WW3 Last-Minute Prepping

Weren’t we offering this same kind of advice back in the fall of 2008?  Yes, sad to say. But if we toss in Turkey as a coming front (with Greece) there are 9-fronts open today (or is it 10?) and goods are topped up, you have plans for survival gardening as season permit and you have a “bridge” of stored food to get you to the next planting and growing season.  Hopefully, nothing will go wrong.

We are, however, unlike 2008, not on the verge of a well-contained economic debacle (did anyone ever go to jail? No?  World War 3 is more about 8-billion hungry humans trying to work out who will end up with enough long-term resources to persist into the second half of this century.

With wars active in Palestine, Syria, more recently in Armenia and Ukraine, plus with war in the wings for Taiwan (potentially as early as this weekend) and with North Korea setting itself up in an arms-for-food relationship with Russia, one could argue that a World War is what’s brewing up. ..

Now toss in the cartel alignment with Russia via Mexico, the leaky narco-state next door and toss in a Pollyanna administration which is fighting the wrong war (climate and pronouns, not food and energy) and certainly nothing could go wrong. Right!  At least that’s the watery pabulum served by corporate media which dares not upset the financial apple cart.

Which we will roll through today along with our most worrisome ChartPack, which has a Puetz window opening Friday and a potential decline to a crash window next week, since the all-time of this Wave 2 rally that we’ve been in seems to be in and the Big Drop just ahead.

Like the Log Jammer at Magic Mountain, a few decades back, except this ride will feature different screams and the splashing of fake money, not water of the sluice.

You in line for that?

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George Ure
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102 thoughts on “WW3 Last-Minute Prepping”

  1. Coming soon to a war near you… Russia’s Status 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedo…

    Nostradamus Quatrain VI-10
    In a short time the colors of temples
    Of white and black of the two intermixed:
    Red and yellow ones will carry off their possessions
    Blood, land, pestilence, famine, fire, extremely frightened [by] water.

    Nostradamus Preface Paragraph 24:1
    And I find letters will suffer a very great and incomparable loss, I find also before the universal conflagration of the world there will be such high deluges and inundations,

    That there will scarcely remain any land not covered by water, and this will last for so long that everything will perish except for the Earth itself and the races

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-16
    At the place where HIERON [Jason] had his ship built,
    So great a flood and so sudden,
    That there will be no land to attack,
    The wave climbs Fesulan [Thessalian] Olympic (Mt. Olympus, Greece).

    Nostradamus Sixain L (48)
    Shortly before or after England
    By the death of the wolf [Italy], likewise put low as the earth,
    Will see fire resisting water,
    Relighting it with immense force
    Of human blood, upon the human crust
    Made with bread, abundance of knife.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-31
    The land trembles in Mortara (NW Italy),
    Tin Saint George [England] half-sunk to the bottom,
    Peace shall sleep and war awaken,
    The temple cracked open during Easter.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-48
    The great city of the maritime ocean [London, England],
    Surrounded by a crystalline swamp:
    In the winter solstice and the spring,
    It will be tried by frightful wind.

    Nostradamus Quatrain X-6
    The Gardon (River, France) will flood Nimes so high,
    That they will believe Deucalion reborn,
    Into the colossus the greater part will flee,
    Vesta sepulcher fire to appear extinguished.

    • I fear your timing is correct.

      That’s why I try to keep myself a thousand feet above sea level and several hundred miles inland, whenever possible…

  2. Did you catch the line in “On the Beach” when the Australians first saw the window shade CW OP?

    It was:

    “Aw, Shute!”

  3. You and your readers need to look up Colony Ridge near Houston.

    I think this is what open borders was for – to get the cartels ensconced in USA. In Mexico, cartels get a cut of everything – they are like having another tax levied on every item. Remember – I have many months living down there.

    I’m not gonna explain more – your readers can extrapolate. Just search hard (buried already, maybe?) for Colony Ridge outside of Houston. Demons are controlling people with greed, which is how the cartels recruit. I am not exaggerating here – the evils I have seen with my eyes are demonic, and reveling in these things is demonic. It is a slow roll of EVIL expanding into the southern order states.

    Colony Ridge – it’s what’s for the future…

    —george appends https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12537169/colony-ridge-Texas-illegal-migrant-town.html for the google impaired

      • Not everyone could live there. Even if I wanted to, the Houston temperatures and humidity would kill me. I almost died trying to endure Austin for a nine month contract.

        • LOL. I hear ya. The past few days of humidity now that our monsoon has started has been miserable. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of civility down there but, still….

  4. Yo G,

    No worries the future my good man, just needs to figure who the 5th element is..https://youtu.be/lodRJ0v9WoU?si=I81Lz2Erhim-JqP1

    Cool woo wink in heroines name – Leeloo, as it sounds very close/similar to Earths’ OG super beings (Humans) name Namlu U . They were said to be the pinnacle Humanity, ultimate creation of the Kadistu/Planners.
    Legend goes that Enki so impressed he tried to have them work out a detente with enlil/annuna/elohim =fallen-warriors. Further said some met with enlil – and that was all it took – GONE! They left Earth post haste (leveled up) ,so we Humans 2.2 could suffer horribly in Duality “hell” for an eternity. * And that is where the story of a prideful Satan in garden comes from.

    Weird rhymes in time and movies, means to me that the entertainment is about get for real for real.

    Calling em out -“backheads, central wankers war pigs be – been weighed and measured – zero virtue was found – forfeit “bloodmemory” – Simply swine – https://youtu.be/zY5nYmTUfnQ?si=UKJjPVLAF2jRu_pX – and you all know Ure bible stories regards demons and swine.

