2022: War Year?

Odds are rising the “hot word” of 2022 will be “NSNW.”  As if Covid 19 was not enough of a context scapegoat for financial markets, the odds are seen growing that the “next step” along the path will be war. Possibly of the NSNW sort.

Interventionist Capitalism’s run may be ending sooner than we think:  Bailing Out “TBTF” sowed the future with unsupportable debt.

Wars and Depressions are the mechanisms by which debt (and savings) are repudiated.

Today we need a scapegoat that will be more effective than an escaped bioweapon which broke out “accidentally” – or did it?

The drive to scapegoating is simple:  People in power only remain there so long as they do genuinely good works on behalf of the Wee People.  Or, so long as they hold us in a moderate grip of terror.  Failing “good works” a firmer grip on terror is the easier path.  One that may be in play right now.

When you examine why you  hand over 10-30% tribute from your earnings to the central government, do you have any sense it’s “Because of all the Great Works they Do for The People?

Our End was sealed when government benefits became taxable. Happened in 1983 when (the vastly over-rated) Ronald Reagan pushed the once Social Security Trust Fund into the government’s general fund.  And the crooks of both blasphemous parties began taxing benefits.

Today, we look at how 2022 could become War Year 1 – the first of what shapes up as a generation-long descent into economic hell.  Something echoing the collapse of Rome.

The replay of Rome’s decline will be imprecise, at best.  You may remember it got rocking and rolling in 376 AD when a huge onslaught of Goths, fleeing the Huns, fled south.  A hundred years of fighting and misery later, call it 476, the barbaric German king Odoacer polished off the Western Empire.

The good news, such as it is?  We won’t take so long.  Because our collapse shapes up as far more brutal and much quicker.  Fall of Rome On Internet Time.  Ain’t that some progress, huh?

First, a few seasonal headlines and the ChartPack.  Because what happens next is sometimes telegraphed in advance by the markets.

Which we will be actively shorting as we see the signs and storm clouds gather.  Happily ever after will become an historic mirage…

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48 thoughts on “2022: War Year?”

  1. Merry Christmas to one and all.May it be filled with fun laughter and peace friendship…. Nope no virgins to sacrifice instead the theme this year was your favorite recipe.. this is a two for.. on one side is my year recipe the other is my favorite cookie recipe.. enjoy.. Recipe of the Year cookies of kindness

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    1. Recipe of the year
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    had a slew of the kids home for dinner and games.. dam.. twenty pounds of prime and it wasn’t enough….
    Gifts will be this morning..
    Well there was only one fat man putting out gifts last night.. no it wasn’t .. NIMROD and his deer…. oops I mean santa didn’t stop by.. but the cookies left for him got eaten none the less.. the carrots well the dog doesn’t eat carrots so they went in the fridge..
    “the name Santa Claus originated way back in the time of Nimrod. In some ancient drawings depicting this Babylonish ruler, he is shown wearing a long beard, carrying a spotted fawn or deer, and holding a fir tree in his hand (all symbols now employed in one way or another with Christmas and Santa Claus today).”

    • she caught it right away though.. you can see the facial change instantly LOL LOL LOL…..

      • Or worse… Good thing he didn’t say that to the one ex’s wife. Then he might get so sad he would kill himself or be mugged getting coffee.. Say I wonder how Julian assigned is doing. Has he committed suicide yet. Or gotten into a prison yard brawl and gotten shanked.

      • LOOB,
        According to Wikipedia, Julian managed to father a child with his counsel of the close confines of the front parlor in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London at some point prior to taking up residence at Belmarsh prison. The prison warden following litigation had supposedly agreed last month to allow the happy couple to marry. However it seems on Dec.10th, the courts gave the ok for Julian’s extradition to the US so where the nuptials and honeymoon end up may be a bit up in the air.

  2. “The good news, such as it is? We won’t take so long.”

    LOL. No one has any patience any more! Could it be like binge-watching your favorite series online… or being IN it?

    Over on JSMineset they had a link to this Twitter account – https://twitter.com/ThHappyHawaiian/status/1474251021190901778
    TheHappyHawaiian said “January open interest for #silver has never been this high going back to 2006” and gave an accompanying chart with a stand-out line on OE for Silver.

