Thanks for all the reader comments and I wanted to post an updated photo because the one from the underside of our plane this morning was not very good (NASA-like, lol).

Here’s a much clearer picture that I took with some landmarks..  This is laying on a creeper on my back under the attachment where the right wing (left side of picture) means the lower fuselage of the plane (far right):  The hole is shown in the enlarged inset… and that tube which is hanging down is the right fuel tank overflow tube.


O n the financial front, unless we find any structural impacts, the holes will be a $300 repair bill (roughly).

On the legal side, the FBI folks in Dallas are a pleasure to deal with, as is the local Palestine Police Department.  Unfortunately, both say there’s about zero chance of apprehending anyone because there are 42 landings and take offs over something like 5,500 miles.

Current speculation is semi auto 22 in the pattern (1,000 feet AGL or less) and likely on approach or departure.  But I wanted to share a more detailed picture.  It’s likely to be shotgun pellets because there are no holes further out the wings and the pattern is not circular as you’d expect from a shotgun.

imageThe reason for the high confidence that it wasn’t there on 5/22/15 is the mechanic, as part of the annual inspection, has to disassemble and inspect the flat adjustment rod.  So he would cause caught the hold at that time.  As for the other 8?  some look like drain holes but you can see the difference.  The drain holes are larger and regular:  Here’s one drain and two “unfriendlies”

As I mentioned this morning, we will not be posting any of our flight details in advance now.

And we will go into cloaked mode on  publicly available flight tracking systems.

It may take some of the follow along on our adventures out of things, but at least we may be able to improve our odds of getting where we are going.

Well, so much for combat flying in America…back to making sense of markets… Landry tomorrow on Peoplenomics…


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