A Decisive Market Window

The next couple of weeks will likely be critical for the markets as well as the Future in general. The reasons are numerous and that’s our high level view of life on earth as we focus on the overarching issue.  Which is?  “When’s the right time to Take the Money and Run?”

Which ties into the next chapter of “Building a Personal Ark” which I cranked out another 33-pages on Friday, so plan on a longish report next Wednesday.

How about we begin with this?

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George Ure
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30 thoughts on “A Decisive Market Window”

  1. Morgen Ure-ites:

    A chill is in the air (apply to climate and/or mkts -or- both).

    Watching world events and trying to gauge future is like standing back from a scatter chart and missing the forest for the trees. Bad guys abound. Nasty maybes look exceedingly fugly. What to do? Be prepared (sez a future Boy Scout).

    My guess is many plans fail due to complexity and, the proverbial weakest link. Ex: well done to grow greens, provide for food source but … let’s say you have an abundant garden. How will you preserve the crop?

    Mrs. E has given ample criticism re: my washing empty (free) peanut butter jars and coffee containers. Why do I keep them? They are food safe containers. If you haven’t given thought to how to store what is abundant it will spoil.

    How would you chill food stuffs absent powered coolers? My only solution is to dig in 1-2 of our 6 (yes, 6) insulated refrigerators -or- freezers into the front yard. Not tidy but effective (especially since I could add well casing free flow).

    Since before we knew what was upon us, the first Pandemic in a century, I have been urging the Mrs. to accumulate and store foods we could consume or use in barter. It’s my thinking that worst case we will eat our mistakes. Literally.

    I have a massive set of seeds but would hand those to my gardening bud. No need to duplicate. Hunting, fishing, check. The amount of protein we have stored is sorta kinda nutz. Unless the sky falls.

    Worst case I will have just one job: protect the hoard. Plenty of thought has gone into that too. I don’t lose sleep over it at all. We are pleasantly remote, highly defensible, but have similarly situated neighbors in walking distance.

    I did buy the AM/FM/SW radio George. We already have a wind up (no battery) emergency radio but what’s a 10 spot? Nuttin honey.

    ATL: today concludes my winter preparedness routine, or so I hope. I have a metric shit ton of wood inside, under cover, and at arms reach. Let it snow (it’s going to, my permission or no).

    It makes us laugh Precious. Those who think winters are over will have to rethink. The Ole Man is set to return this next week but … we have a DN IceBoat! Can’t wait. Who me? Yep, ole me. Bring it.

    Write when you get energy
    [take it ^ as you will]

    • oh egor you can make a simple one easy enough.
      I used commercial cleaning ammonia..
      then you need ice to keep it from freezing check out the Crosley icey ball it’s just two containers .. as the ammonia evaporates from the water it expands and freezes in the other container.. make the expansion chamber larger than the fluid container when it finally warms up drain it back to the main fluid container.i had mine in a roll around cooler that looked similar to a retro coke machine..I had a drain valve so all I had to do is drain the evaporated condensed ammonia back to be reused ..
      another way is evaporative cooling. dessert tribes has for years and years used a two clay pot method.. pack sand at the bottom of one clay pot and around the inner pot.. make sure to have a lid for it..then pour water ournd in the sand as it evaporates through the outer c lay pot it will cool the food inside to about forty degrees..
      when I was a kid we had a dumb waiter in the root cellar there was a sand and straw pit.. ice was placed in that sand and straw pit that kept the food ice cold.. this can be altered to have frozen side blocks as well..one gentleman I knew.. built a shed had the walls filled with ice in winter and straw bale walls sealed off.. the solid block ice kept his food cold or nearly frozen all through the summer ..just in time to refreeze in winter. all easy to do.. I hope that helps

      • Thats how they did it at the summer camp I went to as youngster in NH. Every Winter a couple of counselors/staff who lived in area would go up for a weekends worth of cutting ice blocks outta the lake and storing in “ice house”- straw bales and wood dust.

        My great great (Irish) Grandafathers 1st job in Philly was as a Iceman. He sold ice and delivered up down tenement and apartment bldg steps all day long.Eventually got a job as a Ditch Digger ..and the rest is Philly Business history. Ended up building bridges (still standing in center city) and covering over shit creeks (Sewers). Yeah a shitty family history – building the original sewer systems in Phila !

        Pretty basic/fundamental business idea -waste management. ? How much money da think is in novelty Fart Can Sprays? Waking and baking has me wondering if and Organic Fart Can Spray product has
        a place in the novelty market. Ya know “good for Health, all natural and organic Farts” in a can. https://youtu.be/F9DuHDGnBVA?si=Re7SEeS_Dx8MIsbV

    • You are not that far from Lake Michigan.

