WWNMD – Wordwide Not Memorial Day

The British market was about flat when we looked earlier.  But the French and German markets were screaming ahead – up well over one percent.  

These print-crazed Globalists could tech Zimbabwe a thing or two, right?

It may be Memorial Day here, but in other parts of the financial universe, it’as business and usual. Pump and dump.   Here lately, that’s been mostly coordinated global inflation to stave-off Global Depression.

IN Asia, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was about flat, but Japan was up 1-3/4 percent.  Those who have been betting on a “downer” after Memorial Day could have their behinds handed to ’em tomorrow if the weekend continues being well-mannered.

Quest for Manic Panic

There’s too much “News Capacity” in the world…and slow weekends like this are one of faltering media’s greatest problems.  Second only to falling online ad revenues because people who’ve been locked-down don’t spend as much, and given Amazon-access, when they do, it’s usually to buy something already well-defined.

How, pray tell then,  to anxious editors qand salacious writers, fill “The Reality Gap” on days like this?  Minutia, heart strings, hate, and outright fear-mongering fill the bill.  Here’s a sampling:

“BLOOD ON BOARDWALK Violence erupts as crowds swarm to reopened beaches for Memorial Day weekend with six shot at Daytona Beach.” Sounds like a very quiet weekend in Chicago, to us.  No, wait.  Let’s blame CV-19.

Then we find president Tweet busily dividing his party over the death of a 28-year old woman in TV host Joe Scarborough’s Florida congressional office in January…of 2001!  Because Trump tweeted about this two weeks back and now, what with a news-void weekend….  We’re digging up shit from 19-years ago? GMAFB!

Then there are stories like second-guessing decisions like releasing inmates from prison during the CV19 outbreak.  That we see headlines like “Some inmates released due to COVID-19 went on to allegedly commit crimes including murder – House Judiciary Committee Democrats are calling for the release of more prisoners due to COVID-19″ is hardly surprising…

Around here, it’s all shocking that any of it could be shocking.  Still…

We Could Always Do More Virus Stories

We already knew that local strains of the CV19 core were popping up worldwide.  Now, we’re seeing how there are likely up to a dozen in active circulation now.

Editor’s and assignment desk secret:  Hang a number on something to make it “breaking news.”

Which means to my non-medical mind that when a “vaccine” is finally forced on us,  the results are likely to be very much like the annual flu shot. Maybe it will work, maybe not.  Just in case:  We’re planning a statistics seminar in the near future…wait, how about right now?

A Colleague’s Email

OK, short class.  I am blessed knowing lots of smart people.  I look to them not for answers but to see how they are framing the questions.  So, when comes to this whole over-hyped vaccine crap, I look at their experiences in similar situations.  For example:

“Every damn place I go shopping that has a pharmacy, get hounded with, “Have you HAD your Flu Shot!”

My polite response being, “No Thank YOU!”  However, I do run across a few individuals that make it their life long mission to give everyone a flu shot that comes in the door.  For those people, my typical response is, “I don’t WANT IT, I don’t believe in it,  Why don’t you mind your own business!!!!!”

However, when a cute young thing at a pharmacy asked me why I didn’t believe in it, I mellowed and took time to explain why I did not believe in them. I started with, ” Proven Shots for Rubella, Mumps, Measles, have shown to be around 95% effective!”  Have no problem taking them.  But, when its reported year after year past shots were 10-35% effective, Whats the point?  A coin toss has a probability of 50% being heads or tail.

Roughly same probability as getting the flu.  You either got it or NOT!

I was quite surprised when the cute thing said, “I don’t believe in them either, but management told me to offer them to anyone that comes in the store!”  Now if I was 40 years younger I may have spent more time, however, those days are gone, so left the store with a smile on my face.

Truth being, when dealing with statistics, anything less than 51% is not that useful.  A good  (framing) idea behind all of this is the “Birthday problem Paradox.”