    Everybody got silver in last night’s first Christmas in the family. Keeping it going in today’s event, too. The ride is just beginning. Merry Christmas to all and please drive safe, sober and alert today and all through the holidays!

  3. I have been watching the decline of this country since my eyes opened in the 90’s and I am not sure IF i am happy that I am almost to old to care, or that I am to old to fight much, but IF it comes to fighting, locked and loaded is how I will go.

  4. Man O mano shevitz Tex ! you guys been dipping into Sinter Klaas’s & raindeers stash, again.
    WT* coca-cola invented santa claus -Nein,nein,nein – Co-opted moar like it..money grubbers. ..”Cant be a man, cause doesnt drink the same flavored and colored brown water as me” -rolling stoned- no satisfaction.

    Anamita Muscaria, the most famous Mushroom of All – in fact considered the source of the legendary SOMA = red& white, duh-oooh.
    How the blazes do you think Santa & Reindeer fly ? farting rainbows? magic dust? turbo props?

    Shaminism is de ancient source..”darkest before the dawn/illumination” Sun dies on shortest day of Year, appears dead- not moving for 3 days/ ritual – ignite that pine tree, on the mountain side, after reading some old bible passages/prayers, to set fire to the Sun again.

    Due to the gastro intestinal issues associated with all hallucinogens – fasting prior to ingestion recommended, and light fair/liquids during “journey”…blanketstaat & bischpswijn.
    Who was Alice ? https://youtu.be/XlxUnzuMAD0
    A- “legendary” the best, most accurrate, powerful psy -chic in British mystery schools/secret intelligence service history.
    *Missing known/unknown variables in Ure analysis = “Intervention”..current&ongoing.
    2024 Kali Yuga ends, as the Mahabharata suggests – major cosmic forces get involved (wheres Krishna, when U need him?) during the transition(2 yr prior/2 yr post) of an Age/Cycle = huuuuuge change in NRG/Vibrabration increasing..
    Best not 2 forget Ure 3rd Law of tini tiny shit….Everything Vibrates, EVERYTHING..including da “Christmascoinz”.


  5. I’m celebrating another great year in the golden age of our time.

    Fusion energy went from theory to engineering problem this year.
    People are making and buying flying cars.
    Regular people are building and flying space ships.

    When I was a kid I began reading science fiction stories that told of such things. Today they are becoming real. This is nothing short of a miracle.

    In the last hundred years we’ve gone from barely getting off the ground, to the moon and beyond. From barely going faster than a horse, to 700 hp every man cars made by Dodge, right here in USA. From barely knowing how to use anesthesia to having treatments, if not cures, for most of the ailments suffered for thousands of years. The next hundred years promises more. This is a golden age for humanity.

    A pandemic, as bad as that should be, has brought a new freedom for workers, where to live and how to live and how to work has never been such an open question. Everywhere you look, the golden age shines through the muck. We have it better than ever. Our grandfathers would slap the ingratitude out of our mouths, and slap the sense back into our heads.

    “Why do you spend so much time being told how to feel by the press-men?”

    That’s my question for you all as you stare past the golden age, into the abyss. Do you have more to be thankful for, or excited by? Opportunity ignores the fearful.

  6. “A rice-sized microchip produced and so far “successfully” tested by a Swedish tech company based out Stockholm’s “Epicenter” start-up consortium, has brought what was only recently widely mocked as crazed conspiracy theory into the realm of another pandemic-era conspiracy fact. Or as Joe Rogan now likes to quip, the last two years has seen black-helicopters-Alex Jones proven right on “almost everything”. ”


    The implantable microchip has been around for years now but it boggles my mind that so many would line up for it. God gives us minds but so few choose to use them….

    • Hey Bill

      I saw that chip article yesterday and about fell off my chair. It was a weird day for news for me, yesterday. Mark of The Beast

      I agree, The Dude gave us a minds but so few use them. Could be more to it than, they don’t think.

      Happened upon this article …


      Kid says non-binary and family celebrates as if it’s big news … momma changes the kid’s name to “Clark” .. but that’s a male name – no a non-binary name, what ever that would be. – I get a migraine just thinking about people like this.

