$2,000 Gold, Screaming Oil, Dimming Prospects

Our future is Fertilizer.  Which takes a bit of explaining.

When I said, a week or so back, that the market was rotating into position where a “make or break” was due – and a visit to the bottom of an obvious trend channel becomes likely.

Today – and maybe carrying into tomorrow – we should find out.  The market might be setting us up for a major ramp of food prices.  The kind that cause rationing, and (God help us) government interference in more aspects of Life.

Pushing Markets?

We can begin assessing future by inspecting commodity prices.  Our kind of fundamentalism.

Factors that are driving this market down include?

  • War in Ukraine could last years at the present run-rate.  Imagine lucky Russia – a crossover between the US-Mexico border debacle with a side order of civil war.  Schmeer of shortage and famine sauce, too.
  • Commodities see inflation coming:  Just this morning the price of gold (chart at bottom of page) kissed the $2,000 level.  Silver’s over $26, as well.
  • Two other commodity groups have us worried:  Energy is going atmospheric with Oil being a major problem:  West Texas skinned $130 a barrel but in Europe, a barrel of Brent was just a buck less than $140.
  • Last, though not least, we see Copper – the “war commodity” (because you make shell casings out of brass, right?  Well, except for the steel-jacketed 7.62 rounds made for the AK… On our backyard range here, we’ve yet to see the much ballyhooed “corrosive powder” blamed on such rounds.  Could it be an early anti-Russian arms whisper campaign?  We may never know.  We just run a magnet through the brass bucket now and then to keep things sorted.
  • Oh yeah:  BTC was hovering around $38,520 earlier.  Hard wallet hype aside, other people may be seeing government begin moving to wipe out free crypto competition.  If that doesn’t work, war involving the Internet will almost surely kill the digital tulips off.  Hard wallet hype – in a post-apocalytic setting like The Postmanignores the lack of power.  And that those of us with panels have built extreme security into their protection.  But another topic for another morning.

Natural Gas IS Fertilizer

Take a lo9k at the chart for Natural Gas over on FinViz.  Could be seen as a wave 1 up last fall.  A bottom in early January, and is it possible there could be a large Wave 3 up to record highs ahead?

With Russia diddling with energy, there’s the matter of fertilizer for Europe.

While natgas in Europe could drive food “Muskward” we’re also picking up a lot of chatter in America’s mid-section.  In stories like Indiana farmers see market volatility ahead during Russian invasion (indystar.com).

As slow and dimwitted as the Biden administration is, they may be dusting off the knee pads for Joe to go oil begging:  Biden advisers weigh Saudi Arabia trip for more oil (axios.com),

As usual, stories coming on this topic will generally cheer on Brandon without mention that the OBiden administration’s inhouse Jihad against coal continues to be the reason America is no longer energy independent.  Worse, their payback to major donors (hearing me?) by killing pipelines and dragging out any energy-related decisions, is a national disgrace.

Markets Wobble

Looks like this 2-hours before the open:

We might drop to the recent lows, but a bit of support (and maybe bounce) there seems a reasonable expectation.  We’ll watch (from the sidelines) to see what the clown posse can pull out.

Thank Tech – and Blame It

Although we love our microwave, home recording studio, surveillance cams and drones and even speed controllers in our power tools, there really is a dark side to technology.  Besides exporting jobs to China.  Besides Clinton selling them supercomputers.

When a new technology comes along, it’s often because of war.  The Gatling Gun was invented thanks to the American Civil (but not so much) War.  Another example – a bit looser – is the Vickers Machine Gun.  First of the belt-driven, it showed up in 1912 just in time for the First World War.  The Maxim  machine gun was the logical stepping stone from Gatling when first fired in 1884.

Sir Hiram Maxim’s machine gun fortune helped his some (Hiram Percy) set up the American Radio Relay League and the story of Hirma Percy Maxim makes a dandy read.  Especially if you’re a ham radio op like AC7X and his son KF7OCD. Besides the ARRL, we also seem to remember that Hiram Percy Maxim was also the inventor of the modern silencer.

Few people are aware that “From 1902 through 1909, Maxim was largely focused on inventing, building, marketing, and selling firearm silencers. He also developed mufflers for internal combustion engines using much the same technology.”

Hear that?

Drones are the New Air Power

We’ve said how many times?  “Leaders fight the last war, not the present one.

It’s looking more and more like the Ukraine conflict is offering an in-Ure-face tech lesson as military affairs contributor warhammer notes:

“Just me, but…  UAV tech is available open source.  Strapping plastic explosives onto a remote controlled UAV with detonator inserted is not rocket science.  Steering one into a tank or troop transport, particularly at night when visual detection is more problematic, is child’s play.

Ukrainians could deploy an unending, commercially procured UAV force, not just for attack, but for intel.  As telecom towers are destroyed by Russian forces, UAVs could relay critical comms to friendly forces over secure channels.

UAV ‘swarm’ formation flying is a reality.  Ukrainians could implement this tactic to confuse Russian invaders, distracting and intimidating them with various capabilities and displays. “

Forbes article last week is like drones 101:  What Are Drone Swarms And Why Does Every Military Suddenly Want One? (forbes.com).

Prepping for Unclear Future?

Me?  My B’s & C’s to talk about how people ignore the shit out of the OBVIOUS future?  I still can’t figure in a terrorism and fake ID world why the FAA hasn’t required photos on either my pilot or drone licenses.  I mean, gotta have a photo to drive or travel overseas – so why not for aircraft?  (WTF?  Been stumped on this one since 9/11 because it belies a desire to…what?)

When you see the future ahead, there are always  aTON of things you can do to prep for it. Besides duck and cover.

Famine coming?  Become an expert food producer, even if it’s in-city container gardening.  Or, when the next “New Tech of War” is drones, get a commercial drone ticket.  Internet collapse?  Ham radio license, HF equipment and a digital interface.  Seeing how this works?

Either you become a continuously improving, broad spectrum, highly adaptable human being, or you sit on the couch and wait to die.

There’s no damn point worrying on the couch about the future no matter how ugly it could get.  Like Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Yes, nuclear war is ugly, but it IS survivable if you are sufficiently away from ground zero.  Read a good book on the reality of the unthinkable like Kearny’s best-of-class read here.

Skilling up is something to dedicate an hour a day to.  Anything from watching YT vids to reading a book.  Yada, yada…old man grousing at the kids of the world. Lazy phone freaks.

Short Takes and Flakes

Minor Covid Trucker’s rally:  Convoy protesting Covid mandates does D.C. circuit.

Flakes ( but keeping it in the family):  Prince Charles to help pay Andrew’s multi-million dollar sex suit settlement (nypost.com).  The “crown dic ks” perhaps?

Flakes?  Try a 50-car pile-up in Denver:  At least 50 vehicles involved in six pileups on Interstate 25, temporarily closing northbound lanes in Denver – Greeley Tribune

Wildfires this time of year?  1,100 homes evacuated as firefighters battle Florida fires (clickorlando.com).

On that, off to fine tune the garden and deal with a passing cold snap here at Uretopia.  81 Saturday, 79 Sunday, and today the high will be 52.  Almost Denver-like weather variability.

Friday or Saturday night coming we’ll likely see our last freeze of the year.  Putting in the outdoor seeds seems like a project for the coming weekend.

Write when you get rich,


93 thoughts on “$2,000 Gold, Screaming Oil, Dimming Prospects”

  1. That ol’ Hiram! What a card!
    “In 1882 I was in Vienna, where I met an American whom I had known in the States. He said: ‘Hang your chemistry and electricity! If you want to make a pile of money, invent something that will enable these Europeans to cut each others’ throats with greater facility.'”
    What a business model!
    Thanks, Hi. Couldn’t have done it without you.
    He’s probably hanging out with John Browning and the gang at the Oliver Winchester Institute for Firearms Efficiency and Cafe.

