10-Years After: Some Personal Scoring

Ah, sorry to disappoint, but the topic this morning has nothing to do with the 19670’s Rock & Roll band by that name (Ten Years After video here).  With apologies to Alvin Lee.

Nevertheless, in terms of economics, I’d still “like to change the world” (which makes sense only if you lived the 70s) and to do so, it takes a certain ability to “be hard on self.”

So this morning, we roll back the time machine and go through some of the views proposed in 2005 and see how our track was doing back then and whether our calls then were really any good, or not.

Should be an interesting adventure… after coffee, Trading Model and a few of those distraction-inducing headlines that pass for “news” these days.

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2 thoughts on “10-Years After: Some Personal Scoring”

  1. Saturday the best day of the week to sort and resort all of your adventures into stock and not play on the emotions of Monday through Friday and with the winnings of the past week ,hire some new people to do all your chores around the place and have cookout and invite the other 20-50 people on your list to meet your new work crew and maybe some of the 20-50
    Will need your new work crew too ,community is bliss ,especially when your butt ,lol , cant move anymore, you are retired to your cubicle or have the option of traveling RV style ,spreading your wisdom and charm in person and collecting fees just to show up at they,their,next party,with you the cherished guest!!

    • and while you’re out there ,you can spread the urban survival gospel by saying, I have a perfect example of survival techniques right here in this pocket over here or is it in the left pocket ,dear sweety did we need that at home ??

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