      Oddly, those “pronoun” add-on’s people are using, makes it sound more like multi-personality issues: he/she/them/they … wth? – then while I was thinking and getting a headache, I got a flash of a scripture … from Mark 5

      “9 Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”

      “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” 10 And he begged Jesus again and again not to send them out of the area.”

      Legion … he/she/they/them ??

      Just thinks I ponder.

      And then to top it off, I read the possessed child in The Exorcist movie, was a boy who eventually got a job with NASA. Imagine that.


      Merry Christmas Brother

      • This is why the Left wants our children while their minds are still malleable mush. Apparently those affected beget children and the divergent odyssey is propagated into the future where no firm truth exists – and no nation can stand as it crumbles from within.

        The last article is fascinating as well. Thanks. Makes me wonder as “Disclosure” (E.T.s, Earth history, political subterfuge, you name it) is finally happening today. This is why they could get away with President Kennedy’s murder in ’63 but wouldn’t be able to today.

    • And 1 small grain of fetanyl placed neatly, to dissolve with a 5g signal included for free.

      All neat and tidy like, pretty soon Dragon Good Bye Letters/Missives/Last Will and Testaments will be all the fad as well as filming and storing the last good bye for family, friends, and the courts.

  7. Yo Jorge, Merry Christmas to you, Elaine and all the Ure community. I would like to relay my appreciation for your website where like minded humans congregate and share info. I seem to learn something on a daily basis. It appears common sense has been abondoned by the normies, people with no symptons standing in line to get “tested” for the wuflu virus. Personally I think a better use of resources would be to test individuals for anti-bodies. At that point we could get a better handle on percentage of people with “natural immunity”. This in turn will provide an estimate on when herd immunity will occur. I believe herd immunity is the way…..Lastly for your listening enjoyment, a little ditty from Joni Mitchell, Raised on Robbery:
    Good singer/songwriter, not so much a car gal – 57 Biscayne (started in 58)
    Enjoy my friends….R/Ma

  8. Christmas Dinner tradition around here is a very basic and simple, ham and bean soup, with home-made corn bread. The Feast is on New Year’s Eve.

    Have a great Christmas day, one and all.

    • That sounds awesome d… Shre your recipe..
      Years ago for a very brief time I took care of an A lister movie entertainer.. He had a really nice influence .. And a pretty good xmas show. The cool thing is he loved to cook.
      So we have fettuccine and his sauce.
      Simple and delicious..
      2 sticks of butter
      Sauté 4 cloves of garlic
      2 cups of cream
      1 pound of fresh Parmesan cheese..
      Heat and mix
      Salt and pepper to taste.
      I add 1 tbsp. Of onion powder and a little more garlic powder.

      Cook the fettuccine in chicken broth..I
      What’s funny is after he passed.. His family gave me an autographed photo of him framed that hung on his hallway wall. They said he wanted me to have something to remember him with.. Which was very nice..

      • Made with a ham bone, dried white beans, chopped carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, chicken & vegetable stock, and fresh thyme, this recipe takes minutes to assemble in a slow cooker. Then it slow-simmers all day,
        Ham bone is meat-loaded usually 5 pounds. It is from a mesquite smoked – bone-in ham that I buy locally., and save the bone for the Christmas Bean Soup.
        Beans are usually large lima’s.
        3 cups chicken stock – 3 cups vegetable stock
        1 pound dried large lima beans, sorted and rinsed – or any white bean
        1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
        2 Bay leaves
        1?½ teaspoons kosher salt [ may be more ]
        1 teaspoon black pepper
        4 garlic cloves – minced fine
        Following three – all cut the same size:
        3 celery stalks, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (about 3/4 cup)
        2 large carrots, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (about 1 cup)
        1 Large red onion, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (about 1 cup)
        1 large, meaty ham bone (about 5 lb.)
        Added ham – I usually add an extra cup of diced ham
        1 Glass – dark red wine [ for the Chef as he/she labors away in a hot kitchen.]
        Nothing really special – just a good simple bean soup – which is the whole point.

      • thanks for sharing D…It sounds delicious.. that one is going into the crock pot right now..

