10-YIP and 1-YIH

Besides mastery of self- discipline, holidays are  a great time to construct  a “10-Year Investment Program.” These can be simply monitored with a 1-Year Investment Horizon.  Done every 3-6 months.

Unlike very short-term trades (based on various cockamamie schemes, some of which don’t work, others of which do, but with lots of qualifiers), long-term choices are what drive genuine net worth.  It’s the long game.

Today, some ideas to kick around during your upcoming “down time” over the Thanksgiving holiday.

After the usual appetizer course of headlines and that on-going Replay of 1929.  Think of this as July 18, 1929.

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25 thoughts on “10-YIP and 1-YIH”

  1. George – Ure analysis of future investment potentials is solid as ever/usual – and as usual Ure blind spot is glaring in its opacity..

    LIBOR setting is going on to Blockchain via Ethereum this year.

    All Bonds/Bond Markets are going Blockchain as I type this.

    Fidelity Investments just announced Cyrpto Custodial Service for the High Net Worth customers..those wealthy peeps that cant be troubled with remembering Codes/keys/9 Seed Words…

    Everything Financial is going onto to Blockchain near U soonly – could be wise to keep an eye on these developments – perhaps even Wiser to get a couple just for S&G’s and HODL – so as to be able to study and learn first hand about Unstoppable DeCentralization – UnConfiscatable – UnHackable – UnDillutable Assets.

    VERIFY – Dont TRUST..there Liberal Demoncrats/Commies out there after all.

    Fully Invested Heged Bear.

    • Repeat after me:
      1. No barriers to entry. Competition deluxe! 2,000 “currencies” Are you flipping mad?
      2. Doesn’t work without power and an internet.

      Got gold? Silver? Guns? Ammo? Food? Seeds? Diesel?

      • The Further YOUR money is away from YOU, the LESS control you have!!!! Those who have control can do whatever they want. After all “Possession” is 9/10ths of the law! Its been like that since the beginning of time and I do not see anything on the horizon to change that!

      • Division is weak Compadre – arguing what is true of the whole – just dont work for the all the parts..That dog dont hunt.

        EVERYTHING Financial goes down the crapper in HGD scenario – Everything.

        One or the Other…

    • ALL Finacial systems is this country are CORUPT….ALL…even the cash you hold is just a DEBT…as many will soon become aware…almost to late…

      And now the ‘Idea’ is to trust blockchain put into place and or ‘allowed’…. by…GOVERNMENTS…wtf

  2. “holidays are a great time to construct a “10-Year Investment Program.”





    It is a nice thought.. and a nice plan unfortunately for millions of catfish.. ( sixty grand or so down) is an unobtainable dream ..

    its definately thought about by the common working class but not practicle when your trying to survive day to day.. todays employers just don’t offer a benefit package anymore..hire part time and day labor and only have a skeloton crew of full time with benefits..its all covered in adolphs second book..

  3. We’re not going to have this system in 10 years.

    You guys should see the kitchen cabinets I purchased. They’re a joke. I spent 3K. For $3,000 you get vinyl wrapped press board. Not particle board, press board. Actual vinyl wrapped cardboard.

    I’m so sick of using the word “if”. But, “If” I had know, I would have made cabinets out of Papier-mâché and shellacked them for sturdy support.

    They look great, but that’s all we buy now-a-day. In concept they are cabinets.

    • It actually pains me slightly when I drive past a house where someone has thrown-out 50+ year old cabinets or furniture. It is impossible, at any price, to buy, new, some of the woods that dumbassed kids and spoiled UMC housewives(househusbands) condemn to their local landfills. Even “cheap” furniture from the 1960s or earlier, is made of better quality lumber than exists today.

      My kitchen has the original kitchen cabinets which were built and installed by the guy who built the house (my daughter made me promise, years ago, to never replace them.) The builder made them out of 3/4″ AB spruce plywood. It is actually 3/4″ thick, not 23/32″ like today’s, the face veneers are each about 3/16″ thick (7-ply), and you can not buy plywood as good as even the “B” side of these cabinets — not Danish, or Finnish, or Canadian, and not “marine” or “cabinet” or “furniture” grade. It simply doesn’t exist…

      • Something you and I can agree on Ray. I flip a lot of houses on the side with a group of investors. Many of the homes we flip are post WWII homes made by Union labor and made of solid wood. Only in certain circumstances will I replace the cabinetry. It is much cheaper and also much better from a quality standpoint to strip them down to the original wood, Re- paint them to today’s style and add modern hardware. Depending on the price point, that is a much better choice and usually people never notice that they are not new.

