Global Whating?

Cool summer comin’ seems to us.  NOAA Solar Cycle Progression hints that way:  The Sun’s output has gone into sleep mode.  As it cools, sunspots stop happening as often.  Guess what?

There has already been some discussion in the scientific community about…

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…the possibility of another Maunder Minimum.

So not only is the sun going to sleep, but a good deal of “man-caused climate change” has been outed as shear statistical falsehood recently when actual NOAA weather records from decades past were compared with modern times (and it was shown the old data was adjusted down to building the warming narrative, but we now face the possibility suggested by Robert Felix in his 1999 book “Not by Fire but by Ice: Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs…and Why It Could Soon Kill Us.”

We note that while the “UN food agency urges ‘agroecology’ to fight famine,” that doesn’t grow anything.  You can’t talk tummies full.

Oh, sure, the (easily distracted and highly agendized) mainstream media do cover the topic now and then, but we see Solar Cycle Progression as the key data driving our future.  But instead, we see news summaries like “Syria, North Korea, ‘Mean Girls’: Your Monday Briefing.”

Reality Check:

Let’s assume you visit UrbanSurvival for a little deeper-thinking than the webmaze of crap.

Ask which news is most important (and actionable) personally:  Getting set for famine (and the running out of resources in general), or worrying about:

  • A war in Syria which is likely driven by oil and gas pipeline plans, defense spending, and spheres of influence that you or I can do nothing about,  Or…
  • North Korea talks which will likely be held because they don’t want to be bombed back into the stone age.  But again, it doesn’t matter to your, or me, since forces no longer responsive to the electorate are running the show.  (You know, politically accountability ends on election day, right?).  Or…
  • A 2004 movie adapted as comedy and opening on Broadway which is (driving) 1,549.7 miles from here, plus or minus a pee stop.

Point is, in our world (reality) There are steps we can take every day to work on the coming global food crisis if the Sun does indeed stay blinked out as it did with the Maunder Minimum.  Which matters because?

“The Maunder Minimum roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced colder than average temperatures. Whether there is a causal relationship, however, is still controversial.[13] Research at the Technical University of Denmark and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked large solar eruptions to changes in the Earth’s cloud cover and clouds are known to affect global temperatures.[14] The current best hypothesis for the cause of the Little Ice Age is that it was the result of volcanic action.[15][16] The onset of the Little Ice Age also occurred well before the beginning of the Maunder minimum.”

We noted temperatures here this weekend into the mid 30’s.  While climate bull-sh*tters (with their jiggered-data and wet dreams of a global climate tax are hyping the daylights out of “has to get cold to get hot” (and other pap), we defer to the BBC headline:  “Big increase in Antarctic snowfall.”

Shoot-damn, there goes the narrative.  But we can still salvage it.  All we need is millions more in grant money (which will only be doled out ONLY to scientists who support “climate change” – and we’ll see the Global Panic Tax, yet.

DMR Rolls On

Short for Digital Mob Rule.

Facebook, Twitter, and generally ALL social media, in our view, have been (possibly illegally) manipulating the politics of America down the “victim” “#metoo” and all the rest of the runaway narcissism path.

Any of these social moguls have backup citizenship in other countries, by chance?  With enough dough, you can be a citizen of almost anywhere.

Inciting Mob Rule?  Howzat work?  Easy!

This is done by silencing opposition.  Go read the story of how censorship and DIGITAL MOB RULE was promoted by Social(ista) Media:  “‘Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk.”

As Facebook sends out first notices this week to 87-million users who may have been scraped, there’s a report the outfit could face record fines.  Couldn’t happen to a….

Not to gloat about calling it right in our December 14, 2013 Peoplenomics piece ” As we look ahead, we’re troubled by the increasing number of “time-circular” business plans emergent in social media” But….

If you haven’t figured it out yet:  Facebook uses the same basic marketing plan as crack and heroin dealers.  Give it away FREE until everyone is hooked.  Then charge up the ying-yang and watch crime soar.

Crime in social?  Mean like scraping and personal information collection?  Government getting data?  See the data here.

If you aren’t following, find a dumber website…something you can grasp.