  9. The AGM-183A is an air launched system with a 575 mi operational range:


    It will still requires a bomber to carry and launch it. It is a mach 20 alternative to an air-launched cruise missile. I would expect targeting would be similar, but for the highest priority targets. The value over cruise missiles more than 60 minutes into a major slugfest is dubious.

    With regard to the Sudan outbreak, the current global biowarfare should give you a hint that bioweapons are neither tactical nor strategic military weapons; they are economic and political weapons of Mass Wealth Destruction (MWD) and political control. No doubt the Beltway crowd will send a bunch of starving new-hires with no PPE training to Sudan to try and bring it back home. Wuhan II.

  10. NSNW – Had to read a lot to figure out this was ‘Non Strategic Nuclear Weapons”. My first thought on NSNW was: “No S#!t, Now What?”

  11. “The Chinese will NOT repeat Japan’s mistake if they decide to go to a direct War with the US. They will not just go for a Tactical WIN but will attempt a Strategic WIN with their attack. It will be calculated, not accidental, and be sudden and massive. Gradualism will NOT apply.”

    That’s what I thought..
    Think about it.. Spend enough money to get laws and regulations passed.. Massage the greed..open the pocket book.. Borrow great deal of money buying the debts.. Offer a higher profit by producing goods.. Buy over two hundred. Of our key industries still manufacturing in our country.
    Massage the ego of the upper class.. Offer choice drugs,children,money whatever they desire..
    We sold our ports and toll roads.. Abandoned our infrastructure while they were building theirs..
    Ever notice that those controlling the strings,don’t live or pay taxes here?
    Subtly got us to go to endless war for a few trinkets. That caused a huge ripple with the people of the countries.. Sort of like… Good cop…bad cop..now these countries hate us..
    Now there’s enough support between them. We have spent ourselves into bankruptcy . Our country is crumbling from the inside out.. The interest on the debt is daunting.. We loose either way..
    If we jump at the trap we loose if we don’t we loose from a failing economy.
    I think that was pretty well thought out on their part..let greed do the work of an army..

  12. Comrades,

    Everything is done to a crispr now, Dr. Fauci’s superior departed the NIH campus as of December 19th. Obama appointee, Dr. F. Collins former head of The Genome Project, retired as NIH Director. He appears to be the designated ground zero of the gain of function line of inquiry? Conceivably he remains a member of The Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican as so delegated by Pope BenedictXVI.

    As an aside, what is the real story of Chinese vaccine third dose efficiency against the omicron variant? Supposedly studies awaiting publication from 2 Hong Kong universities say the Chinese vaccines are useless against omicron. China’s Sinovac says in the CCP “Global Times” its study showed a 90%+ success rate at raising antibodies against omicron. Are two-thirds of the global vaccinated population sitting ducks?

    And now though not quite “A Christmas Carol”, here are a few ghosts of a Christmas past:


    • “ghosts” ??? thats what we are calling “them” now ? Me thinks”forfeit” is much more accurate moniker for majority of annotated few in the attached video. Those kinda “bargins/deals” Will have neg. affect on generations..eventually

