A Freaky Bit of Woo-Woo

I want to roll back to one of the stories I posted this morning.  Because it seems to have taken place…

“Some Personal Woo-Woo

Odd dream overnight about a seriously overweight gangster/fat-cat/politician who was having lunch when I walked into a restaurant and sat down across the aisle down one table and facing the door.

The capo with him as a body guard.comes over and says “Boss wants a word.”

I get up, walk over to the table.  “I don’ts like youse lookin at me while I eats.”

“Nothing personal.  Just every since I was a kid, I always faced the door no one can sneak up on me,” I explained.  I went back and had a good lunch.

There was more to it, but after a vivid dream like this one, we’re just waiting for the lunch picture of a mobster/politician with a body guard to hit the wires… odd looking future ahead, indeed.

I’ve been using my “light crown” for about a week and a half now…reduced power level and 20 minutes a day.  Seems to add to the quality of dreams.

But you could have pushed me over with a feather when this came over the wires today:

“Hamilton Mafia boss Pat Musitano in critical condition after being shot in Mississauga: reports.”  Guy on the left in the image here.

In the dream, open collar light-colored shirt and what looked to be a dark overcoat.

It’s not a perfect fit.  But, in the dream the setting was an Italian joint with booths on either side of an aisle (might have had a row of tables between ’em.  And no, this wasn’t at lunch-time.  It was apparently early morning at the office of a consigliere.  Not sure how the “lunch at the Italian joint” got into the dream.

The sense of direction was that the “boss” was facing north, away from the door and I was facing south – with the door at the south end of the joint and exiting east onto the street.

But, one of the issues I raised in my book “Psychocartography” is that in “dream realms” you can have the angle relationships right and get the location of north mixed up.  Had a similar set of “clear directional” in the dream before a double-decker bus accident I dreamed in advance down in Melbourne, Australia.  All of the directions were about 90-100 degrees off from how the real city of Melbourne (in this reality) is laid out.

But the speechless part?

When I did the image search for Pat Musitano.  I swear to you, that was the face of the overweight mobster/political figure in the dream,  The tingles in the spine are still firing occasionally even this afternoon.

Goes in my growing book of “No shit…this is some serious woo-woo.”  When I wrote this morning “…we’re just waiting for the lunch picture of a mobster/politician with a body guard to hit the wires…” it’s another one of those “way better than chance” events.

Can’t tell you how they work, but by God when they do…

I don’t generally ask publicly for prayers for people, but I will for this fellow.  I’d like him to recover so maybe someday he could give us a call. Skype would be fine. Because my visiting life-long buddy (the Major) thinks that there’s some kind of “entanglement” or “karmic linkage” when I get such “direct hits” in my lucid dreams.  At a minimum, it would make for an interesting conversation.

Oh, and yeah, the market dropped so this morning’s question of capitulating stock bears tossing the towel in too early is still on the table, too…

Next time I write “...we’re just waiting for the lunch picture of a mobster/politician with a body guard to hit the wires...” let’s all hope it will be under more pleasant circumstances.

Moron the morrow.

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  1. AND perhaps your dream was an answer to a question you posed to universe. Say, gee mister angel guy, is all this woo woo stuff real ?? Well you got your answer. Now that you have started the conversation with spirit, try asking a follow up question that is dissimilar but relevant, then see what happens

  2. G- Perty sure we may have jumped timelines. According to MWI. Lots of anomalies happening. It was at 540pm West coast time. Things always seem to “warp” a little and time can apear slow, than super fast and all wonkey. Jump fast forward and rewind back to the appropriate spot.

    Hmmmmmm interesting, very interesting.

    much to consider.

    • Example: my alarm clock on my phone is set for 540am this morning. It went off at 540pm and i looked and it is definitely set for 540am not pm but went off non the less at 540pm.

      I also noticed a few rappid moments on the freeway at around 540pm. where it felt like i was in the millennium falcon at light speed but i was doing a shade under 60 and then like a big burp, i was miles back on the freeway from where i was just moments ago, going super slow but the speedometer never changed. However my trip ometer registed 5 miles more than my trip should measure.

      I assure you, i am completely of sound mind and sober. Ok ok maybe my version of sound mind is different than most.

      Where did the extra 5 miles come from? Who knows.

      Timeline jump’s apear and “feel” like this. More than likely a few “Mandela Effects” will apear in the next few weeks.

      Thanks for sharing your premonition and prophetic dream. Pretty sure it is a temporal marker relating to yhe time line jump. Like a switch on the rail road track. We are on another line now.


    • last year when I first discovered the Mandela Effect (Jackson 5 or 6?) I was investigating and saw that the world map had changed and that Australia was only 19 miles from Papua New Guinea and I said no way! So I said, ok, if they are that close then maybe there is ferry service.
      I found ferry schedules and fares on Lonely Planet. 2 days later I went back and looked again and ferry service had never existed due to security concerns! This was not misremembering since I saw it change from one day to the next. I am trying to become a Perfect Witness as in Heinlein’s sf novels and paying attention to everything. I am going to use the term ficton from heinlein to describe our present world. I feel that this is an ongoing process and involve multiple dimensions interweaving and sharing stuff. I think that we are lucky that it does not happen too many standard deviations from a bell curve of normality where we are in the middle. Too far off and natural laws may change or there may be dragons! Discuss and share please.