I ran across this problem in grade 12.  Did not understand it, looked impossible, so decided to check it out.  Whenever there was a group of more than 23 people, I brought up the birthday problem, everyone was interested, so participated with the experiment.  Much to everyone’s surprise it worked 6 out of 10 times.  If a match failed after 23 queries, an extra two or three found a match.

It was in the first year university stat course where I finally understood how all of this worked.  The graphs/curves in the wiki article are an excellent representation what it really means when someone says something is 20% effective.  If its 51% effective, than they have something to work with.  Anything less is just “noise” in the scheme of things.

As usual, my opinion only, not a sales job to forgo flu shots.  A decision everyone has to make on their own and live with the consequences.”

So it goes, here in data-based reality.  When it comes down to medical advice on pretty-much anything I begin with the “success rate” question.

For a low-risk med (like an antibiotic) working 60-70% of the time is “good enough” to try.  For something like my eye surgeries or naval hernia mesh implant, got to be in the high ninties.

When comes to a CV19 shot, I’ll apply the same decision-making process, except if there is a nano-tracking component, then odds of my participation rate are already welded to zero.  (Solid triple-pass gusset weld, I might add.)

Around the Ranch

When this unusually cool – and wet – “climate change” takes a break, Ure’s truly will be out working on Super Antenna-II which was written-up Sunday.

Speaking of which, inquiring minds ask:

“For a super antenna, have you considered phasing smaller antennas to achieve same gain as a single large one. (phased Array?)”

And the answer is yes, of course.  Where the smaller antennas fail, is in frequency agility.  I want something that will work extremely well from 3.5 to 30 MHz.  Phased arrays, colinears and such (Sterba or bobtail curtains and on an on), tend to work very well but only every-so-often when a wide frequency range is involved.

As to coax vs. open wire (or ladder) line?  A good article over here lays it out very nicely.

There is a simple way of “visioning” the antenna problem useful in all matters of electronic design.

Fundamentally, what you’re trying to do is “move power” (work) from your radio to your antenna.”  Two cases are made.  In one case “high voltage and low current” which is the higher impedance (open wire or ladder line) case.  The other is “high current, low voltage.”  Coaxial cable case.

In most instances, when we are moving power around, higher voltage (up to some point) is preferable.  This is why automotive electrical systems changed from 6-volt systems (nominal) to 12-volts decades ago.  And, it’s why our solar panels feed into a 24-Volt battery bank, not 12volts.  On bigger RE (renewable energy) systems, 48-volts (and up)_ is common.

Since the only time Super Antenna II would be operating resonant would be in the dipole mode on 2.66 Mhz and the 3rd (10.64 Mhz) and 5th harmonics (42.56 Mhz) aren’t useful to me “This was a case for Ladder Line!”

The design might have a few places across the spectrum where a decibel or so of advantage would go to LMR-400, but let’s not quibble.  And sure, we know about using deliberately mismatch 5-0 and 75 ohm coax and quarter wave matching sections and all that.  But remember, simplicity is a design aspect, as well.

The real secret to operation of SA-2 will be use of a great antenna tuner like one of my E.F. Johnson Matchboxes.  Reviews at eham.net still run 4.5 stars out of five and this is a design that came out in the early 1960’s.  Quick – other than the Collins R-390A what else has stood the test of time so well?

One of our readers was remarking on how his 1930’s vintage wind mill was still pumping water for several families because it was “built to last.”  The Johnson Matchbox series is along the same (Last Forever) design lines. Easy to work on, highly reliable, with just enough quirks to give you second-guessing opportunities galore!

Sanford And Son Visit?

Naw…just  Oilman2 and son exiting our joint Sunday morning…

They left with four excess shop lights, an extra fence gate, a Honda-powered waste water pump for the drill tower and the water drill rig (HydraJet, as I recall).