That and the marketing of alternative lifestyles…to kids. Another outcome from Digital Mob Rule.  Look here for an example, lol.


The Mob is Digital!!!  Run for your sanity!

The Week Ahead

The Boring Bounce today.  Futures are up.

Producer prices and small business optimism tomorrow.

Wednesday consumer prices.  Import – Export data Thursday and some retailers report.

Friday, consumer sentiment…but we all know it’s not too bad just from looking at the Help Wanted ads.

Outlaw Cutlery!

I’ve joked about registering cutlery in the distant past…it’s where DMR has to go after attacking guns.  But here we go:  “London’s Mayor Declares Intense New ‘Knife Control’ Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings.

Stand by for registration of baseball bats and a 24-hour wait at Tractor Supply to be cleared to buy short lengths of chain.

Digital Mob Rule!  “To the Clickercades, comrades!”

Peoplenomics Reader Note:

China eyes Yuan devaluation as tool in trade war.”

But, as we suggested recently, they could go the other way and lead a global de facto devaluation of the US dollar.  With our trade imbalance, we would very quickly spend ourselves in hyperinflation.

That’s it!

Off to work on my next book and run vacuum hose in the shop.  If it ever warms up from all this “climate change.”

Moron the ‘morrow, then….  Dow futures up 150… but both our “best case” model (replaying the left side run-up of 1929 and the “worse case” (in collapse now, just not feeling it hard, yet) argue that today should be a net negative for the market.  4% down in the historic line-up, so look for real big BAD NEWS as a possibility in mid-session today.

I might go short after the “amateur hour” runs things up a ways… TTFN.

38 thoughts on “Global Whating?”

  1. “Shoot-damn, there goes the narrative”

    Actually the BBC explains it as a result of ‘global warming’ : warmer air holds more water, hence can dump more precipitation…

    • If you look into the details of the Maunder minimum, the worst effects in Europe were wetter weather during the growing season which impacted crop production. There was a continient wide shift away from wheat to other crops due to lowered yields. Except in France, which caused the famines leading up to the revolution.

  2. he signs are all there.. global warming or Climate change causes ice ages and much much more.

    is it worth the chance that they are wrong..
    Now.. my opinion is we waited to long. just like the economy we have to let the correction happen. the good news is it will by our kids and grandkids that will experience the most of both. the worst we can see is lack of food and depends that cost fifty grand a piece.

  3. Vacuum hose for wood dust collection? Taking anti-static precautions yes? Please don’t blow yourself up, too many of us rely on you for our daily dose of sanity.

  4. Hi, George,

    We here in New Mexico are experiencing a serious drought, one that is very close to bordering on extreme. The winter produced a few inches of snow only, not the several feet that we normally receive. We have had no measurable rain here since last October. The storms these past months continue to skip over us on their way eastward. Our weather has been the usual cold, dry, and very windy for months. I have read about lots of rain pouring in the northwest and in the entire eastern half of the US, but not here. Our monsoon rains occur in July and August, but I certainly hope that we get some rain before then. Our fire season is already upon us, and it is only April. Sanctions are being discussed and will likely soon be enacted, like no open fires, no campfires, and no smoking in the unincorporated areas of the county.

    Last year we received a lot of spring rain, and it was green here like no one has seen in many, many years. Temperatures then soared in mid June to 105 degrees F in Albuquerque and cooled down after a week or so. You mentioned that we are to expect a cooler summer, due to the sun’s conditions that have been observed. I read years ago the books you mentioned,”Not by Fire but by Ice” and “One Second After”, which are quite interesting to read and very thought provoking. We shall see. Thanks.

    • One thing linking your report and George’s is that cold places are dry places.
      If you look at an engineers “psycometric” (sp?) or humidity chart, what you see is every 30 degrees F is roughly an order of magnitude of water in the air in grthis iains. At90 F water holds 100 grams. At 60 its 10. And at 30 its 1 grain.

      Antarctica is supposedly one of the driest places on earth.