    How the movie maker got the PNW natives legendary “Changer” beings in beginning of movie so uncannily close to real is amazing to me- said to be amphibious -like Enki, Horus-Heru refereed to them as the cosmic frogs (Abgail) and always work/come in pairs.

    ** People of the Light in the Service of the Source – “Planner”

    – col. Dames “viewed” Satan..and described it as the white hottest angriest thing he ever saw..no wonders they left.

    BCT not so hot as it is about to smack into resistance at 128 & 200 dma’s . She will be falling back from there to around the $24K-25K before moving higher, OR, she just keeps moving higher and breaks thru resistance – which is about as probable as Jorge scarfing up some BTC’s /Shitosi’s on the down low.

    How does Ure popcorns grow ?

      • Alice – from Resident Evil ?! Sorry homey, I would be keeping that hotness to my own dam self.

        FMK ?
        F- Alice
        M- Leeloo
        K- Zorg

        * I never play by the “rules” ; )

  5. George,

    Bitcoin and Ten Year Note Fractals in the Asset Debt QE/QT 21st Century Macroeconomic System.

    The Wilshire 13 August 2023 52/130/130 day fractal series still holds with an 18 August 6/15/4 of 15 day low on 5 October and further low near the end of November completing the 130 day subfractal 2.

    Ten Year Note interest rates likely reached a peak yesterday rising from 0.4 % on 9 March 2020 to 4.62 % on 19 Sept 2023, a relative increase of 1150 %. From the 9 March 2020 low the ten year note followed a 7/16/17 month fractal growth series followed by a 5/11/10 week fractal growth series of 21/52/44 days.

    Money exiting from stocks will drive interest rates lower.

    Bitcoin in USD, traded 7 days a week, is following a 17 August 5/11/11 day fractal series followed by a 10 September 5/5 of 11/11 day series ending on 5 October.

    The long term Bitcoin in USD monthly fractal series starting in Sept 2014 began as a complex initiating fractal series of (2)/4/8/6 months ending in January 2016. Why initiating? The Jan 2016 low valuation was below the Sept 2014 low. The last 6 months of this complex 17 month series served as an initiating series for a 15/37/33 month series ending in November 2022. A 22 month lower low would complete a 15/37/33/22 month 4 phase fractal series.
    For the 22 months a November 3/6/4 of 6 month series ending in November 2023 could be followed by a 2/5/5 month series ending in August 2024.

    With residential and equity assets inflated and with easy loose money lending created by a 380% one year M1 money supply increase from April 2020 to April 2021, a very hard deleveraging landing is expected with the completion of a 12/1981 to 8/2024 13/32 year series and an expected 32 year subfractal 2 trend line low valuation of 750 to 800 value on the SPX.

    • I think most people fail to appreciate what your outlook for an SPX 750-800 world will be like. But since our long-term outlook since early 2022 has been a Dow low in the range of 8,103 to 15,300 with a mid-range 9,45.38 I daresay most people will be taken unawares.

      • Poppycock !

        What did youse 2 guys skip right over the Schnapps in the co fef ee this morning and go straight 2 the rock ?

        9,450 mid range ??? Wrong Way, Jose!

        We’s bee going higher – much higher, like in spaceballz – “totally ludicrous speed” https://youtu.be/ygE01sOhzz0?si=7rdc1wLcz3g2qvo1

        Dont watch the ending of clip, no peakies, just some OTM Puts.
        Buy the Buy – went long Nat Gas this AM – time to ride that Horse hard. Love Oil – nuff said.
        Waving at the approaching wave sets of Inflation starting 2 build on the horizon, southerly break..incoming.
        – soonly be yelling at top lungs “Kowabunga MFers. as I shoot the inflation tube, before she closes out on my margined ass, be the guy picking up Gold and Silver tokens off of beach after “shooting” the inflation pipeline – around Thanksgiving time should be prime Pipeline time. Everybodys Gone Surfing , surfing USA


      • George and TEF
        Alan Greenspan Saaid the economy entered “irrational exuberance” at a DOW of 5600.
        I have been looking for it to ramp back down to that level to wring all the froth out ever since.

  6. Good read this morning. Thanks. Lots to contemplate – and I have a whole long list of comments / remarks / questions to make on your post [ Honestly, I do, with my handy-dandy pop-up notebook..,] – but I won’t. Not really needed., or probably even wanted.., but I will say this:
    Regarding yesterday’s post. It has been bugging me.., Elaine finding the stove on and eggs boiling. And no knowledge of doing it – a time slice missing from real world actions. That to me raises all kinds of Red Flags. Or., ‘you’ actually put the eggs to boil and have no recollection, or memory of doing so – another time slice removed., a void.
    Either one is a potential for half a dozen disasters with immediate and incredible real-world material and physical destruction. I really feel that you two should sit down and discuss how that moment in time happened., and to keep a very sharp out for anything like that happening again.
    I do not see that moment as “interesting”., I see it as – WTF !!? and that it should addressed forthwith and post haste.
    .., but then again – it’s just my opinion – and we all know that opinions are like a__holes.., everybody has one.., and they all stink. Right ?

    • ERROR ON WRITER’S PART! She called me (5:31 AM) but I hadn’t put anything on the stove (which I menttioned further in). She THOUGHT I had asked her to watch…but she called from (still in bed, waking up)…which is why it’s so interesting that she work up with a false memory.
      No, IF there had been (eggs actual or stove actual) I would not have written the article – we would be be at the doctors office. It was a non-physical false memory. Whew! Sorry if anyone didn’t track that! Chalk it up to writer’s error.