They will be putting in several wells and when the rig comes back – likely early fall sometime, OM2 will have put a custom bit or two on it because there’s no one better when it comes to any kind of drilling bit design.  You spend 40-years on rigs you get a sense of what works and don’t.

OM2’s son works as a park ranger and to have an ag-degreed park ranger endorsing my plans to limb-up everything in sight reduces the “Sierra Club-like” opposition to touching anything that looks like a tree.

Don’t remember if I mentioned it, might have been on PN, but the wife of the key machine operator of the logging company was out last week.  She told Elaine “Any time we have a man and woman with property, women just naturally don’t want trees cut.  Something about maternal instincts, I figure…”

In the Shop

Pottery stool is in glue-up:  If you have a jointer, pipe clamps, a gallon of TiteBond III waterproof and a planer, you can turn old “junk” wood into useful stuff.

But, before that unclamps, off to the studio to re-edit the podcast for Peoplenomics this week.

Not sure why things didn’t convert right, but now there’s a missing file somewhere so I’ll put on the deer-stalker hat and get after that, too.

“Game’s afoot.”  (Which Conan-Doyle musta figured made more sense than “Game’s an ankle…) Have a great “what’s left of it” and write when so moved…


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51 thoughts on “WWNMD – Wordwide Not Memorial Day”

  1. I have a rhetorical question George.

    You and several of my friends have never taken the flu shot and have never got the flu. I have always taken the flu shot and never got the flu.

    Which one of us is right?

      • Had to look this one up. I think you are absolutely right.

        Who says we don’t need the wisdom of old librarians anymore?

    • You have no proof that the shot kept you from getting the flue, it may have been your immune system that did the work. So no it is not 50/50.

    • Well, I have gotten the flu without the flu shot. Then, once, I got the flu, from the flu shot, and it was a humdinger. Then, the flu would hit me every 7 years. Then, the last time I got the flu, it almost killed me; Type A, H1N1. So, whadya make of that? When I awoke from my coma, I was asked by my sibling, “Are you gonna get that flu shot next year?” “No,” I said. And she laughed.

      And I haven’t, and I won’t. It was only 10% effective that year; no thank you. The big question is: “Do I have immunity against Type A/H1N1?

    • He is almost certainly right – to some degree. However, when the inmates are running the asylum, Ure favors not engagement. We are data-driven. The data I’ve studied suggests the tests are not particularly accurate which likely overstates cases due to other widely circulating relatives of THIS CV-19. And it is almost certainly a man-made plague that no one wants toi “own” – so we watch the war of words and more with China for signals.

    • The CDC merely “estimates” annual deaths from the flu, and I can’t find anywhere that they reconcile the “actual” number. The blind lead the blind, which is why I WON’T be getting that flu shot every doc’s office and pharmacy nags me for each year! Don’t know about you guys, but dont’ ‘cha think we deserve a better CDC?


    • You might want to switch to cell-culture based Flucelvax, instead of an egg vaccine. H1N1 vaccine is notoriously difficult to produce in egg culture due to genetic drift in the manufacturing process. I have been sick less in flu season since I started getting the Flucelvax injections in the fall.

  2. “climate change takes a break” whatwhatwaht!? RUFKM? Mike and the Engineers – can not be THAT off the Mark .

    Its Hot and getting hotter – Humans have have caused all the Warming we see around the Globe – my god man! the polar bears are literally catching on fire as we speak. Glaciers are all Melted – GONE G – just Gone!

    Worldwide ocean levels have risen several FEET, inundating coastlines and destroying Trillions of dollars of valuable coastal real estate. These poor people are drowning in their own front yards.

    The fact that this publication would so shamelessly poke fun at the Climate believers(flat Earthers) is truly a disservice to all the mentally deficient readers out there. Ure should be ashamed, just ashamed.

    Hells Bells next Ure prolly gonna tell us Covert19 is a D.S./Democrat/Media Phys-Op to UN-Hinge our Glorious Orange Great President!

