A Borderline Psychology Project

This weekend, we venture out onto the bleeding edge of psychology. Why?  Chris McCleary, who runs the National Dream Center, a project we cobbled up in 2007 or ’08 is coming for a visit.

Since he has lots of degrees, we’ve got a project in mind that  is frankly mind-blowing.

We’ll go through it, after our usual litany of morning charts, news, and comment.  But then, get your seat belt ready – the short version is on podcast #5 over here – you’re going to need it.

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20 thoughts on “A Borderline Psychology Project”

    • You know the hierarchy, right? Old fire house story: Chiefs of Department make oversights. Battalion Chiefs make suboptimal decisions. Captains make tactical errors. Lieutenants make blunders while the rank and file combat firefighters are the only ones who really “f*ck up”. Navy and Army have similar positional ratings.
      This morning I made an oversight.

  1. George – this weekend I subscribed to the Farsight Channel specifically to watch ‘The Death Traps’. The theme rang true to me. While I cannot attest to knowing whether a death trap really exists to ‘wipe our memories’, it’s apparent that few people have a strong past lives memory. I certainly don’t recall any past lives. However, it should be apparent to most that we do live in a prison within our own minds. In my 60 plus years, I have witnessed lots of people who seem to want to live very limited lives obsessed with things like anger, fear, sex, substance abuse, etc.

    So, what to do? Well, we now have an ‘internet’ or what I would call a tool of ‘global consciousness’ which allows us to tap the knowledge, wisdom, and ideas of billions of people. Your site is part of this growing consciousness and empowerment. I think we are only limited to the ideas and memes that we want to entertain. It’s time for many humans (if they so desire) to put on the big boy and big girl pants and assume responsibility for their evolution OR remain within the meme of the Prison Planet. As Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute repeats in ‘The Death Traps’, there is no cavalry coming to save us. Tools: lots of them – to name a few: ‘Science’, ‘High Magic’ (I will call this advanced science), meditation, reverse and anti-aging, and I could go on and on. In fact, my life is devoted to one idea: evolve in every way, become immortal, and manifest whatever I desire. Big plan but can be done. Why? Because humans are here to manifest their ideas – you choose – Prison Planet or Garden of Eden.

  2. “In which case, gold and oil (and food) should be screaming higher. (*I am aiming for $3,000 an ounce for my “lone gold round.”)” And if our 1 lone silver round goes to its equivalent 15/1 we should see $450 for it. It might even buy a loaf of bread down the line!

      • Maybe not go so far to get a burger.. I believe you could possibly get a bologna sandwich though in Argentina.. maybe a cup of coffee..

    • Food & water are your best currencies in a depression. Can be used to create a Black Market for trading. Gold & Silver had no special place in the 1929 depression. Will Bitcoin. I am warming up to Bitcoin more & more, especially now that I finally learned how to buy it. Why not, everything else is out of control.

  3. On past lives…I think it’s much more simple than that. Have you ever wondered how dogs have an inherited instinct. For example…Herding breeds are born with an instinctive tendency to herd. But because most contemporary herding dogs live as companion animals, not workers, they may never come in contact with a flock of sheep or cattle to be driven. Your own herding dog’s impulse to “round-up” might pop up when he nudges you toward the feeding dish or pushes the cats away from his favorite napping spot. But for centuries, the sole purpose of a Border collie was to assist in the herding of sheep and cattle. When society changed form agrarian to industrial… it’s instincts of herding were not needed on a daily business, and they became domesticated…but the instinct, while less frequent is still inbred in them to perform in other ways. Also, birds abilities to engineer nests based on their environment is another handed down skill.

    I have always believed, but can’t prove that humans have similar handed down skills, but society sometimes waters down the skill based on social environment, political and even religious suppression over generations…but the skill still exists in our handed down DNA of past generations of our ancestors. And in a dream, a moment of panic, or a session of extreme meditation, the skill is reunited in the brain cycle and we are able to access that moment in our generational past.

    I have always wondered if people in power have had a history of ancestral lineage that were also in power…the same with criminals, athletes, musicians etc. Is the phrase the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree more applicable than just a saying?