    • not if if in Ure a Cake-Eater – scrambled eggs on brim and shoulders. They dont a S___, they Candy, and leave tell tale wrappers behind on lid.

  7. Two items:

    1) How about filling me in on Clif High’s “north of 40 memes.” I’ve been disappointed for quite a while about him not posting on his “Half Past Human” site and I find his videos rather difficult to sit through.

    I’m at just a tad North of 48 degrees here in North Central Washington. Solar powered off grid house and well. Wood heat and a nice little induction cooktop for when it’s too hot to cook on the wood stove that heats my house. I highly recommend the induction cook tops. They take very little power but do need magnetic pots and pans in order to work.

    2) My experience with water hoses is that the most expensive “kink free” hoses last me about 2 seasons even when I drain them and coil them up for the Winter. Second season is when they seem to delaminate and cease to function. I find the middle of the road hoses to be longer lasting.

    BTW. I’ve been off grid and “practicing” this lifestyle for a few years now.

    • According to several maps., Maj Dawes et al.., you and I are right on the cusp., the edge of ‘safe zones’. Weather, nuclear.., yada yada. What we need to look for the is the Super Volcano under Yellowstone. If that goes off, we could be buried under 6 to 12 inches of ash. That is weather and wind dependent. .., and that would just about ruin your entire day. Of course, if it does go off, the entire world will have a very bad day – as it would probably cause a mini ice age.., with temps dropping world wide and weather patterns changing dramatically. You know., world famine kind of thing.

      • I will throw in my “Locked Mid Continent Continental Fault Line” observation.

        The continuation of the New Madrid Fault going up the Walbash Fault line, it’s most probable Northeastern continuation extension, ends in Indiana … BUT

        If you take the St. Lawrence Rift Zone fault (remember the St. Lawrence is sea level 600 miles inland from the Atlantic, right to the lower side of Quebec City) where the North American Plate tried to rip itself in two a short while back (geological time) but stopped at the Niagara Escarpment …

        AND draw a line connecting the two … (hint it is vitaully a strait line coming off of the line of the Niagara Rift Zone fault’s direction) the two connect up PERFECTLY!!

        You will see, if you look at EQ records of that part of the country that while the fault is mostly locked from the area SW of where it hits the Niagara Escarpment all the way to the Wabash Fault lots of little EQ’s happen along that EXACT route on a regular basis, some up to the high 4’s and even one in the low 5’s.

        The reawakening of that eons ago attempt to split the North American Plate in two would create havoc on the order of a Yellowstone event … and the rocks rubbing against each other would probably create multiple volcanoes too!! (FREE hot water in the winter time anyone!!??)

        btw … Indians always thought where downtown Cleveland is now was a mystical/haunted location … and that is right where the REAL fault that the EQ are happening on running from Niagara/Buffalo towards Anna OH (biggest EQ on that line since the White Man came into that part of the country) and continuing to the Wabash Fault comes back onto land after traversing 2/3 the length of Lake Erie (actual REAL existing known fault is about 3 to 4 blocks east of the Cuyahoga River going right through the middle of downtown Cleveland heading west southwest).

        I guess Cleveland isn’t called Rock and Roll City for nothing!! Must be a great place for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
        (lame I know but I am old and sometimes cranky)

        One sensitive has for years been claiming to see a volcano coming out of the ground at Bowling Green Ohio, on the University golf course too boot, much like what happened in Mexico a few decades ago where the farmer put his hat over some steam coming out of the ground which then became a small mound, then a bigger mound and now is now a multi thousand foot high volcano. (BG is just north of Anna OH)

        I’ll probably be long dead before that EQ that splits the N. American Plate might happen of a volcano suddenly appears out of the ground in BG Ohio (by maybe a million years) but an interesting potential dynamic if one is using geological time as their calendar.

        • To my knowledge that particular super volcano to which youse guys refer does not have track record with which we can parse thru. There is not much in way of tell tale signs from previous blown top events, like there are in Cali. Built inside an old star fort (miles long on each side -terra formed with lost technology). whatwhatwhat?
          You can see the backside of which blown out and looks like it all flowed out carving up the landscape as it went. Must have been one hell of a big weapon to create all that destruction. Some of the volcanoes in the valley still active..https://www.usgs.gov/observatories/calvo

          Big Mil base (s) inside of old super volcano/star fort.They always build em inside old star forts ?? Dont know for sure which one, but rest assured their are DUMB (s) inside one or more of the inactives in the PNW…whose DUMB ? whole nother kettel of fish.

          ejecta anyone?

          More, much more @Dutchsinse.

    • I have a 30 year garden hose, 75′; MADE IN AMERICA.

      Still working and going just as strong.

      What happened to those types of hoses?

      • They’re still around. They have NSN numbers are are REALLY EXPENSIVE unless you have a military purchase order…

  8. People are going to lose their minds. We’ll be fine but they’ll be inside out with no way to reason with them.

    • “You can not negotiate, nor reason with a scared, hungry, desperate mob. They know one thing and you had better be prepared to use it against them.”