      I don’t KNOW how Michigan is, physically, because I’ve never dived it. I have dived in Superior though. You can feel the thermal layers as you pass through them, and down about 16 feet is a 4-6 foot layer that’s about 36°, even in summer. I’ve been in several inland lakes. They have thermal layers, but they don’t have that really cold layer. That said, I shouldn’t be surprised if Lake Michigan did, because it is as big and deep (or nearly so) as Superior. Just something to ponder…

  2. The Uki Trident pattern.

    But if we sell our houses today where do we stash the cash, in a bank that could close by July? The utility of a house Vs a trash bag full of $ bills.

    The thing with Space Aliens.

    Big Foot existed until Neighbors App by Ring came out. The eye is everywhere now and there is no Big Foot video. So what was the story with the Big Foot believers from days gone by – were they seeking attention, delusional, mentally ill?

    A lot of people have yardcams and would publish their UFO video if it existed.

    By now everyone has heard/read about the Miami/Bayside Mall aliens from a few days ago. No indirect security footage from any of the security cams.

  3. “When’s the right time to Take the Money and Run?”
    Sorry, none of this kind for me ;-) I’ll stay put at ground zero for whatever will happen. Cheers !

  4. you answering my questions mr ure. that is now the 3rd time i asked a question and i came on here and looked and you answered it directly, shortly after i asked it.

  5. indirectly. i asked a question in my head. came on here and looked and you answered it entirely while speaking in concert about something else.

    i meditating lately with a plumbob.

    It is a precursor to the spirit level (bubble level) and used to establish a vertical datum.

    since i have already mastered the Spirit level and Compass in meditation. i spent lots of time meditating with each of those tools.

    why not master ~spriritual

    datum. ~

    thank you for answering my question.

  6. when i look at the last 46 months from when i gave everything i owned away (but what i could fit in my car) and set out to see what THE DUDE had for me. its not an easy thing to do, give everything you own a way to someone less fortunate, we natrally cling to things and ‘mine’. the first step of faith. having lived in the desert, at the beach, the artic north, and now the mountain.

    i have worked with the elements of earth, water, and fire. cold and heat. spirit and light. sound. saftey and security.

    working with all of these at multiple different altitudes.

    the only element left i havent had extensive work with is wind.

    wind is the remaining element. and i currently have a very lucrative opertunity to work directly with wind.

    wonder what happens if i complete work with all 4 elements?

    hmmm. thanks for answering my question.

    time to get.

    swans on the lake today up in the mountains. i have never seen swans here. but there is 8 swans on the lake infront of me.

  7. “One week to Taiwan Elections: Apparently, their voters aren’t any smarter than ours as Laundry balls handed out by Taiwan election campaign mistaken for sweets.”

    that is just One reason why those don’t come into our home..

  8. “A swan has often been seen as a symbol of wisdom and includes awakening the power of self, balance, grace, inner beauty, innocence, self-esteem, seeing into the future, understanding spiritual, evolution, developing intuitive abilities, grace in dealing with others and commitment”

    × 8.

  9. “The other happens tonight at the Masonic Lodge in Wenatchee, WA where G2 becomes a Master Mason.
    I’ve never gotten involved (being too wrapped up in the conduct of my own life and personal research). But it’s a worthy group of men and Eastern Star also does good things.”

    congratulations to G2…. I have always been to busy working to get involved.. but from having a long history of family that were involved.. I don’t buy the conspiracy theories of it.. my grandfather was in the masonic order of the templar knights.. complete with an apron and a pirates feather hat.. LOL LOL..
    I don’t tell anyone in the family.. they will want it.. but I have his templar knight sword LOL LOL LOL and acquired a feather hat.. one day I will have a display made for it to hang on the wall.. my son in law wants the templar sword.. it is one pretty piece of metal.. right now it is locked up so the kids won’t do what I did to the feather pirates hat and destroy it. LOL .. I have one of his level medals to..
    back in the day that is how people entertained.. they joined the lodge.. my grandparents were members of many lodges.. and they did a ton of good stuff for the community.. I am a huge fan of the shriners and their hospital..
    today we have cable.. back then you had the lodge..
    that is a new one.. the one I have of my grandfathers is older than I am.. I use to think it was from the civil war.. but then found that it is the masonic order..