        We do the same with hardwood floors. The quality of most cabinetry, flooring and other finishing materials is garbage…Yea, there are still quality finishes available, but when cost is prohibitive for most people just looking for an upgrade without mortgaging the house to do it.

      • Most Baltic Birch now comes from the Russian Baltic Region. ‘Still good stuff, but not as good as that which comes from Finland. Rockler and Woodcraft have Finnish Birch — it’s kinda spendy…

      • At age 71, it occurs to me that almost anything nowadays will be a “lifetime” product, lol. Baltic maybe, but I (wait for it!) AIN’T FINNISHED yet, lol

      • Too many hobbies already, but I’ve toyed with the idea of scavenging trashed furniture. A sofa doesn’t have to say Lane, Madden, Broyhill, etc. That six-footer which was part of one of those 1950s “Buy a living-room full of furniture for $199” TV ads, has $200 (in 2019 dollars) worth of maple or hickory (or $1000 worth of pre-blight elm) in its frame.

      • Not surprised, Mark. I’m an agreeable sort of person…

        Good (new wood) flooring is still easy to find, but it’s not pre-finished (Bruce, etc.) and it is labor-intensive, if done right. I favor good quality urethane for regions that are principally muddy (high loam or clay soil content) and unfinished, raw wood (oak or SYP) for places that’re sandy (Michigan, far-northern OH/PA/NY, desert, coasts, etc.) because (I don’t care what an ad agency says) nothing will last on wood in these areas. Once “wear paths” are established, it’ll look like crap and be a b!tch to refinish without doing the entire floor. A “sand and re-varnish” every 5 years is not on anyone’s list of fun-time activities. This is why a remodeler or renovater will often rip out a nasty carpet and discover a gorgeous hardwood floor underneath. [Non-slip] tile and dyed (not painted) concrete are best for fancy floors in sand…

      • Oh, and George: You’re welcome for the set-up. I was going to use it myself, but not until I was Finnished with this topic…

    • Long story there, Ched.
      She got her first selection of tile home for the counters. Well, wouldn’t you know? She didn’t like the color (white, ceramic, 12×12). So now, that turns into a later this winter use that tile and redo the floor in my office…
      One of the joys of fully participating partner is when its a room THEY have “operating authority” in, they can do whatever the f. they want. She’s still going back and forth on what she wants for the counters.
      \Right now, she has one of those “paint on” counters, kits on amazon for a hundred, or so, but she doesn’t want that. She also doesn’t want to spend “more money than the house is worth” on cabinets. On the other hand, I’ve offered her whatever she wants. When you’ve got six figures in checking it’s not like we pretty much can’t afford anything.
      But, she’s an artiste and this means there’s about a 400:1 ratio of “designer” )(her)( to laborer (me)
      The main thing is, we aren’t going to miss any meals and we’re both happy. so in a week or so, when house guest leaves, I’m sure it will come back to the front burner.
      But thanks for asking (though your interpersonal skills are abrasive and suck, lol)

      • George, why would you have 6 figures in a checking account when we are in a blow off bull market. You could put half in bitcoin to bring it to 5 figures. When you are spending the time watching the game, why let it pass you by. Lost opportunity.

      • Comments from a guy in double wide dead square in the middle of BFnowhere who primarily [ Redacted – G]

      • When I sold my townhouse many years ago, I asked my agent to post a floorplan of the unit as well photos on the online listing. I was selling a comfortable house; the paint, carpet, etc. came along for the ride. The house listed and sold within days.

        You could always sell the cabinets with a caveat there’s a house attached.

  4. BTW, the taxing authorities NEVER move the cap. Without creeping inflation and bracket creep, they’d go broke. This is why “minimum wage” earners always end up worse-off, when minimum wage goes up.

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