    Put Ure mask on and be SCARED! FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR – there feel better now that U have had another dose of FEAR this AM?

    • Hmmm… you could be right. I just bought 10- more solar panels in time for the sky to disappear. What wuz I thinking?
      Climate change! Virus Panic! Everyone under the bed with the dust bunnies! Vote Biden! Pardon Obama, pardon Hillary…
      (Save the Trees!)
      (*whew. I gotta swear off or change brands…)

    • @ E C deplorable..

      did you structure your sentence wrong.. “Its Hot and getting hotter – Humans have have caused all the Warming we see around the Globe – my god man”

      BY GODS HAND……Its Hot and getting hotter , and in HIS image , Humans are experiencing the natural climate change of HIS planet…..which IS like no other….Genesis

    • If all the glaciers have melted and oceans are up 10 feet, why isn’t Florida and New York under water? Water seeks it’s own level, so where has the water gone?

  3. Speaking of the virus, I’m amazed at how it brought down the world.

    I found a 25% off ($299.00) coupon for the Bio-Hacking kit I’ve had my eye on. Made the move.

    The goal is to have an understanding of how to modify an organism and possibly work up to modifying yard animals.

    At The ODIN, we believe the future is going to be dominated by genetic engineering and consumer genetic design will be a big part of that. We are making that happen by creating kits and tools that allow anyone to make unique and usable organisms at home or in a lab or anywhere.


    • You do know if you change how you think it alters your DNA? Also environment can alter DNA. Lol

      Cool, I will stop by and have a looksee.

  4. Andy: When you answered my search for the lost sissors in a comment on Saturday, you referred to my Partner as “SWEET PEA”. That is her nickname. I never mentioned this before in the comment section or anywhere on the internet. I better cover my head with tinfoil.

    • We recommend galvanized sheet metal. With a few pop-rivets and such, the ferrous aspect of the device offers superior shielding, but for maximal effect, a layer of gold, copper, or silver may be added and grounded, as well.
      Just don’t tough any electrics while wearing…

    • All good man. Like I said, I dont say eveything I see. It was so you would understand the power within you. For demonstration purposes. Also, so you would build a vault to guard your mind. Everyone thinks their thoughts are private, especially on lline. Even if you are using a proxy server, i can see ya. I can see people who dont post comments. Like Ms. Pretty lady in a mask, lurking. Sometimes I’m talking to the lurker and answering questions they are thinkin but dont share. That is why sum-times my comments dont make sense to anyone but the person I am addressing.

      Everything I can do, you also can do. Lol. The question of starting a “cult” was posed yesterday. Lol. Or a new religion. As I told George yesterday,

      The problem with all the worlds religions is they all create a dependency upon one person who is All powerful. That was never Jesus’s the Christs intent. He fought the religious leaders who attempted to control the empowerment of others by staking a claim of ownership on God given ability and turning it into a buisness model.

      If anything, I would seek only to empower you and everyone else unlock your God given abilities and empower yourselves. I dont want to be a cult leader or start a new faith. I’d rather you find your own faith and empowerment and help others do the same by paying it forward.

    The following seems obvious to me so it must be stupid.

    What if the ‘radio’ were at the antenna. No transmission lines. Normal AC run out to it. Ethernet over the AC for control/data. Conceptually like soldering an SDR between the two elements of a dipole.

    If you would miss the meters, dials, buttons and switches they could be implemented in software.

    • You would still face the ultimate ponder: Specifically the input impedance of the receiver (front-end) on the receive side, and the output impedance of the transmitter’s final power amplifier stage. For solid-state gear, that can be down around an ohm or two, but for tube type high power gear it may be 5-10K ohms.
      Now when working a frequency-agile mode, you still have the antenna problem unless you use a folded wide-band dipole which uses a large (and lossy) power resistor.
      But your design idea is solid: Do all the RF work at the antenna and then pipe digital audio down to the shack.
      Just a little bigger project than I was after at this age. Look for Icom, Yaesu, or Kenwood to launch one within five-years, though, since you spilled the beans…
      It’s already there, in a sense, with the remote control-head radios. Just it’s a bear to run power and control lines up a tower and what happens if you want to run high power with an amplifier? Run 220V up the tower, too….?