    • Whoa, partner! Don’t go saddling all the blame for today’s death and destruction on American firearms manufacturers. Sadly, humans were hurled objects against each other long before the invention of firearms. The ancient Romans laid siege to fortifications with their innovatively destructive Scorpion, Ballista and Onager catapults. But we can blame the Chinese for all the guns, rifles and artillery around today. The Chinese are thought by many to have been the first to develop the cannon in the 13 or 14th Century, having previously mastered the manufacture of the gunpowder so necessary to tossing deadly projectiles high above opposing defensive infantry and calvary lines to strike at their fortifications, leaders and resupply wagons. Perhaps coincidently, or perhaps not, the first firearms were soon crafted in Europe. By the 1500s, muskets were commonplace. Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist Paper #29, made the case for John and Jane Q. Citizen to have the right to bear arms, which paid huge dividends when the colonies rebelled against Britain. Guns are an ugly, but necessary element of democracy in a violent world exploited by greedy and violent people.

      • Sorry. I know the 2A is a raw nerve here, but I wasn’t attempting to single out American manufacturers. Most of Hiram’s stuff was made by Europeans for Europeans, especially the Great War stuff. Just a comment on their business model – no lofty purposes or morality, just “Can I make a buck?”
        Did ya notice how neutral Sweden made out arming all sides in WW2?
        As General Butler observed, “War is a racket.”

      • “Don’t go saddling all the blame for today’s death and destruction on American firearms”

        Exactly Warhammer amen…. guns don’t kill people..people kill people.. a gun is nothing more than a tool.. it can be used for good or used for evil..

    • Ill be buying Eugene a round or two my own dam self down at THE Cafe..”Stoners, M60’s and 203’s ripping thru heads and tearing out knees”

      Whooyay AG – Kill a Nazi for Mommie!… small paybacks- see sen wellstone “takeout” -carbuncles indeed..

  2. The decision to invade Ukraine was made by Putin on or about February 2nd when Putin asked for, but Biden and Blinken would not provide Putin assurances that NATO would not admit Ukraine into the NATO alliance. This lack of assurance to Putin could put the whole western NATO alliance on the border of Russia. The one thing any country has to consider in their security is not allowing potential enemies on their borders. Kennedy wouldn’t allow it to happen 90 miles away in Cuba. It would have been analogous to China or Russia having an alliance with all of Central and South America and discussing and paying Mexico to enter that alliance. Any reasonable U.S. President or military leader would never allow it! Why would Putin?

    James Baker, Reagan’s Secretary of State, promised Gorbachev that NATO would not expand when the Soviet Union broke up. There were then 16 nations in NATO. Now there are 30 nations. The march eastward toward Russia. Cornering the bear until it fights back.

    Along with Biden and Blinken failing to provide security assurances to Putin that NATO would not add Ukraine, Biden kept leaving signals in his babbling speeches that a small incursion into Ukraine by Russia would be acceptable. Furthermore, Biden kept saying on multiple occasions that Russia would invade Ukraine. Green lights!

    Top News-February 2, 2022

    Headlines from The New York Times for Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022

    Putin Signals Openness to Diplomacy While Blaming U.S. for Crisis
    By Anton Troianovski and Michael Schwirtz- NY Times

    ‘‘Putin accuses U.S. of trying to drag Russia into war to justify sanctions’’

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday broke a month-long silence on the Ukraine crisis, accusing the United States and its allies of ignoring Moscow’s security concerns. Putin said the U.S. was trying to pull Russia into war as a pretext for imposing harsh economic sanctions to “contain Russia’s development,” adding that Moscow was willing to continue diplomatic talks. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke Tuesday with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as the U.S. awaited a response on a proposal for negotiations on trimming Russia’s demands. Moscow, which has fueled invasion fears by massing 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border, wants NATO to bar Ukraine from joining the Western security alliance, and roll back its expansion in Eastern Europe.”

    USA Today discussed the same thing on February 1st. Both Liberal publications described Putin’s concerns. These concerns were ignored by Biden, Blinken, and their puppet masters behind the curtain.

    Even the Communist News Network (CNN) discussed it: https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/02/us/five-things-february-2-trnd/index.html

    Putin and Xi met on February 3rd and it was decided to wait until after the Olympics. It didn’t take long.

    In the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, the United States, Russia, and Britain committed “to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine” and “to refrain from the threat or use of force” against the country. Those assurances played a key role in persuading the Ukrainian government in Kyiv to give up what amounted to the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal, consisting of some 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads. At the time, the 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads — more than five times the number of nuclear warheads that China currently possesses — could have destroyed every U.S. city with a population of more than 50,000 three times over, with warheads left to spare.

    Biden greenlighted the invasion of Ukraine by stating the U.S. would not get involved militarily but would instead implement sanctions. The weak-kneed lying career politician didn’t make the Russians hold to the Budapest agreement, and even told them it was O.K. to invade by stating in a speech that Russia might make a minor incursion. Russia has broken their promises regarding the Budapest agreement twice. In 2014 when they annexed Crimea from Ukraine, and now. In 2014 another lying weak-kneed Democrat was president and did not make Russia hold up to their commitment…Barack Hussein Obama. No wonder the U.S. has lost total respect in the world. Wimpy liars like Obama and Biden as Presidents did not keep America’s word or commitments by telling Russia we would arm Ukraine to the teeth and immediately ruin the Russian economy. Prior to the Russian invasion in 2014, Obama provided a whopping $5mm in military aid. In Texas, a deal is a deal. Not so to lying politicians.

    Putin has been holding back his military and trying to keep any civilian deaths down and destroying infrastructure. This is unlike the Shock and Awe destruction that America implemented against the Iraqis and other countries. Gerald Celente interviews an American on the front line in Donbass, which tells a different story from the scripted globalist news media we are being fed in the U.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dQQgv-nVUY

    Executive producer Oliver Stone gains unprecedented access to the inside story through his on-camera interviews with former President Viktor Yanukovych and Minister of Internal Affairs, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, who explain how the U.S. Ambassador and factions in Washington (VP Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland et al) actively plotted for regime change. And, in his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Stone solicits Putin’s take on the significance of Crimea, NATO and the U. S. history of interference in elections and regime change in the region. https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2022/03/oliver-stones-recently-banned-movie-ukraine-on-fire-2528574.html

    After Putin invaded this time, Biden immediately ordered the U.S. embassy to close and for ALL computer equipment and files to be destroyed. How convenient! Did Biden really think that the U.S. embassy, a U.S. property, would be under immediate attack by Russia? Or was it a further guarantee by Biden and crew of any overlooked evidence against the Biden’s numerous business dealings in Ukraine that would be destroyed.

    West Texas Intermediate crude went over $125/barrel last night. Gasoline and diesel prices will continue going through the roof and will affect everything happening in America. Crude pricing effects cost of goods and services, travel, airlines, food, heating and cooling, fertilizer, plastics, EVERYTHING. I feel horrible for my fellow Americans that are not hedged in oil/gas or own minerals and metals, and especially the Seniors on fixed income.

    Of course, Putin is now making Billions from importing oil and gas into the U.S. to pay for his war after Biden killed our energy independence his first day in office! Follow the money, huh Hunter. And just like the snap of a finger, Covid hysteria is canned because the Globalists now have a new boogey man to distract everyone and to hide their economic war on citizens of the world for implementing their New World Order. And another Bush wants to hold office in Texas. Hell no!

    • Wiser man in tumbleweed country..all I ever saw out there was pumpers and tumble weeds, then again didnt get out of car- alwayz just “passing tru”

      2 Documentary’s from Mr Stone on Ukraine – very informative/eye opening.
      1) Ukraine on Fire https://fos-sa.org/2022/03/04/oliver-stone-ukraine-on-fire/

      2) Reveling Ukraine ; vicktor medvedchuk, oliver stone, oksana marchenko – all about regime change
      -both banned on YouTube and Vimeo

      ..cause prison slaves arent allowed to know the Truth – supposedly we cant handle it…

      How many Bonds been written against Ure life ? – marketplace/exchange traded ???


    • Yep, and the average American citizen has no idea the back story to any of this.

      Hell, I think Putin should get the Nobel Prize in Medicine. He single handedly did what no one else has been able to do, so far. He ended the pandemic and defeated covid!

    • WTHS, great insight as usual. To all,, here is a link to Forbidden Knowledge TV (I subscribe free). Alexandra (site owner) finds great insight from around the world. Another benefit, is she transcribes each video,, so I can read a lot faster than I can watch.