  3. Be a good idea to re-check those old lotto tickets that wernt winners before. May haps they be winners now???


      • Bill… SPEAKING ABOUT THE LOTTERY… several years ago now.. an acquaintance that was working at the time in a think tank of sorts was visiting with me that for a project they had he was developing a program to analyse random sequenced data streams to get answers.. and was curious what he could use as a test program on. I jumped in and suggested.. hey the lottery.. so off they went.. he wrote the program and I said heck I will test it for you. LOL LOL so I would run two sets a week of ten sets of numbers.. heck this should be good.. being limited on funds I would just pick the first five.. the lottery was about a half billion for the first time.. I bought the first five picks.. the sixth set was the winning combination.. OH MY GOODNESS..If I win… I could be wealthy enough to fill my gas tank..
        (as a side note the program did eventually get used on some project the kids were working on..) but the scary part was….
        I got caught by it.. and was buying all ten numbers twice a week from that point on.. ( what an idiot huh) about six months I did that.. then one day I was scanning the past winning numbers and it popped out at me….there isn’t anything random about the lottery LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL just like the one armed bandits.. they don’t know who but they know where and what..
        the Lottery winning circle goes in sequenced regional winning cycles.. just like a banking routing number.( why I had never noticed it before still has me baffled). if your district has been in the winning circle you have the estimated time from one win to the time your region is picked to win again. My new estimate is our region just won a short time ago so there is two years before it is up again and since our state only see’s a winner every twenty five to thirty years.. we have approximately five years left till a winner will be made here.. Now.. here is the other thing that popped out at me.. they know all the numbers picked before the random drawing.. ( YEAH RIGHT RANDOM) ..so if your region isn’t up for the win.instead of buying a piece of paper.. go get a burger or soda pop and call it a win for you..

      • LOOB; please tell how they can pick the numbers while they show the numbers being picked on tv? This is a honest and respectful request, cause I don’t know how they can figure that out, is it the weight of the balls?

      • ?….
        Good question? Since I am not one to cheat at games I haven’t thought about how they do it.. Probably the same way Bingo parlors can pick balls in a gambling casino or loading dice..

        I did have a friend that worked at the bingo hall at a casino and said for me to come on in they would make sure I get a couple of winning games.. I had said how do they do that.. and the answer was.. I don’t know but they do it..

        with video lottery.. there is just a setting inside that you decide what percentage of payouts the rest will be losers

        scratch tickets.. when I worked as gas station attendant it was every seventh ticket was a two dollar winner.. if it missed on the seventh ticket then it was going to be a lot higher.
        they quit selling tickets in enough time so that the computers can see what number sequences were being made.
        if you go through the past winning numbers it won’t take long to see the cycle of winners pretty soon you will notice where the regions are within the system .



    • I never buy lotto tickets, but someone gave me one months ago. I checked it today and I won either one or two dollars. I don’t know how they work very well since I never bought one. Strange things are afoot from our own limited perspectives. Unexpected events or choices can often mean a real change in personal timelines IMHO.

      • Now with the winnings go have an ice cold adult beverage. Find some sweetie and actually mentioned. You know I won the lotteryfurst ticket. You might get lucky twice lol

      • Just think mike…
        Take the two dollars in winnings.. head to the club sit down next to some sweet lady.. and after the conversation is started. Theres a 90% probability that the question will be asked. What brings you out tonight.
        I’m celebrating.. i just won the powerball… heck you might hit the powerball twice..and one won’t be a piece of paper.. lol lol lol

  4. I once had a weird dream that I was giving Angelina Jolie advice to give Brad Pitt a chance. Very vivid dream. Not once do I think that ever happened on her end of the dream pipe. I don’t even watch that many films with them in it, for goodness sake’s.

    Not trashing your dreamland, but there is a good chance it could just be coincidence. Well, that is unless you see the same cat twice, Neo. ;)

  5. And here’s an interesting one –

    Craft using an inertial mass reduction device
    A craft using an inertial mass reduction device comprises of an inner resonant cavity wall, an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters. The electrically charged outer resonant cavity wall and the electrically insulated inner resonant cavity wall form a resonant cavity. The microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves throughout the resonant cavity causing the resonant cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode and create a local polarized vacuum outside the outer resonant cavity wall.

    • Good one =- an d yes, one of the three key patents we will be covering in PN tomorrow…

  6. I don’t usually go for the woo-woo, but I had an interesting night this week. Tues night, as I was falling asleep, I had a half waking dream of someone plowing into a bunch of pedestrians. That was immediately followed by a semi-dream experience of falling from a great height, like from a plane, without a parachute. The next day, I saw headlines on Google news of a guy plowing through pedestrians in California, and (another) elderly woman falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

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