  6. I think the country and planet would be better off if we went back to just morning and evening news. The only reason for the 24/7 onslaught is revenue, and EVERY one of the major networks seems to be falling in viewership….

    Sanford & Son? siriusly?

    • LOL – You know, between the 2 of us and our repurpose and recycle bent, I bet we could clear out most of Craigslist if we set our minds to it… Maybe someone will ask one day “Hey, OM2! What are your fish tanks on the farm made from?” Astounding creativity…well done!
      – – –
      BTW after you guys left, I went into town for diesel. Got there 17-minutes before beer could be sold.
      Talk about a personal dumbshit move…I get the award for the week. I’m going to start watching the clock on Sundays now, too.,..

    • I think it was Trump who said it best,

      “Right turn clyde.”


      All right alright. Y’ all come back now ya here.

      Qlick 116!

  7. Looking out of the box on May 24, 2020 at 14:59
    “That mask your wearing with your eyes wide shut, ain’t gonna stop the Corona anymore than your underwear is gonna trap your fart from eveyone.”

    This is partially true. However, it isn’t about the aroma dude. It IS about partcles. I’m hoping your underwear are still on and that they trap your “particles” when you pass. I think keeping the masks for a while longer will turn out to be a good thing.

  8. Dang – I remember R-390A’s!!! I worked at Long Beach Naval Shipyard 1974-1980 in Radio Design. From about 1980 until 1990 I worked at NAVELEX San Diego and supported the AN/SRD-19 direction finding systems on ships. 24 ferrite core deck edge antennas that did hf using the correlation interferometry df algorithm (Sanders Asssociates NH), and an adcock array on the top of the mast to do vhf/uhf (SWRI San Antonio TX). We reinvented data collection and calibration using Compaq portables (slow!) and Turbo Pascal, a wondrous product…all compiler and examples were on one 360k floppy. Saved the govt 10M bucks over 5 years. Such fun and got paid to play with computers (civil service)!

  9. Ahhh G, I can lay a fat line of dimes three times too. Took welding courses to build better hot rods.

    Ohh fer that lovely lady lurking there in the mask. Yeah, I see ya. these are not the droids your looking for.

    Happy hunting. Good reminder George to keep them barrels pointed up or holstered so ya dont shoot your foot off. *tips hat.

    I noticed something when I was a wee lad of 11 years old. I started having these occurrences of people with the same names around me. Like some cosmic label of phase transition.

    Example: recently I had 8 different people I was talking with named Mark or Marc. Both Male and female versions. Around me. Prior to that it was fellas and ladys named Mike. Before that 8 people named Daniel. Always have a Patrick near by. In the last 25 years, I have always has a bestie named patrick.

    Now they all have different ethnic backgrounds. Some are itallian and some are Irish, a few french and a few hebrews. Lots of germans, Norse and swedes.

    I never quite figured out why that is. Just noticed it back when I had a bunch of Johns around me at age eleven. I just moved from Mark’s to Angel names. I have 8 people I talk to on the regular that all have names of Angel’s of the bible. It was all saints about 5 years ago.

    A few native american shamans have started to filter in my life bubble.

    If I look up the word Michele uhem Michael and see its meaning and notice everyone around me name michael and what ethinic background they all are? Gives me a sense of what The Boss is reaching me. I think. Not sure.

    You got any ideas?

    Speaking of statistics,

    2 last questions George. What is the total survival rate percentagr of the people who have not contacted the Vuris up so far? And what is the survival rate % of those who have got the Corona and lived??? 99%?