      • these boys are awesome..hope some of their research helps with that.. and yes.and yes I believe climate change is very real. you wouldn’t have one hundred plus of the worlds most prestigious science institutes whose scientific credentials that depend on their research basing their opinions on facts to submit anything but what they have found and suspect.I personally believe that anyone that thinks seven billion plus people and their actions don’t have any affect are not looking at the facts. I also don’t think it is totally our fault just that we sped up the natural process and if we were to do anything we should have done it years ago. which is why I think the georgia guidestones is pretty much right on. the earth is already at the point where it cannot produce enough food for its inhabitants. through history there has been shifts where one geological position changes making another the sweet spot so to speak for growing the crops needed, what we have done is outgrew our own existence. what we should have been doing is promoting green growth. don’t give up the expansion but making it a green one instead of concrete one. those ideas were tossed out because of money the cost wasn’t justifiable and won’t be till existence depends on it..
        you see the idea. instead of a concrete medians put a green one instead of poles put trees or solar a group that looks for ideas to be made there was one for lowering co2 of cities I submitted a proposal that cities put in co2 filters like trees on each light pole. cheap to build attachable with a chance for a new industry replacement filters. the power cost nil using the old solar chimney method. I still look for it to happen. ( most of the idea’s I had submitted end up showing up later on. the old bonk your head on a problem method.)

        I believe antartica is one of the driest spots on the planet.
        I could go on for days with different research.. its all there if you pay attention. Just look at the migration of plants. plants aren’t stupid. or the migration of animals.. they follow the climate for their existence. the same thing for solar panels.. ever curious what angle you should have for your location.. check out the canopy.. it doesn’t lie

      • I also made the suggestion that they spray an inert material into the upper atmosphere to filter out co2.. heck water would do it.. I entered a contest for that one.. our friend Al and the guy whose high flying balloon I worked on had the contest.. I decided to submit to that one the day I was listening to some of the ideas.. fling mirrors into space so the suns rays can be sent back LOL LOL almost lost it on that one. coffee squirting through the nose type LOL.. the other one was put a carbon fiber strand to the space station and then run a coffee filter up and down LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LMAO.. I figured if I couldn’t come up with anything better than a damn coffee filter or flinging mirrors it was pretty sad day..
        I think I submitted what ten or twenty ideas.. some of which I see working now.. of course like most of them I didn’t even get a cup of coffee out of it.. but .. I submitted an idea to a coffee company once.. didn’t hear back but one day there was about two years of the very product I had suggested on my doorstep no note just a few cases of it sitting there.. ( that was a nice thank you in my book ) I actually get mail for idea’s.. some good some bad.. its fun.. I quit submitting because I never hear back just see the idea I came up with show up one day.. except from the coffee company and the group with the oil spill a while back. they were nice to.
        and of course my friends at a colleges where we banter back and forth..

  5. Our true core enemy are the World Mafia Tribe who own the central banks of the world. China is just their current darling, to do havoc on the USA. Their darling Israel is doing it’s part also, to drain the US. You just have to look at how much money has drained into wars in the middle east, for the sake of you know who. We are just pawns in their game.

  6. As to the London Knife problem…
    I see where murders in London exceeded New York. This is a recent spike in London. What else is recent that would explain the increase? Could it be related to the influx of immigrants of the Arab persuasion?

  7. Is anyone surprised that the same synagogue of satan that owns and controls out corrupt media and tv , are also gonna use their control and corruption to use social media as a platform to brainwash society ? The question is this ? WHO, CAN STOP THEM ?
    As long as society embrace these corrupt venues of nepotism and brainwashing, then society will continue to become more brainwashed.

    Perhaps the only limited way to stop this trend { for a short time at least} would be for the sun to send a EMP strong enough to knock out these forms of brainwashing communications. But even that is temporary and has negative consequences.

    No, the best scenario is for all of society to stop paying for and being willing puppets of this brainwashing entourage. Get rid of all tvs, radio, stay off of all large scale social media platforms that are proven to be corrupt venues of TPTB.

    Unfortunately the masses of society can never accomplish this. They are addicted to the brainwashing venues in a similar way they are addicted to eating a unhealthy diet that ensures they will be morbidly obese, have diabetes and heart disease.

    We are the lab rats of earth and dont even realize it.