      This is a link to a speech by Putin on Feb. 24th, (just before the invasion), in which he lays out ‘what and why’ is coming. This doesn’t sound like a bloodthirsty madman to me.


      No way do I condone senseless violence. My prayers are for the common people, caught up in the meat grinder of international politics. I blame the evil that has rotted out OUR own government, that apparently we (common citizens) are unable to effect.

      In a similar vein, here is a link to another of her articles about the biolabs, WE have funded in The Ukraine. (there are many other stories out there that testify to the veracity of this account):


      Pogo was right,, it is US

    • Yep – could not agree more. This was an extremely avoidable war, but Biden supported by the globalist wanted their war. Now, they are trapped with ever increasing energy prices and the price/barrel could ramp plus $200, at which time America is toast.

      For those of you who do not know, Russia produces all its own energy and food. Yes, their people will be more than inconvenienced by the war, but they are unlikely to starve to death as Russia works around sanctions that have more loop holes big enough to drive a ‘humma’ through as Arnold would say.

      The American people will pay as dearly as the Russian people – and for the shear ego of Biden and the globalists sad insist in surrounding Russia with NATO forces. This is a lose, lose, and lose situation. It’s not a Putin problem as Putin’s demands were simple, and more than justifiable. As usual, America has misstepped and the consequences could not be bigger!

    • WTHS,

      Re: “…former (Ukraine) President Viktor Yanukovych…”

      Ukraine media Nexta_tv tweeted a screenshot of the former president’s alleged flight from Moscow to Minsk in time for round 3 of the peace talks. The flight no longer shows up on a Flightradar24 search.

    • Now tell me who is the deep state, trying to get US into a war. Every coin has a reverse side
      here is Lindsey Graham and No Name McStain in Syria (2016) with the same bunch causing war in Ukraine now. Trump just got in the way of their wars while he was president.
      just a 1 min video
      Oh…Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.

      • TOBD – those “trips” were Pedo junkets…used , abused..literally tossed out the of the truck/rv when “finished” up . Your taxpayer receipts paid for those “trips” – paid for the protection/protective services/body guards..whether state dept personal or merc. personnel. Same “peeps’ guarded Hildebeast on her foreign junkets – horrific tales – parade of young kids-girls into her quarters – regular occurrences.
        or is the above just a clone stories..?

      • “Same “peeps’ guarded Hildebeast on her foreign junkets – horrific tales – parade of young kids-girls into her quarters – regular occurrences.”

        Gee, East Coast, does that mean the time Bill was overheard muttering “Hillary’s had many more girls than I’ve had,” he was actually lamenting the truth.

    • WTHS: I didn’t get past your 2nd sentence.

      We wouldn’t need NATO if Putin (and Russia in general) didn’t have history of aggressively gobbling up entire nations. So one could argue that Russian aggression started it first.

      • CPA Prepper.
        Normally I don’t respond to someone’s negative comment about something I write because I could care less whether you or anyone else got past the second sentence. I only deal in facts from sources that I doubt you have access to. Perhaps if you would have read past the second sentence you would not have written your totally incorrect 2nd paragraph.

        The USA has been the aggressor in over 30 wars and conflicts since WW2. How many for Russia since the Soviet Union broke up? America had troops in Russia in the early 20th Century that were involved in the Battle of Romanovka. Russia battles in America? America was in China fighting in the Boxer Rebellion. China in America? Prior to World War 2, American wars and conflicts were continually fought all over the world, including slaughtering Indian women and children for over a century right here in America.

        CPA Prepper should prep more on history. Accounting is numbers, but not necessarily higher mathematics, nor common sense, nor business acumen, and is not something necessarily gained from passing the CPA exams. Realize that war and Russian boogey men are necessary for the military-industrial complex to make money. Unfortunately, the only industries we seem to have left in this country because of the greedy bastards running our companies moving everything overseas to cut “costs”.

        Read history—as an example, Roger Smith, the accountant that became CEO of GM, ran GM into the ground with his many boondoggle decisions on “cutting costs” while failing to differentiate the difference between a expense in the business and an investment in the business. To him every cost was an expense that could be cut. Cutting costs make temporary profits, but not long-term growth, nor a secure company. It came from his point of reference-a bean counter. Wars fought from wherever are not good! On that I am sure we would both agree. Have a nice day.

    • “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday broke a month-long silence on the Ukraine crisis, accusing the United States and its allies of ignoring Moscow’s security concerns. ”

      How many months did Putin say.. take the Nuclear missiles away from our borders..Brandon ignored it.. then made demands because they started building up forces and trying their borders with ships etc.

      NOW I find it kind of ironic that they are doing this same tactic with china.. huh .. seriously what can go wrong.. was it to just cover over his kids potentially corrupt activities.. or is there someone else pushing the agenda like what was going on with BLM and antifa riots. In the end Brandon is still just some over paid honky that has lived in the limelight of the DC bubble.. I think he should have just stayed retired.. lived off of the money they supposedly have hidden and when the kid got in the hot seat over his activities.. just said honey I love you but unfortunately I can’t fix this..
      Now i believe we all could end up paying for it..

    • The Texas Confederates just loves the Bush family. I once got rear ended by a Bush who was driving without a license on a beer run, while I was sitting dead still at a stop light. No ticket. In fairness to his insurance company, they did pay without trying to stiff me the way that company has tried to do in other incidents. Texas is an education in corruption and applied oligarchy.

  3. Its a crying shame G-dog.
    – shoulda taken advantage of low prices and procured MOAR than one lonely Gold/”kusig” coin back in the day.

    Gold/black Gold..
    – LBMA has how many registered Russian Gold Banks ?
    All are off limits now.
    – their Gold, Gold Leases =Off limits! No one can hold Russian Bars or do Business with Russian Gold Banks. No Russian collateral ..tick tick Derivitive BOOMshackalackaBOOM!

    – Watch US bankerz like Hyme Slimon @JPM try and weasel out of enforcing sanctions. Ure masterz..

    How many trillions are wrapped up in Gold Derivative Contracts around the World ?
    Do you how much in overnight Repo the Fed is doing right now ? 3/4 Trillion$$ a night..some ting wong?

    MOAR ? Ubetcha!

    No petro chemicals leaving Russia for EuroDopes/Slobribems cesspool anymore. No Fertilizers leaving Russia, No Grains..

    Sure seems like we have Pooters right where we want him…IDIOTS.
    Of course VISA & MC really put it the Ruskies – turning off their credit cards – another genius move! Think any Ruskie citizens will be paying on/off their Visa/MC bills ??hahahahah $478 Billion in consumer debt -plus $141 Billion in soviergn = $650 billion in debt that has to be written off – on all URE all slave backz.

    Take Ure clotz shotz, put on Ure VR units & get back too work slavz, before we start cracking whips, or worse….AGAIN.

    • “shoulda taken advantage of low prices and procured MOAR than one lonely Gold/”kusig” coin back in the day.”

      If Brandon forces a nuclear war vile…who would you sell it to?
      I know if I had five pounds of rice.. and your starving and offered me five gold coins.. but .. would be forced int a state where I could be starving..what would be more important.. the gold coins or the rice..discovery Channel had a show..the colony…ten people.. one tooth brush and one razor… the value of it was amazing..and it took a lit of work for them to decide if it was valuable enough for them to pay the price asked..https://www.amazon.com/Colony-Various/dp/B003V8FYKY

  4. Nukes.

    Speaking of Generals fighting the last war.

    The media and others think a nuke is like a 250# bomb. Bang, clean up and start over.

    Remember it only requires 4 – 5 nukes to make the U.S. history. 3 – 4 Russia. Maybe 2 for either Germany or France.

    Tens of millions instantly dead; that many more in short order.

    But, national water systems gone, transportation gone, energy systems gone, food systems gone.

    Sorry my friend. Depending on wind, likely Dallas or Houston gets hit –and Ure is gone.

    Nope; with merely a few nukes it’s all over. Many human dependent ecosystems and resources are over. Society is over. Nation states are over.

    • There’s always been a strong possibility that Forstchen’s “One Second After” book series was a prophecy. Worth the time to go back an re-read at least the first book.