      • CHASING GHOSTS… Dam I totally agree..Here is a good pondering point ECU we are screwed either way.. and they used GREED as their weapon of choice…… if we consider the Club-K adoption by the chinese. that has been a big thing in Russia for decades.. And the sale of our ports and tole roads and KEY industries within the country..
        Since they own the ports and we only look at what one percent of incoming containers… .. it sure wouldn’t take much to get some joker checking convinced to avoid certain containers..
        And heck if you consider the allegations that they have an oportunity to buy personal contact with an administration in a pay to play business model.. of course this is all just speculation since the allegations even though there are thousands of photos and videos posted in news all around the world and documents that were discovered on the hard drive from Hell. and a few billion being distributed to key members of our congress through lobbying firms to get their clients wishes passed……what do you think it would take to get the support from someone that makes fifteen dollars an hour? hmm.. So from my way of thought if they have actually been doing all of this and they did ship them in.. and distribute them around the nation.. kind of like the smuggling in of hundreds of thousands of illegals and distributing them all around the nation and letting the wage earners of america pay for it…. where are those club-k containers and which of the illegals that were warriors smuggled in to have a jihad from inside.. It is a waiting game you cannot win.. the warriors only have to wait.. the wage earners are paying their way the containers only have to wait..for the moment when the USA is the most vulnerable like in a multi directional poison pawn trap.. To try to find them You would be chasing ghosts…because no one knows for sure which refugees.. ( they weren’t vetted don’t give two nickles about our way of life or our laws.. they live the laws of the old testiment and quran) .. and since those in the power to lead were only interested in the fast dollar..not security of the nation.. our country is so vulnerable from spending endless decades at war..gladly shipping out key industries to other countries..we have not only hurt ourself but caused a cut for a slow bleed…that will destroy the country. They win either way at this point it is a check mate in my thought. and they didn’t even have to fire a shot.. nope.. They just let GREED do do the fighting….a congress that works less than two hundred hours a year.. and even considering that.. there is the vast majority of those that miss half or better of the working days.. Administrations past and present that only had goals of making money for those that supported and donated to their causes.. a broken tier system.. there should be several different classes.. we have two.. with well over three quarters dependent on the government programs.. ( this is also a problem since the one quarter that lead) is also dependent on the programs set up by those that are pulling the strings..the dollar collapses.. they collapse..they need the revenue coming in.. yet those buying their obedience are not in the category where they have to depend on the system or pay into it.. they own it and can move the pawns around anyway they want.. they don’t have to follow the rules since they are the ones the write the rules..

  13. “To ask the public to believe that a $3 billion dollar sub would not be equipped with more than aging charts to “avoid running into shit” boggles the mind. But, in reality, the Average American really is below average in global security issue thinking.”

    Oh, come on. Everybody knows the sub’s object-avoidance sonar doesn’t work when the sub is sailing along, upside down. (It was obviously sailing upside down. How else could the Captain run its conning tower into a mountain…?)

    “The Chinese will NOT repeat Japan’s mistake if they decide to go to a direct War with the US. They will not just go for a Tactical WIN but will attempt a Strategic WIN with their attack. It will be calculated, not accidental, and be sudden and massive. Gradualism will NOT apply.”

    Right about here is a good time for the curious PN subscriber to pause, imagine themselves as a master tactician, and imagine they’re designing the conquest of CONUS.

    What would you take out, where, and when, and when & how would you move troops, and toward what goal…?

    “Picture a government made up by the project planning rock stars who built Three Gorges Dam and virtually all the modern conveniences of China. Big Planners.”

    …And every war plan they can come up with needs to be anticipated and planned for, and a “Taiwan plan” which plays to China’s weaknesses needs to be created, along with a pathway by which to lead the Chinese onto the Taiwanese path.

    “In the meantime, though, here’s a reality-based matchup to consider, now that the Biden administration has said the US won’t get involved militarily in Ukraine”


    Biden said we would not go in UNILATERALLY; he did NOT say we wouldn’t get involved or deal ourselves in.

    The “matchup” is moot…

    “So the question in a bio-weary world is What disease does WHO say is causing deaths in South Sudan? Main takeout is Cholera has been ruled out.”

    So have coronaviruses.

    This one bothers me — A LOT.

    No only because information is unobtainium, but because omicron has totally, preemptively drowned out any info which might leak.

  14. The Achilles’ Heel of any drone is its power supply. Drones would have to be pre-positioned in buoys or maybe trawlers or other semi-civilian ships, and released upon detection of a sub, to have any chance of nailing a submarine in open water before their batteries zeroed out. Near-shore would be different — i.e. China could completely shut off the Straits of Taiwan. ISTM the chaff against same would be netting in which drones would get caught up, and rendered useless. A sub captain would have to anticipate when to deploy, at least until we figure out a way to spot a drone on sonar…

    • “The Achilles’ Heel of any drone is its power supply. Drones would have to be pre-positioned in buoys or maybe trawlers or other semi-civilian ships,”

      I don’t think they need the power supply… just enough juice to fly for a few minutes..