    • Which, again and again and again, brings my mind to the idiots that have moved out here. I’ve not heard any rumors of any of them thinking along these lines unless it led them to move out “where the food is” (laughable on its face) in the first place and believing that these soon-to-be middle aged children can hunt and forage like Daniel Boone in a monster truck when the time comes. Can any of them hold their pancakes down when they first slice open a deer’s belly with their Rambo knives? Are their Tinkerbell wives going to fry it up in a pan for them while it’s still oozing blood because there’s no water to wash it off with? It should make for some interesting times around the dinner table when the kids still have McDonald’s fresh in their memories. I’m sure there will be a few that surprise me and the other old timers around here but the majority will be basket cases. Ken and Barbie are about to run out of glitter.

      We’ll probably have to move out to the ranch and will probably take a few trustworthy friends with us if they want. Patrolling that perimeter will be time consuming without enough bodies. Several fresh, shallow holes will be dug at the entrances as a warning to interlopers and we may – or may not – put their IDs and personal things on the fence for their people to pick up.

      But all of this is do-able as long as there is no Pole Shift. That will shuffle the deck around the World and we’ll be well on our way back to flint napping within a few months after things calm down. After all, it’s already Thunder Dome under the Double Arches in LA –

      • In addition to locals who have done nothing to get ready, I expect this area to be flooded with people who have vacation cabins and part timers who spend Summers here. And of course, the hunters who set up their camps along the Forest Service Roads every Fall.

        The hunters are arrogant and dangerous enough now, but if/when they make it here and find out there just aren’t enough Bambi available to feed them through the Winter I expect them to get really nasty.

        Of course, the vacation cabin folks and part timers are likely to get here with a few days of food and a lot of “hope” that they will be able to find food locally. Too many people will never understand that hope isn’t a plan.

      • “Can any of them hold their pancakes down when they first slice open a deer’s belly with their Rambo knives?”

        I strongly suspect their “Rambo knives” are soft, but crystalline Chinese steel, and would be incapable of doing the job. My latest two knives are a brand new Camillus 1007 4″ belt knife from about 1960 and an Ontario Chimera 8″ Marine combat knife. The Ontario is essentially a bayonet without the lug. I had a 1007 when I was a kid — wore it strapped to my left leg when I was bike riding, in case I had to kill a pack of dogs. I’m going to carry this one in case I have to kill a pack of coyotes…

        The Indians didn’t wash that venison. They hung it up to drain for a day or two, then their squaws chewed it until it was clean and tender, before cooking and serving it to their families. You should clean your burn pit and keep some extra salt around in case you have to tan hides — and maybe some lime (several tons should do.) Waste not, y’know…

        • And meat is considerably different without the usual spices we have today. Salt goes a long way to making it palatable but everything becomes very, very plain without our cooking supplies. Shut everything down and civilization is pretty much gone in a matter of months.

  9. a sub station caught fire. there is no electricity from Tulsa to Lawton Oklahoma. crazy to drive. outages started at midnight

    • I was given wrong information. Definitely Lawton and some surrounding towns. Power might be out until tomorrow according to the local electric company.
      People Definitely don’t know how to drive without traffic lights.
      People complaining about food going bad already. silly.

  10. We oldies over 70 – I’d guess 94% on this blog – become full of fear just at the time we should be ‘letting go’ and accepting that life is, in the relatively near term, about to end for us. We should just fully enjoy what’s left and accept that death is inevitable.

    I mean, it’s faintly ridiculous for those in their 70’s & 80’s to ‘prep’ enough to last till when? 90’s, 120ish? Do you have a wheel chair that goes down the cellar steps?

    The time to fear is when you’re 20, riding a 650 Triumph at 120mph through highway traffic, or facing someone who wants to kill you, not at 70’s +, sitting on the veranda with a beer, watching the sun set.

    It’s just symptomatic of a refusal to accept that, at 70’s you’ve had your three score & ten (plus a few more thanks to medical advances & ‘civilisation’) and the end really is nigh.

    At our age, does it really matter whether it ends with a flash, under the surgeons’ knife, vax effects or a good old heart attack. It ends.

    Stop being fearful! Lighten up & enjoy!

    • Fearful? No. We all end sometime. But I intend to enjoy and maximize my time left. I will NOT go quietly into that night…

      • Yes we all end sometime.. I just don’t want to end because of some immoral unethical bastard living the life of luxury and deviance beyond belief..
        we see these individuals that decide that the average american or ukrainian citizen should sacrifice their life family and homes their health and their children all while they are going out of their way to protect their own families and friends from having to participate in their desires for war..
        Just so their greed and deviance can be fulfilled..
        This time though I believe that it won’t stay in another country and all of these deviant individuals well.. we already know that Kim has their homes and countries on the target list.. IF.. death and destruction does come to the USA and we expreience the tragic life here at home even those with their deviant lives will have PTSD and experience the loss.. IF.. it is because the deviant ones allowed an army into the USA for coins.. what then will happen to the ones that sold out the USA.. did everything to destroy the sanctity of our country and give up the secrets and security of our country for a number on a sheet of paper..

    • “The time to fear is when you’re 20, riding a 650 Triumph at 120mph through highway traffic, or facing someone who wants to kill you”

      BTDT, except it was a Honda. The gun barrel on that 1911 looks as big as a train tunnel, when you’re standing at the wrong end of it. I survived these, and dying twice. I consider it my turn, and my duty to my God and my fellow Man to give back and if possible, help someone else survive.

      The vast majority of us don’t prep for ourselves; we prep for those who will survive, when the SHTF. If we happen to be amongst the living when those around us die, then yes, we’re prepping for ourselves and our survival. However, if we do not survive, (and we recognize that for many, we won’t) then we accept the fact that our efforts are altruistic, and will benefit someone who likely never met us. We accept this knowledge, and are okay with it.