    • “4 – 5 nukes to make the U.S. history”

      It wouldn’t be instantanious Dell.. that would shut down the grid and the supply would cause a cascade event would begin.. and ripple around the country.. this could have been totally avoided.. and would have remained a strong power structure.. but.. it has to do with the business model.. every sub station they should build a solar tower.. doesn’t have to be huge either maybe what sixty feet high with solar panel arrays in a V configuration.. in the center place an inverted Trapazoid reflector to gather the light and disburse it evenly.. have the tower in a U shape so there is an array to the east and an array to the west.. that way it would gain the sunlight from morning to sundown.. then install them from the furthest point from the power plants back to it.. Don’t have to build them all at one time.. instead we did what we always do and put it in one spot.. LOL … FI’s for sure.. so they have total control.. then have to place lift stations every what twenty miles.. LOL LOL LOL M’s then.
      If they promoted home solar systems.. then if there was a freak hundred year storm like in Texas you wouldn’t have the same issues that happened there..
      and it would be cheaper with fewer changes in infastructure..
      Instead we built huge arrays in one place.. probably like close to the Hoover dam or something..
      Here is one.. seems someone is starting to get a clue.. how many decades have I been saying it.. feel like a broken record LOL… I have been pushing this since before they became a thing..
      that isn’t a very good design that they have.. the taller the tower the more wind sheer and there would be more complications and maintenance issues.. but it is a start.. you could easily put up a mw of solar tower in a smaller foot print and get twenty times more efficiency.. one experiment I did with the kids was to amplify the power source.. I am not sure how much it would degrade the panels ability through time.. but by putting a small fresnel lens above it like at six inches.. the power output increases substantially.. it isn’t to large to melt the panel but far enough away to increase the solar.. the bad side was the heating of the panels.. it would increase the heat on the panels substantially.. the energy consumption of a computer fan I put on it.. still made it feasible .. but I always thought that would be a project what to be done in the deep cold of space not on a rooftop..

  5. what I cannot understabd is how many of us Americans tolerate the load of indebtedness they carry. I have witnessed several cases wherein a debtor misses footing and the load falls and crushes him.
    I see financial indebtedness as a species of servitude.

    • That depends entirely on visible net worth and the ability to collect. Many men have been driven to de-facto bankruptcy by family courts and have been fired from their jobs. They live today as modern day hobos, getting work as best they can and getting paid in cash. They may or may not have assets, but nobody can collect. Many of these men did this voluntarily so as to preclude assets going where they felt that they should not.

      At least my kids are grown and there are none of those issues in the family.

    • The number of young families that have bought property and swell the ranks of the school kids around our area has always amazed me, too. The jobs that support such indebtedness aren’t really that common around here and I can just imagine the tension that is building in both the young and old retirees that have moved out here. The little ones will have a lot to digest and learn from the fallacies of their parents.

    • “Americans tolerate the load of indebtedness they carry.”

      When I was a young man..I worked in a plant that the boss thought he could invest it in the stock market and make more money.. so the money he decided to use.. WAS the MONEY THE EMPLOYEES paid to have health insurance.. without us knowing it..
      He included in that the money he had as profit..
      I had a kid that climbed up a tree about sixty foot and fell on the way down he hit a branch and shoved a branch through his body between the heart and the lung.. and a lot more damage to.. got to the hospital and they had to Fly in a surgical team from several hundred miles.. he was in intensive care for a couple of months.. the bill back then was a little more than half a million dollars..
      ONLY to discover when the hospital ran the insurance card.. that we were not insured.. OMG.. it was horrible.. I could’t buy a roll of Toilet paper on credit.. that incident has followed me since I was a boy.. I didn’t even make three bucks an hour then and a half million dollar debt at two percent.. ( a month ) .. so I totally get that..
      Now Brandon wants a war.. sure it would probably cover over his kids and family companies potentially corruptive activities and his sheer stupidity on his plans where he has no idea what it is to struggle at an hourly wage.. hell even when the money trail for laundering funds was released it was disregarded and shoved off to the side as non important that takes power.. if any of us tried that it would be hell on earth for us…. the war then could be used to misdirect the blame for all of it and the democrats would be able to blame Putin…
      like the teller at the bank.. she was working just to pay her daycare and insurance.. her take home was two dollars a week..
      My grand daughter .. she works one shift her husband works another so they can save from daycare expenses.. that would be so huge..

  6. Russia is ordering all persons and business’s off of the worldwide net on March 11 and to be converted to the RU internet ………surge protectors and or unplug devices……..

  7. “Friday or Saturday night coming we’ll likely see our last freeze of the year. Putting in the outdoor seeds seems like a project for the coming weekend.”

    Don’t count the weather out until you’re sure it’s down for the count. I’ve seen snow in April in ETX. If you plant seeds this early, have a plan in place to help the seedlings through that (those) unexpected freeze(s).

    • Yes, that’s the reason we rarely have peaches on the trees at the ranch. All I really do is keep them alive. The trees are just now recovering from the big chill we had last year.

  8. “Either you become a continuously improving, broad spectrum, highly adaptable human being, or you sit on the couch and wait to die.”

    I remember a Gahan Wilson cartoon in Playboy back in my college days when I read the magazine (strictly for the articles of course!). It showed a scruffy man sitting on a street corner with a sign that read.

    “The world will end tomorrow unless postponed by rain.”

    We all need a reason to get up in the morning and get our ass out the door, no matter how much gloom and doom there is or how old we are. The image of sitting on the couch and waiting to die is not one I can live with. One of the reasons I enjoy Andy’s posts here. He will die with a big smile, a beer in one hand and a girl in the other.

    I am in the position of caring for a lifelong partner and not being able to travel the world as I used to. A few weeks ago, I decided to use my time to write another book. I realized that I had my financial affairs in order but was not leaving behind my true wealth to my grandchildren. My book is titled “Life lessons for my grandkids.” My intention is to have it completed, bound and given to them for Christmas this year.

    Your book “Packing To Die” and reading this column every day is a good part part of my inspiration. Thank you.

    • “The image of sitting on the couch and waiting to die is not one I can live with. One of the reasons I enjoy Andy’s posts here. He will die with a big smile, a beer in one hand and a girl in the other.”

      I am with you BIC…. I have way to much to do to just sit on the couch and wait to die.. I love Andies posts.. but am a little jealous that he has ladies chasing him down the street LOL LOL LOL… I guess I just don’t have the looks.. oh well.. guess I should drown my sorrows in another beer LOL LOL just kidding.. I actually don’t drink much at all.. I love to make it.. just so I know how to do it.. a skill set that except for the ones I give it to.. will rarely be a necessity

  9. The Pakistani Truck channel on YouTube is about as close to post -apocalyptic industry as one can get. I cringe at the methods, question the longevity of the the repairs but they seem to be a can-do productive lot…

    • There are several channels, copying from each other:


      These things are frowned on in the USA, though anything goes for tractor tires. Getting the materials may be a challenge – like unvulcanized(cushion?) rubber. The cord used could probably be substituted for and aluminum can be salvaged from scrap with the right flux. I know a great tire shop that can handle truck and tractor tires too, but none that can make this kind of repair.

      For tool sluts everywhere, have enough tools and materials to dismount and repair car and LT tires! It’s hard work, but quite possible without a fancy machine.

      • This is why, of all the money I’ve spent this past year, it’s been mostly for repairs, preemptive and otherwise. I’m tempted to get a full set of tires for at least two of the vehicles but if there’s no gas (or so expensive there might as well be none) there’s no need for that and there’s still a lot of life left in the ones on the ground now. A new, or used, tire changing machine might be a good investment. We have an old one that only works on the old steel wheels for our trailers but all vehicle wheels are the modern decorative aluminum ones that don’t fit that machine.

        Had a setback the other day, though. Walked into the ranch house and found out the hot water valve on the kitchen sink had frozen (again) and had been spraying water for at least a couple of days after it thawed out. Guess I’m going to have to learn how to hang sheet rock and find something to do with the hardwood floor in there. Probably just plywood for the floor but I have to figure out what is causing the big lump in the middle of the floor – and hope a few dozen snakes don’t come slithering out when I take up the boards. (Have herp tongs, will battle) It’s an opportunity to put more insulation in the walls, though, and “build back better”.