    Only the 1% are dying? Hows is that for a buisness model.

    Interesting ponder. Hmmm.

    This is becoming too much of a distraction fer me. I have shortened my study time to participate in ure com meants sect ion.

    I gotta git. I need to practice my driving more now that I got my putin down. Calaway makes a nice driver.

    All philosophy is a by-product of the golden mean. Because the first 3 letters of all philosophical thought is phi. Phi being a whole in one. Phil L. too. Lol

    I gotta get back to the mad science lab. Where I am king of my domain. Lol

    See ya the trail as we trudge the road to happy destiny.

    • As we adventure through the land of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

      Que the song, Rubberb and man by The Spinners. Thanks!

      Click 116!

      Infinitely NOW!

      Just andy. (Little ol me. The least likely suspect. L 0 L)

  10. I’ve had two incidents this millennium of “the flu”. Once was in Northern China a couple of decades ago. No surprise there with pollution you could actually see wafting by your face and people always spitting on the ground. It took a week to pass and I was up and about most of that time with a delightful girl taking care of me. The hardest part was constantly refusing her requests for me to go to a hospital! The other case was this past December after a maximum performance drive across much of the country. It resulted in week of me hanging around the house sleeping a lot and rather enjoying it, other than the constant nasal effluent. Of course, it did cost me a couple of rolls of toilet paper, before it became unobtainium.

    I’ve never had a flu shot and have no intention of ever getting one. I do have friends who get flu shots AND flu on a regular basis. My odds of voluntarily getting a shot for any coronavirus are zero! The last clinical trial I read about left approximately 20% of the participants medically compromised, and that was the Gates/Fauci mRNA “vaccine”. I’m sure they were being optimistic and hearsay is that ALL of them were affected by cardiac/circulatory issues! This is aside from the nano-RFID question! I don’t think HELL-NO quite reaches my position regarding this nonsense.

  11. U can look the lyrics ure self.
    I gotta git. Learning the language of creativity, I am. There is no try. There is due and not due.

    You what a baby computer calls its father???? Data!

    4 taps on the base and one in the symbol. Yup Morse code.


  12. Well, I didn’t get the pictures this morning. Will email browser, computer, and OS details in a bit.


  13. “Now if I was 40 years younger I ”

    Would have said…baby you can stick me anywhere you want ..

    For me.. I question the flu shot by WHO owns or is a major stock holder in the company..

    The other issue for my concern is taking a look back in time at south Africa.. we all know how that turned out..

  14. For sheer performance, I preferred the R388U over the R390A. The 388 I had in Greenland could hear a mouse fart on the moon. The BC610 I had with it, though, should have been an anchor on the Titanic.

  15. weekend is not over George .. for all you patriotic inflationalists .. memorial day after always indicates a turn in markets .. as I know they search the internet to find out what the sane non brainwashed say .. well good luck I say


    Total cases: 643 (0 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 81
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 83‡*
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 592§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 25, 2020

    ZERO new cases today.

  17. Comrades,

    Justice is served; rendition of spring is in the air!

    Today Mother Corp, The CBC, published a report by one of its journalists who had apparently learned in advance of a society event to be held this past Saturday evening on the steps of the Vancouver courthouse.

    Lo and behold who should show up flashing ankle bling but Ms. Meng, the billionaire Chinese heiress of 5G Huawei fame currently under house arrest save for shuttling between her two city mansions. (This of course under personal bodyguard who by the way are of the same person appearance as utilized by the Vancouver Chinese Consulate and noted in a previous date thread.) The court decision of her extradition to the USA is still pending. However the pictured event seemed all the world like a pre-victory celebration as Ms. Meng’s Group of 11 gathered round for pictures. Huawei’s global media head also joined in to smile for the camera.

    Social distancing amongst the attendees of separate households was not in evidence contrary to public health orders. Perhaps coverage of the happy gathering will go viral on the CCP platforms at the anointed time.


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