      consider japanese Zero…..
      Now take a map of the world.. put a pin in every country that has signed agreements with china and russia…
      they don’t need a large power supply.. if they did smuggle in the drones on a club-k drone container.. smaller drones could already have a payload with these smaller drones on them.. similar to this.. for an example..
      instead of an explosive it would be loaded with mini drones like the slaughterbots.. a few hundred of them with a delay before they power up.. like a skydiver pulling the chute open.. he doesn’t pull the rip cord right away.. he falls to a certain level then pulls the cord..
      the launch tube drones could be set up for multi fire capabilities.. well there are examples of that already..
      one of the kids has a drone that will fly over a half hour..if lets say ten cargo containers have drone launchers.. each with a thousand tank destroyer drones each with a hundred or so mini drone slaughterbots.. how far could they go.. with a system that has been pushing defunding the police and promoting crime….considering the vulnerability of the country.. it would take less than an half hour to cleanse a city of several million people..then consider since we have not secured our grid.. or distributed power supply production.. instead we keep it all in one spot.. with that consideration I think five emp’s would over stress the grid causing a multi level collapse of key components sending us back to the dark ages.. and not one human fighter has to land here. the land stays intact the people dye off because of the lack of trained personnel and the lack of repair parts due to our dependence on their manufacturing for those key components…. the domino’s would fall..
      When I put in solar.. there wasn’t any laws on the books.. so I helped with it for small scale installations like for a home etc.. I was looking at what they have done in other Scandinavian countries.. see over there they don’t have the space to build new big plants.. so they give a discount on homes that have them put in.. small wind and small solar.. great system.. each supports the grid they have.. their system would be much harder to destroy since the power production is spread out … we should be doing that.. I know I have said it before.. keep the big power plants.. but go to the furthest point.. at every sub station build a solar tower then work your way back to the power plant.. give everyone a ten year price increase freeze to any home owner willing to put up a system.. and the rebates to help them pay for it..
      you wouldn’t have a catastrophic failure like what happened in texas that almost took out more..all street lights parks etc.. artificial trees.. and in the cities.. co2 filters distributed on the lamp posts etc.. it takes seven trees to filter the co2 per person.. and 14 per auto.. green scape the cities instead of asphalt.. use air wells to help support the water supply..
      I would love to see the water gardens of china.. or their green scaping that they have started.. they have a long way to go but then they have what two thirds of the earths population and years of neglecting the necessaries..

    • SUBMARINE DRONES … NOT Aerial Drones.

      The article talks about SUBMARINE Drones that the Chinese have been working on for several years, NOT Aerial Drones.

      SMALL Submarines with NO PEOPLE in them. Just computers, motors, power supply (probably hydrogen fuel cell – NO NOISE and LONG duration deployments), and a few high speed torpedos.

      No need for equiping the submarine for human habitation, and the NOISE that is created by the on board environmental system needed to support humans inside the submarine and of course one can then also shrink the size of the submarine dramatically.

  15. If All Of This Seems Familiar, That Is Because We Have Seen It All Before…

    If you are getting a sinking feeling because current events bear such a close resemblance to early 2020, you are definitely not alone. All over the globe, the Omicron variant is causing a wave of tremendous fear that is unlike anything that we have seen since the first half of last year. Interestingly, many on social media are now reminding us that 2022 is pronounced “2020 too”, and that is certainly quite a depressing thought.


    China Admits 13-Million-People Lockdown Is a Panic Move Before Genocide Olympics

    China’s state-run Global Times propaganda newspaper admitted on Thursday that the regime’s decision to lock down Xi’an, a city area of 13 million people, over the Chinese coronavirus cases was a response to “pressure” over keeping the atmosphere safe for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.



    Citizens of New York City are being offered $100 to take the booster shots for COVID-19. Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the move during a Tuesday press conference, saying the cash-grab is a “limited-time opportunity” and will be “by far the biggest booster incentive program” created in the United States. “We want everyone, right now, as quickly as possible, to get those boosters.


    The more of this I see, the less I want to get jabbed…

    DemocRATS Flee Sinking Ship: Rep. Stephanie Murphy Becomes 22nd Incumbent House Democrat to Forgo Reelection Bid in 2022

    Another one…

    Another House Democrat will not be seeking reelection in 2022. Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) will not seek reelection to the House next year.


  16. OXFORD STUDY SHOCKER: 1 in 100 Vaccinated Individuals Were Admitted to Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study Period

    On December 14th, 2021, Nature Medicine released a study based on a broad population data set analyzed by researchers at Oxford University. The researchers examined the risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias associated with COVID-19 vaccination and infection. The Oxford researchers reveal that 1 in 100 or 1% of all vaccinated individuals were admitted to the hospital or died with arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.


