nationwide Celebration of Freedom on 4thof July – must be fought for with BLOOD

    >- Perps start walking..- check * see subpoena list for primer.

    Police alwayz catch the brunt of Revolutionary anger – as they should, imho ..and I was in State L.E. for 6 years.

    On which side will the military side with – all volunteer force..

    We also know the the War of DeepState is pitting Military vs. NSA/CIA/DIA/FBI

    Tree of Liberty is parched from recurrent Droughts – dark clouds on horizon..

    viva la revolution!


  14. The corporations dolling out all the money to social warriors, is just the deep state funding their minions through their public- private partnerships. They are not business decisions but political moves financed by the bailouts from Covid. As an aside, yesterdays take on mask wearing puts you right in there with fear monger crowd.

    • 1. Texas is hot.
      2. I do pretty well in stats
      3. Ure is 71 and E 77 so we take our own (and each others) health mighty seriously.
      4. And we STILL Clorox everything coming into our house.
      5. We also take serious vits (C, D, selenium, multi, and melatonin at night.

      Speaking of fear mongering though, you might try a similar post over on Xinhua since they too are now fear mongering

      8 million plus cases. Y’ever take a serious stats class?

      • Hi George,
        I understand your position and concerns but are the stats all true? Are they propped up at all?
        Nurse that exposes some nasty stuff.
        So much media hype has me skeptical.
        Thanks for your hard work and research. Blessings

      • Say hello to the new boss. Same as the old boss.

        Mr. Hollander if you want to know what’s really going on? Mute the news and watch the commercials inbetween intently. Because the news is brought to you BUY the Mad Man think tanks trading you emotional stimulus for a penny in your pocket. Thats the real story.

        Not my circus and not my monkey’s. The Lunatics are still running the assylem. The odds are good but the goods are odd. Yada yada yada.

        That should cover a few dozen posts for a while. Once I get your email, I’d love to chat. Blessing to you Mister.

      • FYI
        June 16th gmt 25,450 new cases and 849 new deaths in the United States

        Texas: “The reported cases for June 16 include 2,622 new cases and 1,476 cases that were previously diagnosed among Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmates but that had not been reported by local health departments (887 from Anderson County and 589 from Brazoria County).”



      • “Mr. Hollander if you want to know what’s really going on? Mute the news and watch the commercials inbetween intently.”

        LOL LOL LOL Seriously Andy in the 70’s if we wanted to know what next weeks news was going to be.. we read and followed… DOONSBURY…. LOL LOL LOL the doosbury comic had a ninty nine percent positive outcome.. LOL LOL LOL LOL…

        doonsbury being pulled..

      • Debb is right.. the virus is very much alive and will explode.. even though there are all the predictions saying just that.. we are going in the option 3 route.. pretend it doesn’t exist and let the chips land where they may..
        they tried option 2 and discovered that was not the way to go.. I think option 1 was.. freeze everything for a sixty day period then reopen just as if nothing had ever happened.. but that would not go over good at all..
        after reading and listening to some people I know.. I even wonder if option one would have worked.. I am not thinking it isn’t a matter of if.. but more one of WHEN…
        With insurance companies and the expenses of the covid now being passed on directly to the patients .. there will be fewer people even getting tested.. if you have a family of five.. and you make a laborers wage.. can you afford to pay out an extra ten grand.. or more.. Nope. can the clinics and hospitals pay for the expenses NOPE.. so either everyone pays through the nose for their medical or they ignore its volitile nature.. and send the patients that cannot afford to pay up front and don’t have insurance to the ER…

  15. My understanding is that ‘BLM’ is an entity that doesn’t have any ‘corporate’ structure, money that is given to ‘BLM’ is handled by a third party, ‘ShareBlu’ and then turned around and given to the DNC. In reality, the corporations are doing an end-run around political finance regulations, they won’t have to report the donations as political donations, which are monetarily limited. What a scam…

    • Non profit organizations are the the new improved 21st century masters of religion, tree faller.

      Just like the Mosque’s, Temples and Cathedrals. Except their new temples are Facebook, youtube, wikipedia and the music industry.

      Non profit work off donations (Tithe and offering) and pay zero taxes. They whip up the masses to follow the path of orderly chaos but manipulating their constituents conscious by moral convictions and values between right and wrong.

      I mean when your trapped at home and cant go anywhere to do anything becaue of the Rona. What people really need is a sense of purpose.

      Ding! Whalah, fresh popcorn out of the microwave.

      We had a long pause in the old religions with the introduction of the Corona. In their silence, the new cats took the stage. Systems of thought, checks and balances.

      Acorns, Antifa, BLM, and the list goes on and on.

      Kinda trippy to watch it all unfold.

  16. Here’s a goodie. Boo, three post limits.

    – State Bar Group Calls for ‘Mandatory’ COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections

    May 28, 2020

    “Citing a robust collection of federal and state case law, a New York State Bar Association task-force group on Thursday said it should be mandatory for all Americans to have a COVID-19 vaccination, when one is available, including those who won’t want it for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons.””