      • Tire work is mostly finesse once the bead is dealt with. I’ve been using the same tire irons for 40 years. An old bumper jack takes care of most small car beads.

      • Don’t forget the Ru-Glide.

        “Ru-Glide” is a rubber lubricant. It makes it so a tubeless tire will slide off a rim’s bead, without leaving shards of itself stuck to the rim (thus ruining its ability to seal.) It can be mimicked by dissolving a couple ounces of “Joy” (clear) dish washing liquid in a gallon of warm water. IMO any DW detergent should be able to be used, but the old garage guys always insisted on “Joy,” even if they had to send the garage gofer to the nearest store to buy a bottle…

  10. “War in Ukraine could last years at the present run-rate. Imagine lucky Russia – a crossover between the US-Mexico border debacle with a side order of civil war. Schmeer of shortage and famine sauce, too.”

    I agree it Could.. But after the costs..
    I think they are going to want to get this over with quickly.. the Ace in the hole I see is that they have allies of countries that we have gone out of our way to destroy and take their raw resources.. we have bankrupted ourselves.. and forced to borrow money all while outsourcing industry.. they do know that we are not the super power that we once were.. we have more money invested in war.. but we are also spread out.. today we have middle east lighting up the ukraine lighting up and even rushed down to south american countries that Russian and China have aided to try and get their support.. My curiosity is.. will they.. since we abandoned them with their needs because they didn’t have the resources that were desirable.. and the dreaded china reunification that is wanted to be done with Taiwan.. IF that happens and the Potential Army that our present administration smuggled in during the dead of night..
    and the proposed six trillion extra printing done.. ..
    along with a crumbling infrastructure. Seriously just how much can a man making fifteen dollars an hour afford to pay out….

    • I believe it is still the POISON PAWN trap .. get us so involved .. Then as in playing king of the hill.. drop us down.. so far we have not had a war in our country the people have no idea what horror unfolds in a war torn country.. we have dumbed down our youth turned from an industrial nation to a consumption nation and lost our industrial status.. I believe that war reaching our country is going to change..in the day where you can reach out and touch someone from any spot on the planet.. I believe if they are doing the poison pawn trap.. then the trick is to get us to rush to protect the pawn.. then take the second move.. the third move to take the king..
      the sad part.. was setting us up for this was all for sale to the right bidder.. and in a similarity to all other past civilizations .. GREED took over and they sold off our country for a few coins of silver or numbers on a sheet of paper..
      At present the people cannot afford to pay for an extended war and those wanting the protection and promoting a war that is to take place does not want to pay for a war.. why should they pay for it if they can get someone else to pay for it.. OPM.. other peoples money.. and the USA is in a serious position where to keep the economy going the way it has been.. they have to literally shove money in peoples pockets weakening our currency just.. to keep the velocity of cash going.. to do that weakens the Oligarchs that want to see this accelerate so they can take…. to escalate the situation at this point actually weakens their position as the ones in the power seat to not escalate it does the same thing the double side of the sword of Damocles’https://youtu.be/wmUVy43tqw4 https://youtu.be/QI-dyENXeIM
      Camus had a little something to say about the absurdity of what is going on..
      .. to push the situation forward poses the possibility that they will loose everything through checkmate..
      I see china moving in on Taiwan.. to keep it from being a forced reunification the option they have is to reunify without military action.. if they did that.. the people will go about their daily lives without a great deal of turmoil.. if they choose the other option then the third move is the Bidens army of illegals.. or .. military action that affects the countries of the NATO alliance directly.. the pieces to this puzzle are all out there and plain enough for anyone to see.. the question is.. will everyone decide to play nice or drag this out.. and at what cost.. nuclear .. would end it over night.. and emp strike.. put us back to the time of NOAH.. Or the Vedic wars..

      • Russia and China haven’t laid any trap for us. We’ve done it to ourselves willingly and knowingly. What else was going to happen if we shipped all our manufacturing to China; gave our super computer tech to them so their “birds” would fly straight and true; poo-pooed and denigrated all lower level jobs that keep things going in the background in our country (Mike Rowe should be put on the same pedestal as the Founding Fathers); sat and watched while our education system (THE future of our country) was ruined by Lefties while mindlessly nodding our empty heads as traitorous politicians bad-mouthed capitalism and fed us socialism and on and on? Russia and China could never have taken us over if The Greatest Generation’s lessons of life had been successfully passed on. If they had been there would be no “Fourth Turning” at this time in history. Instead we sat down and had “interesting conversations” with ex-Nazies and entertained outright Communists in our universities. This is why “G-O-D-uh” said to totally exterminate the people on the outskirts of the country He carved out for the Israelites when they got “uppity”. It was the only way to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. We do it with our livestock and we have always been God’s livestock.

        As I said a few days ago – when we’re hanging them in the streets like they did Mussolini we will have no one else to blame but ourselves. We have not changed since they hung that guy on a cross for telling the truth 2,000 years ago.

      • There’s absolutely no reason to get involved in this “poison pawn” trap! IMHO, it’s a private affair between Russia and Ukraine. Let them sort it out. All we may have to do is to account to the world for our illicit biolabs and perhaps nuke experiments too. China and Russia are leading the way with isolationism – perhaps we should do a bit of that too.

        Regardless, providing arms, materiel, or assistance to either side is a big no-no! Neither side is in NATO and we don’t legitimately owe them anything. We need to get our house in order producing stuff, starting with food and fuel. We might also free up reporting so that the truth can leak out to the common folk.

      • WE don’t owe them anything but Bribem and Son does. No telling how many other Congress critters do too.

      • “Russia and China haven’t laid any trap for us. We’ve done it to ourselves willingly and knowingly. ”

        LOL Bill I think the trap was by using GREED and Vanity… then position themselves while we weakened ourselves..

      • Yep. We dug the hole, set the spikes then our “leaders” threw the country into it. And the people stood by and just watched them do it.

  11. Here in Ohio we’ve seen prices at the pump jump 50 cents in a week.


    Haven’t seen anything like this since G.W. was president … when everyone was screaming for “CHANGE !!” … so once again everyone is digging through their couch looking for change.

    And it’s not even spring yet. Can’t wait for summer and the media tells us we’re driving a lot so prices need to go up.

    Got a Palisade 2 years ago, cost $28.00 to fill it up. Spent $61.00 filling it up 2 days ago. It’s super easy on gas, which is a blessing.

    Only YouTube videos I’m watching these days is, brushing up on how to fix things and what folks are doing to cut corners. Reviewing my skills before I need to use them again. Taking notes.

    Daughter has Celiac Disease, which was a real education and had to make some serious changes in the kitchen. Gluten Free foods are a bit expensive and finding what ya need can be exhausting. So we stocked up and bought a small mill to make our own GF flours. – it’s coming to that and I really feel for folks who are also dealing with this.

    It’s a good skill to know, in light of the Wheat issue that’s about upon us. But not everyone has a clue on alternatives to wheat. It’s sad watching people suffer.

    Sadly, this is just the beginning.

    • If info on youtube(or bitchute, etc) is valuable and you need the video, download it! Get extra hard drives while they’re relatively affordable and download OBS. With a two monitor system, you can record anything you can display on screen one! That’s the general case. There are specialized downloaders(pastedownload is one), that download more easily, but they don’t always work. The future of the internet is uncertain, and we might lose access to Russian sites at the end of the week. Never trust the cloud!

      • The free version of Real Player has the downloader and usually works with all YouTube videos. I’ve even been able to download some Bitchute videos, too. Need that extra hard drive, though. My on-board drive is filling up.

      • I use 4k Downloader most of the time — seems to have fewer issues when utub alters its code (still has issues, just not as many.) It doesn’t do stuff that’s not on utub or Vimeo, though, so like most computer utilities, it’s good to have several…

    • Hope you have the best of results with your Gluten Free preps. Few folks know or understand the suffering Celiac’s causes.