  10. you probably wont believe this. but when i was in palm desert, right before covid shut downs, i was at the 99 cents store and i bought a rug to set out where i sat and meditated.

    it was a map of the world. it had a great kingdom on one corner with a castle and angels flying around it. a boat with 3 sails leaving it, and a dotted line that showed its path to an island with a beautiful blonde princess, another island with a treasure on it and a pirate boat by it, and the dotted line showed a dragon and at another point a giant shark.

    ive seen all these things occure in the last 46 months.

    i even found a megaladone tooth.

    remember when i was a judge for rock and roll pro dance team. 60 try outs. so many beautiful women. the place the try outs were held was a massive bar/dance clu and its entire theme was pirates.

    that was fun. nothing like hanging out in the dressing room with 60 beautiful fit women getting suited up to try out for a pro dance team. and your one of the judges.


    this was my favorite girl.


    her name is acrually Seven. that is her real name. her dad named her a number. we had some really fun times. as you can imagine. after she made the team. i didnt do anything with any of them before the team was picked.

    not many women have an ass like that in leather pants. hahah. good times.

    i do find it interesting a 99 cent map at a dollar store revealed the nature of the future.

    pretty cool.

    okay i have said enough. goinf to hang out with 8 swans and enjoy the day.

    • Gave your link a try and gotta “no such animal”. Pls advise, sounds like we’re all missing something stimulating.

  11. the problem with the muslims and ms13 gangs etc. etc. coming accross the boarder is

    they live and wage war by the no quater rule.

    no quater rule means,
    means refusing to spare the life of anybody, even of persons manifestly unable to defend themselves or who clearly express their intention to surrender

    which we also recognize by Israels actions, who also impliment the no quater rule.

    and by international law, the no quater rule is the most extreme violation of Human Rights.

    the muslim religion clearly states, if you dont convert, you will be forced into slavery or death.

    now im not anti jew. i know lots of good people who are jewish.

    but time and time again through out history, even in their own scriptures the Torah and the Talmud it clearly gives record, That God gives Israel over to its enemies because of waging war by the no quater rule.

    on the topic of future leaks,

    george, you mentioned my preminition about leaving LA before a nuke went off, yesterday. which is recorded on here on October 3rd. in the comment section.

    i watched a movie on Hulu a couple days ago called The Creator. its about war started by A.I. between A.I and Humans.

    in the movie,
    the war starts with a Nuke going off in L.A. by A.I.

    really good movie.

    in the movie there is good A.I and Bad A.I. and the fear of A.I. being the next evelutionary leap of “life”. making the way for Humans to eventually go the way of the cromagna man.

    when i see stuff like this, same as J.C. after the preminition its like a confirmation. what back in the day all us “Time Monks” called a ‘sync wink from the universe.’


    i wont detract from Ure work and discussion any further with my stuff.

    just a few odd notes to fill in the gaps. a few puzzel peices in the 2500 piece puzzle, picture of the future.

    • Gregory Benford wrote a series of Sci-Fi books… the ‘Galactic Center’ series, where mankind begins exploring space and finds it predominantly occupied by ‘Mechs’… artificial intelligence robotic creatures who are bent on destroying carbon-based life. The Mechs, of course, believe that they naturally evolved and should inherit the universe. Scary stuff, that could possibly be true.

    • “george, you mentioned my preminition about leaving LA before a nuke went off, yesterday. which is recorded on here on October 3rd. in the comment section.”

      Panic in Year Zero
      Directed by Ray Milland • 1962 • United States
      Starring Ray Milland, Jean Hagen, Frankie Avalon

      Effectively produced on a shoestring by legendary exploitation studio American International Pictures, this atomic-age nightmare stands as one of the bleakest and most sobering of the Cold War–era disaster thrillers. Ray Milland (who also directed) stars as Harry Baldwin, a Los Angeles father who, just as he sets out on vacation with his family, learns that the city has been hit by a nuclear attack. Retreating into the mountains, Harry does everything he can to keep his family alive—while trying to resist the paranoid frenzy consuming his fellow citizens.


  12. https://www.gorillacanning.com/product-page/gorilla-one?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkeSsBhDUARIsAK3tiefrBiRji_wNwqxVDSs4pQDpvvEkYzyKgq88L5reIAMnpRy2YtkIY0kaAsNfEALw_wcB

    anyone interested in making and canning their own beer or water.. I get the clear PET plastic cans to bottle water..I like mine with a slice of lemmon…
    then the other place is

    love both of those companies..
    nowadays I do retort canning..
    give thom a call he’s a great guy and will help in anyway he can

  13. Congrats to G2 and you George. He gets it from somewhere they say…….I think.
    I’m proud of all my children even if Pride is one the 7 deadlies. Daughter #2 after a rocky start in HS had me believing she would end up pregnant, on drugs, incarcerated, or at least living in a trailer house down by the river but she fooled me. Graduated HS then college with 2 degrees, finance, and Biology, Nursing school, then a Masters in Nursing Management, married, 5 children, running a farm with her husband all before she was 30. The other 3 are equally successful. I think we’re going to be ok after all.
    Stay safe. 73

  14. You could subtitle this “Chase tries to kick the can down the road 5 years…?:


    “as of November, median home prices stood at $409,000—16% higher than before Covid.”

