How to Fix Hollywood

This morning we go through a review of what has gone wrong in Hollywood.  Long list.  And, as our contribution to “public service” we also offer some free consulting advice on how to fix what ails the silver screen crowd.

Except, in mid-report a mystery pops up and it leads to the underworld…

After charts and news bits, or course.  I mean, what’s the movies without having to sit through some “previews of coming attractions,’ right/

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15 thoughts on “How to Fix Hollywood”

  1. Honestly, the Bureau’s rotten tomato division may be awarding a high purity rating for that episode. One takes tincture of solace in the good newz’s of the day. For instance, a LV e-tailing subsidiary of one of the world’s richest people is paying for remembrance memorial costs of the tragedy’s victims. Good things flow from a HQ housed in a former civic seat abode discounted post-offer. Perhaps having a Washington-Chicago law firm with senior advisor to a past president helps write the script. One wonders what futures were diverted since high society obstructed a permanent union between Voltaire and Pimpette.

  2. Based on your 1929 chart, your US Aggregate Index could go over 30,000 before it tops out & crashes. That is a long way to go being short. Also, the inverse NASDAQ Index chart is not showing that the NASDAQ 100 is strong & the weakness is in the others. Appears remaining invested long is where the profits are.

      • My charts are showing a short-term top soon… mapped out, looks like a smaller version of 1987 with the CURRENT version of 1987 coming in 2021 or so.

        Bitcoin is rocking and rolling but I am looking for a top soon (not that I would short the damn thing). Looks like Wave THREE up is ending with 5 of THREE up fully extended.

        Looking through an old Prechter book, this rally in Bitcoin looks like that temp high in gold of around $200ish in the mid-Seventies. Gold then dropped 50% in an A-B-C crash before rocketing up to a final high of $850 in January 1980.

        Real estate? I think it is putting in or has already put in a giant B wave sucker’s high.

        da bear

  3. IMO the ‘Network’ is the world’s largest organized crime family so no stretch that they would subsume or team with mafioso style groups a la JFK assassination. Yep, it’s a helluva world we live in.

    • The good in this is that it brings us 1 day closer to the beginning of the 7 year tribulation period per Revelation. I don’t think George has factored the tribulation into his charts (or has he).

  4. How to fix Hollywood I don’t know if I’d want to fix Hollywood I mean they have been our entertainment since we were babies so I would say how Willie want the new Switcher program to help us in the future.

    The switcher program has been in existence and is used by all the major players in the computer industry but it’s not used in the local industry like for home computers the switcher program for instance can be used with your home solar as the powers that were become less influential in the power structure that you use
    Then the more you will use the switcher program
    For instance a lot of people have are onto the solar program where they put some solar panels up and sell the excess back to the power companies.
    But where the Swisher program comes in for the small guy is he can take a swisher inverter in the inverter has more than one Outlet let’s say it has 10 outlets on it.
    NH of the outlets is programmable in every way that you can imagine.
    So that at any given time between all 10 of the users systems that are using wattage answer volts from your system can be manipulated so that this system will be furnished first with electricity and then if there’s any excess electricity it will go to the next in line out of the 10 so it’s completely programmable and that’s what the AI artificial intelligence will do so.
    There will be a demand for new types of controllers and inverters in the Solar industry and that is one of them.

    • Second I know earlier this year I said November 6th the market was going to go down but that was dependent upon weather the Federal Reserve was able to to give money into the system if they didn’t yes the stock market would go down in November things will start crashing if they didn’t keep giving money but it seems like they have but it’s not so much so great that it will cause the market to keep going up really really far so what there is is counter counter actions against them doing that through the other two main countries China and Russia because you know they’re getting rid of the American dollar so the dollars not going to fall and the dollars not going to raise up it’s just going to stay where it’s at but it will slowly lose its value which means there won’t be no crash tomorrow and you know the stock market ain’t going to keep going up like crazy anymore because because because because you fill in the blanks

      • Thirdly so the stock market isn’t going to go away out there or it’s not going to crash but what will seems like Bitcoin will because everybody about by different countries or investing in it so it seems to be going to go that way course me I just rather put some seeds in the freezer and they’re worth Gold Silver and Bitcoin

  5. Well you well you can’t eat gold silver or Bitcoin and people say well I got some seeds but man it takes months and months for those things to grow well you can take any seed that you plant just about and after 3 days to 10 days it’ll Sprout and you can eat those Sprouts that is why seeds are worth more than gold but you cant eat silver what you can’t eat Bitcoin what you can’t eat and you sure can’t eat the paper that that Federal Reserve Note is printed upon course I guess you could put it in the Crock-Pot and hope for the best

    • blpg,

      Who would have thought someone could lose money in the pot biz? Their late-filed SEC form 10-Q/A amendment #1 paints a sorry picture. This is not investment advice.

  6. Based on a review of the charts in preparation for next, all I could see is more up (actually I don’t know what is going to happen). So I guess I will hold all & stay long per the Peoplenomics indicator.

  7. I saw this link on Reddit pertaining to today’s tragedy. The original remains on FB at present.

    “Commitment without submission is ignorant.”

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