    • “Haven’t seen anything like this since G.W. was president … when everyone was screaming for “CHANGE !!” ”

      Shoot, people might even remember that the “TEA party” began in 2006, UNDER BUSH, not 2009 under Obama. I can’t remember if it was video or stills — ’twas several computers ago, but I’ve media from tea party rallies in April and June 2006, from Boston and Indianapolis, respectively — ‘pretty sure nobody was protesting Mr. Obama’s policies at that time or giving speeches on the floor of the CBE at that time…

    • “And it’s not even spring yet. Can’t wait for summer and the media tells us we’re driving a lot so prices need to go up.”

      If it hasn’t escalated to a nuclear war.. with us pushing China now by the same methods brandon used to pizz off Russia by placing nukes on his borders..
      If they keep up with what their doing we all maybe dead or on foot scraping for survival..

    • PB
      Gasoline here in Ontario Canada costs 1.80 per litre translate $6.80 Can. for U.S. gallon minus exchange rate? I am all in for zero-gravity propulsion of Ottawa!
      Unless you home cook everything, Gluten is ominously everywhere.
      Best wishes.

  12. Down at the sale barn this morning to look over the stock coming in for sale tomorrow. I’m buying this time. While not overly unusual to see lots of bright red and orange ear tags but also seeing a lot of stock with large patches of white and bright colored stain on their sides apparently due to hunters not being able to determine the difference between cattle and deer.
    Conversations over coffee with other producers were more than a little apocalyptic.
    Think protein folks.

    • That’s ^ the ticket. Protein.

      In my youth we had a highly successful deer hunting group: beaters pushed Bambi towards shooters in a well defined line. Luckily I can teach the next gen. how to get bucks every darned day (in season of course).

      We had a good small scale garden but it needs to be transplanted to the front yard (between the house and lake). Heritage seeds is all I need (and already have). I will mostly trade protein for fresh stuff …

      Chill at 52? It causes us Michiganders to hunt for short pants.
      Write when you get warm,

      • As a kid I eventually had to laugh at all the stories in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream that talked about “wiley” deer being so danged smart and hard to get. Deer are borderline stupid and slaves to their instincts. If they don’t see, hear or smell you (at least two out of those three) they’ll walk by close enough to grab them. If you’re sitting in a tree you can be carrying on a conversation and they’ll ignore you. I’ve actually tried to “shoo” one off and he just stood there and wondered what I was. I finally got bored with deer hunting in my late 20’s/early 30’s I basically quit altogether. It was like shooting fish in a barrel unless you were after some kind of trophy. Trophies, spikes and does all look the same on the table. They do taste a little different, though.

      • “As a kid I eventually had to laugh at all the stories in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream that talked about “wiley” deer being so danged smart and hard to get.”

        The modern, intrepid hunter generally takes a 30-pack with him, sits in a blind, which is so-named because that’s the level of drunkenness to which he drinks himself, and when a “wily” deer saunters down the trail next to (or below) which he’s erected his blind, can’t figure out which of the six he should shoot.

        Deer have really good eyes, but when they’re foraging, their heads are down. They always flit their tail before raising their head for a look-around. Some years back, (don’t remember, but I wrote George at the time) I walked up on a parcel of wild deer, a buck and I believe four doe. I “ghosted” up on them like I’d read some “woods Indians” could do. I got within about 35 feet of the herd before I stopped trying — ‘took me about a half-hour to ghost in, down wind. I stopped because I didn’t want to dance with Bucky and I don’t know how protective buck deer are of their harem.

        ‘Point is, deer ain’t difficult. Indian moccasins, being sober, and understanding the behavioral tendencies of the prey help a lot.

    • “large patches of white and bright colored stain on their sides apparently due to hunters not being able to determine the difference between cattle and deer.”

      Years ago.. I was having a cup of coffee at the station and a hunter came in from the city.. one of the other guys there asked.. how was hunting… the guy said it was easier than what he thought.. everyone out east told him how spry the deer were they could jump over fences and run like the wind.. he said heck.. they sure didn’t know what they were talking about.. the one he got couldn’t run hard at all and there wasn’t any way that it could jump over a fence.. we went out to see.. he had sprawled across his car a COW.. LOL.. a friend of mine asked if he could hunt on land of a farmer north of us.. he asked where are you from.. he told them.. the guy said not on your life.. seemed a hunter from the city came and hunted and shot his mule thinking it was a mule deer LOL LOL LOL they never had the idea of putting warning signs on the cows back then.. LOL LOL…

  13. George, travel over the next few months/years could become quite problematic. While avoiding it is probably best at such a turbulent time, there are situations that will require it, even at significant risk. This applies to both people and their stuff, and probably involves borders – state and/or national.

    Accomplishing this quickly, quietly, and without undue risk could be a good topic for PN.

  14. Comrades,

    As drolly noted by “The Telegraph’s” Royal Correspondent, today PM Trudeau met the Queen in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle – unmasked. After the audience, the PM advised reporters that the Queen was “as insightful and perspicacious as ever”.

    Mr. Trudeau, alone masked, separately met with his UK and Dutch counterparts at RAF Norholt, past airfield location stand-in for “The Winds of War”. PM Boris sported a freshly lobsided haircut, uncombed. Mr. Trudeau expressed a desire to “hold Russia to account and stand up for democracy around the world” according to the CBC.

  15. How it all ends:
    You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Putin, and we won’t have it.
    You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There is no China. There are no third worlds. There is no East. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, yuan, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today.
    There is no communism. There is no democracy. There is only Gazprom, Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, Exxon, Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon. Those are the nations of the world today.
    We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Putin. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Putin. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Putin, to see that — perfect world — in which there’s no war or famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock. All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.
    YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU — WILL — ATONE!

  16. A couple of COVID items (yesterday’s news right?)

    1. Just talked to the grandson (professional hockey player). He played 2 games on the weekend. I watched them both on TV and he did not play at his usual level. I said “you played kind of shitty.” He said “as a matter of fact Grandpa” and went on to tell me….. His team stopped the daily COVID testing some time ago. He felt sick before he dressed Saturday and played. He was even sicker on Sunday and played through it. When they came back to home base this morning, he tested positive for COVID and is in bed. This is his third bout with it. Double vaxed, boostered and lots of previous immunity. Go figure.

    2. Has anyone looked at the COVID numbers in South Korea the last few days? An exponential curve straight up. All time record for them being set. Just in case you were wondering where the virus is hanging out these days.

  17. I’m a perma bear as anyone here knows till conditions are met . But no way I have been in this fake gold rally constructed by da boyz. What bullsheet the commercials are massive short they are never wrong . A load of trot rot . What have you got to say george ? Petro dollar 2?

    • not guru..

      Dude – I am so Long Gold equities as have to hedge the positions. Luv,luv dividend paying Miners..BTG -ex div today, AEM -rock solid, NEM-solid, FNV- (port. cornerstone investment) same with WPM. GDXJ has broken thru/out.

      Quick & Dirty = Gold & Black Gold – rise , therefore market forces dictate SPY goes down.

      Joke of Day; the little rascals (50’s american tv show)
      Spelling Bee Day – Say the word, Spell the word, Use word in a sentence.
      todays word – Dictate

      Spanky: “dictate’
      Teacher: ‘go ahead”
      Spanky: “d i c t a t e – dictate”
      Teacher: good, use in a sentence now.
      Spanky: Hey Darla, hows my dictate? rim shot!

  18. “As slow and dimwitted as the Biden administration is, they may be dusting off the knee pads for Joe to go oil begging: Biden advisers weigh Saudi Arabia trip for more oil (axios.com),”

    Joe’s been begging the Saudis, Emirates, Russians — pretty much every oil-producing nation, to increase output, to lower gas prices in CONUS, for 11mos now. Every oil-exporter except Russia refused.

    Bear in-mind were the Keystone XL completed, we’d probably not be getting much more oil than we’re now getting. What killing the pipeline really did was continue that $3mln/day payment to Warren Buffett, to ship (and occasionally spill) all that oil on his trains.

  19. Dude G – screw the stock market – to hell with bonds, never mind da Silber & Gold..

    Just go outside and buy Nickels from Ure bank, local store..wherever you can find them GPopz – BUYBUYBUYBUYBUY

    Who’ed thunk we could get High/Rich on Nickels from US mint?