    – Protesters rally in Albany against mandatory COVID vaccines

    June 14, 2020

    “Hundreds rallied in Albany Saturday to fight for the freedom to choose and the right to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine once they are available.”



  17. Yes we do some of the same things in relation to supplements, but the number of deaths and the conflicting messages are just not there. Corona is a cold virus, and almost all deaths have serious underlying conditions. But the bone of contention is you implying that we must all wear these silly masks that we are finding have their own issues and are useless after wearing even for a short time. Many studies show that we are compromising our ability to be build immunity by all these silly and unproven rules. So do what makes sense to you, and we will do the same.

  18. So, what do you think, George, will the Fed purchase of corporate bonds keep the market floating? If we’re sitting with shorts, should we be worried? Or is the boat still going down?

  19. P.S. I sent ya an email with a request for Mr Steve’s. Info. At Ure leisure. a happy wife is a happy life. Priorities.

    I messaged that honey I almost married in January. Little miss bossy pants. Love me Highly intelligent, passionate and powerful woman. I think that may be the only damn way to get me to do something about this world. If that that is even remotely possible. About as remotely possible of getting physically hurt in material reality from a fight in a dream I suppose. Lol. Hopefully this hitch in my giddy up will work itself out today. I dont like looking pathetic. Hahaha. I’m enjoy being big, strong, fast and bad ass much the better. 64 more days and I will finally be an OM. (Old Man) what is the office pool up to that I F it up before then? Put me down for twenty on that side action. Payable by bitcoin shorts. ;)

  20. What’s the difference between today’s economic model and that of the 80’s? Under Reagan and Congress they allowed hostile takeovers and raiding pension funds. Pump and dump, cook the books. Balance the budget? Who needs a budget? Oh and then there’s Junk Bonds… GMAB.
    A Foundational monetary system from thin air and trust in the people Of privilage?
    How about moving to the Swamp and investing in mosquito spray and airboats? Or just Zap em’ all ? Walk softly and carry a big Zapper…

    • I think they are cooking the books now.. LOL… pump and dump.. yup.. heavy on the propaganda BS… they are feeding it to the public with a scoop shovel now.. but as long as we still have faith that what they promise is true our currency and economy will stay ..

    • All Of massad Ayoob’s Books make the same point about a knife.

      Action beats Reaction.

      When the knife man charges it is STILL going to take even a TRAINED armed person with the gun held out in front and the finger on the trigger 2.5-3.0 Seconds of reaction time to react to the knifemans charge and start shooting.

      Inside a 21 foot living room (7 yards, standard police qualifying distance) if you don’t shoot when you see the knife you are dead.

      Did everyone see how much distance they were keeping between them and the knife? Did you see how EVEN WHEN HE CHARGED AND WAS SHOT, HE STILL GOT TO A COP AND COULD HAVE PUT A KNIFE IN HIM.

      Action Beasts Reaction.

      Nowhere in the law are you required to let someone obviously intent on hurting you have the first strike.

      Now, listening to the DA’s in some Cities, and the Mayors, its obvious they do not know the law or care if they do.

      So the law as written doesn’t apply anymore. But if that were me, when I got backed away from my own car a furlong, I would have fired.

      Just saying.

      • “In the gravest extreme.”
        I’d say that situation qualified. That officer is fortunate to be alive. I would have opened fire as soon as he showed his complete defiance. Basically, the guy asked or even begged for it. Blessings

    • a lot of social workers will be injured or killed..libs do not care about anyone except themselves….this will SHOW their agenda and stupidity…BUT that will not matter to them….imo

  21. PSA:


    Farmers all over the country are increasingly being targeted by activists. Here’s what you can do to remain vigilant on your farm.

    Review new hires and conduct thorough background checks

    Pay attention to unusual vehicles or activities near your farm

    Watch for anything that seems out of place or unusual in your buildings

    Be aware of any new or unusual wireless networks in or around your farm

    Notify local law enforcement officials if you see unusual activity

    Late this past Friday, a federal district court ruled that portions of North Carolina’s Property Protection Act are unconstitutional. The General Assembly enacted the law in 2015 to strengthen the state’s trespass laws. NC Farm Bureau and several other business organizations supported the law and animal rights and media groups opposed it. In 2016, the law’s opponents filed a lawsuit challenging the law under the First Amendment. The court allowed NCFB to join the Attorney General in defending the statute.

    NCFB obviously disagrees with the court’s ruling. While the First Amendment right to free speech is important, it does not override private property rights by authorizing trespasses and invasions of privacy. NCFB is analyzing the court’s opinion, which rejected several arguments presented by the law’s opponents, and is carefully considering an appeal.

    Meanwhile, NCFB urges farmers to be vigilant about any unusual activity occurring on or around their farms.

    American Farm Bureau Federation
    N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

  22. I look at crap like this neopolitical gifting, and the countless billions spent on advertising to “Bernays us” into buying junk, and think how much good could be done with all that dough, if it were funneled into something worthwhile, like R&D or quality materials…

    • I agree Ray.. like rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.. what is it that we give out for economic development to other countries.. or for emergency services.. yet we don’t do a thing about the good ole USA.. a shame really..

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