    • I think you have to look at it through different eyes than those colored by religiosity.
      The real problem is one of business models. We see other religions (historically, Vatican) that have had military relationships with what would today be thugs. Thuggee or tuggee is Hindi in origin – so this alliance between a particular criminal group is historically just an “other side” to the good a religion of cultural had done. It’s a dance. Moreover, it’s a floating business model. People attack synagogues, mosques, churches, when in fact, they should be rethinking the business models that support such institutions they don’t like – and then vote with their wallets.
      Over time, the influence of the religions has waned. Such that today, there’s a carnivorous globalist5 cabel that honestly has attracted the extreme business model operators from all corners of the Earth…
      When the various “baiters” toss things out, I tend to look at the business models in collision and it keeps me sane. Take it for a test drive.

      • George, I agree about your business model comments which is driven largely by profits…BUT, we must also study the main religion of the powers in charge in todays realm . This 1 tribal groups owns and controls most of the powerful venues on earth…google, facebook, ebay, paypal, YouTube, Hollywood, tv programming, media, magazine publishing, newspapers, music publishing, fashion, modeling, amazon, fed reserve , etc . Heck, they even control the launch codes to Americas nuclear arsenal
        { that company is a Israeli company} . Now, when we look at all these facts of monopolism and nepotism and then we look at their TALMUD holy book which COMMANDS them, to deceive for their tribes own benefit, surely this is indicative of not only their business models, but their lack of morals, honesty, integrity and humanity. At one time in past history, the Vatican was the main entity that held these corrupted powers. This is no longer true in todays era.

      • No, I won’t bite. If you’re going to blame people, start instead with left-handed people.
        Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama. Lefties all.
        Point: In Italy you could blame Catholics for everything – but the predominant religion is what> Ditto the tribe of which you speak: They are dominant religion in some areas…and unlike the stupid white rap-imitators of urban scree…they hold to ancient values including study, investing, and hard work. The difference isn’t the religion, it’s that they hold to better values than the pop-a-cap-in-yo ass types.

      • And if Ure up 2 it, you could try this for a “test drive”…The quietest room in the world, a room in Minneapolis so quiet you can hear your internal organs operating, is famed for driving people to a point of such uneasiness from the utter lack of sound that nobody has remained inside it for more than 45 minutes.

        I lasted 31 minutes and for the next 13 days while bedridden for 14 hours of every 24, I was confronted with the realization that prior to my birth into this physical form, I existed as a over-the-road truck driver, performing the successful execution of shifting 13 speeds of “Peterbilt” 80,000 lb.transportation realitya

      • George, the Talmud clearly instructs its followers to deceive all other people who are not part of that powerful tribe. Ignore that at your own peril. How could anyone think that allowing this tribe of liars and usary, to become the mega power on earth, would be a great idea ? Now, compare that to the bible which declares lying, is wrong/ sinful.

      • That’s a common trait found in many religions. For example, as I read the Quaran, it’s OK to lie in any way to an infidelo (non-Muslim, disbelievers).
        Yarden Mariuma, sociologist at Columbia University, writes: “Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie
        So to single out one religion is at best myopic and at worst anti-semitic. Tne “non-partisan” view is to be skeptical of all religions…seeking the good in each (there is lots) and tossing the inquisitions, beheadings, and such.

    • The bible tells us we have to free their minds by Guillotine. There is no way around this as it’s been foretold.

      They talk about guns but the bible tells us they willingly walk into the Guillotine Chambers. Chop-chop.

    • Cool your jets . . . raving about something doesn’t strengthen your case. Hoping for an EMP?Think again, would bring for many – Ragnorock or ‘the second coming’ or maybe Siva (pardon my spelling!)

    • Dont be such an optimist Anon. Lmao!

      Just because you dont see those who are fighting back, doesn’t mean they arnt.

  8. We’ve had a glorious winter here, with mild temperatures and almost no snow. It was terrible for the snowpack, but great for actually being able to work on outside projects.

    I’m sure that will change some time in the next five years. I just hope for a comfortable summer. Global whatever will do whatever. I can’t change it, but I can harden my place to deal with it.

    The biggest bad news for anyone single is that by trying to equate child “trafficking” with regular prostitution and near passing a law making websites culpable for personal ads, the feds have shuttered backpage, craigslist, and many other sites. All without any warning! Now it’s damn difficult to even try to connect with a potential lifemate, or even a potential fling. That’s news that requires action, though what that action may be is still indeterminate.