    Occums Razor would apply here. It is more reasonable to ascertain that good old fashioned biology in the form of ancestral DNA is at play here than the theory of an ethereal past lives. Is part of our parents and generations of their parents and their parents experiences and skills from their brains in our brain? This spawn so many other questions… Is having children to early in life a deterrent for passing down that knowledge? Do children of older, wiser parents ensure a wiser child?

    This is a long discussion, but one worth Chris McCleary’s attention. We do know that physical traits are handed down. Why not mental traits as well. This is including regressing in our minds to tap into our past biological ancestors.

    • I have not argument with the traits notion, but it falls short of explaining the savant and prodigies able to speak languages never heard or play instruments or do adult math never encountered.
      Dog’s don’t wake up playing Mozart or speaking odd (dead, though no pun intended) languages.
      That’s why it should be a fascinating couples of days a podcast!

      • Maybe the so called savants had Biological ancestors that had that particular musical skill or lived a country that was the language said savant was uttering. Their brain or their own mindset hacked into those ancestral skills. We have large brain capacity that we don’t utilize. Maybe a big part of that is storage. We have stored files from past biological ancestors that Hectic daily life blocks from Accessing. Meditation, focus or maybe even psychedelics may help unlock those. Again. It’s an Occums Razor answer to a long standing mystery

    • My recent book, Warriors Return, addresses warriors skills and experiences passed down from ancestors through lucid dreaming. My authors artistic license has a present day retired engineer using AI based brain wave analysis to capture full color, videos of lucid dreams.
      The story is fiction, but…

    • Mark
      If you want to see herding instinct in action, get in front of a German Shepard with a yellow tennis ball. Throw and tell her to go get the “Baby Chicken.”
      Then get ready to get your arm worked out real good.
      Same for Aussie Shepards, Border Collies, etc.
      That Fetching is the herding.
      The 30 minute a day walk is following the herd.
      Its built in and if you deny it the result is chewed up fences.
      I had two 4-5 Lb. Poodles when the kids were small. When they were teacup sized pups they would shake an old sock so fast their head ears and the sock were a blur, that sounded like a flushing covey of quail.
      Who taught them that I wondered? Not their momma.
      I realized what instinct that was when I was out walking once and saw a stray rush catch and shake a squirrel like that. Squirrel was as limp as one of the sock when it was over. It is amazing the tool kit that is built in the animals around us.
      I think we just don’t contemplate the tools they have, or that we has either.

  4. George, interesting podcast this morning about Alzheimer’s as I have friends that are suffering with this. Bad stuff so I started looking around and located this guy -https://www.drperlmutter.com/about/bio/
    A lot of info here and when tied to other Docs seems to make some sense in lowering your odds of dementia. I do not believe ALL that I read or hear. Trust, but verify!

    A lot can be accomplished without meds, but the person attempting to get better needs to work at it. Can diet help? I think so. My Lady and I are both med free and she is your age.

    This mornings BP was 116/70 and a pulse of 64. Not bad for someone over 75? Might have a tot or two of a good rum as a reward.


  5. Hello George, Just a few minutes past 12 Noon here in Tucson. Maybe, this short cut could help you in your work. Book: How to Read the AKASHIC RECORDS Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey. by Linda Howe. Published 2010 by Sounds True, Boulder Colorado.

    It is an excellent book, practical, with excellent spiritual exercises to tap your own records directly. It is a true ‘how to book’. When you look at your own records, you get to see it all.
    That is your individual lives while incarnated as well as between lives. You can go where hypnosis and regression will not take you. Good luck with your project.

  6. From the Podcast: Get a Slice retractable ceramic knife for opening packages & boxes. My wife loves ours, not as scary as a knife. Elaine will thank you. Also, to free up time, put the other woo woo stuff on a shelf & concentrate on time travel ( don’t electrocute yourself). Charts are most important to PN because of the amount of money involved. It has been an unbelievable run, but everything comes to an end eventually.


  7. If you always keep yourself open to the possibility of “a moment of perfect beauty” — which takes effort and deliberate self-awareness–then you will experience such a Magic Moment nearly every single day, and sometimes (rarely) several times in one day.

    It is both easy and hard at the same time. But it’s worth it.

    Sometimes these are short — a moment to a minute. Some last a bit longer. Once you notice and “collect” one, you’ll have more.

    A busy, noisy mind will not manage this. The mind must be quiet, and not being bombarded by Media and surrounding jangling activity.

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