    • Fearful? Nay, not I. I’m prepping because unless some of us olfarts survive, neither will anyone else. As was pointed out by Bill, most of those seeking shelter out of the big cities can’t find their butts with both hands and a flashlight, let alone plant a garden or dress a deer without wasting half of the meat. They of the disposable generation (if it breaks, replace it) will need someone to teach them how to make and/or repair the necessities of life.

  11. Ure 11th hour preps are FD food and a camp stove. Bravo. Easily prepared storage food, a stove (with fuel) and fire-starter are a good investment for preps.
    Cook stoves are important. You should have the ability to use whatever fuels are available- gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and wood top the list. A propane stove can be handy if you have a tank. Natural gas and the electric grid are about equal in reliability, unless you are one of the few and proud with a domestic gas well. Still, have at least a hot plate and microwave, Luck of the draw.
    Fire-starters are equally important. Liquid fuel lighters are easiest to store fuel for. Next come gas lighters. I like the long snout grill lighters, but you can’t beat a BIC. If you have solar, a Tesla coil lighter might be good. After that, matches are quick and easy, if you keep them dry. Fire-steel, flints, friction and compression starters will be available long after the Others have run their course.
    Do keep substantial cooking fuel on hand, always. Likewise, have wood gathering tools, including hand tools, in ready condition.
    Early on, using methods that reduce and eliminate smoke, and reduce your time spent out in public view are important. I keep an alcohol stove specifically for heating water. Gotta find the little bugger. Later, you can shift to wood once other supplies are exhausted.
    Some examples-


    Gasoline and Kerosene:




    Fire-steel, Tinder and Other Starters:

    And I hope Ure getting wound up over nothing. But better prepared than hungry.

  12. Southern location away from big city or mil targets: Check
    Low population density: Check
    Water: Check (130 inches/year)
    Growing Garden edibles: Check
    ’Senior Homestead’ property taxes: $200/yr
    Police/fire/ambulance: 4 miles up the road
    Hospital: 20 miles

    Yeah, G, I scored an almost unbelievable ‘win’ for living in Hawaii. But not everyone is OK with living on an active volcano. Most people freak out thinking about it.

    “We will be one of the first locations this far out from the Big City, in a few months to a year, to have fiber optic cable.”

    While (amazingly) I have CATV service, with internet, out here in the boonies, yesterday in the mail I got an offer from Hawaiian Telcom to sign up for ‘Fioptics’ fiber optic internet at 400MBS speeds. Haven’t seen it on the poles yet, but it’s coming. Typical come-on advertising offers $39.95/mo for a year. Then you read the fine print. There is a $9.95/mo “Gateway Fee”. After one year the base prices rises $10/mo. After second year it rises another $10/mo. So after three years you are paying $70/mo. Still less than Starlink, though, which is over $100/mo to start now. I’m paying $60/mo for internet on cable. It started out at 100mbs and then after the year they jacked up my price. I protested and asked for the cheapest service, so they rolled back my speed to 60mbs. That’s fine. I don’t stream video.

    I won’t talk about firearms. We still have registration lists here that the police check before responding to a violence call, and I don’t care to be on any such lists. But I’m prepared to defend as needed… in various ways.

    Every day I give thanks that I was able to retire away from the big city nuke target of Oahu island before TSHTF, and get the biggest mountains on the planet between me and the targets. Much like Andy, I listen to ‘the DUDE’. From an early age I saw the world evolving and just ‘knew’ I would live to see the end of the world as we know it… and live through it. So far, right on track.

    • I can’t even get a landline with voicemail or DSL, much less fiber, and I’m well within 100 miles of a large urban area. I use a microwave link. !!&*&*#@! SBC Communications. There is a commercial fiber optic cable within 1000′ of the hacienda, but it would cost me $300+ a month for a bare fiber internet service.

    • “Much like Andy, I listen to ‘the DUDE’’

      “He manifests within me, making me a channel of His word, thought and deed. He works with my inner self, while I produce in the outer world, for He will not do for me what I can do for myself. I must be willing to do His work, so that He can function through me successfully.”

      i think for me Hank is, its a buisness relationship as well with THE DUDE.

      Im do Buisness with God or The Creatore whome i just call THE DUDE.

      like when i go to work in the mines every day. before i start my shift every day, i say, “Help me to be a good employee, that my foreman is happy with my work, So the Comoany will Profit, I will Profit and the Kingdom of Heaven will Profit.”

      my stories which are countless on this website in the comments. are about the econimics of life as much as inspirations etc. etc.

      everytime i have saved someones life or redirected their path, as George said the other day, the time line changes and humanity in the future is altered. example: the little cheerleader who almost tumbled off the 4th floor balcony. she would have died, had i not caught her. now she will live an entire full life. then gave me a magic wand that looked exactly like the one glenda the good witch has, the next day running into an 19 year old girl from detroit in seattle (the emerald city) at a 2 day event who looked exactly like a young version of the original glenda the good witch and giving her, her magic wand. and the look on her face, was sureel.

      or the homeless girl strung out on fentinal, i sat and had coffee with and gave her some candy and put her in detox and rehab, who is now at Berkley medical school to become a doctor. who could have died in a fentinal overdose.

      or LOOB’s motorized chair he gives to the waitress. altering her entire life trajectory.

      and the countless outher things ive done. is the economics of life.

      we are in buisness with THE DUDE. HE is our employer. advancing the Kingdom of God aka Heaven.