    Judgment day: Sweden vindicated

    Austria, one of the most repressive European countries during the coronavirus pandemic, has recently overtaken Sweden in terms of total covid mortality, showing that almost all government interventions have been ineffective and unjustified.


    IMO not sufficient to unequivocally state a long-term trend, but still, an interesting datapoint…

    ‘Prikspijt’ or ‘Vaccination Regret’ Is Voted 2021 Word Of The Year In The Netherlands

    ‘Prikspijt’, which translates to English as ‘regretting getting a vaccination,’ was voted the Word of the Year 2021 in the Netherlands after a social media campaign by famous Dutch dictionary-maker, Van Dale.


    Pronounced “prick speet” BTW…

    • Very interesting. NM offered the $100 bribe for the initial shots, and a suprising number of people got them. Now they’re trying to use the stick on the remainder, and pushing the booster with little to no indication that it’ll do anything useful. Personally, the idea of having a needle full of unknown products stabbed two inches into my arm and contaminating my deep muscle tissue is rather repulsivel, so I’ll continue to pass. It’s probably safer to step on a nail. At least you have the nail to analyze(but you don’t get the $100).

  17. Changing Hearts and Brains: SOF Must Prepare Now for Neurowarfare

    By Dr. Shannon Houck, COL John Crisafulli, Lt Col Joshua Gramm, Maj Brian Branagan

    The timeworn “changing hearts and minds” idiom may soon take on a more literal meaning as we confront the weaponization of neurotechnology. In December 2016, CIA officers and American and Canadian diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba reported hearing pulsing sounds, sometimes accompanied by pressure sensations in their heads. Neurological symptoms followed – symptoms like headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, fatigue, and hearing and vision loss.[i] Over 40 U.S. government employees were affected; 24 were diagnosed with brain damage.


    I personally suspect some kind of directed-energy attack which alters or “rewrites” (perhaps permanently) a person’s EEG…

  18. Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

    Just four countries—the U.S., China, Japan, and Germany—make up over half of the world’s economic output by gross domestic product (GDP) in nominal terms. In fact, the GDP of the U.S. alone is greater than the combined GDP of 170 countries. How do the different economies of the world compare? In this visualization we look at GDP by country in 2021, using data and estimates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


    …From the Visual Capitalist (because sometimes pictures really ARE worth a thousand words!)

  19. Prominent Democratic lawyer predicts 2022 litigation aimed at removing Republican House of Representatives members from their seats

    Marc Elias, one of the most prominent Democratic lawyers in the country, is predicting that Democrats will attempt to prevent some duly-elected Republican House members from serving, and that they may even attempt to file litigation to prevent some Republican members from serving.

    On Twitter earlier this week, Elias said, “My prediction for 2022: Before the midterm election, we will have a serious discussion about whether individual Republican House Members are disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment from serving in Congress. We may even see litigation.”


  20. Sigh. The Apocalypse is always pushed out. Now we’re in year 2022 and the Apocalypse should of been Y2K if not earlier!

    Yahoo says Russia is withdrawing troops.

    Thousands of Russian troops are reportedly withdrawing from the Ukrainian border after conducting drills for roughly a month.

    Reuters reported on Saturday that more than 10,000 Russian troops were leaving a number of regions near Ukraine – including Crimea, Rostov and Kuban – and returning to permanent bases.

    • So I gather this says our (and Ureups) politicians & pundits wet themselves for nothing, and panicked because Russia ran


      I suggest folks lose the dope, double-up on the ginkgo, and try to begin to use their memory for things beyond their last hurrah.

      This doesn’t mean Russia isn’t going to repatriate Ukraine.

      It doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do so within the next couple months.

      It DOES mean folks should prepare, but not be afraid, until that fear can be turned into something useful rather than merely sustaining speculative conversations which feed itself into a frenzy…

      I consider this a much more prescient Yahoo article:

      3 former SpaceX engineers have launched a robot restaurant that makes a pizza every 45 seconds. Take a look inside.


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