A Gentle Introduction to Mixed-Mode Modeling

Yes…today’s “deep thinking” piece is about mathematical modeling.

But the really good news is that we will use hardly any mathematical terminology.  Other than some of the most basic functions anyone acquainted with Excel (and clones) can already deal with.

Because we are in the “great hunter” mode – trying to spot the tracks of the elusive Profit Beast.

Considering how much dough Wall Street firms have poured in over the years, this may seem like a hopeless endeavor.  Yet, we operate from the premise that it’s often possible to find useful trading adjuncts because so many people of high mathematical ability are plagued by a peculiar type of schotoma.  One that keeps the apparent hidden in plain sight.

So we calculate and speculate, but not until we caffeinate and hypothecate about trading the period ahead..

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12 thoughts on “A Gentle Introduction to Mixed-Mode Modeling”

  1. Anyone who Tweets as much as PT & uses public events to expose frauds like Dr Ford is not a PUPPET, but a
    great & smart leader that understands that he must provide the American public the TRUE NEWS because the FAKE NEWS won’t. PT pointed out that Dr. Ford couldn’t remember where it was, or how she got there & left there, plus her 4 eyewitnesses said it never happened. The FAKE NEW ignored these facts to deceive the public. Dr. Ford developed a fear of flying after flying everywhere else her entire life. But her biggest mistake was thinking Fienstein & the Democratic Party were competent.

    Another PT victory over the “I haven’t got a clue Democratic Party”.

    Some have said, to be polite, that Dr. Ford was abused but just not Judge Kavanaugh. Flush the toilet Artie, it’s over.

    • Excellent post Mike. The majority of Southerners during the Civil War were not slave owners, but people trying to feed & clothes their children. All of a sudden their homesteads were attacked by the Northern Army & they had to defend themselves from being slaughtered.

      The slave owners were the rich, like Mark, who in today’s world use the immigrants like slaves so the rich can continue to eat a healthy fruit & nut lunch on the veranda overlooking the immigrants doing the gardening. But this is OK per the Dems.

  2. Mathematical models work until they don’t. lol The dynamics of a changing reality, science, economics, etc makes a mathematical functions prone to becoming obsolete. The mathematical function will remain true, but its validity with the introduction of new data, drives obsoletion. The rapidity of change in most if not all human endeavors, makes the introduction of inconsequential/presumptive mathematical functions into models prone to false/neg outputs. lol

    PS your the thesaurus is incomplete.

    • Several things
      1. I didn’t use a thesaurus – only an example 10,000 linguistic base. The O.E.D. is north of 285,000 words, but follow the example.
      2. Mathematical models must always include the human real-time decisionmaker *outside of HFT modeling)
      3. Do I have to give back the money I’ve made today with my tools???#$%^&*()

      • 3. Do I have to give back the money I’ve made today with my tools???#$%^&*()

        I know you’re joking lightheartedly! lol

  3. G – another interesting piece to add to “toolbox”,I dig it.The market is becoming a very dangerous place right now. I can tell you 1st hand, the “traders” are “snatching” up any SPY Puts I have been selling today. Roll some Novembers into January, cashing out 33% of any winning positions.Any profits above initial stake/bet are to purchase long dated (2020) Call contracts (Buy/Bullish)in precious metals Streamers(FNV,WPM,ect)and a wireless/fiber REIT with plus 10 % dividend yield. If I cant find a suitable invest vehicle for any profits, I default buy 10% dividend yielder.I will be selling into any rally’s.
    When volatility is rising, it is a good time to toss the charts and go with the gut, specially if trade bonds and or bond ETF’s. Bond market almost Always acts differently than what Tech Analysis says they should…almost always!
    “No Balls – No Blue Chips!”

  4. I’m with the heads in U of Northumbria (https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/about-us/news-events/news/2015/07/northumbria-academic-says-little-ice-age-could-hit-earth-in-2020/): least solar activity from 2020-2050. We may get to see a cooler earth, which I don’t think should be a bad thing but, unfortunatley, even for the younger ‘uns of us round here, I don’t think it likely any of us will be around to witness the mal-effects of max emissions (be that industry, ag, social) AND the max solar activity period! For all of us, our kids & grandkids; definitely no need to worry. Unless we really care about the generations out beyond that, & maybe the earth itself, then there’s really nothing to worry about is there (to clarify; I know the world is not warming, this is obvious, I do though believe carbon emissions are bad for us & for the world itself (& that they are also an excuse for taxation!)).

    • Want a new furnace build one using Fractured water or oil…
      Grab hold of a hydrolic hose..
      You can turn water or oil to steam or an extremely hot oil in seconds by fracturing it. Simple to build to
      Basically its The same process of a nuclear power plant (they fracture atoms to produce the effects needed) but much easier and except for the chance to get a bad burn less chances of any dangerous outcomes.

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