      somethings i dont understand like running backstage and a lady (who looked like a porciline doll, bright red hair, so beautiful) from a big jazz band is about to go on stage and she grabs me and i run out to her car to get her red high heels because she forgot them and doesnt want to go on stage wearing purple crocks. how does that alter the future? not sure. but it was worh the kiss.


      and it is funny when people say, “you are luckiest bastard i have ever met. ive never seen anyone as lucky as you Andy. i wish i was a cowboy like you.”

      which someone said that to me last week. i get that a lot.

      it is the truth behind, “Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate”.

      because although blackrock may be one of the biggest names finacial wealth in this world. i do buisness with the Biggest Name in the Universe. The Author of Life.

      that ia why.

      and im advancing HIS kingdom. that is why even my mistakes, place me in the right place at the right time. all the time. all the time.

      and that is -> the why of

      i always win.

    • cant remember who said it but i love this quote.

      “the man who plants a tree, knowing he will not live long enough to sit under its shade. has begun to understand the meaning of life.”

      if that isnt the truth. i dont know what is.

    • It’s funny how we’ve all been directed to find our “safer spaces” in such diverse locations. I’m probably as well off as anyone, though there are entirely too many violent druggie types in this state. I do believe in drug freedom, but only coupled to self-reliance and responsibility for one’s actions. I’m close enough to the border to consider crossing it for dental work – especially with the outrageous costs for even one tooth replacement. Dental health is important, though I truly hate it, and the border may actually get closed when the next big emergency happens. A sad and odd thing regarding fiber: I have it available at my property line, but the company that owns it doesn’t want to build it out for local service yet. I’m stuck with DSL which is asymmetric and has no decent upload ability. There’s no telling when or if fiber will be available here in my lifetime. Starlink is being stymied by the FAA and Fish/Wildlife agencies delaying a launch license for the SpaceX Starlink! This can be considered an impediment to national defense by these two agencies, no doubt at the instigation of the current administration.

      • Silly fingers in the middle of the night. I meant to say that the SpaceX Starship is being unreasonably delayed by the FAA and Fish/Wildlife service. As Elon mentioned – he can build giant rockets more quickly than those folks can shuffle papers!

  13. Well., the Fed has spoken – pretty much exactly what everyone was anticipating – rates held at current levels, with a possible rate hike next month.
    – So why did the market start to sell-off – the Dow dropped over 200 points.., ?? Idiots…,
    Watching Thursday and Friday’s close for possible trade.

    • Woot woot for da bandicoot..

      Algos to the rescue…coot needed a lower entry point, to maximize GROSS prophets !

      skyrockets baby, skyrockets..

      what chu kuwaiting 4 ?


  14. >>administration which is fighting the wrong war (climate and pronouns, not food and energy)<<

    They are fighting the war the set out to fight, our food and energy problems are part of their arsenal against today's society.
    I'm not sure who the cabal (that's running things) is for but I suspect it's not me.

  15. “But, color us a bit skeptical as it looks like Ukraine may become a democrat tool in the upcoming elections next year in America., A notion fueled by Zelensky Prods Trump for Details of Ukraine Peace Plan.”

    Bwa, ha, ha.

    Zelensky bailed on Trump. Trump values loyalty above all else. If The Donald had not locked the server and denied Vindman access, We’d still have pissed $200bln away but we’d be badmouthing President Pence right now. IMO a part of Trump’s deal should be to send Vichy and the Vindman twins to Moscow, for trial and hanging.

  16. “Armenia”

    I done tol’ y’all about this one, months ago.

    (Go on. Go back and read my posts. I dare ya.)

    /Robert Conrad

    We are depending on RUSSIA to diplomatically resolve this shitstorm, so no matter what some pols and pundits say, the world is not quite as it appears.

  17. Taiwan

    “Toss another log on the fire. This is still our #1 pick to be invaded, cut the U.S. off from its high tech nipple for parts, and cause the stock market to collapse next week.”

    ALSO, never forget that this potential EOTWAWKI slugfest isn’t about “reunification” or Taiwan’s tech sector at all, but about energy — a LOT of it — just like Leviathan…

  18. “James Clapper, John Brennan, and Paul Kolbe appointed to US Govt Homeland Intelligence Experts Group!! (sheesh … appoint people who LIED about the Hunter Biden laptop to new top security positions!) ”

    And Trump-Russia, and Ukraine (twice), and aiding and abetting a half-dozen revolutions, and aiding and abetting BLM and Antifa, and trying to pull a coup d’etat in Hungary. These assholes still have their ATS security clearances, and use them to foist a special kind of propaganda on the American public. Bush41, when he became VP, should’ve been enough of a warning to the voters that they’d never tolerate spooks in public life again, let alone in media…

  19. A pole shift will do nothing, except crash a few airplanes that’re on final when it happens.

    “the Solar Killshot is fairly recent. Certainly, in the last 20-years. And it is (largely) a Major Ed Dames idea… this probability is only 60 percent”

    What, exactly, is the “Killshot?” Is it a Carrington event? (Kills nobody, sets civilization back before the advent of the Industrial Age, drives a billion children aged between 4 and 40, irrevocably insane when their electronic babysitters shit themselves.) A gamma burst? (Instant planet vaporization.) Or something in-between? I own Killshot and have watched it several times. With the f/x and the answering of questions with questions subtracted, all I really get from it is: “Someday, something really bad will this way come.”

    “With Elon Musk in the ring to level left-dominated social media, the big enough false flag to kick off AmRev2 won’t happen.”

