A Matter of Personal Security

In addition to charts this morning, we have an important update about personal online security for subscribers. 

We reveal the latest evolution of online extortionists and how to protect yourself.  And it dates back a good ways… to an old password I used years ago.

In addition to the usual “news check” and the ChartPack today, I’ll show you a simple method to identify and reduce your online vulnerabilities. 

This is NOT something we are going to share generally –  subscribers only.  We don’t want the “bad buys” to understand the strategy….

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6 thoughts on “A Matter of Personal Security”

  1. So let me get this straight – the likelihood that Pence is the writer of the op-ed piece in the Times is 60 to 70% based on the use of an oft repeated word Lodestar and other characteristics of previous speech’s and writing. The same N Y Times that hired Sara Jeong the self avowed hater of old dumbas_ fu_king white guys, now wants to give space to the same people she hates only because it’s negative to the Trump administration? It is such an obvious giveaway that it is much more likely to have been written by someone in the security apparatus implicating Pence (divide and conquer) or just made up. If written by a bureaucrat with support by dozens, hundreds, thousands isn’t this just Sedition and no longer a silent coup but an advertisement to join in the ouster of a duly elected administration made entirely public now?

    • This Lodestar Op Ed is more evidence of the press vs. PT. PT has been very consistent in his promise to keep his campaign promises. If every Lodestar Political party was not trying to torpedo PT, the Executive part of the government would be running smoothly.

      More likely “Lodestar” is from the CIA or FBI, since PT is showing the public they are not being competently run. Their people are good, but the CIA & FBI leaders “Lodestar” is not functional, nor are they competent.

    • the likelihood that Pence is the writer of the op-ed piece in the Times is 60 to 70% based on the use of an oft repeated word Lodestar

      If *I* were going to try and pull an anonymous OpEd I’d use the software tools for word/sentence work and tailor the piece to someone else’s style.

  2. You will now see PT going on the offensive. He has spent his time working on fixing the problems of previous Presidents & has not had time for petty politics. Now they have gone too far. The drones have jeopardized National Security. PT will hunt them done like the dogs they are.

    The Patriot Act can jail citizens for as long as the want to if National Security is involved without the aid of an attorney (rubber hoses in a locked room). Now the drones will see their freedom taken away like ours has been by the Patriot Act.

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