7-Billion Ants and One Gorilla

image(Shreveport, LA.)  Fed Day and Experiment time!  This morning we have a nice, short, to the point column.  Not one of those 3-thousand word diatribes that you go around all day wondering “Gee, what was Ure getting at?

No sir, none of that for us.

Being just a few hours ahead of the rate announcement by the Fed – one which should parallel the moves done prior to the Great Crash in 1929, we will briefly hover over the problem described in our headline this morning…with some additional discussion about where the markets could go from here.

However, if currently rolling economic stories are any indication, this will be a day when the real “blaming of the Fed” and/or “blaming of Obama” gets going in earnest….
Oh!  The experiment:  We will also discuss an “Experiment with Luck” that needs a casino (got one handy here) and a Fed Decision and a cell phone to be carried out…

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1 thought on “7-Billion Ants and One Gorilla”

  1. What the hell is a “buddy whip”? Sounds like something one might find in a leather bar. Did you perhaps mean “buggy whip”, a light whip used when driving a horse & buggy (a type of light carriage)?

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