    I can all but guarantee that Trump will be found guilty of many “Trumped-up” charges. In most jurisdictions, for offenses less than top-level felonies (Murder, aggravated rape, etc.) there’s an “Appeal bond,” where you can “bond out of jail” pending a visit to the local appellate court (then rinse & repeat, all the way to the USSC, if necessary.) I don’t know if these venues play by those rules, or not.

    If any of them don’t, when the cell door slams shut 35% of the U.S. population will instantly become killing-mad. Do you believe this insufficient to foment AmRev2? Before you answer, consider this: Less than 6% of the population overthrew George here, Louie in France, Nick in Russia, and countless others throughout history.

    “The Global Coastal Event, on its own, we would adjudge down in the 10-20 percent chance region.”

    Bear in-mind, at any beach, the permanent vegetation line marks the highest point that water has ever “permanently” occupied at high tide. “Beach” is that portion of the shelf which is in flux.

    I’m guessing Stu could tell us what Clif’s GCE will be, and I suspect it will involve the King of the Sea…

    “I was just pondering what to do with a year’s worth of garbage”

    There’s lots of big boy toy salvage sales in Texas. Now might be a good time to pick up a small to medium-sized excavator. You should be able to score an older, but turnkey medium excavator for under 10 grand, or one that needs a little attention for $3-4k and a trailer that’ll haul it (or a shipping container or rough terrain forklift) for another $2-4k (which might be cheaper than hiring a mover and having the digger delivered…)

    Bear in-mind an excavator can dig a root cellar or latrine in a few minutes, or a hole in which to bury stinky refuse, in a matter of seconds…

    • ROFLOL

      Ray, as we both know, the LoudenBoomer was a Radio Industries 1kw PEP amp based on the 3-400 Eimac tube. However, it was acquired by Hallicrafters and returned to market at the improved version, the Loudenboomer HT-45.
      I already own one – plus the choice of an SR-150 (or triband SR-160) to drive it, or comboed with the sx-117s and ht44s in my modest collection. Oh, and a fresh Peter Dahl choke in the original HT-45 PS because that (and the plate transformer) were a bit on the weak side.
      But I do appreciate the thought…

  20. I have yet to listen to Clifs interview. I’m busy. I guess moving meant going from working nights to days. and into an old mine to reclaim.

    oh and I disagree. two souls can have the same personal time signature. twins.

    not just biological. the laws of polarity suggest so and
    because time is also be mobius.

    also see how a zipper connects.

    think of the zipper on a jacket as the now, as the now moves along it joins the teeth of each side (each set of teeth is a time line) (dual time lines that exist seperately) converging into one main time line sequence.

    im moving from living in the dark to the land of the soil.

    a shamman sent me a song the other day at the exact moment I said I need a song. lol. it was simple man by shine down. a remake of the lynard skynard song. interesting that he sent that to me at the exact moment I said I need a song. when I haven’t talked to him in months.

    I know quite a few shamman. this one’s name is just Jeff. Jeff the beach shamman.

    I was on social media and a lady friend of sky bear shamman Made a post. now not many know I go by the name of zero.

    she posted and I quote. “had a magical day trip to the old copper mines in Arizona. I took lots of pictures. my spidey senses had me zeroing in on doors throughout the old mining town especially these 4 doors. ”

    she had never met me before. nor did sky bear tell her he calls me zero. nor did he know about my old website nor did he know I did reports nor did he know nor tell her, I’m working in the mines now and was offered a job working in the copper mine in that same exact location.

    doorfore, mining the future.
    the zero report. etc. etc.

    being creative. I’m often amazed at the results produced. that one was surely an unexpected wonderful suprize.

    hmmmmm and I saw that, the day I got told, you are moving to the day shift in 2 weeks. lol

    “I thought you were moving in two weeks.” 3 people said that to me on Monday within 10 minutes. okay DUDE, thanks for the heads up. Where to next?

    Wednesday go to work, your moving to day shift.

    oh. hahaha. okay. cool.

    I look forward to sleeping at night and awake during the day again. since for 5 months now. I’ve been awake during the unconscious part of day and asleep during the consciousness part of the day.

    and I’ve been on the exact opposite shift as my natural biological clock. I usually wake up daily at 330am without an alarm. and for 5 months I’ve been going to sleep at 6am.

    One final note on time:

    Watch Andy Win.

  21. This 81, or so, point Release Language score, now that I’ve had a minute or two to think about it, may not be as noteworthy as Clif seems to think (but who am I to postulate such?).

    Given the amount of anger that has developed over the ‘net these past 2-1/2 years of this administration, the Normies that are FINALLY, grudgingly waking up to our open borders, inflation, outrageous insults to our military, a totally bogus war that is more and more just a transfer of wealth to certain oligarchs over seas, Covid and The Jab, outright clowns and certifiables in our places of governmental power … on and on and on – no wonder there is nothing but anger out there! I can see it in every comments section. Even the staunch Dims that delight in ticking off Conservatives seem to have lost their steam and are very quiet now – and a chunk of that is AI.

    Whatever this event coming may be it’ll probably be a “last straw” event that will finally get people off their duffs and demand action or take things into their own hands – and to that I say “ABOUT friggin’ time!” because “O-fishuldum” has demonstrated they will never do it. 9/11 happened on a clear, sunny day when no was was expecting anything. We’ve had storm clouds for years now and no one really expects it to clear up without some fireworks. Perhaps the military aged illegals will get activated and things will start popping off in the cities. Fuel gets to be so high transportation won’t transport any more and people run out of money trying to pay for the basics. I, pretty much, don’t think there’s going to be much “release” in the RL but, rather, a higher high in the base tension levels that takes us forward when the old “Normal” becomes recognized as “Never happening again”. Sooner or later people will say “ENOUGH!”. Fourth Turnings are a bitch.

