A Case for “Tactile Mathematics”

Strangely, the same Western Reductionist mindset that gave birth to computers and so much more, may have missed an interesting area of human behaviors that likely affecst markets. Due in part to how our number system is designed: Linear.

Today, after crumpets and bean, we shall elucidate how a study of pressure calibration reveals one one possible hole (or fallacy( in “scientific thinking.”

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10 thoughts on “A Case for “Tactile Mathematics””

  1. ” bad news for subscribers is that an extended slow-grow rally such as seems likely to come  will pose a terrible editorial issue.  How do you keep people excited about making money slowly?”

    To overcome boredom. Without giving financial advise but only “let’s see what happens based on this view of market & world conditions”. For example, publish the return of the 3x long & short S&P 500 ETF from the time of the bull or bear market call until the market scenario changes. And then start over. Readers will know both percentage situations for each ETF. More like a game to give subscribers an idea of what is happening in real dollar & cents, not just market averages. Market Averages are inheritanly boring. Real life investing is not.

    Also, since you don’t always follow your own non investment advice, you & readers will see what could have been in $$$.

    • CASH is being rapidly devalued under our noses, and the “stupid” populace doesn’t give a hoot. Sad, but TRUE.

      • :Like I said in the pre-open on PN this morning:
        “Dow futures up 125 with all this, but my sense is it’s far more powerful. I’m think 250 later on – it’s that good.” Almost wrote 350 but no on3e would have believed it. Yet, here we is…

  2. Didn’t the Milgram Experiment of the early 60’s have a much different inflection point exhibited by test subjects than researchers had anticipated? Perhaps the undesirable effects of Jekyll and Hyde human inflections upon markets is not simply an indicator tool. It’s the problem.

    Separate discussions have made mention that the greater proportion of market trades is now that of machines. Could pending quantum computers be the missing link to weeding out remaining constricting human hands in what could be a smooth-running engine of production. One could start to wonder if the bitcoiners are a current day Miligram Experiment running under our noses. Just plug the machine in and watch the money flow.

    • All this reliance on computer technology and the upcoming conversion to cryptocurrencies, and their connection to the grid, is making our economy and everyday living vulnerable to our enemies who know it will be the easiest way to cripple our nation. Is that progress? Sometimes old ways, however inefficient they were, at least didnt leave us so widely open to total chaos, should some small part go down. With robotics, AI, self driving cars and delivery vans and their reliance on the grid, what happens if theyre hacked? You know thats inevitable.The future gets creepier everyday. Peoples reliance on technology to even do simple math that we once did in our heads, is making humans weaker, not stronger.

  3. I have a t-shirt “Resistance is futile if < 1 ohm.” Both Star Trek NG and EE references.

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