    Guess Im gonna be melting down that Nickel railroad bell I picked up via Invaluable auctions several months ago.
    Bell was for mounting high up in tree behind the pool, by lagoon at Belize house. Gotta dem Bitcoinz.
    Shot glass made of frozen water/ice – slam Ure shot, throw empty iceshotglass at the bell..not very easy to hit, specially if U been drinking a lil = drinking game/entertainment. Not like cant get replacement bell cheap(brass?) from some lightless church somewhere in this _ _ _ forsaken Country.

    * BTFD Bitcoin!..4 fun & profit , besides its all gonna be useless after the pressure waves blow thru U – So unless you know how/train 2 c wave forms and bring them to targeted collapse – gonna be bystanders-victims once again.

    • Um, our nickels — ain’t.

      Canuck nickels were pure nickel for many years (and would stick to a magnet.) Ours are technically bronze, with a low nickel content.

  20. “On that, off to fine tune the garden and deal with a passing cold snap here at Uretopia. 81 Saturday, 79 Sunday, and today the high will be 52. Almost Denver-like weather variability.”

    Two days ago it was 74 and sunny and the snow was gone (it’s currently snowing…) Winter break with two days in the 70s and 60+% Sunshine.

    I saw ZERO (zip, zed, nada) kids outside playing (walking, bike-riding, etc.) Every single time I hear some whiny-assed idiot complain about ours being an obese society, or childhood obesity being nearly 40%, I think about days like those two: You’ve been locked inside for over 4 months, so you elect to stay locked-up when Mother Nature opens the cell door for a couple days? Seriously? Hell, I would get cabin fever so bad as soon as there was a court with a patch of clear pavement I’d be out with a basketball, even if it was still 10 below…

    • Yep – youngins are AFU now – entire generation dumbed down even further.
      Pediatricians across the country are seeing Developmental Delay Issues with “covid kids” – they dont know how to make friends due prolonged isolation, so majority have better relations with animals..cats ,dogs, parkeets, gerbils… AFU.

      The unforeseen consequences starting to pile up – some one (s) gonna PAY for perpetrating this Evil on Humanity..”voided” I imagine..

  21. Thanks Mr. Ure, as always. On Saturday, our newest Senator, Roger Marshall came to our tiny city in Kansas, for a town hall, in our beautiful Carnegie Library. The room was packed, and many standing in the hall (10% of our population!). I brought my clipboard, with a full page of questions, on top. When he came in the room, I stood up and led the applause, and he was embarrassed, (as anyone from Kansas would be), and quickly told us to be seated. He apologized for being late (5 minutes), cause he had just gotten off a Zoom call with President Zelinsky of The Uk.. He immediately led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. He sat on a simple stool (no notes),, And then said, “I am here to listen”.

    An aside note. I have seen him before when he was the congressman for the ‘Big First’ (80 + counties), and came to meetings here; once with 9 in attendance, another with 30+. Before politics, he was an OBGYN, and delivered over 5000 babies. (Do you need to ask where he thinks life begins?) 25 years in medical practice. His father was the Sherrif of his home county for 25 years. 1st in his family in college,, and went straight through in Ks Colleges and Univ. to get his MD. His locker partner in the senate gym, is Rand Paul..

    Initial question was from the local VFW Pres (in fancy Hat), spouting his own horn,, Senator pivoted by asking all the veterans to stand up,, and we all clapped. (rightly so). Then came several very poignant questions about our farm economy. (Prices are way up for those that held on to their crops). He lamented that some fertilizer is up 400% !!!. He was adroit across all topics (no BS) for 50 minutes. I was actually impressed with the quality and breadth of the questions from the locals. All were pretty damned informed,, and opinionated. I found little to disagree with,, they just need a little clarity and meat on the bones.

    (((as another aside, I’m tired of the cliche, ‘sheeple’. To berate those perceived below us intellectually. 1/2 we humans are average or below. The people you are denigrating are incapable of meeting your expectations. You can lament their conditions and decisions, but it should be beneath you to denigrate them. Why are they ignorant?? Ask the Creator. Each of us adds some (perhaps hidden) value to the whole)))

    As his hour wound down, he asked for 2 more ?? from someone not heard yet. I was 2nd row (8 in a row) center, and I held up my clipboard so he could see it was covered with questions (ha ha). I thanked him for his representation of us, and also, for immediately, when he was sworn in, joined 15+? other Senators who wanted the 2020 presidential election examined. I pointed out that he is on 4 committees and 7 sub-committees. (which elicited some gasps) (Check out US senate.gov and see what your Senator does (or doesn’t do)). I reminded him of a recent letter I sent him (which got a personal reply), about replacing the disgusting (china made him rich, Mitch) leader McConnell. (and that drew agreement from the folks). I pointed out, that I thought sending The Ukraine ‘bullets and stingers and javelins’ would only postpone the violence and agony and bloodshed. (with the same inevitable conclusion). I won’t bore you with more,, but I thanked him and his staff for the attention he gives his constituents.

    He spent the last 5 minutes summing up his positions. It was the ‘conservative dream’, and his voting record backs it up. I made sure to say a personal thanks and shake his hand (as I had on other occasions), on the way out. I didn’t get any sense, that he is a 4th dimensional, shapeshifting reptilian alien.(D. Icke) (or a secret commie agent)(or a corporate shill). I’ve also met our senior Senator Moran,, and have glowing stories of him too.

    Could any of you say you have gotten to sit down with your Senators (or congressmen (our new one is Mann)), in a group of less than a hundred, and say what you think,, and have them and their staff listen??? Ted Cruz? Feinstein?, Schumer?, Any?? Marshall and Moran make up 2% of the most powerful legislative body on the planet. And they come right here to listen and talk.

    In general I abhor our evil government, but there are some bright lights who haven’t given up.

    Sorry this has evolved into a rant(ette), but please indulge me for some comments that might add to the wonderful chorus that comes here (thanks again Mr. Ure). I’m a native San Diegan, where the (once) most beautiful city, now has 8! times as many residents, as in my youth (1948), and every offramp has homeless camps, and 15%+ are not citizens, but interlopers. 10 years ago, I realized there was nowhere in Calif. that I could exist on my meager SS$ (I also lived in far Northern Cal for 30+ years),, So I scouted the tiny city where my family had been farmers since the 1880’s. (My father plowed the fields with a mule team,, and they built the fences with quarried post rocks (that’s real work). This was it.. It’s the County seat.. There is a beautiful 16 bed hospital (got a new Xray suite and $2 million catscan last year) and clinic, 4 blocks away. I could get an appointment this afternoon. Or an ambulance ride in 5 minutes. Referrals to a specialist, in the ‘big (40k) city, 42 miles away,, They would see me in a week,, usually less. When I went to the courthouse (3 blocks away) to get my DR license, the 3 women in the clerks office jumped up to wait on me. Took 5 minutes (only cause I asked them to take 3 pictures till I got one I liked). The County Commissioners (3) in weekly open meeting will go into private session to debate giving a 20 year employee a 15 cent an hour raise. I know and chat with the Sherrif, and know 3 of the 7 deputies. (one of the deputies told me there hasn’t been a burglary in over 3 years). We have 7 fire trucks, including a 150′ ladder truck (to reach the highest grain silo) and a well regarded volunteer force. 3 women run city hall, and the (GREAT) city work crew of 12, do everything that makes us civilized. Run the powerplant and distribution lines, water tower to tap, sewers to newish evap. ponds. weed eat around the gravestones, roadwork, paint the lines in the street,,,, more,, put up the Christmas lights downtown, and the flags for Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and the 4 parades and Cnty fair and festival each year. (I have never seen one guy lean on a shovel) Our schools are good,, HS is adding a tech department for non college kids. The St. Hiways are great, as are the streets in town. There is no trash about. Little kids play in the street, and leave their bikes on the lawn over night. I own a 100′ x 100’ corner lot with a shed that stores my (seldom used) tools.. The taxes this year were $63. The taxes in the city have gone down 3 years in a row. We have senior housing for a hundred at the ‘Hi-rise’ (cause its the only 3 story building in town (ha ha)),, and a rest home for 50 with a caring staff. I live in a 600 sq ft, nice, one bedroom apt. for $300 a month. (a dear friend pays $1550 for his equivalent apt in Huntington Beach, my son, $1350 in Sacramento)… We wave to each other in cars or in our yards. We have a movie theater (with 1st runs for $4), and 5 restaurants. and unfortunately 10% derelict houses that could be fixed up,, but will probably be torn down.