    Out of Work Steve- resources and a safer location are the only reasons I see to make a move right now. If you have a move to a better, but cheaper property lined up, then you can put the cash into infrastructure. Staying in a cash home with a clear title beats any spec move on credit.

    Andy- The house I live in started as a vacation home intended for retirement. It became my place of both refuge and opportunity. The little covered trailer I used for evacuations and to chase work still resides in my garage, ready to roll. I have never had that big score in life, just a little series of successes that I have held onto, in between the bad, which there has been plenty of. I am glad you are doing look backs and look aheads. That is the exercise you must do to take full advantage of opportunities past, present and future. Planning and logistics they call it in paneled meeting rooms.

  15. “From Blowout To Fallout: What Will Happen To The 737 MAX Because Of Alaska Airlines’ AS1282?”

    Friday January 5, 2023 09:44

    Hello US Navy,

    1. This is a Freedom of Information Act request for
    software certification information for software used
    on Poseiden P-8A which crashed on November 20, 2023
    into Kaneohe Bay.

    2. c/c++ autopilot software technologies use
    Boeing 737/800 airplanes?

    c/c+ and Linux Mint apparent used in two 737 MAX
    airplanes which crashed.

    P-8A is a Navy version of the 737/800, we read on Internet.

    3. Reason for this FOIA Boeing hardware engineers’
    standards limited embedded controller software modules
    code length to no greater than one page for
    certification edibility.

    Certification definition:
    The action or process of providing someone or
    something with an official document attesting
    to a status or level of achievement.
    If the code modules are longer than one page,
    then they may be too complex for certification evaluation?

    Code length limitation can be traced to 1966
    and after the Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy
    publishes in 1980.

    4 Documents requested:
    A. Copy of the US document accepting delivery of the
    Vinson Kaneohe P-8A.

    B. Copies of Properties in Linux, Windrows or
    equivalent software development tools of all
    folders and files of Kaneohe P-8A software at
    time of delivery to the US Navy

    C. Copes names off all subroutines/procedures/ and
    main code along with certification
    documents for each whenever an update/upgrade is


    Copies of verified statement if no certification
    document exists.

    D. Copies of a verified count of miner of lines of code
    in each subroutine/procedure and in which
    computer language was each written whenever an
    update/upgrade is made.

    5. Copies of the Kaneohe Poseiden P-8A autopilot switch
    wiring diagrams.
    A Copies of Properties which contain name and size of
    all software subroutine/procedure/modules which have
    read access to the autopilot switch.

    a. Copies of all update/upgrades notifications to the
    Kaneohe Poseiden P-8A autopilot software.

    b. Copies of all update/upgrades software certification
    to the
    autopilot Kaneohe Poseiden Kaneohe Poseiden P-8A

    6. Please waive fees.

    Possible deployment of uncertified avionics software
    by the US Navy in its weapon systems irresponsible?

    This knowledge is in the public interest.

    7. Please send these documents within
    20 business days, as the statute requires.


    William Harris Payne
    Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy 1980 coauthor
    Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, retired
    13015 Calle de Sandias NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    87111 505-292-7037

  16. xongrats to G2.

    i have been asked a few times to join the masons. i declined, i prefer my personal journey.

    Good for him tho.

    i thought about what Dejedi knght said about locking it in, on vision boards, and i think its more important to have the key. so i made an adjustment and added a master key. master keys unlock all things.

    thank you for making me think. i like that.

  17. The VANILLA arts… for LOOB and others. It turns out that there is a vanilla production farm on Kauai, so it DOES grow here. Processing the beans is labor intensive done the old world way, described here:

    The folks on Kauai made some improvements as described here:
    OMG in the comments I learned there is a vanilla growers group on the east side of the Big Island… my territory. Hmm… more research needed. Maybe a ‘growers co-op’? Dammit LOOB! See what you have this clown thinking now?!

    Still easier to buy the beans. But now you know why they are so costly. One season’s beans are a year’s income in these poor countries. And they require constant care and monitoring by a master craftsman.

    Welcome to tropical Hawaii, where we grow coffee, Chocolate, and now Vanilla, too!

    • Dont forget to throw the scraped out Bean shells into Ure sugar bowl for vanilla flavored coffee. Son just spent past week at House in SE Pensyltucky due rotation in Delaware, closer to our House than his centercity digs. Anyway the quote this past week from the boy says it all..”whoever put the real vanilla beans in sugar…genuis move”

      Shout out Loob ! thx again, Sweety”.

  18. And I just found (and ordered) some Tahitian Vanilla. I guess that would be ‘French Vanilla’. LOL. So there’s another island crop. Looks promising for growth in Hawaii, in orchid country.

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