    • “the Normies that are FINALLY, grudgingly waking up”

      The Leftist ones are not. They are incapable of independent thought, and the people who do their thinking for them haven’t come up with a new set of excuses yet, but they will (and it will be Trump’s fault.) I got the dubious honor of spending half my waking day in the den of the lyins.

      Today’s Rolodex card read: “Lauren Boebert.”

      Every single subject, every single question, comment, or attempt to either impart accurate information or discuss same, regarding ANY “current event” was met by “Did you see…” or “Lauren Boebert…” or “Republicans are such hypocrites…” etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum…

      I am absolutely not kidding. I was a captive audience, and listened to people spew this irrelevant garbage for hours…

      • My wife has to endure this almost every day. Her boss is a dyed-in-the-wool Dim along with her husband I used to work with. We’ve found that it’s genetic as their kids are just as bad and my wife does their son’s books for his business. Their daughter is a very accomplished musician (nuff sed there). Every time something political comes down the news wire my wife’s boss is blathering about how bad the R’s have messed things up. I wanted to reach through the phone when I was talking to her husband once and choke the life out of him. He said he voted Dim because, as an educator (which applies to all too many in that field) he always knew the D’s would be bringing him more money. I’m still surprised I held my tongue on that one. I may have still been working with him and he was above me but don’t remember for sure.

        But, all that being said, we still haven’t heard word one out of a couple we met while fighting the last bond effort out here. We enjoyed each other’s visits up until they went one way on the Covid issue and just about every other conspiracy theory that’s come true and we went the opposite direction. I saw them in the feed store once and the wife noticed me and went to sit in the truck so she wouldn’t have to talk to me. I could tell he was just about at his limit in talking to me when we parted ways, too.

        Incredible. This atmosphere really exposes true friends and fair weather ones.

        • The hell of it is they’ll all get their comeuppance, but it may well come from St. Peter…

          I much prefer being right to being wrong — so much so that when I was actively discussing politics and debating topics online, I would sometimes research for 2-3 days, before crafting a single response to someone else’s post, or commentary on a post of mine. I base my opinion on my ability to research, [which was] learned from over 30 years of separating truth and accurate opinion from lies and oratorical chaff.

          Most people have neither my background nor my abilities, so they simply go with whatever line of crap the media feeds them. If asked a question of a social or theoretical nature, I will give the best answer I can, based on the information I have, and that answer is always subject to change, as available information changes and more accurate or relevant data becomes available.

          I also never share my opinion in public, unless there’s a buffer between myself and others (like George and his [Moderator] button). Our ability to debate and argue on an earnest, sociable, and intellectual level, has pretty much ceased, and I have no desire to EVER lower myself to getting into a shouting match with some stupid m’fer who will abandon reason, reality, sanity, even proven scientific fact, to score a point in his(her) own mind, by shouting me down.

          Prove me wrong on something? I’ll give you kudos and credit, and often thank you for expanding my knowledge. Try to bullshit me? You’ll often get no reply at all, because you just proved you’re not a good enough person to deserve one. This is the main reason why I have so little patience with trolls. They contribute little or nothing, and take rationality away from a forum, just to evoke an emotional response, merely for the sake of getting that emotional response. Life is too short…

        • We were in the stands at the football game a couple of weeks ago and one young family started a conversation/debate with an elderly woman about the last bond effort here. The young couple were all for it but the elderly woman said that as long as it didn’t raise the tax rates she would have voted for it but it was all about raising rates. I wanted badly to ask the young couple how many actual bond meetings they had gone to but kept my tongue there, too. I went to every stinkin’ one of them and one outside of town in the school district even though I absolutely hated every second of it. I hate dealing with disingenuous people. All this couple had done was gather with their “In” crowd at the local coffee house where everyone is hopped up on caffeine and sugar while nodding their heads in agreement at everything that was said without further investigation. They later found out they were in a distinct MINORITY because they never talked to anyone else but their little clique. It just wasn’t worth trying to give them any historical truth even though the mom said “we’re over it now”. ROFL!! – yeah right, honey. I still won’t set foot in that coffee house. If they’d found out I was one of the main ones that got the bond voted down there would have been a fight in the stands right there.

  22. An excellent post Ray. Thank you.

    I grew up in the field of science where you look for facts before arguing and change your opinion if someone can show you better facts. Discussion with Liberals today is almost entirely based on emotion, not facts. At 81, most of my conservative friends have gone on to meet St. Peter at the gate and my Liberal friends have given up on me.

    For 5 years I have asked my Lib friends not to send me any more emails with jokes or criticisms of Donald Trump or I would reply with an embarrassing rant on Joe Bribem. Hard to believe they still send them but got one a couple of days ago and I cut loose in return. I won’t bother to repeat it here. Don’t think I will get any more from them.

    BIC (last of the Conservative Mohicans in Canada)

    • I have one gentleman that still insists on debating the difference of Joe bribem and Donald aint I beautiful Trump LOL .. as much of a narcissist that he is.. he did more for the US citizens than anyone in my lifetime all while being attacked twenty four seven…He actually worked for the people of the USA not just the oligarchs pulling the strings in DC came out of office worth less than when he went into office..

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