    I don’t know why the frightened old folks in the city don’t move to small midwest towns?? They need more residents before they blow away. I know my story is echoed from rural towns in Texas to Canada.. America still exists.. as does optimism. Thanks for reading this far..

    • JoeNKs, Beautiful. We moved 80 miles West of the #1 to #4 most desirable city in the country, to a small town. It’s unincorporated so has most none of the niceties you mentioned, but the stars are bright at night, it’s so quiet you can hear the spring ants on the march, and it’s affordable for the rest of our remaining lives. I loved what you shared, and I hope people heed your words.

      Our old city, and the reason we left, ever increasing escalating non stop property taxes, is being transformed into a dung heap, being bid up to the rafters by the highest bidder, the city run utility is a just In time operation so a thousand employees still can’t keep the water clean, and there’s never any money in their billion dollar just in time budget to repair a thing. They are so woke, they will go broke, the utility part, and they will fleece it then sell it to the highest bidder, who will increase costs as they privatize it.

      Enjoy the rest of your life. People can make smart moves, that are right for them. It’s still a beautiful world.

    • Joe NKs,
      Great post! I could feel it. Out in the smaller towns which will make a huge comeback when the cities turn into war zones. I probably went pheasant hunting in my 20s in your area. A big guy named Stan had a huge farm north of Wichita…he could have gone bear hunting with a switch. Thanks for refreshing the memories. What you painted with your words reminded me of my grandparents hometown in Northern Texas which my great grandmother from Germany helped establish.

    • “I’m tired of the cliche, ‘sheeple’. To berate those perceived below us intellectually.”

      That’s not at all, the meaning of “sheeple.”

      A “sheeple” is a person who meekly, blindly, and unquestioningly follows a leader — like a sheep. When the leader walks off a cliff, the sheeple become “lemmings,” as many will follow the leader onto the rocks, below. Most sheeple are lazy and immature, in that they have no opinion on a subject until someone gives them one, but they are as scattered throughout the “intelligence spectrum” as grownups and independent thinkers.

      Many of the sheeple I know test in the top 2/10% on IQ tests, making them a full order of magnitude above “genius level.” They believe their thoughts on any subject are so esoteric that they haven’t time to devote to the mundane thoughts of everyday existence. They therefore let someone else think for them, and they just follow along.

      It’s a fine existence, until it’s not. Those I know aren’t interested in learning any life skills, because they believe they are so smart they will learn such things “on the fly” if it ever becomes necessary to learn them. They tend toward oversize egos and narcissism because they recognize the superiority of their own intellect, and believe it trumps the learning or knowledge of a physical process. It is impossible to explain that (for instance) a Slowhand or Hendrix didn’t just pick up a guitar and start cranking out those riffs; they practiced, 8-14 hours per day, for years, or that professional ballplayers (in any sport), may do 3-hour practices, even occasional two-a-days, even though they are the best people on the planet, at their jobs.

      A sheeple is an egotistical follower — simple as that. Neither IQ nor intellect, nor vocation or level of prestige, have anything to do with whether or not one is a sheeple…

    • I’m glad you found Heaven. I did too back in the 80s (I’d known our town since the 60s) until the real estate people turned it into a hodge-podge of real estate gamblers that have done everything to get rid of us “originals”. Be good to those who preceded you in your location, defend them from those that think they’re better than “the locals”, and don’t treat them as ignorant hicks. The time is coming, and almost here, that you will all need each other and it will be easier to come together as friends rather than out of necessity.

      Just a note from the other side of the coin.

      Oh, and that bit about “They need more residents before they blow away.” was a phrase used by those that tried to raise our taxes 21% to, mainly, get rid of us deplorables and, co-incidentally, upgrade some things to the newbies’ standards. Our town has existed long before even my folks were born and all the “newbies” think the town history started when they arrived. I asked one school board member what was going on with the construction on a local mesa of note next to the town, calling it by the name it had been given before the 20th century rolled around, and he had no idea what or where I was talking about. Be careful what you wish for. Heaven deserves to be defended.

  22. Mr. Trudeau expressed a desire to “…. stand up for democracy around the world” according to the CBC.

    Sorry … but my morning coffee ended up all over by keyboard when I read that quote after watching what he did to Canadian democracy over the last few weeks.

    Doubt I will be using my Nexus Pass even when the border is fully reopened … though sadly it looks like the US may not be far behind our “enlightened” cousins from up north seeing how we are now apparently seizing various people’s bank accounts with NO US laws having been broken and with NO judicial oversight being allowed.

  23. greatest bullsheet artists of all time . USSA and its colonies australia canada and new zealand . wheres gutless brandon . what are yous gunna do to vlad ? f all thats what you are good for

  24. Comrades,

    The bafflegab circus continues. The UK parliament is set to fast track readings of the Economic Crime Bill. In its current form, foreign owners of UK property such as Russian oligarchs will have six (6!) months to register specific owner names with the government registrar Company House headquartered in Cardiff, Wales. Service is available in english and welsh.

    Duw achub y Frenhines!
    (God save the Queen!)


  25. Gasoline went up another 26¢ between last night and today. It is now $4.25.9. The highest price ever, in my hometown, is $4.29.9, back when we got BUSHwhacked.

    Now might be a good time to remind y’all that the United States has NOT curtailed purchases. We’re STILL buying ~600,000 barrels per day from Russia.

    That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen, not one cent of the ~75¢ hike in gas prices this last week was due to Mr. Putin’s: Russia the Great, Reunification Tour.

    It is because the Biden Administration set the printing presses to flank speed. If’fn this is a problem, I suggest y’all fasten yer seatbelts because if/when we DO embargo Russian petrol, our pump price will triple, and our JIT-delivered goods (like food) will hike by at least 2.5 times whatever the price of goods happens to be, when such an embargo kicks-in, and the Administration’s printing presses will still be compounding the pain.

    Elections have consequences…

    • Silver just took a $1.38 leap this morning while the indices are down along with BTC. Whereas things may blow over in Ukraine in a few weeks the tremors that this conflict is sending throughout the financial world appears to be making Clif’s predictions of exponential price growth for silver a much safer bet than anything else out there. To paraphrase Schwab- “What you have in your hand will be what you have and you’ll be happy.”

  26. Holodeck Report
    Rasputin Files: Golden Hoard

    According to Wikipedia, the non-profit Center for Development of Interpersonal Communication (CDIC) is housed in the former Volkonsky House, Moscow. It was constructed by an officer who helped conquer the Crimea in the Russian-Turkish War that ended in 1774. The building was later purchased by the maternal grandfather of Leo Tolstoy and featured in the epic “War and Peace”. It is understood that current building rents are processed through the head of the CDIC under her new married name Lyudmila Ocheretnaya formerly known as Mrs. L. Putina, First Lady of Russia.

    From time to time, a now-exiled Russian banker allegedly waves files saying he helped Mr. Putin achieve power. As in the tale of “Anna Karenina”, the banker apparently grew his family in supplementary number with a noble subject of the United Kingdom, a Countess Tolstoy of “The Last Secrets of the Silk Road”. Like the Leo Tolstoy genre, the countess is a direct descendent of the Tolstoy nobility who arrived from the Holy Roman Empire to Cherniviv, Ukraine in the 14th century. A century later the Tolstoy family moved its power base during a Russian civil war helping the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily II drive out the Golden Horde. Closer to the current day, the countess’ great great grandfather managed the royal household of Tsar Nicholas II. Her father is a historian of note and author of at least 18 books including “The Tolstoys – 24 generations of Russian history”. He’s apparently a staunch monarchist with associations to the International Monarchist League, the Russian Monarchist League, and the Royal Stuart Society. The countess’ younger sister was married in a Russian Orthodox ceremony to an earl and godson of the Queen’s late sister.

    Move over Biebs.
    Disco steppe up!

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