  9. I don’t think about the global warming as much as I do the pollution that is caused by lack of regulations. In the Central Valley of California, for instance, they have the US’s highest asthma rate for children. The same goes for China, India and any country that is not a steward of their air quality. Forget about climate change…why aren’t we talking about pollution? That has serious health issues that are about as real as the health implications of cigarettes.

    On another note…you didn’t Mention Trump all of a sudden being tough on Russia with sanctions and expelling dozens of diplomats. My friends and I have a theory on that. Now that the Stormy Daniels and Karen Mcdougal saga has run its course with the media without any serious consequences for the President…whatever similar dirt Russia had on Trump that dated back to the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, may have been watered down. Trump, it seems can do no wrong. If Trump had tawdry group sexual encounters that the Russians have on tape, Trump may be confident enough now to basically tell the Russians…Bring it on!

    Which got us to thinking…did Trump want the Stormy Daniels and McDougal story to be out in the open? He never once commented on or denied the stories. He was eerily silent about them. If so…I give Trump points on resiliency. Now…I don’t condone his infidelity one bit…but, the fact that he has slithered out of this mess and now is able to deal with Russia on his terms…could be a good thing.

  10. Big increase in Antarctic snowfall is bad news. The Antarctic is so cold that moderate global warming will have little effect. But heating of the oceans will put more water vapor over Antarctica, which will precipitate out as snow. Simple physics.

  11. Matthew 16: 18 & 19 point that the one true church is the “Catholic Church” started by Peter by the authority of Jesus.

    MATTHEW 16: 18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    No matter what atrocites the world conjures up, it cannot destroy the Catholic Church. The Church is waiting to be joined with Jesus at the Second Coming.

    Last Supper Mark 14:24 And he said to them, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for MANY. Jesus died for all… but not all will be invited, only MANY.

  12. I have for years checked daily the sunspot number on We are putting up green houses this summer.

  13. Well George something is going on, our winters here in Western N.Y seem to be getting milder every year. and now they are calling for summer like conditions by mid April with the trees already starting to put out leaves.
    Meanwhile the swamp in Washington is getting deeper all the time, blaming Russia and China for the greed of our own business sector including the bankers,seems inflation is perking along a a fairly steady rate as every time you buy something the price is just a little higher,but then again that’s probably Putin’s fault after all we don’t accept the blame for anything, for its always someone fault but never our own,our 1% that is.!!!

  14. Frankly as a 67 year old Buddhist believing in reincarnation, I hope there is an apocalyptic 95 percent die off so when I come back there is some restoration of sanity and insulation from the madness. There’s nothing wrong that a massive pandemic or volcanic nuclear winter can’t solve. Those deep caves on Mt Shasta are still there!

    • Same reason I’ve been praying for asteroids off and on for years. You don’t have to be Buddhist to believe. People have ruined all but the most inaccessible and inhospitable areas on the planet. In our little piece of Heaven out here way too many moneyed people are starting to move Beverly Hills out to the Clampets. The opposite made for great comedy. This time it’s all tragedy.

  15. Thinking that the ‘stock market’ reflects our collective mind; Stupid to the nth degree! Why are we driving towards war? Do we really want to blow up ourselves? That means–YOU included! It doesn’t make sense any longer.

  16. We seem to be engaged in a world wide game of Liars Poker, No body seem to know how to win at it as it is all a lie.

  17. Taught 7th grade in the south in the late sixties. Most of the boys carried a pocket or Jack knife. They would pull them out and inspect each other’s knife, compare features, try to trade theirs for a better one, cut a string and may sit during playground and whittle on a stick.

    Never once did anyone think that someone was going to stab anyone. Now they want to call the police if a child draws a knife. Such horrors!

    The world has gone freaking nuts!

  18. “… down in the historic line-up, so look for real big BAD NEWS as a possibility in mid-session today. I might go short after the “amateur hour” runs things up a ways…”

    You’re good, and you have guts, JMHO ;-).
    May the power be with you, though I’ll wait for a close below the 200 period SMA.

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