Cool summer comin’ seems to us.  NOAA Solar Cycle Progression hints that way:  The Sun’s output has gone into sleep mode.  As it cools, sunspots stop happening as often.  Guess what?

There has already been some discussion in the scientific community about…

(Continues below)


…the possibility of another Maunder Minimum.

So not only is the sun going to sleep, but a good deal of “man-caused climate change” has been outed as shear statistical falsehood recently when actual NOAA weather records from decades past were compared with modern times (and it was shown the old data was adjusted down to building the warming narrative, but we now face the possibility suggested by Robert Felix in his 1999 book “Not by Fire but by Ice: Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs…and Why It Could Soon Kill Us.”

We note that while the “UN food agency urges ‘agroecology’ to fight famine,” that doesn’t grow anything.  You can’t talk tummies full.

Oh, sure, the (easily distracted and highly agendized) mainstream media do cover the topic now and then, but we see Solar Cycle Progression as the key data driving our future.  But instead, we see news summaries like “Syria, North Korea, ‘Mean Girls’: Your Monday Briefing.”

Reality Check:

Let’s assume you visit UrbanSurvival for a little deeper-thinking than the webmaze of crap.

Ask which news is most important (and actionable) personally:  Getting set for famine (and the running out of resources in general), or worrying about:

  • A war in Syria which is likely driven by oil and gas pipeline plans, defense spending, and spheres of influence that you or I can do nothing about,  Or…
  • North Korea talks which will likely be held because they don’t want to be bombed back into the stone age.  But again, it doesn’t matter to your, or me, since forces no longer responsive to the electorate are running the show.  (You know, politically accountability ends on election day, right?).  Or…
  • A 2004 movie adapted as comedy and opening on Broadway which is (driving) 1,549.7 miles from here, plus or minus a pee stop.

Point is, in our world (reality) There are steps we can take every day to work on the coming global food crisis if the Sun does indeed stay blinked out as it did with the Maunder Minimum.  Which matters because?

“The Maunder Minimum roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced colder than average temperatures. Whether there is a causal relationship, however, is still controversial.[13] Research at the Technical University of Denmark and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked large solar eruptions to changes in the Earth’s cloud cover and clouds are known to affect global temperatures.[14] The current best hypothesis for the cause of the Little Ice Age is that it was the result of volcanic action.[15][16] The onset of the Little Ice Age also occurred well before the beginning of the Maunder minimum.”

We noted temperatures here this weekend into the mid 30’s.  While climate bull-sh*tters (with their jiggered-data and wet dreams of a global climate tax are hyping the daylights out of “has to get cold to get hot” (and other pap), we defer to the BBC headline:  “Big increase in Antarctic snowfall.”

Shoot-damn, there goes the narrative.  But we can still salvage it.  All we need is millions more in grant money (which will only be doled out ONLY to scientists who support “climate change” – and we’ll see the Global Panic Tax, yet.

DMR Rolls On

Short for Digital Mob Rule.

Facebook, Twitter, and generally ALL social media, in our view, have been (possibly illegally) manipulating the politics of America down the “victim” “#metoo” and all the rest of the runaway narcissism path.

Any of these social moguls have backup citizenship in other countries, by chance?  With enough dough, you can be a citizen of almost anywhere.

Inciting Mob Rule?  Howzat work?  Easy!

This is done by silencing opposition.  Go read the story of how censorship and DIGITAL MOB RULE was promoted by Social(ista) Media:  “‘Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk.”

As Facebook sends out first notices this week to 87-million users who may have been scraped, there’s a report the outfit could face record fines.  Couldn’t happen to a….

Not to gloat about calling it right in our December 14, 2013 Peoplenomics piece ” As we look ahead, we’re troubled by the increasing number of “time-circular” business plans emergent in social media” But….

If you haven’t figured it out yet:  Facebook uses the same basic marketing plan as crack and heroin dealers.  Give it away FREE until everyone is hooked.  Then charge up the ying-yang and watch crime soar.

Crime in social?  Mean like scraping and personal information collection?  Government getting data?  See the data here.

If you aren’t following, find a dumber website…something you can grasp.

That and the marketing of alternative lifestyles…to kids. Another outcome from Digital Mob Rule.  Look here for an example, lol.


The Mob is Digital!!!  Run for your sanity!

The Week Ahead

The Boring Bounce today.  Futures are up.

Producer prices and small business optimism tomorrow.

Wednesday consumer prices.  Import – Export data Thursday and some retailers report.

Friday, consumer sentiment…but we all know it’s not too bad just from looking at the Help Wanted ads.

Outlaw Cutlery!

I’ve joked about registering cutlery in the distant past…it’s where DMR has to go after attacking guns.  But here we go:  “London’s Mayor Declares Intense New ‘Knife Control’ Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings.

Stand by for registration of baseball bats and a 24-hour wait at Tractor Supply to be cleared to buy short lengths of chain.

Digital Mob Rule!  “To the Clickercades, comrades!”

Peoplenomics Reader Note:

China eyes Yuan devaluation as tool in trade war.”

But, as we suggested recently, they could go the other way and lead a global de facto devaluation of the US dollar.  With our trade imbalance, we would very quickly spend ourselves in hyperinflation.

That’s it!

Off to work on my next book and run vacuum hose in the shop.  If it ever warms up from all this “climate change.”

Moron the ‘morrow, then….  Dow futures up 150… but both our “best case” model (replaying the left side run-up of 1929 and the “worse case” (in collapse now, just not feeling it hard, yet) argue that today should be a net negative for the market.  4% down in the historic line-up, so look for real big BAD NEWS as a possibility in mid-session today.

I might go short after the “amateur hour” runs things up a ways… TTFN.